Tedra Out of the Closet

After a very lengthy discussion, it was decided that not only should Tedra become more feminine and move out of the closet, but Judy would also under go "Enhancements" I was started on enhanced Hormone treatment as well as some tummy tucking and hip enhancement. We both got implants and I became a very impressive 40G and she was a stunning 34F. Over the past 12 years my wife has gone from an average looking gal to an absolute sexpot. The increase in her breasts' size coupled with her slimming down elsewhere has resulted in a body fit for Playboy and has allowed her to adopt her new sexy wardrobe. This change in her body has been pale in comparison to the change in her sexual appetite over the past several weeks. A biography of her sexual exploits over the past several weeks would certainly top the X rated video charts. I have experienced all of her sexual fantasies as well as 2 out of 3 of mine. I really never thought I would experience any of them as indifferent as she had been until she decided that Tedra should be her lover and playmate. Judy called me at work today and had made all of the arrangements for a "Special" evening for the 2 of us, starting with drinks at a new bar followed by a night in a Jacuzzi suite in a nearby motel. I boldly asked if she was going to dress sexy for our date. She assured me that I would be pleased with her apparel choice for the evenings festivities. I was already looking forward to the night even though I didn't know what to expect. She instructed me to dress in my sexiest, clingy dress with an open collared shirt unbuttoned more than normal with my ankle strap, whore heels. She said I looked very sexy and chose the cologne for me to wear. She really wanted me to look good for some reason tonight. She then started getting dressed with black hose, high heels, and a tight skirt with a slit open all the way to her waist. She had no top on, but carried a sport coat over shoulder. When I asked her what top she was going to wear, she informed me that she did not plan on wearing one. At that point she put the sport coat on. We walked out to the car with the sport coat wide open, giving the neighbor's quite a show. Needless to say our drive was interesting as the people in cars going past us got an eyefull of my wife's ample breasts. I followed her directions to the new bar. As we got out of the car she finally buttoned the bottom button which at least covered her nipples most of the time. The way she strutted her body her breasts were swaying for the entire bar to see as we entered. As soon as we entered I could tell this was a meat market. I was pleased to be the recipient of several female looks although my sexually appetizing wife got most of them. We found a couple of bar stools and ordered a couple if drinks, Judy surprised me by ordering a double shot of tequila which she quickly downed and ordered another. I noticed that a very good looking man was watching me closely. About the third time I caught him staring at me I smiled back at him. About that time Judy excused herself to go to the restroom. At that point I saw the man walking towards me. To no surprise to me he commented on how ravishing my wife looked. I obviously concurred with his assessment. He then caught me offguard by complimenting me on how good I looked. While talking he seemed to be sizing my body up. I must admit that I have never really been attracted to another man in a sexual way. However I could actually fill my pants expanding the way he was looking at me. Although I am a virgin in this area I have opened my asshole on several occasions for Judy to fill with a vibrator. I have even insinuated my inquisitiveness into having that cavity filled with a real cock. We were having a nice time getting to know each other and having several drinks. He kept looking me in the eyes very sensually until I caught him looking at my crotch as if he were hungry. I'd had enough booze at that point to bluntly ask him if he liked what he saw. He very seductively said yes and lightly began rubbing my leg. My hardon must have really become even more obvious. I was concerned over what Judy thought when I turned and realized that she never returned from the restroom. He then shocked me reassuring me that my wife was all right. When I asked how he knew that he leaned over lightly kissed me on the neck and whispered in my ear that this entire night had been planned by my wife and one of her lovers. Jeff (my new friend) was a bisexual male that was contacted by my wife's lover (Patrick) to see if he could be interested in me. Pat and Jeff had spent an entire evening watching Judy and me a month or so ago. Judy and Pat were already an item at that time. In fact that particular night Judy, unknown to me, had snuck out (must have been a bathroom or phone call to k**s excuse) long enough to give Patrick a blowjob in the bar parking lot. Jeff informed me that at this very moment Pat and Judy were at a friends apartment satisfying Judy's sexual drive and would be back in a few minutes. Although I was surprised about my wife's ongoing sexual exploits, my mind right now was on Jeff. I wanted a man sexually for the first time in my life. Not only did I want a cock up my ass, but I wanted to taste his cock before it was up my rear cavity. At that point I brushed his cock with my hand and informed him that I had never made love with another man, but that I wanted him tonight. He assured me that this was what he wanted too. In fact the plans were in place assuming I was attracted to him. Apparently he was attracted to me when he saw me last month. A few minutes later Judy and Pat returned, Judy with a satisfied look on her face as I instinctively stared at her vast cleavage. She came up to me kissed me on the cheek and asked how I liked Jeff. Somewhat surprising myself I confessed that I liked what I saw on the surface, but I was eager to taste the whole package. She asked me if I wanted to ride back to the motel with Jeff while she rode with Pat. As soon as I concurred the 2 couples paired off once we got outside. Judy got in Pat's sports car while Jeff got in with me. I watched as Judy removed her sport coat as she got into Pat's car. She was going topless for the ride home. As soon as Jeff got in he grabbed me for a long passionate kiss. When we separated I saw Pat's car next to me. Judy seemed satisfied with what she saw in our car, not to mention the exposed large cock she had in her hands. Upon reaching the hotel room we stayed as the same paired off couples. Although Judy was all over Pat, they were both intently watching as Jeff an I were exploring each others bodies. I took the next step by unzipping Jeff's pants and began licking and then sucking Jeff's dick. I then stood up and removed all of my clothes. We then fell into a passionate embrace and got on the bed. Soon we were in a very satisfying 69 position content sucking each others dick. After a few minutes I Judy announced that I needed Jeff's dick in my ass now. I laid on my stomach as he crawled up behind me and started rubbing the tip of his member against the opening of my asshole. I then became overwhelmed with passion as he entered me. Soon he had his cock entirely inside me a was humping my ass. I then grabbed my own dick and began masturbating in front of everyone. Jeff and I came at the same time, the feel of his hot come spurting inside my ass was wonderful. I looked over and saw that Judy was sitting on Pat's cock facing him while he caressed her large breasts. They then reached orgasm at the same time. Jeff and Pat then dressed kissed their respective "dates" for the evening and left saying that Judy needed to spend some quality time alone the remainder of the night. Judy and I took a quick shower together and then got together in the Jacuzzi. Without saying a word about we had just gone through together we made wild passionate love throughout the remainder of the night. However, my thoughts were on the cock that had been in my ass earlier.
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6 months ago
You must have kept getting that cock in you after that first time. I loved the story and hope you all are doing fine.
11 months ago
Great story, THANKS for sharing
1 year ago
so fucking fantastic would have loved to be there too
1 year ago
So very erotic the thought of Tedra become more feminine and moving out of the closet with enhanced hormone treatments, tummy tucking and hip enhancemens and getting implants and living full time as a sexy MtF Transsexual.
1 year ago
yu sexy bitch. :)
2 years ago
Very hot story, I'd like to do both you and your wife....that would be a fantasy cum true for me Tedra....;-)
2 years ago
hot my lady, kiss to your choice
2 years ago
Definitely a Good night indeed...
2 years ago
Daddy likes; wants to be in Jeff's place and take that man-pussy of yours!!!
2 years ago
Love it!!
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
very nice story Ms