Sex On The Beach

[image]Sex On The Beach
Twice while on holiday I took my then girlfriend(now my wife) to the beach for sex.First time it was just the two of us who went.She and I were dressed just right for the occasion.she in a very short denim skirt ,vest top and flip flaps.I in shorts and T-Shirt.I know she was looking hot cos as she walked past a hotel earlier all the lads on the balconies were whistling and cheering.Under her skirt she wore a lacy white thong(same shown in my photo album.)
We reached the beach anyway.It was late after all the clubs and bars had emptied..There were a lot of people around though.
We walked hand in hand along the beach and made our way to the top, near where one might exit the beach again.We started kissing passionately and my hands started wandering up her vest and I started massaging her bra-less boobs.Then the other hand was up her skirt running a finger along her crack then over her thighs and onto the front of her panties.She moved her legs apart in the standing position and moaned in her sexy husky voice.Fuck I love that husky moan still as much as ever, even now.
I gently moved the gusset of her panties away from her moistening little pussy.She was 20yrs old then.I was careful not to snag her neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair.I could feel her warm juices slippery on the inner surface of her panties.
I gripped the panties at both sides and went down on my haunches lowering the moist panties as I did so.She stepped out of the flip flaps and panties.I put the panties in my pocket and lifted her skirt and deeply kissed and ground my face into her privates.
She motioned me up and as i stood,I dropped my 3/4 length shorts and put them on the sand.Then I lowered her mid-region onto the shorts.My cock was standing proud and ready to go to it's familiar destination.
I entered her easily and we both moaned.I took a look behind me and saw a young man about 20 paces away boldly standing watching us intently.My girlfriend's eyes were shut and I started pumping her.She continued to emit those gorgeous warm husky moans.Aw I just died in her arms that night knowing that there was a young man standing watching a girl close to his own age being pumped by a man roughly twice her age and his(the young spectator's)age'
That thought heightened the excitement for me and i pumped harder,a reasonable consumption of beer gave me the audacity for the public fuck.
My gf then said ''Oh j***s! somebody's watching us." I said "Sure we expected that" She said "Yeah but not that blatant".
Obviously she got spooked and started asking me to stop.Damn! I tried to cum there and then but she made me stop.
So we got up and I put on my shorts and she her panties on as the lad continued to watch.We walked down past him and he and I just smiled and nodded to each other.A little further down were a group of German skinny dippers who were watching from afar, who invited us to join them as we got closer.Reluctantly I felt I had to decline because my gf wanted to go back to our accommodation.
We got at it again in the apartment and I had a great cum that night remembering our earlier fuck in view of the spectator on the beach and I hope he had a great cum too remembering us,the couple who fucked before him.
Thanks for reading.
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9 months ago
hmmm that would have been nice to see...
1 year ago
Thank You for brought back such incredible memories of when my Wife & I did the same sort of things BUT that was a long long time ago...:-(
1 year ago
real shame when the girl gets spooked...