Tow Truckers Took My Ass

Two Truckers Took my Ass
By Theo
     Kevin was unusually restless this evening.  Delivering R.V.'s from state to state wasn't an easy task and could at times be boring.  Knowing that restlessness could quickly turn to boredom, he knew it was time to pull over and get something to eat and sl**p for the night.  Within half of an hour, he spotted a truck stop.  Thinking of a hot meal, he pulled the thirty five-foot diesel pusher in between two big rigs.
     Walking into the restaurant, and seeing all the big-bellied truckers, Kevin knew what his restlessness was.  Ordering his food to go, he began to feel  stirring a little farther down than his stomach.  Looking at all the bellies covered by tight stretched tee shirts was making him hungry for more than the greasy fried chicken he had ordered.  Disappointed that he was too nervous to make any moves, he trudged back to the R.V. and resigned himself to bad food, a quick jerk off, and some restless sl**p.
     Sitting at the table with just his shorts on, and the light from the small lap top, Kevin hadn't noticed that the original truck on the passenger side was gone and another one was pulling in.  He did however, notice when a big behemoth of a man jumped down from the cab.  With an audible sigh, Kevin could only stare at the huge trucker standing by his rig, He must have been at least 6'6" and real close to the 350-pound mark.  The lights from the parking lot allowed him to see a pair of dark, deep-set eyes, peering out from a face almost entirely covered by a thick, bushy, black, beard.
     Catching one of his dark eyes, the trucker nodded and said hello to Kevin through the screen door of the RV.  Still, in awe of this massive man, he was only able to manage a quick nod back.
     "Shit!  I can smell that chicken all the way over here.  Man.  I'm fuckin' hungry.  C'MON MUD," the big man yelled at some unseen entity.  Just as he roared his command, another equally, if not larger man loomed around the side of the rig.
     Not knowing where the nerve came from, Kevin spoke.
     "You're more than welcome to some of my chicken.  There's plenty."
     "I don't think you got enough to satisfy us two big fuckers," he said, patting his stomach, then reaching over and patting his partners, equally good sized belly.
     Kevin just smiled and watched as the two giants lumbered away.
     Not more than ten minutes had passed when Kevin heard a loud rapping on the side of the R.V.  Engrossed in the DVD he was watching.  He nearly flew out of his seat.  Looking out the window, he could see the two big guys standing there.
     "Hey buddy," the driver said, grinning and holding up a bag.  Kevin could see through his bushy stache that he was missing a front tooth.
     "Mind if we join ya?  Be nice to sit on a comfy seat and eat."  Kevin was about to answer, when the big man named Mud, held up another large bag. 
     Speaking for the first time, he said, "Yeah, we got some beer here too.  Figured you could use one or two."
     "Sure," Kevin watched as the two guys entered, heads lowered so not to knock themselves out on anything.  The driver walked over to the table, set his food down and stuck out a huge hand.
     "Name's Ben.  He's my partner Mud," he said grabbing Kevin's hand and giving it a healthy squeeze.
     "Kevin.  Good to meet you Ben.  Mud.  Have a seat.  Make yourself at home."  It was only seconds before Ben and Mud were crunched up to the table, devouring food faster than Kevin had ever seen.
     Halfway through their meal, Ben reached in a bag, pulled out a beer and slid it over to Kevin.
     "Sorry," he said, followed by a long, loud, belch.
     "Thanks," Kevin said, twisting the top off and taking a long slow pull off the cold brew.
     "Man, that looks good the way he sucks on that bottle, don't it Mud?"
     Surprised by the comment, Kevin swallowed wrong and beer shot out of his mouth across the table, soaking Mud's shirt.
     "DAMN! I'm sorry Mud."
     "No big deal.  It'll dry," he said, standing and awkwardly pulling his tight tee-shirt off.  Kevin could only sit and gape, open-mouthed at the man's huge, hairy chest, and belly.
     "I think this boy likes what he sees, Mud," Ben said, kicking his big boots off and making them fly across the R.V.
    "Maybe he needs to see everything," Mud laughed, still standing, but rubbing his crotch now.  Kevin was at a loss for words, being intrigued, but frightened by these monsters.  Never-the-less, he never stopped starring as the two guys stood and began to undress.  Walking over toward Kevin, bare-ass naked, except for the copious amount of hair covering his body, Ben spoke again.
     "Wake up fucker.  You got two horny fuckers to take care of."  The feeling of Ben grabbing his head and mashing his face against his hairy full, belly, brought Kevin quickly around to his senses.

     He knew he was going to have to service both of these big grizzlies, but he wasn't aware to what extent.  Not knowing what else to do, he reached up and began to rub the hairy belly his face was pressed up against.  He was getting into the sweaty scent emanating upwards from Ben's crotch, and let out a deep moan.
     "I think we got a good one here, Mud.  Let's put this fucker on that big bed back there."
     "I think so," Mud said, crossing the room and placing his big hands under Kevin's arms.  Not being a big guy, at 5'7" and 165 pounds, it was no problem for Mud to lift Kevin straight up off of the seat and begin to carry him toward the big king size bed in the back of the R.V.
     "Goddamn!"   Those were the only words Kevin could get out as he was roughly dropped onto the bed.  He lay there, starring at the two men, towering over him, stroking what he could now see were two very fat, uncut cocks.
     Smirking up at the two monsters, they knew Kevin had given them their cue.  They both climbed on the bed on either side of him and lay back.  Quickly, Kevin jockeyed around until he was on his knees between the two, with his head at crotch level.  Taking a cock in each hand, he began to slowly stroke them, working the foreskins back and forth.  Not knowing which one to swallow first, the decision was quickly made for him.  Feeling the bed move, he soon felt big rough hands pushing his shaved head toward Ben's growing cock.
     "Git down on that fucker.  Suck on that cock."  Kevin opened his mouth and his head was furiously impaled on the fat cock in front of him.  Not even being given a chance to slowly take it all in, he felt the hardening, big mushroom head, hitting the back of his throat.  "Yeah, that's it bitch.  Eat that dick good."
     Trying to go with the game, he began to slowly suck his way back up Ben's now fully hard shaft.  He knew it wasn't good enough when he felt another pair of hands grab his head and begin to push it back and forth really hard.  He tried to stop the brutal assault on his mouth, but he could feel Mud holding him in place, while Ben began to seriously fuck his mouth.
     "Damn, this boy has a hot mouth," he heard Ben saying as he began to thrust up even harder to his face.
     "Can't wait to get me a piece of that," he heard Mud saying as he felt the man ripping his shorts down and off..  "Bet this Black ass is nice and tight too.  Just waitin' for some big White dick."

     It was then, Kevin started to get scared.  He hadn't been fucked in years, and he didn't think he wanted to start up again with a violent fucking.  He could feel Mud's big hands pulling his ass cheeks and fingers funning in between.
     "I'm gettin' in there first Mud.  He already has my cock wet.  Little bitch hasn't choked on it once, yet he sure got it nice and wet."
     "Fuck you Ben.  At least let me taste it before you tear it up."
     Kevin could feel his cheeks being spread wide and Mud's hairy face delving between them.  Losing fright, Kevin groaned loud around Ben's thick cock, as Mud tongued his tense hole.  The deeper Mud's tongue went, the harder and louder Kevin moaned.
     "Oh yeah.  You got this little fucker begging for some stiff cock now."
     "Got this Black ass nice and wet for ya Ben," Mud said, shoving one of his fingers deep into Kevin's hole.  Jumping from the pain of the sudden entry, Kevin heard Mud laughing.
     "Oooooo weeeeee.  This bitch is tight too."
     "Well then, get the fuck outta my way Mud.  I'm ready to give this whore a good fuck."   As quickly as it was shoved in his mouth, Ben's fat uncut cock was pulled away.
     "C-C-C come on guys.  I'll suck you both off, but I can't take those big cocks in my ass," Kevin stammered.
     "Don't worry," Mud said, ripping his fat finger out of Kevin's ass, making him flinch again.  "We're gonna be nice and gentle," he said, slapping Kevin on the ass really hard.  The two men changed positions and Kevin could feel Ben grabbing his hips and wedging his fat cock head in between his clenched cheeks.  Meanwhile, Mud was lying on his stomach in front of Kevin with his ass where Ben's crotch had just been.  Reaching back, Mud spread his extra hairy cheeks, exposing his musky smelling manhole.
     "Give 'ole Mud some a what he gave you," Ben growled, pushing Kevin's face deep into Mud's ass.  Kevin groaned as he felt his face being buried deep in Mud's ass.  Knowing he had no other options, Kevin stuck his tongue out and began to lick at the man's hole.
     "Oh fuck yeah, boy.  Clean that ass good.  Might even let ya put that big Black cock of yours in it."  Shocked by the thought of fucking this mountain of a man, Kevin had almost forgotten about Ben behind him.  He was brought back to reality when he felt Bens fat mushroom head at his hole, pushing, trying to gain access.

     "FUCKIN' BITCH !  Open up and let me get in that ass."  Ben roared.  He grabbed Kevin's cheeks, spread them and with on a hard lunge, shoved all seven inches of fat cock in.  The yell Kevin let out from the pain, was muffled by Mud's big ass, now covering his entire face.  The pain was too much and Kevin could feel the tears running out of his eyes onto Mud's ass.  Holding his cock deep and gripping tight on Kevin's bucking ass, Ben was moaning.
     "Damn!  This is the tightest ass I ever fucked.  Squeezing the shit outta my dick."  Still groaning into Mud's ass, Kevin was relieved when Ben slowly pulled all the way out.  He knew it wasn't over, but the pain was a lot less as Ben pressed into him again.
     "Lick that hole bitch," he heard Mud grumble.  Getting used to the fat cock in his ass, Kevin began to earnestly rim the big man's furry asshole.  Reaching around, Ben grabbed Kevin's cock in one of his meaty paws. 
     "This bitch likes it.  Hard as a fuckin' rock," Ben exclaimed, stroking the hard-on in his hand a few times.  Kevin could feel pre-cum leaking out of his cock as Ben stroked him and began to fuck him deep and hard.
     "Awww fuck man.  I gotta feel that hot mouth," Mud said, grunting and turning over.  Although not nearly as fat as the cock invading his ass, Kevin could tell Mud's was longer.  He tried desperately to swallow all nine inches but was unsuccessful until Mud reached down and pulled his head close.  Oxygen being cut off, Kevin thought he was going to pass out.  The violent ass fucking he was getting was the only thing keeping him alert.  He was getting used to swallowing the big mans cock , when he felt Ben start to fuck him even harder.
     "FUCK !  I'M GONNA CUM!"
     "Do it Ben.  Shoot that wad right up his Black ass.  Git'em wet and sloppy for me."
     One last hard lunge and Kevin could feel Ben's cock twitching and shooting a load deep in him.
     "My turn," Mud yelled.  The big man was moving quickly and trying to push Ben out of the way.  Reluctantly, Ben pulled out his semi-soft cock to make room for his big buddy.  Not wasting any time, Mud flipped Kevin onto his back and pushed his legs up and back.
     "You hold these," Mud said to Ben, pushing Kevin's legs back toward him.  "I like to see a fuckers face when I shove my big dick in 'em."
     "Please man, go easy on me.  Ben just tore my OOOOOOOHHHHHH!"  One swift move and Mud sank his cock balls deep into Kevin.  Before he could yell louder, he felt Ben's huge paw covering his mouth.  Mud now holding back Kevin's legs was drilling deep and snorting like a ranting bull.
     "Yeah boy.  Mud, tear that shit up.  Fuck that little bitch good."  Sensing that Kevin was done yelling, Ben replaced his hand with his big, hairy, sweaty balls.  All Kevin could do was moan and lick on the big nuts that he couldn't even get in his mouth.  The pounding his ass was taking from Mud's long cock was sending his body into spasms, Kevin knew that if he could reach his cock, he would shoot almost instantaneously.  Ben and Mud knew it too.  They took turns pulling on his balls and even slapping his hard cock, but never once did either of them stroke him.
     "Shit man.  I'm ready to cum now.  Move and let me cum in his mouth."  Ben's balls were quickly replaced with Mud's big uncut cock.  "That's it boy, just suck on the head.  Suck that head nice and hard.  When I cum, don't you swallow it neither.  You just hold it in your fuckin' mouth."  Sucking hard and using his tongue, Kevin knew he was going to get a nice load.  Why couldn't he swallow it though?  Didn't matter.  The taste of his own ass and Bens leftover cum was exciting him even more.  "Aw fuck!  Here it comes ya little bitch!"
     Mud grabbed his cock and held just the head inside Kevin's mouth.  What a fucking load, Kevin thought.  It felt more like the guy was pissing instead of cumming.  Fighting the urge, he held it instead of swallowing, just like he was told.  He could hear Mud let out a long hiss as he pulled his cock away.  All of a sudden, the two hairy faces were right in Kevin's face.
     "Open yer mouth and share that cum with us." Ben barked.  Obediently, Kevin opened his mouth and immediately, both men had their tongues swirling around in Mud's cum.  After a few moments of sloppy, spit/cum swapping, both men pulled away.
     "You've been good to us.  Now let us take care of you."  Kevin had no idea what they were up to until he felt both men tonguing his cock and balls.  Even though he wasn't nearly as big in stature as the two men, Kevin sported a nice thick 7 inches himself.  Both men kept agreeing how nice it was as they took turns slurping on it.
     "Oh damn!  I'm gonna shoot guys."
     "Let it go boy."
    "Yeah boy, let's have it."  Kevin's body arched and his cock began to shoot.  Both Mud and Ben greedily lapped and sucked him to get every drop.  They kept right on until Kevin's cock was completely drained and limp.
     "Man, you are fuckin' hot.  I ain't never been with a black man before.  What about you Ben?"
     "Nope.  Can't say I have, but I sure as hell liked it."
     "What about you boy?  You like it?"  Mud was grinning in his face as he asked him.  Entirely spent, drained and done, all Kevin could manage was a slight grunt and a nod.
     "Well, yer showers' too small for us," Ben piped up.  "We're goin' to get cleaned.  We'll be right back though and you be ready for another round."
     As the two guys were getting dressed, Kevin sat on the edge of the bed waiting, so he could make his escape.  He couldn't go another round with these guys.  No telling what they had in store for him next.  Although, part of him wanted to find out, he knew he was going to haul ass out of there.
     The minute the two guys worked their way out of the R.V., Kevin ran for the front of the coach.  He locked the door and headed right for the driver's seat.
     "Where are my keys?"  He always left the keys in the ignition, and he couldn't remember taking them out.  "Where are my fucking keys," he yelled again to himself.
     Noticing movement in front of the R.V. Kevin looked up.  Standing there with a shit-eating grin was Ben.  Holding his arm up, Kevin could see the man dangling his missing keys. 
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4 months ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Top story, hot as hell.
2 years ago
great story, wish i'd been one of those truckers
3 years ago
Werll thats what happens when you don't put your keys away man that was so hot i jan=cked off twice and i'm still hard has a rock gonna jack off one more time thanks