The Roofer Returns by Theo

The job was completed within three days.  Most of the time I was at work and only got a few glimpses of a few of the good-looking guys upon my return home from work.  I wasn’t sure if Phil had ever shown up to inspect the work that was being done.  Even though I would have loved to play with him some more, I wasn’t holding my breath.
     Another week passed and still no word.  I hadn’t gotten a bill either.  It was a Saturday morning and I decided to call Fico’s Roofers to find out when he was going to send me a bill so that I could pay him.  I finished up a few chores around the house and sat down for a while to read the morning paper that I hadn’t gotten around to yet, when the phone rang.  I figured it must be work since it was my business line.

     “Hey.  This is Phil from Fico’s Roofers.”
     “Yeah. Hey.  I was just going to call.  I thought you forgot about the bill.”
     “Naw, I didn’t forget.  I just thought I would drop by today and give it to you myself.”
     “That’s cool.  I’m not going anywhere and I’ll be here all day.  It’s raining, so I won’t be in the pool,” I said with a chuckle.
     “Yeah, it’s raining but still hotter than hell.  So, I’ll see ya in about an hour.”
     “Great.  See you then.”
     “By the way.......”  There was a long pause.
     “It’s okay man.  What happened last time was a one time thing.  Don’t worry about it.”
     “ I wasn’t worried about it.  I just wondered if .......”  There was another pause.
     “Sure Phil.  I would be more than happy to swing on that big dick again,”  I blurted out, trying to set him at ease.
     “ Okay bud, see ya in a while.”  He hung up quickly, as if he were embarrassed .  Oh man, I was happier than a pig in shit.  I was going to play with my big Neanderthal again.  I wasted no time running upstairs and hopping in the shower.  I had gone for a long bicycle ride this morning before the rain and I was still a little funky. 
     The cool water felt good against my skin as I stood there imaging what was going to happen when Phil showed up at the door.  Would I just jump on him right there or ease into things?  I could feel my dick begin to lengthen as I soaped my crotch up.  Slowly I slid my soapy hand back and forth over my semi-hard cock, causing it to grow to its full 7 ½ inches.  All I could think about was that massive hairy body rubbing against mine, and that fat uncut Italian sausage.  I had to stop before I shot a load right there on the shower floor.  I didn’t want to waste my cum on my fist today.  I had other plans for it.
     Stepping out of the shower, I dried off and put on a pair of my “just hanging around the house” shorts.  I must have spent more time in the shower than I thought, because as I was walking down the stairs, I could hear a truck pulling into the driveway.

  I tried not to run, but my steps seemed hurried as I made tracks towards the door.  To my disappointment and curiosity, I could see someone getting out of the passenger seat and it wasn’t Phil.  I opened the door and waited as I did see Phil finally lumber out of the truck and around the front.  He motioned to his friend to follow him as he walked towards me.
 “Hey Ted.  Good to see ya again,” Phil said, extending his big paw and grabbing my hand in a firm handshake.
     “Good to see you too Phil.”
     “This is my buddy Angelo,” Phil said, turning sideways and introducing his partner.
     “Good to meet you Angelo,” I said, reaching out to shake his hand.
     “Good to meet you too,” he said, shaking my hand.
     “Well come on in guys.”  They followed me into the kitchen where Phil sat first and Angelo followed suit.  “You guys want a beer?”
     “You know me,” Phil stated, “I never turn down a cold one.”  I pulled out three beers from the fridge and handed one to Phil and one to Angelo, then sat down at the table to join them.  I watched as both of the burly men popped the tops and chugged down half a bottle before stopping.  It was at that point that I decided to take a closer look at Angelo.  He wasn’t as tall as Phil, but he had some good girth on him, like Phil.  He also had to be in his mid forties, and very Mediterranean looking, just like Phil.  Dark skin, thick black hairy, deep-set dark eyes, and just as handsome as Phil.
     “Well, here’s the bill,” Phil said, breaking my concentration.  He pulled a crumpled up paper out of his back pocket and slid it over to me.  As I unfolded it, he began to speak again.  “I brought Angelo over to show him how you fixed up that room.  Remember I told you I had a bud that I thought would be interested in the way you had it done?  This is him.  Hope you don’t mind.”
     “No, uhm, not at all,” I sort of stuttered.  “Phil, this bill is a couple hundred dollars less than we agreed on.  Did you forget something?”
     “Nope.  Business been good this summer.  Gave you a discount.  Figured you tell your friends and f****y about the good work we do.”
     “Thanks.  I do appreciate it, and I will pass the word around.”
     “That’s all I ask.  Well, not all I ask.  How about showing Angelo the room.  You wanna see it Ang?”
     “Sure sounds like you have quite a set up.  Phil only told me a little about it, but he said I would really like all the stuff you did to it.”
     “I didn’t tell him all about it though.  Thought it would be better for him to see for himself.”
     “You sure about that Phil?  I don’t want to shock him.”
     “What’s with this shock?  I’m a big boy,” Angelo piped in.
     “Up to you, “ I said, standing up.  “Grab some more beers and follow me.”  Phil immediately jumped up and went for the fridge and took out three more bottles of beer.

“C’mon Ang, You won’t believe this shit,” Phil blurted out, motioning for his buddy to get up and follow.  It was just at that moment that the phone rang.
     “You know the way Phil.  I’m going to take this call.  Be up in a minute.”
     “Cool.  C’mon Ang.”  Phil responded.
     I grabbed the phone and watched as the two men plodded through the house on their way to my private play-room.  It was a short call.  I actually should have spent more time with the person on the other end, but my mind was other places, and it was becoming increasingly hard to concentrate on the conversation.
     After about five minutes, I hung up and raced up the stairs.  By the time I got to the room, Phil was putting a DVD in and Angelo was still walking around looking at all my sex toys.  I stood outside the door for a few seconds, just surveying the situation, when Phil looked up and saw me and gave me a knowing wink.  It was then I knew for sure that this was going to be more than just a quick check of the playroom.
 “I don’t think we’re supposed to have our boot on in here Angelo,” Phil said, kicking off his heavy work boots and shoving them into the corner.
     “I don’t mind.”
     “No problem,” Angelo answered back, untying his boots and tossing them across the room next to Phil’s.
     Sitting down on the small couch, Phil piped up that Angelo should sit down too and take a look at this movie.  I sat on the arm of the couch next to Phil, while Angelo sat not quite on the other end, but not in the middle either.  We sat quietly watching the movie and sipping on our beers while the straight couple on tv were starting to go at it hot and heavy.  After a few minutes of watching the woman on the screen inadequately suck on her partners cock, I made a comment.
     “Seems to me like the women in these movies just don’t know how to suck a dick right.”
     “Looks like she’s doing ok to me.” Angelo said.
     “Why don’t you show us how she should be giving head,” Phil said, grabbing my arm and pulling me down across his lap .  Trying not to spill my beer, I ended up with my face almost right in Angelo’s crotch, and my hand on his round belly.  There was a few seconds of indecisiveness on my, and Angelo’s part when Phil spoke up again.
     “What ya waiting for.  I think old Ang wants to find out what ya mean.”  I looked up at Angelo’s face and saw his thick moustache curl up in an awkward grin.  Taking that as my cue, I sat my beer down on the floor and buried my face right in his crotch, and took a nice long inhale.
     I could feel through his khaki pants that he was getting the beginning of a nice boner.  I also felt Phil running one of his big paws up the leg of my shorts and grabbing onto one of my ass cheeks.  Feeling him rub his big fingers up and down my crack, passing over my hole, sent me into orbit.  I wasted no time at that point, reaching up and undoing Angelo’s  pants and zipper.  The only sound in the room was the moaning coming from the television.  I was going to change that soon.
 “Let’s get these clothes off,” I said, jumping up from my prone position.  It only took me seconds to drop my shorts, thus making me completely nude.  Phil was pushing himself up from the low couch and Angelo was still sitting, looking bemused.  I knew I was going to have to take this bull by the horns, and undress him myself.
 “Okay buddy, you sit back and let me do the work,” I said, kneeling down in front of Angelo.  Looking behind me, I could see that Phil was almost in a state of total undress.  I then reached up and grabbed the waist of Angelo’s khakis and gave them a little tug.  Getting the hint, he lifted his hips and let me slide them down.  Ahh, the proverbial tighty- whiteys. 
     “Pull that tee-shirt off Angelo,” I said to him, looking up and smiling.  As he did, I could see that he was as covered in thick black hair as Phil was.
     I was in hog heaven at the thought of being between two big, furry men.  As he got the shirt up around his head, I leaned over and caught one of his big nipples in my mouth.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Phil sitting on the couch next to us, rubbing his fat cock, causing it to fill with bl**d.  Licking my way down Angelo’s stomach, I worked my way down to his underwear.  Deciding not to waste any more time, I gave them a tug and had them off of him in one swift motion.
     Seeing his limp dick, told me I had some work to do to quelch his nerves.  He wasn’t uncut like Phil, and not nearly as thick as Phil, but it was a beauty.  I lowered my head and buried my face in his thick mat of black pubic hair.  There was a stir on my chin.  I quickly engulfed his starting to engorge cock in my hot mouth, wanting to feel it grow to its full length.
     “Yeah baby, get his dick good,” I heard Phil saying.  “You’re gonna like it Ang.  This fucker’ll suck the life outta you..”  Swirling my tongue around, did the trick.  Angelo slid down, relaxed, and let his cock fill my mouth.
     “Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit,” were his comments as his dick lengthened and he began to squirm around.  “Suck me good.”  He was hard as a rock now.
     I slowly pulled my mouth completely off his fully hard cock and took a good look at it.  It was a beauty.  Not too skinny, but not too fat.  Not too short, but not too long.  Flicking my tongue on the underside of his meaty mushroom head, I made the big man squirm.  Slowly and methodically, I began to lower my mouth over Angelo’s engorged meat.  I didn’t stop going until I had swallowed his entire length, and my nose was buried in his thick pubic hair.
     I could hear him groan as he pushed his crotch up, trying to embed his dick head farther down my throat.  Quickening my pace, my head started to bob up and down, almost leaving his cock, then swallowing it all again to the base.  Meanwhile, Phil had gotten up from the couch and knelt down behind me.  I could feel his fat meat rubbing against my ass as he leaned over my back and whispered in my ear.
 “Treat that dick good.  Suck him like you mean it.”  His hot breath in my ear, caused more excitement in me than he knew and sent me on a new course.  I started a serious, tight, deep-throated, sucking on Angelo’s cock.  The tighter my mouth gripped his cock, the more I could hear him moan.  Soon one of his rough hands was on the back of my head, holding me down with his steel hard cock rammed entirely down my throat.
     “Fuck!  I don’t wanna cum so fast.  Hold on.”
     “I told ya he was good.  Take a break and let me get some of that,” Phil said to Angelo.
 The hand on the back of my head moved and I raised up.  Letting his cock out of my tight gripping mouth, I heard Angelo hiss.  Reaching up, I gave his wet, hard-on a good squeeze.  To my surprise, a long stream of pre-cum oozed out of his piss slit, and ran down on to my hand.  I couldn’t resist.  I bobbed my head one more time, licking all of the pre-cum off his cock and my hand.  The salty taste was intoxicating my senses.
     “My turn,” Phil whispered in my ear again, this time, reaching under me and grabbing my hard cock in his big fist and giving it a few quick strokes.  I gave Angelo’s still drooling dick one quick lick before standing up.
     Phil pulled his big body into an upright position and walked over to the sling.  I thought he wanted me to get in, but he was way ahead of me.  Gingerly climbing in, I watched as he positioned himself exactly center, and put his feet up in the stirrups.  My dream had come true.  This bear of a man was lying in my sling with his legs up, cock hard and hole exposed.
     It didn’t take me long to make my way over to him and wrap my lips around his fat cock head.  After a few moments of slobbering all over his manhood, I worked my way down to his huge, hairy balls.  I licked and sucked on them until Phil was squirming so hard that the sling was beginning to rock.  It was then that I inched down a little further and swiped my tongue across his hairy asshole.
     “AHHHHHHHHHH !  That’s what I want baby,” he yelled.  Angelo had come over and was standing and slowly stroking his dick as he watched me rim his friend.  I buried my face and began to work my tongue deep into Phil’s tight hole.  It was incredible knowing that I had this behemoth of a man under my control with my oral/rimming skills.  He was twisting and turning and groaning loudly.
     “Lick that fuckin’ hole.  Eat my ass good.  Get that tongue way in there.”  I reached up and wrapped a fist around Phil’s fat cock, fingers barely touching.  His big body was bucking so hard that I didn’t even have to move my hand.  I didn’t want him to cum like this, so I eased up and buried my face in his massive ball sac again.
  “Holy shit.  That feels so fuckin’ good.  You could eat my ass all day,” Phil said between pants and gasps for air.  “I think you aughta get up here Ang.  Let Ted work your hole some.”
     For a big man, Phil’s agility in hopping out of the sling was impressive.  Angelo on the other hand was having a little difficulty.  It took both Phil and I to steady him while he hopped in and slid around, trying to find the right spot.  When he did find it, I grabbed one of his legs and Phil grabbed the other and we placed his feet in the stirrups.

     Seeing that his cock had gone down, I knew I had to re-apply my oral talents and get him up again.  The sight of his soft cock made me even hornier, due to the fact that I love sucking on a soft dripping cock.  With no hesitation, I gulped him down, burying my face deep in his crotch.  I could hear him moaning every time my chin rubbed his loaded balls.  In no time, his cock was at full attention again, pushing its way down my throat.
     “Lick his ass,” I heard Phil ordering in his booming deep voice.
     “Gladly,” I said, after pulling off the dick stuffing my mouth.
     I licked my way down his balls, stopping to get each one nice and wet.  When I licked underneath his hanging sac, I heard Angelo moan loudly.  I knew he was going to enjoy this.  I wasn’t going to waste time licking around his hole and teasing him.  This man was on the edge, and I was going to push him over.
     My tongue found his tight little pucker efficiently.  Looking up, I could see Phil moving towards the head of the sling.  Without even asking, he leaned his big bulk over Angelo, mashing his cock and balls right in his buddy’s face.  I could hear Angelo protesting, but it was so muffled, I couldn’t make out the words.  Throughout all this, I never stopped rimming Angelo’s tight hole, and he was beginning to loosen up so that my delving tongue could get farther in.
     The sling was rocking as Phil ground his meat into his friend’s face.  I reached up to play with Angelo’s cock, only to find Phil’s big paw already wrapped around it. I kept rimming while intently staring into Phil’s eyes as he leaned more, opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out, and licked across Angelo’s leaking dick head.
     “I’ll suck on you Angelo, but you gotta suck me too.”   I then could make out Angelo’s protests in muffled tones.
     “Just let him suck my dick and get me off.  I just wanna cum.”
     “Stop eatin’ his ass Ted,” Phil growled at me, pushing my head back.  “Just do it Ang and you will get off.  Don’t worry.  I ain’t gonna cum in yer mouth. Just suck on it.”
     I watched as Phil stood upright and grabbed his fat, hard, cock, and rub it across Angelo’s face.  “Open up, buddy.”
 Seeing Angelo tentatively open his mouth was really turning me on.  I was pretty sure this was the first time he had ever had a dick in his face, let alone down his throat.  Seeing him open up, Phil plopped his dick head in and shoved about an inch in.
 “That’s it Ang.  Watch the teeth, and just suck on it like it was a nice big juicy clit.”  Still watching and stroking my hard cock, I was amazed to see Phil lean back over and engulf Angelo’s dick in his mouth almost all the way to the base.  I knew it was then time to proceed with my oral skills on his hole.
     I tried to keep my tongue on his hole, but he was bucking and jumping too hard, trying to get his cock deeper into Phil’s mouth.  A few times, I chuckled as his cock went too deep and Phil gagged on it.  It was my turn to take over sucking.  I licked my way up to Angelo’s balls and met Phil nose to nose.
     “Ready for me to take over and milk this poor boy,” I asked?
     “Sure thing,” Phil said.
     I watched as Phil stood up, cock still dipping into Angelo’s unwilling mouth.  Slowly I licked my way up to the top of his leaking dick.  Licking up a big glob of pre-cum, I let it string from my lips and drip down onto my chin.  I then took a few moments to savor the sight of Phil rocking back and forth ever so slightly, causing his fat cock head to pop in and out of Angelo’s mouth.
     Standing completely erect, I motioned for Phil to lean over and kiss me to share the pre-cum on my lips, which he eagerly did.  My cock was rubbing against Angelo’s ass, as Phil licked the long strand of juice from my lips and chin.  I had a new idea.  If Angelo was so willing to let Phil stick his big cock in his mouth, I was going to work my dick into his ass.  After all, he was in the sling, and could not easily go anywhere.
     “Phil, do me a favor,” I whispered into his ear.
     “Sure bud.”
     “Suck on Ang’s dick just enough to keep him near the edge.  I’m gonna get my dick in him.”
     “No problem,” Phil answered with a grin as he quickly bent down and sucked in Angelo’s dick head.

     I reached over to the table by the sling and grabbed some lube and coated my throbbing cock with a handful.  I could hear Angelo moaning loudly as Phil licked and sucked on his cock head, teasing him with the promise of finishing him off.  This gave me a few seconds to bury my face back in his hairy ass to stick my tongue back in before I invaded him with my about to burst dick. 
     Standing again, I aimed my cock head at Angelo’s dripping wet hole.  Figuring I shouldn’t just ram in and start fucking him, I reached over and took a small vibrator from the drawer.  Turning it on full power, and holding it along the length of my cock, I nudged my dick head against the tight hole.  I was going to let Angelo do all the work.  I let my cock head buzz against his hole for a few moments until I could feel the big man begin to push towards me.
 I was mesmerized at the sight of my Black cock head slowly penetrating the tight hole and the look on Phil’s face as he watched with Angelo’s cock filling his mouth.  Man what a hot fucking scene.  I wanted to just ram the rest of the way in and fuck this Italian fireplug hard and fast, but logic told me to take it easy.  It also took all my intestinal fortitude to hold back the impending orgasm as the vibrator against my cock tried to coax my load out into the tight hole constricting my cock head.
     All of a sudden, I felt my cock head pop through the tight sphincter ring, and everything was still for a few seconds.  It was as if we all new the exact moment.  Phil looked up at me and grinned, mouth still stuffed with cock, I grinned back, and Angelo moaned in ecstasy.  At that point, I dropped the vibrator and let nature take its path.  I watched as Phil stopped sucking and let Angelo’s cock simmer in his wet mouth as he watched me snake the rest of my cock into Angelo’s tight hole.  It only took a few more seconds before I was completely embedded in the furry butt cheeks. 
     “HOLY FUCK!  YOU GOT YOUR WHOLE DICK IN HIM,” Phil exclaimed.
     All I could do was moan as Angelo gripped and loosened his muscles around my cock.  Phil had gotten to the point where he was just licking at the pre-cum leaking from the hard dick in front of him.  I began to rock back and forth a little at a time, letting this newly penetrated hole get used to the feeling of being plugged. 
“Let me see his face Phil.  I want to watch him while I fuck him,” I managed to say between groans.
     “Sure thing,” Phil answered back.  In no time at all, Phil had extricated his fat cock from Angelo’s mouth and was standing at his head just watching.
     I was in heaven.  Looking down and seeing this big man impaled on my cock with a look of pure pleasure and pain on his face was almost more than I could handle.  As I started to pump my cock in and out with longer strokes, I reached up and grabbed two handfuls of his manly, hairy chest.  My fingers quickly found his nipples and began to gently tug on them.

     “Oh God.  I ain’t never had a dick in me before.  FUCK ME!!!!!" Angelo let out.
     I was more than happy to oblige.  Keeping my hands on his chest and nipples between thumb and forefingers, I started to give it to him.  Phil had come around behind me and was kissing and biting on my neck and ears.  Not wanting to tear the poor man’s ass apart, I kept my strokes to short deep thrusts, rubbing against his prostrate.
     Meanwhile, Angelo had reached up and grabbed on to my shoulders, pulling me down to him while he lifted his body up.  Our faces were soon close, and I could feel his hard cock rubbing and leaking against my belly.
     Not even giving it a second thought, I bent over more and placed my mouth over his.  Our tongues entwined as my cock went even deeper than it had been.  Angelo was groaning into my mouth as we kissed long, deep, and wet.  The friction of his cock rubbing against my belly must have been too much for him.  He began to buck against me harder and faster.
     “I’m gonna cum,” he said, breaking our wet kiss briefly.
     “Let it go man.  Shoot it,” I urged.  Wrapping his arms tightly around me and pulling me even closer, I could feel his big body start to spasm and contract.
     “Uhhhhhhh. Here it comes,” Angelo wheezed out.
     I could feel his dick jumping between us as he shot his load.  His body was jumping and shaking like he was having a seizure.  His ass was gripping my dick so hard, it felt like he was going to pull it off.  I could feel the hot cum all over my belly as he shot and shot his big load.  Wishing this exact feeling could last longer, I was a little disappointed when his body began to go slack.  I knew I would have to withdraw my cock.
     Not many men could take getting fucked after they cum.  Angelo dropped his entire body back and flopped his arms to the side.  Slowly I began to back my still hard cock from his ass.  I watched his face scrunch up as he pushed my hard-on from his body.
     “Oh man.  What the fuck just happened,” he asked, opening his eyes and seeing Phil and I standing over him. 
     “You just had a dick in your ass.  And you loved it,” Phil said to the still prone man, jokingly slapping him on the chest. 
     “Don’t tell nobody about this.  I ain’t like that.”
     “You don’t have a thing to worry about Angelo.  What goes on in this room, stays a secret.  If anyone finds out, it’s because you told.”
     “That’s right,” Phil said, stepping behind me and wrapping his huge arms around my body in a bear hug.  “Besides, if this guy tells anything, he’ll never get this dick again,” he said, rubbing his crotch against my ass.  “Which, still needs to be taken care of.”
 “I thought you’d never ask,” I said, turning and dropping to my knees.  I quickly engulfed Phil’s entire fat cock until my nose was buried in his thick pubic hair.  Immediately, his hands were covering my head and holding me down on it.
     “Boy, this fucker sure can suck a mean dick,” I heard him saying to Angelo.  I half-heartedly sucked on Phil, not wanting him to cum just yet.  I wanted that big bear cock of his shoved deep in my ass, and to receive a thorough fucking.
     Pulling my head back and coming up for air, I let his fat saliva covered cock pop out of my mouth and ducked my head to bury my face in his big ball sac.  Hearing him groan with pleasure was all I needed.  I had plans for this big roofer, and I wasn’t about to let him take the reins just yet.  Nudging his legs apart, I began to lick sloppily under his balls.
“Ahhhhhhh.  This fucker wants to get at my hole now.  Wanna put yer tongue in there boy?”  All I could utter was a muffled uh huh, as I stretched my tongue further out to reach my goal.
     “Let me turn around and give you good access,” he chuckled, turning his bulky body away from me.  I watched as he stepped between Angelo’s still propped up legs in the sling and bent over the man.  I wasn’t sure Angelo was ready for it, but Phil began to kiss him just as I had, deep, wet, and noisily.
     Seeing his big hairy man ass poked out and ready for my tongue set me in to high gear.  I crawled over and feverishly stuck my face between his big furry cheeks and inhaled deeply of his hot man scent.  It was only a matter of seconds before I was hungrily lapping at his hot, tight, bear hole.
     The room became filled with the sound of lapping, kissing, and frequent moans.  Reaching up to play with Phil’s dick, I got a surprise.  Not only did I grab onto Phil, but I got a fistful of Angelo’s once again stiffening dick.  Oh this was going to be good.  I knew the time was right, and that neither Phil nor myself could stand much more of this play.  I stood up and tapped Phil on the shoulder.
     “What do you say we get Angelo out of that sling and go over to the bed.”
     “Good idea.  For a second there, I though you were gonna try to ram that big rod of yours up my ass too,” Phil said, turning around and grabbing my raging hard cock.
     “I will if you want me too.”
     “Maybe another time.  I gotta get my dick in that hot Black ass of yours.  C’mon Ang.   Let me help you out of that contraption,” Phil said, grabbing the prone man by an arm and yanking him upright.
     I watched as Angelo struggled his big frame up and out of the sling with some amusement.  When he was finally out, I grabbed both of the big, hairy, Italian men standing in front of me by their cocks and led them towards the bed on the other side of the room.
     “Lay down Angelo.  I wanna get that fat cock in my mouth again,” I said, pushing him back onto the mattress.  He fell with a thud, that I though was going to break the frame.  I laughed and Phil joined in with me.
     “Graceful isn’t he,” Phil snorted between his deep, raspy, chuckles.  Not wanting Angelo to lose any of his horniness, I jumped on the bed and climbed on top of him in a sixty nine position. As fast as I could, I swallowed his semi hard cock and buried my nose in his balls. It wasn’t long before I could feel the bl**d start to flow and fill his dick to another beautiful, fat, boner.
“You ain’t that good at sucking, but do it anyways,” Phil ordered Angelo, as he reached between my legs and aimed my hard dick at the mans mouth.  I felt Angelo try to take more than he could and gag on it.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a great blow job, but I was so hot, I think even a skinny, hairless, twink could have gotten me off. (Nothing against twinks.  Just not my cup of tea.)
     I felt the bed moving and I knew it was Phil getting behind me, preparing to assault me with his big, fat, sausage.  He was rubbing my ass cheeks and pulling them apart, letting his thumbs graze over my hole.  I wiggled a little every time he passed my hole to let him know how hot I was.  I had forgotten all about Angelo’s poor oral abilities as I could hear Phil spitting on his hand and lubing his dick up.  I sucked even harder on the cock in my mouth as Phil jammed one of his fat fingers knuckle  deep into me with no warning.
     “Oh fuck yeah Teddy, I’m gonna fuck yer ass good.  I’m gonna cum so hard and deep, ol’ Ang is gonna be able to taste it.”
     “Give it to me man.  Give me that big cock PHILLY.”  I called him Philly because, no one ever called me Teddy and got away with it.
     “I’ll show you Philly,” he growled back.  With one swift move, he aimed his cock and plunged it half way in my not even slightly ready hole.  Angelo grabbed my head and pulled it down hard into his crotch before I could pull back and yell for Phil to pull out because it hurt too badly.  There was nothing I could do except take it like a man as I was filled at both ends by these two big Italian brutes.
     “Oh fuck yeah.  Got my big dick all the way in you.  You better hold on to Ang, cause I’m gonna fuck you hard now,” Phil said, grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling them apart so that he could plunge even deeper.  There was soon a mayhem of movement as mouths, assess, and cocks were plunging back and forth.
     With each deep shove of his fat cock, I could feel Phil grab my ass cheeks tight and hold it in as deep as he could for a few moments, enjoying the heat around his bull dick.  His deep thrusts also caused my cock to sink a little deeper into Angelo’s throat, making him gag a little.
     Within a few minutes, he was used to my big cock sliding down his throat, and he learned to swallow without gagging.  It seemed that Angelo had become a good cocksucker in no time flat.
     I reached my hands underneath Angelo’s big hairy ass and grabbed, pulling him up to my mouth even harder.  This prompted him to bend his knees and start to shove his cock up at me with a good amount of f***e.  I knew I was going to cum soon and Angelo was going to have to swallow probably his first load.  At this point, I didn’t care, and I had no intention of warning him or pulling out.
     “Oh yeah.  Work that hot ass boy,” Phil yelled, slapping my ass hard with his big paw.  “I’m gonna be loading you full of Guido gravy soon.”
     Feeling the big man above me slapping my ass hard and growling at me, sent me over the edge.  My dick began to throb and I could feel it expand to an even fatter state.  Angelo was really going to get it and I don’t think he was aware of it either.  Bobbing my head up and down on his thick cock, I began to work him hard and groan loudly.

     All you could hear was my muffled grunts and snorts as I started to shoot my wad into Angelo’s unsuspecting mouth and throat.  He didn’t seem to object to much.  In fact, his hips began to buck up and down even faster, fucking my mouth deeper and harder.  I could tell he was on the verge of another orgasm. Phil was holding himself deep in my ass as I unloaded.  Angelo soon began to moan and wheeze around my still dripping, hard cock.  I knew the man was about to shoot again, and I was ready.
With one final thrust, he grabbed my head and held it down on his pulsing dick.  This man was truly hot.  He was shooting another healthy load of cum, right into my mouth this time.  Everything was still, as we both finished shooting our respective loads into each others mouths.  Phil knew we were both cumming, and held back to let us both enjoy the ride.  His deep hard thrusts had become gentle side to side grinding movements.
     When he saw Angelo’s legs go flat onto the bed and he could feel my body lose some of its tension, he knew it was time to change positions again.  Leaning over me, he whispered into my ear that he wanted to be completely on top of me.
     Not being a fan of getting fucked after I shoot, I uttered a half-ass protest.  “Phil, I don’t know if I can take any more. Your dick is too big.”
     “Oh, I think you can take some more.  I think your going to,” he said, sliding his fat plug out of me and pushing me off of Angelo’s still heaving body.  I could hear my own cock make an audible pop as it slid out of Angelo’s hot mouth.  Falling on to my side, I felt Phil’s big hands rolling me until I was on my stomach.  Within seconds, he was lying on top of me full weight.  I almost couldn’t breathe from the weight of the big man on top of me.
     “You feel that big dick waiting to get back in that hot Black ass?”
     “Just go easy man.  It feels like you ripped my ass apart.”
     “I’m gonna take it easy.  But I feel like fuckin’ you for a long time.  I don’t wanna shoot too soon.”  With each word, I could feel his hot breath rushing into my ear.  His bristly face was soon burying into my neck, causing shivers to run up and down my spine.  “Reach back and spread those cheeks so I can get in,” he growled into my ear.
     Being compliant, I pulled my ass cheeks apart to accept his fat cock once again.  His cock was so hard, he left both of his hands on my shoulders, raised his ass away from me and slowly slid his meat back into my tender hole.  We both moaned loudly as he sank all the way in.  Looking over, I could see Angelo moving so that he was lying prone next to us.  All three faces together.
Phil reached over and pulled Angelo’s head closer to mine and told us to kiss.  The minute our tongues met, I could taste some of my cum still lingering in his mouth.  It wasn’t long before Phil was joining in on the kiss.  Three tongues lapping at each other, swapping spit and cum.
     “Oh baby, your ass feels so good.  I’m gonna fuck you good and long.  Want you to know that I been in that hole,” Phil was whispering in my ear.  “I know you want big Daddy Phil’s dick.”
     With his hairy body still pressed fully on top of me, he began long in and out thrusts, very slowly.  I could only moan with pleasure each time he sank all the way to the bottom and ground his balls into me.  This went on for about ten minutes.  Angelo had pulled away some to watch the entire show and fondle his now spent, limp, dick.  Phil was holding my head and licking, my ear, biting my neck and whispering into my ear.
     I began to feel Phil’s thrusts become a little harder and lot deeper.  He was breathing heavy into my neck and grunting in between whispers.  “Oh fuck baby.  You want Daddy’s cum?”
     “Yeah man.  Shoot that load deep in me.”
   “Here it comes.”  He began to fuck me hard and fast, causing me to yelp in pain/pleasure.  His grunts had become full out snorts and he was holding my head tight.  “Gonna fill that Black ass up. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!  FUCK! TAKE IT MAN!  TAKE DADDY’S LOAD!”  With one final plunge, I could feel his cock swell and spasm, unloading his cum deep in my ass.  It seemed as if he was going to cum forever when he finally grunted one last time, shoved as deep as he could and went limp on top of me.
     “Oh Ted.  Man your ass is so hot, I could stay here for the rest of my life.”
     “That cock is so good, I could let you,” I answered back, straining to get air in and the words out.  If felt good to have this big bear of a man just lying on top of me lightly kissing my neck and stroking me gently while his cock was slowly returning to a flaccid state, still in my gripping, used, hole.
     “So Ang, I think I can get his big Black cock hard again if you wanna take it up the ass some more,” Phil said, raising his head from my neck and bellowing over to the still prone Angelo.
     “I think I had enough for today Phil.  My ass is sore and my dick is limp.  I can’t go no more.”
     “That’s okay, buddy.  I think you have had enough today.  You got off twice and we only got one nut apiece.  Do you think that’s fair Ted?”
     “No Phil, I think we have a couple more times to go to catch up to Ang,” I said in an almost drowsy state.  I was in complete comfort, being covered by this big bear of a man, with his soft cock still plugged in to me.
     “Tell ya what Ang.  Why don’t you take the truck and bring it back to my house tomorrow.  Teddy here can give me a ride home.  If that’s good with you,” Phil whispered the latter part into my ear.
     “It’s fine with me.  I’ll drive you anywhere you want to go.  What about the wife?  Won’t she be a little suspicious?”
     “Naw.  She’s gone for a few days visiting her folks.”
     “ Okay then,” Ang said, lifting himself off of the bed.  “I’ll bring the truck back in the morning.”  I watched the hairy man walk to his clothes and begin to dress.
     “In that case, call may cell first, I may still be here in the morning.”  I sighed a happy contented sigh, thinking of spending the better part of the day and the entire night with my new Daddy bear friend.  I knew I couldn’t keep him, but what a great fuck buddy he would be.
     I closed my eyes and drifted off into a light slumber as Phil stroked my body and lightly kissed my neck and face.  I was only aware that Angelo had gone and we were alone when I came out of my post orgasm stupor to find that we were both lying on our sides, spooning.  Phil’s big arm was wrapped around me and I could hear his low, deep, soft snoring.
     What an afternoon and evening I was going to have.  Of course there was the morning to look forward to also.  I closed my eyes again and thought how glad I was that this ROOFER RETURNED.

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1 month ago
you just described my italian daddy fantasy, hehehehe, nice story man
2 years ago
Awesome story
2 years ago
great story hot sounding threesome would make a great movie
3 years ago
awsome I felt like I was there
3 years ago
tedebear, thanks for another hot fuckin story...I would love to have been your roofer buddy...check out my story if you get a chance...take it easy