Twin b*****rs and A b*****r

Twin b*****rs & A b*****r  - 
by Theo 
     Being a one of the many plant managers, Chip worked odd shifts, to make sure that certain jobs got done.  This was a special job and he was at the end of ten straight days of 15 hour shifts.  He was looking forward to the week he was going to have off.  Just sitting around the house, having a few beers, and generally doing nothing.
     Most people knew he was gay.  However, no one gave him any flack about it because he wasn’t flamboyant, didn’t press his life on others, and was a fair but firm boss.  The only problems he had run across were the few people that just didn’t like him being over them because he was Black.  That hadn’t bothered him in his 42 years of living, and it wasn’t going to start bothering him now.
     He was on the last couple of hours and waiting for a load to come in.  After he made sure it was unloaded and stored properly, he was out the door.  Walking back to the loading dock, he saw a couple of the guys standing there.
“Is that the truck we’re waiting for?”
     “Yeah Chip.  Don’t worry, we’ll get this unloaded and put away quickly so that you can get the hell out of here,” one of the guys yelled to him.
     “You need help or should I just stay out of the way?”  Chip, was never above getting in and getting his hands dirty.
     “Nah.  We got it.  Just sit around and be bored for a few more hours, like another manager we know,” the older of the two guys said, in a laughing manner, while handing Chip the bill of lading he had gotten from the driver.
     “Thanks, buddy,” Chip responded, taking the paperwork and going to his office to fill it all out and make sure everything was in perfect order.
     He didn’t want to stay any longer than he had to tonight.  Walking away, he could hear the truck doors open and the guys descend on the load like a swarm of voracious locusts.  They wanted to get the job done too.  He also knew that he had put his two most capable guys on the job and had nothing to worry about.  Looking up at the clock and seeing that it was 10:00 p.m. did nothing for his morale though.  There was at least two hours of unloading and stacking.  He would have loved to be out on the dock, helping to make the time pass faster.
     After about ten minutes, he finished his paperwork and stood up from his desk.  Man, he had to take a wicked piss.  He headed for the crapper nearest the dock for two reasons.  First, it was hardly ever used, and second, he wanted to check on the guys.  Seeing that the work was being done quickly and efficiently, took some weight off his mind.
 Smiling to himself, he walked into the john.  It wasn’t the cleanest place, but not the dirtiest either.  He made a mental note to have someone really do a good job cleaning it when he got back.  Rounding the corner to the urinals, he looked up and saw two bodies standing at the two outside urinals, leaving the middle third one open.  Not really giving any extra thought to it, he walked up to the middle pisser, unzipped and let loose with a hard stream of long overdue pee.
     Halfway through, out of habit, he cut his eyes to the left.  He could see the guy still standing there, not pissing and just holding his cock.  Cutting his eyes quickly to the right, he saw the same thing.  This couldn’t be happening he thought to himself.  Turning his head slightly to the left, he looked up and saw a round face, covered in a thick beard.  He nodded as he noticed the guy looking right at him.
 “How’s it going?”
     “Good,” Chip answered, nonchalantly, turning his head back toward the wall.  Looking to his right, he saw the same face, only smaller and with a goatee.
     “Hey,” Chip responded back.  It took a few seconds, but Chip realized that these two were twins.  The only difference was, the one on the left was bigger than the one on his right, at least body wise.

     He finished pissing and was shaking the last few drops away, when he noticed that the two were still standing there, dicks in hand, not pissing at all.  The smaller one on his right had stepped back a little and turned toward him.  Looking to his left, the bigger twin was still standing there also, dick in hand and smiling at him.
     Was he being set up or something?  Instead of zipping up, he decided to just stand there and play the game.  In the strength department, Chip was no slouch and could handle himself in just about any situation.   Taking stock of things, Chip realized that these two twin b*****rs were red heads.  He had never been really fond of red hair, but there was something about these two guys, who he had surmised were the truck drivers.
     Still looking forward and not wanting to make the first move, Chip shook his dick a few more times to give the appearance of finishing.  Suddenly, a hand from the right was on his ass, and a hand from the left was on his dick.
     “What the hell,” Chip exclaimed, not making an attempt to get away.
     “We just thought you might like to have some fun with us,” the b*****r holding his cock said.  Chip backed away just a little and began to make his case.
     “Guys, I’m the manager on tonight.  I just wanna get this load off and get home.”

      “We just wanna get a couple a loads off too,” the b*****r holding his cock said, giving it a healthy squeeze.  He looked to his right and he could see the smaller one has stroked his cock into a semi erection.
     “I don’t know about this guys.  We can’t do anything here, and you have to take off I imagine.”
     “We ain’t got no where to be for a few days after this,” the smaller one finally joined in.
     Thinking briefly about what was going on, Chip took a step away from the two men.  “First of all, I’m Chip,” he said, extending his hand to the bigger one that was still clutching his dick.
     “I’m Ross,” he replied, letting go of Chips’ slightly more than soft cock and shaking his hand.  “And this is my b*****r, Scott.”  Chip shook hands with Ross first then turned to officially meet Scott.
     “Yeah, we know who you are.  We've been looking at you ever since we got this run,” Scott piped in with a big grin on his face.  “It’s only that this is the first time we ever got to be anywhere near you.”
     “So, what do ya’ think?”
     “I think we can work this out some how Ross.”  Chip was tucking his cock back in and zipping back up, much to the disappointment of the two b*****rs.
     Chip did take a few moments to really get a good look at both men.  They must have been at least 40 years old, and both maybe an inch taller than Chip, which put them at about 5'9".  Ross, the bigger of the two was around 240 pounds, while Scott was maybe 170 at the most.  Despite the size difference, they looked alike, even with the different beards.  Both had curly red hair, hidden beneath to worn, old, baseball caps.  Even though he had never been attracted to redheads, he was truly impressed by the twins.  It was more of the attitude that attracted him than anything else.
     “Okay, I think I have it worked out.  After the work is all done, you guys drive your truck down to the end of the road where the other trucks sometimes park for the night.  There’s no one around tonight.  I’ll park on the grass beside you so that if anyone comes around, they won’t see my car.  When I get to your truck, you two better be ready to go at it like rabbits.”  With the last of his statement, Chip reached out and squeezed both guys on the ass.
     He noticed tufts of hair sticking out of Ross’s flannel shirt and he hoped that they were as hairy all over.  Having gotten a hand full of Ross’s big ass, he couldn’t wait to get his face in there and hopefully, other things.  Chip wasn’t sure what these two were into, but he was sure going to find out one way or another.
     “Sounds like a good plan to me,” Ross said, grabbing Chip by the shoulders and pulling him face to face.  Not even being able to utter a single protest, Chip found his mouth covered by Ross’ with a broad flat tongue pushing its way inside.

     The man tasted slightly of cigar and had a manly, musky scent to him that drove Chip toward the edge.  On instinct, he wrapped his arms around the big guy and began to feverishly kiss him back, when he felt Scott come up behind and join in.  He could feel the man’s now rock hard cock, rubbing against his ass through his work pants.  As Chip lost himself in the entire sensation of the two b*****rs, he could feel Scott begin to bite on his neck.
     “OH FUCK,” Chip uttered, pushing himself away from the hottest thing to hit him in a long time.  “We gotta stop this now. I’m gonna get caught and fired.”
     “That’s cool man,” he heard Scott whisper,  in his ear.  “We can wait a little while longer.”  Having said that, he stuck his tongue in Chips’ ear and gave a quick nip on his lobe.
     “Okay.  I have about 45 more minutes until I’m outta here.”
   “I bet that trucks unloaded already too,” Ross said.  Chip watched as both men tucked their dicks away and zipped up.  What a sight he thought to himself.
     As he was walking away, he could hear the b*****rs talking to each other.  He thought he heard one of them say that it took a while, but they were finally going to get in his pants.  This made Chip smile.  If he had known that earlier, they would have been in each others’ pants a long time ago.
     Walking back to the loading dock, he saw that the truck had been completely unloaded and the guys were taking a smoke break.
     “Thanks, guys.  I’m glad you got it done that quick.  I’m gone in a few more minutes.  Take some extra time for break.  I’m gonna get the paperwork and I’ll be right back.  Where is the driver?”
     “Don’t know Chip.  It’s those two b*****rs.  Think they went to the bathroom.  That was a while ago.  Want me to go find ‘em?”
     “Nah.  They’ll probably be around soon.  I’ll be right back.”  Chip started to walk away then turned back to his two best workers sitting on an empty stack of pallets.  “Here they come now.”  He passed the two b*****rs with a nod and mumbled something about being right back with the paperwork.  After that, he could hear the drivers talking to the dock workers.
It seemed to take forever to get to his office, get the papers and get back to the dock.  There was a stirring in his pants that wouldn’t quit.  It had been a while since he had gotten some dick and ass because he had been working so much to take the taste of the last relationship that had gone bad out of his mouth.  Well, it was about time, and what better way to settle himself than twin truckers.
     Keeping his mind occupied for the last few minutes was easy.  He checked on his guys one last time and said his good byes and was out the door.  He didn’t look back as he walked across the parking lot to his new Avalanche which stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the beat up cars.  Not quite being absolutely sure what he was in for with Ross and Scott, Chip was somewhat apprehensive but still excited.
     It seemed like only a few seconds before he pulled up next to the big semi, on the grassy side so that his truck would not be seen.  Looking up into the truck, he could see a faint hint of light.  It wasn’t a hard decision to make as to whether he should get into the big truck.  The stirring in his jeans made the decision for him.
     Getting slowly out of his vehicle, he climbed up on the passenger side of the truck and knocked on the window.  A single hand appeared from behind the seat, waving him in.  Not wanting to waste any more time, he flung the door open and hopped inside, plopping squarely down in the seat.  When he turned his head to see where the b*****rs were at, he could make them out, lying on the big bed, just wearing loose-fitting shorts.
     “Get comfy and come on back here,” Ross said, grabbing his crotch and giving it a healthy squeeze.
     “Don’t mind if I do,” Chip answered back, ripping and tearing at his clothes to get them off quickly.  It took him only a few moments to get entirely undressed, and since he never wore underwear, he was more naked than Ross and Scott.
     “Close the curtain on your way back,” Scott said.  Taking a quick look out the window to make sure no one was around, Chip stood and walked between the seats, turned his back to the two men and grabbed the heavy leather curtains and pulled them shut.
“GODDAMN!  Look at that ass,” he heard Scott say.

     “Come on back here and lay down between us,” Ross piped in.  “I can’t wait to get my mouth on that cock.”  Chip jumped on the bed with no hesitation, in the space between the two hot b*****rs.

     “We only have a few rules,” Ross said.  “We don’t suck or fuck each other.  We may touch each other a little bit, but we never cross that line.”
“Fine with me,” Chip answered as he climbed into the semi-truck sl**per with the two men.  “I think we can find a lot to do that doesn’t include that.  Now, why don’t you two get out of those shorts and let me see what I get to play with.”
     Ross was the first to take his off, lifting his hips and sliding them down his big thighs.  Chip watched as his cock flopped around in his copious, red, bush.  Reaching his left hand down, he grabbed Ross’ soft cock.

     “I think you would be next,” he said, looking over at Scott.  There was not hesitation in Scott and he was soon naked too.
     Chip sat back a little and whistled his sign of approval.  “Man, you guys are some good looking bears.”  Ross patted the mattress between them, showing Chip that he was to be in that spot.

As soon as he was lying down, both b*****rs had converged on him, rubbing his body and sucking on his nipples.

     “Just lay there and let us take care of things for a while,” Ross said.  All Chip could do was moan an okay as the two men licked their way down his body.  His eight inches of cock was rock hard by the time they both reached his thick pubic bush.  Keeping his eyes open, he watched as the two red heads began to lick and suck up and down his shaft and ball sac. 

     “Look at the size of these fuckers,” Scot said, lifting Chips heavy balls up and licking them.  “I don’t think I can get them both in my  mouth at the same time.”

     “Don’t worry about hurtin’ them,” Chip said.  “It’s all good.  Try getting them all the way in.  Few have done it.”  No sooner had he said that then he watched Ross swallow his cock all the way to the base like a real pro.  He reached down and held the mans head all the way down, loving the feeling of the hot, wet mouth, and the tight throat around his cock.
     He could also feel Scott struggling to get both of his big nuts all the way in his mouth.  By the time Chip let go of Ross’ head, and let the man come up for air, he felt Scott finally shove both of his balls in his mouth.

     “Suck it all the way down,” he barked at Ross, pushing his head back down on his big Black cock.  The bunk was filled with moans and grunts as the two b*****rs delighted in cock and balls and chip delighted in the feeling of two hot mouths completely engulfing him.
     He began to move his hips around in between circle and bucking motions, being totally wrapped up in the sight of the two red heads working feverishly in his crotch. 
After a few moments he told the two it was time to change positions because he wanted to use his mouth too.

     There was an audible pop as his big balls plopped out of Scotts mouth and landed wetly between his thighs.  Ross’ head slowly worked its way up his shaft and loudly let his cock head pop from between his lips.

     “I want to take turns sucking your cocks,” Chip said to the b*****rs.  “And I want you to fuck my mouth deep and hard too.”  Scott was the first to turn around and straddle his head in a sixty nine position.
     Chip barely had his mouth open when he felt the man slide his cock balls deep down his throat.  It was the perfect cock for sucking, about six and one half inches and nice and plump.  It fit perfectly in his mouth and just hit the back of his throat at the right angle.
     He felt Scotts hot mouth lock around his cock head, and begin to furiously lick.  Reaching up, Chip grabbed two handfuls of hairy ass cheeks, prompting the smaller b*****r to begin fucking away at his mouth.  Chip was in hog heaven as he felt the mans fat dick head hitting the back of his throat and his hairy balls crushing into his nose.
 This went on for a few moments, sending Chip real close to the edge of cumming, when Scott suddenly rolled off of him, falling in a panting heap on his side. 

     Chip had barely got his breath back when he felt Ross grabbing his shoulders and turning him onto his side.  Ross was also on his side, but not in a six nine position.  He grabbed Chips bald head and pulled it into his crotch, grinding his cock and balls roughly into his face.
     “Open up and suck it,” he heard Ross say.  Like his b*****r, Ross began to furiously fuck Chips mouth with the same size cock.  The only difference was the nice big hairy belly that was hitting his face with every forward thrust. It was a good thing that no one was touching his cock, for he was sure he would have shot a load right at that moment.

     “Oh yeah!  Suck that dick good.  Get that fucker nice and wet.”  Chip was relishing in the violent thrusts from the heftier of the two b*****rs, when he heard Scott speak up.

     “Let this fucker lay on his back Ross.  I wanna ride that big, fat, Black cock.”

     “Aw shit man, I was just getting into his hot mouth.  Let me get ‘em wet for ya b*****r.  Don’t wanna try to get that meat in ya dry do ya?”  Chip quickly rolled over onto his back and watched as Ross awkwardly turned his body around to suck on his cock.  Man it was hot watching the shaggy haired man suck his cock slowly up and down with just the right amount of pressure.
Chip reached over to Scott and ran his hands between the mans downy covered thighs until his fingers were nudging against the mans tight asshole pucker.  He rubbed against it with a knuckle, making Scott groan and spread his legs wider.

     “I want you on your knees,” Chip said to Scott.  “I wanna see that hot ass moving while I fuck it good and deep.”

     “Fine with me,” Scott responded, quickly getting into doggie position.  Chip wasted no time getting behind the man and burying his face between his pale cheeks.  His tongue found the tight rosebud with no effort and he soon had Scott grinding his ass back and begging to get fucked.  Ross was patiently watching as Chip spit on his hand and lubed up his cock for the final assault. 

     “Poke ‘em good,” Ross said, reaching over and spreading his b*****rs ass cheeks wide.  It only took one second for Chips hard cock to find its destination.  With a hard push, he plunged half of his eight inches into the man. 

     “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  DON’T STOP MAN!  RAM IT ALL IN!”  The other four inches slid in with a little more effort around Scotts gripping hole.  Chip was going to leave this man with something to remember.  He neither waited for acknowledgment that the man was ready or a sense that the tight ring squeezing his fat cock was loosening.  He just began long in and out thrusts, holding onto Scotts hips so that he could not get away.  He could however, hear him moaning in pleasure/pain, as his ass was emptied and filled several times. 

     “I think he likes that,” Ross said, giving his b*****rs ass cheeks a healthy squeeze.  “I hope you fuck me the same damn way.”  Chip smiled, leaned forward and kissed Ross deeply while he fucked his b*****r.  If Chip had to pick, he would say that Ross was the better kisser.  Maybe it was the thick red beard that made it so.

     “Why don’t you eat my ass while I fuck your b*****r,  Ross.  That really turns me on.”

     “You wanna get rimmed?  I’ll rim ya good then.”  Leaning his body over the man that he was fucking, Chip could feel his cheeks being pulled apart by Ross.  The first flick of the mans tongue and the gentle tickle of his thick beard sent his body into a spasm of pleasure, causing his cock to swell and sink even deeper into Scotts hole. 

     For a few minutes more, the bunk was filled with the sounds of groaning, flesh slapping, and slurping.  Chip had reached under and was stroking Scotts cock while his own ass was opening up to the lapping of the tongue.  Even though it had been a long while, Chip knew that he had to have a dick in him, and Ross was more than preparing him.  As good as it all felt, he didn’t want to cum yet.
  Pulling all the way out of Scotts ass slowly, Chip indicated that it was time to change up again.  He quickly turned his body around and with little to no effort, flipped Ross onto his back.  In the same fluid rush of motion, he lifted the bigger b*****rs legs up and pushed his knees almost all the way to his chest.

     “I need to get lubed up before you fuck me,” Ross began to protest.  Chip just smiled down at the furry red haired b*****r, and dipped his head low.  There were no more protests from Ross as Chips tongue swiped a long trail up his ass crack, passing over his puckered man hole.  While he became intent on getting the hole sloppy wet, Chip felt a finger circling around his own hole. 

     “Oh fuck yeah man,” Ross was groaning out.  “I’m ready now.  Gimme that big dick.”  With one final long lap, Chip licked all the way up to Ross’ fat cock head and swallowed the entire shaft in one gulp.  Just as he reached the base and his nose was embedded in thick red pubic hair, Chip felt Scott shove a finger into him.  Before he could raise up from the cock he had in his mouth, Ross grabbed his head and held him all the way down.
 Arching his back and wiggling was all that Chip could do as he felt Scott insert another finger in him.  It didn’t take long before his ass was used to the intrusion and he was bucking back, trying to get the fingers even deeper.

     “C’mon Chip.  Give Ross that big Black dick like you gave it to me,” Scott whispered in Chips ear.  Moving with the fingers still plugged in his ass, Chip positioned himself between Ross’ legs and put the man’s ankles on his shoulders.

     “You ready,” Chip asked Ross?  Before the man could even answer, almost all of the eight inch cock was plowed into him.  Just as Ross started to scream out in pain, Chip leaned over and covered his mouth with his own, thrusting his tongue deep.  Feeling the big man yell into his mouth was a very sensual experience.  He didn’t however start plugging him right away.  He let his swollen cock simmer in the hot, tight depths of Ross’ man hole. 

     Ross calmed, and began to grind his ass up, gripping and loosening its hold on Chips cock.  All Chip could do was moan with pleasure as his cock was worked by the milking machine ass of the man beneath him.  The two were still locked in a wet, tongue probing kiss, as Scott moved himself around on the bunk.  Chip looked up to see the slimmer b*****rs cock in front of him and instinctually broke the kiss.  Keeping his mouth open was Scotts invitation to fill it with hard cock.  The three men were locked in a tight bond of little movement but high sexual enjoyment for a long while. 

     The thrusting started out slow, but grew to a moderate pace.  Chip was plugging Ross as deep and hard as his throat was getting plugged by Scott.  The three men moved with such precision, it was like the entire scene was choreographed.  The feel of Ross’ hard cock rubbing against his belly and leaking precum was taking Chip to new highs as Scott held his head and fucked his mouth.

     The tension was growing too high, and Scott had other plans.  He quickly pulled away from Chip’s mouth and jockeyed into position behind him on the bunk.  Before Chip could ask the man to take it slow, he felt Scotts cock head pop through his tight ring.  Ross grabbed his head and lip locked him while Scott slowly penetrated his ass with his stiff, fat, six inches of cock.

     Just as Chip had done, Scott wasted no time thrusting in and out of the almost virgin territory. 

     “Fuck me,” Ross was groaning beneath him.  “Fuck me hard!”

     “You got it man,” Chip groaned back to him.  The men were bucking so hard that you could hear the slapping of flesh as each cock went deep.  The pain of the intrusion was gone, and Chip was in hog heaven.  
      “I’m gonna fuck this Black ass good,” Scott yelled, grabbing Chips butt cheeks and spreading them to get even deeper.  Ross at this point had his arms wrapped around Chips neck and was moaning into his ear how good his dick felt in him in between licks and nibbles on his lobe. 

     “Oh fuck yeah Ross.  Give me that ass.  Work my dick good,” Chip answered back.  “C’mon Scott.  Fuck my ass hard.  Make me cum.  I’m so damn close.”  Scott stepped up his pace and began to really drill Chip. 

     “Shittttttttt !!!!!  I’m cumming,” Chip yelled into Ross’ neck.  All movement stopped while Chip dumped his load deep into Ross’ ass.  Scott stayed plunged deep into his ass and enjoyed the spasms of his tight hole.

     “Give it to me,” Ross yelled back to Chip.  “Fill my ass up.”  It seemed as if Chip were dumping load after load into the truckers ass.  It had been a while since physical contact, and this was certainly better than the lack luster handjobs he gave himself some nights.  Just as he was about to collapse into a heap on top of Ross, he felt Scotts still hard and even more swollen cock begin to slowly thrust back and forth again.

     “Hold on Scott.  I wanna turn around and get under him.  I wanna suck his dick and watch you fuck him while he sucks me.”

     “Okay b*****r, but I ain’t pulling out of this hot ass.  Move quick.”  Chip felt his cum, covered dick slide out of Ross’ ass as the man moved and quickly turned his big body around.

     “Suck my dick, man,” Ross said, just before slipping Chip’s still semi-hard cock into his hot wet mouth.  Seeing the hard fat cock in front of him, sticking up from a thick shock of red hair was all he needed.  Leaning down, he engulfed the entire shaft, all the way to the bottom, nestling his nose in Ross’ big, swollen, balls.  There was no need for him to start an up and down motion, because Scott had begun to bang his ass, hard and deep again.  The feeling was great.  Being plugged at both ends, and hearing the b*****rs grunt and moan in pleasure.  It was only moments before he could tell that Scott was going to shoot his load.  His pace increased, and he was grabbing his ass cheeks in a hard grip and pulling them even farther apart, to gain even deeper access.

     “Fuck!!!!!!!!  Here is comes,” Scott snorted/grunted.  With one final lunge, the man buried his dick deep and began to shoot his hot load into Chip’s abused hole. 
     “Umph.  Uhhhh.  Ahhhhh.  Umph,” was all Scott could say as he pumped his load deep into the hot Black ass he was fucking.  Chip was groaning around the cock his mouth was impaled on as he reveled in the feeling of the flood of cum filling him.  Scott’s thrusting slowed down to nothing.  He held himself deep while his hard cock began to deflate, simmering in the juicy hole.  Without warning, he jerked his hips back, falling completely out of Chip’s gripping asshole, causing and audible popping sound.

     “Damn.  That is one hot fuckin’ ass,” he panted, falling to his side on the bunk.  Chip was disappointed when he felt the nice dick leave his ass, but not wanting to stop the flow of things, he began to apply his oral skills once again on Ross.  Even though his ass was sore from the first assault, Chip wanted to feel Ross inside him too.  Rolling off of the bigger b*****r, he lay on his stomach.

     “Come on Ross.  Get on and go for a ride,” Chip said, reaching back and spreading his cheeks.

     “Oh hell yeah,” was all Ross said, as he scuttled around and straddled Chips legs.

     “Just lay flat out on top of me big guy.  I wanna feel your body all over me.”  Ross wasted no time in aiming his cock at the wet open hole, leaning forward, and burying it in to the hilt.  Both men sighed in pure enjoyment.
     “Oh baby that ass feels good.  I just wanna fuck you nice and slow.”  With that said, Ross began to slow move his hips up and down, keeping full body contact with the man beneath him.  Feeling a stirring down below again, Chip was more than happy when Ross reached under him and grabbed his stiffening cock.

     “Oh man.  You love this shit.  Your dick’s hard again.  Let’s see if we can get you off again” Ross whispered in his ears.  Meanwhile, Scott had placed himself so that his soft cock was right in Chips face.  Not being one to pas up anything, Chip engulfed the soft cock and let it stew in his hot mouth.

     “Yeah man.  I like the way you squeeze that ass,” Ross whispered in his ear again.  It was an entirely involuntary motion though.  Every time the man stroked his hand up his now hard cock and slid over the sensitive head, it caused his hole to tighten up around the fat cock invading him. 
   “You’re gonna make me cum Ross,” Chip groaned, letting Scotts cock flop out of his mouth.

     “You go ahead buddy.  I’m gonna blow with ya.”  Within seconds, Chip could feel his second load welling up.  “Do it baby.  I’m ready too.”

     “Oh fuck yeah.  Here it comes,” Chip moaned into Scotts crotch.  Just as he began to shoot, he could feel Ross breathing heavier.

     “Me too fucker.  I’m cumming,” Ross grunted into his ear.  Both men had body spasms as they dumped their loads.  Chip had finished cumming first and he could still feel Ross spitting the last of his load deep into his ass.  They lay perfectly still for a few minutes, Ross’ entire bulk resting on the man beneath him.
“Damn it!  You guys are too fucking much,” Chip groaned from beneath the man on top of him.

     “Glad you like,” he heard Scott say.  “Git off the man. Ya big lug,” Scott said, playfully slapping Ross on the shoulder.

     “Ummmm.  I just wanna fall asl**p just like this,” Ross whispered in his ear for the last time, before he slowly extricated his shrinking cock from Chips ass.  “Sssssssssssssssssssssss.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” was the last thing Ross said before rolling over onto his side.  Chip turned to face him and locked him in another kiss.  Scott snuggled up behind Chip and lay down, kissing and softly licking his neck.  The three men said nothing, just lying on the bunk and rubbing each other in the afterglow of great sex.

     They slept wrapped in each others arms for at least two hours before Chip woke up, realizing that he had to take a wicked piss.  Scott told him to just open the door and piss, which he readily did.  Sitting on the bunk, he stroked the two b*****rs and told them that he should be going.  When they asked him to stay till morning, Chip suggested that they come over to his house.  His lower driveway could more than accommodate the big rig.  The two b*****rs looked at each other, grinned and accepted the offer. 

     “We ain’t got no where to be for at least three days.” Ross piped up. 

     “Good,” Chip replied back to him.  “We’ll stop and get something to eat then head back to my place.  You two think you’re up for it?”

     “I’m starting to get up for it again already,” Scott said, reaching down and wagging his semi-hard dick.

     “Well, just hold on to that for later.”
Later my friends is another story.  The three men spent that night and three more days together.  They began to see each other for about four months before Chip asked them to move in with him.  Their relationship was good, and the b*****rs still never touched each other.  They often joked about getting some more trucks and calling their company “TWO b*****rS & A b*****r”.  Has a catchy ring to it.

     Often, Ross stays home while Scott is off doing some trucking jobs.  Chip became very close to Ross and there was no jealousy between the b*****rs.  Scott was still into the occasional piece of pussy and believed that he would some day get married.  It was a fine unspoken agreement among the three of them.

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Great story umm. I love Redheads .. delicious.
2 years ago
GOZEI muito com a historia mmmm!
2 years ago
Hot Story!
3 years ago
that was fucking hot dam good story
3 years ago
3 years ago