The Roofer by Theo

I decided to have some work done on the roof of my house, and was checking the yellow pages for local roofers.  Getting tired of making calls, I decided to take a drive into town to pick up some groceries.  As luck would have it, I saw a group of guys roofing one of my neighbor's houses.  Not seeing any signs on any of the trucks, I decided to stop and see if there was a number I could call to get an estimate.  One of the guys came over to me and handed me a card with the name "Fico's Roofers" on it with a local number.  Not giving a second thought to any of the guys working again, I went about my way to shop.  When I got to the store, I thought it would be a good time to call and set up an appointment for an estimate.  A gruff voice answered the phone.
     "Fico's roofers.  Phil here."
     "Yeah.  I saw your guys working on my neighbor's roof and I was wondering if I could get an estimate from you."
     After telling him where I lived, he said that he had to come out that way later that afternoon.  I told him I would be home for the rest of the afternoon and he could stop by whenever he wanted.
     Later that afternoon, as I was sitting on the back deck, I heard the doorbell ring.  Jumping I quickly ran down the driveway around to the front of the house.  On the porch was a behemoth of a man standing there looking in the sliding door.
     "Hey.  You must be from Fico's Roofers," I said standing at the bottom of the porch steps.
     "Yep, that's me. Phil Fico," he said, extending his huge paw.  Reaching out, I shook his hand in a firm but not
 as crushing of a  grip as I had expected from him.  "Sorry I got here so late, I decided to make you the last stop of the day."
     "No apology needed.  Can I get you something cold to drink?  Water, beer, iced tea?"
     "Man, a cold beer would be great right now," he said wiping the sweat off his brow.
     "Come on in."  He followed me around the house to the back door and into the kitchen where I opened the fridge and offered him his choice of imported beers.
     "Grab what you want,"  I told him reaching in and grabbing a Moose head for myself.  Walking around the outside of the house, I got a good chance to scope out this big hairy Italian man.  He must have been in his late 40's to early 50's, about 6'3" and certainly around 340 solid pounds.  I was relishing the view of his white tee, stretched across his broad stomach, and his baggy jean shorts that would definitely show a nice view of his ass crack if he were to bend over.

On top of his head he had a full head of black hair with gray sprinkled through it sort of in a shaggy 80's style cut.  It looked as if he hadn't shaved in a few days by the thick stubble on his face and to top it all off, he had one of my favorite things, a uni-brow.  One thick eyebrow going from one eye to the next.  It really set off his deep-set dark eyes and gave him an almost evil appearance.  Man, I would like to see this guy naked,but I didn't think that it would be a possible thing because of the thick gold wedding band on his finger.

Walking around the house in the sun, I could see the sweat start to darken his white tee.  It was almost 100 humid degrees this day.  I enjoyed the heat, but someone of Phil's size must surely be in desperate need of cool air.  When I saw that he was finished, I told him to come back in the house where I had the air conditioner on and it was much cooler.
     Sitting down at the kitchen table, he began to write up his estimate.  Without even asking, I grabbed another cold beer and opened it up and set it in front of him.
     "Thanks," he said, grabbing the bottle and draining almost half of it within seconds.  "That sure hits the spot on a hot day like this."
     After he was finished writing, he slid his pad over to me and asked if he could use the john, and stating that beer travels right through him.  I directed him to the bathroom down the hall, off the den area.  As I did this, I wondered if I had taken out my latest issue of Grizzly.  Well, maybe he would see it and . . .  yeah right.
     I was poring over his estimate and did not even hear him come back in the kitchen.
     "You have a nice house here."
     "Thanks.  You wanna see the rest of it?"
     "Sure, if it aint a bother."
     "No problem at all,"  I said standing up and starting my tour.  We went up the stairs where I showed him the guest bedroom and the master bedroom.  I have spent a lot of time decorating and have themes in each of the rooms.  I was the master bathroom that impressed him though.  He was quite taken with all the marble and the big walk in shower.
     "Wow!  All those heads right out of the wall.  You could get every spot in here."
     "Yeah, it's almost my favorite room."
     "Your wife must really like it too.  I know mine would."
"Not married." I replied.  I could see the look of surprise on his face.
     "So, you did all this house yourself? "
     "Sure did.  Took a few years but I almost have it where I want it."
     "Looks complete to me.  What more could you do?"

     "Well, I have one more room that I'm working on, but I don't think you would be interested in it."  That room was my play room.  I had all my sex toys and contraptions in it. 
     "Why wouldn't I be interested in it?"  He asked.

"You be the judge," I said walking down to the end of the hall to a closed door.  "Just don't be shocked or pass judgment," was all I said before opening the door.  Opening the door, I stepped aside so that he could move his big bulk through.
     "HOLY SHIT!"  I didn't respond as he stood there looking at things he had probably never seen before.  He took a tentative step forward and just stood there mouth agape.
     "I ain't never seen nuttin' like this before.  You use all this stuff?"
     "Whenever I get a chance."  I replied.
     "You find women that let you put them in these things?  I thought that only happened in movies."
     I chuckled at his naivete'   "Well, I don't exactly invite women here."
     "Don't tell me your one of them guys," he said waving a limp wrist around.
     "I'm not one of those guys," I said imitating his wrist motion, "but, I am gay."
     "I didn't mean no offense.  I just didn't think that you were um . . .  um . . .  a.. um gay."
     "No problem dude.  Not many people know right off the bat.  I don't make an announcement of it, but I don't hide it either.  You have any questions?"  I asked with a chuckle.
     "Yeah.  What is this thing?"  He had walked over to a seat that looked like a potty chair for adults.
     "Ahhhh.  That is my favorite.  Someone sits in that, naked of course, and you just lie under it and you can lick their ass with no problems.  It's called a rimming chair."
 "You actually do that?"
     "Fuck yeah.  Whenever I get a chance to have a nice hairy ass in that seat, I won't say no."  I watched him as he took it all in, shaking his head and looking around.  "You want to try it?  I mean sit in it while I lick your ass."
     "I don't know about all that.  I ain't never been with a guy before.  Well, I got my dick sucked in the bookstore once, but that was the only time."

     "Well, you look around.  I'm going to go grab a couple of beers.  I'll be right back."  Before he could even answer, I was almost halfway down the stairs.  When I got back, I stood in the door with the two cold beers watching him.  My seven inches was now straining against my jeans, looking at this big ape of a man handling my toys.
     "Any more questions,"  I asked, apparently startling him.  He jumped and spun around toward me.  I could see he had an obvious lump in his shorts at this point.  Handing him another beer, I took the empty bottle from his hand and threw it into the garbage can in the corner.  "Have a seat on the sofa over there and I'll throw in a DVD that will show you how some of this stuff is used."
     "Uh, I gotta get going soon."

"Your call, but I think you'll find this one interesting.  Heather Hunter is in it."
     "Oh man, that is one hot Black chick.  I would love to fuck her."  Curiosity peaked, he sat on the sofa as I put in the DVD and started it.  Standing a little to his left and slightly behind him, I watched as he adjusted himself through his shorts.  I knew he was getting excited, and I was ready to go in for the kill.  Leaning over the back of the sofa, I whispered in his ear that he was more than welcome to make himself comfortable.
     Upon saying that, I kicked off my sneakers and threw my tee shirt across the room.  Hesitantly, he began to pull up his tee.  He was as hairy as a gorilla, just like I like them.  Another long swig of beer and his work boots were kicked off too.  Knowing he was ready, I moved and knelt down in front of him, slowly pulling his socks off.  As he intently watched the movie, I laid my head on his big hairy belly.
     "I don't know buddy.  This don't seem right to me."
     "Just relax Phil.  If it gets to be too much for you, then I will gladly stop and nothing more will be said.  By the way, you got the job.  I want Fico's Roofers to lay some tile for me, but I want Phil to lie back and let me do some work right now."  I moved my head down to his crotch, where I could feel his cock straining to get out, and buried my face in the denim.  I could smell a nice musky scent wafting up through them and it only turned me on more.  Opening my mouth, I began to suck and lick at the material where I knew his cock and balls were.  Hearing him moan made me look up.  He had thrown his head back and had his eyes closed.
     "Let's get these shorts off you," I said kissing my way up his belly to his chest.  There was so much hair.  I almost couldn't find his nipples.  When I did though, all it took was one lick and it sent him into orbit.
"AHHHHHHHH FUCK !  That feels good."
     Pulling his big belly up some, I unsnapped his shorts and pulled down the zipper.  Just as I expected, no underwear.  Out flopped a fat Italian sausage.  Uncut and leaking precum.  I couldn't wait to get my mouth on that, but I wasn't going to rush things.  I t was a beauty, about seven and 1/2 inches and really fat.  Looking up, I saw him looking down at me and smiling.
     "You like that dick?"  He asked in his deep voice.
     "Fuck yeah man.  I can't wait to show you how much I like it."
     "What's stopping you," he said, putting his big paw on the back of my head and pulling it toward his leaking cock.
     "Want you naked man.  I want to lick you all over."  Standing up, he dropped his shorts and stepped out of them.  Looking up in awe at this 6'3" Neanderthal of a man, I could hardly believe this was happening to me.
     "What you waitin' for," I heard him say in a low, deep, voice.  Waking from my trance, I buried my face in his massive hairy ball sac.  The musky aroma, and the feel of his hard meat against my forehead, was making me dizzy.  I began to lick and slurp on his nuts for all I was worth.  I was going to show this man what he had been missing his whole life.

His moans of pleasure were telling me I was doing the job right.  Licking my way up, I slowly worked my tongue magic up his fat shaft.  I could hear him hiss as I got to the big mushroom head, still covered in a copious amount of foreskin.  Just using my tongue, I worked my way inside of the skin, tasting a build up of precum.  I licked and played around for a while until I knew it was driving him crazy.  Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I began to work my way down his cock.  It was a lot fatter than it looked and I had a little trouble working my way down. 
     "That's it.  Get all that fat dick."  I felt his meaty paw once again on my bald head, helping me to swallow his entire length.  This man is going to choke me.  I thought to myself.  Just when I thought my jaw was going to come unhinged, he pulled his cock all the way out.
     "You keep that up, and I'm going to be cumming real soon," he said, rubbing his cock head across my lips.
     "Why don't you have a seat back on the sofa and let me work on you some more?"  Plopping down hard, he spread his massive legs and waved his hard cock at me.

     "Come and get it," he said, laughing like a little k**.  "You know you want to suck this fat cock.  Make me feel good."
     I had something else on my mind at that point.  I wanted to bury my face in his big hairy ass.  I really wanted to have him sitting on my face, but I wasn't going to rush things.  I began by licking his balls.  There was no way I was going to get both of them in my mouth at one time, so I settled for licking and rubbing them all over my face.  When I began to lick underneath them, I could hear him groan deep and loud.  He also spread his legs a little wider, letting me know that I had the "go ahead."  It didn't take him long to realize that I wanted to get my tongue on his asshole and as far up it as I could.  Sliding down on the sofa more, he gave me a little better access.  I slowly worked my tongue between his cheeks. 
     "Oh God yesssssss!" he blurted out rather loudly.  Lifting his legs up some, I could see that he had as much hair around his hole as he had all over his body.  I wasted no time though.  Sticking out my tongue, I found his little pucker.  The first lick was just a tease and I watched as it pulled inward and pushed back out.  That was all I needed to see.  I dove right in like a starving a****l.  His legs went higher the harder I licked and sucked on his hole.  It was obvious that nothing had ever been up in there, because it was tough for my tongue to get in he was so tight.  After a while of thoroughly tonguing his hole and getting him really hot, I worked my way back up to his balls.  Licking my way up to his fat cock head, I enjoyed the long flow of pre-cum that had dribbled out him.

"Did that feel good to you Phil,"  I asked, smiling up at him?
     "Damn straight that felt good.  You could lick my ass all day." 
     "I think we have something else to take care of," I said, grabbing onto his rock hard cock.
     "You want another beer first?"
"Yeah I could use a drink right now.  I gotta piss too, but I can never piss with a boner."  We both laughed as he stood up and waved his fat dick around.  "Maybe it'll go down some by the time you get back."
     "I hope not,"  I laughed, grabbing his cock and giving it another lick.  Before he could respond too much, I was down the stairs and grabbing more beers for us.  When I got back, he wasn't in the room.  Walking down the hall, I heard the splash of piss hitting the toilet.  I watched as he stood there letting loose with a long stream of used beer.  When he was just about at the end of his stream, I crept over, knelt down and pulled his cock into my mouth.
     "What the fuck."  I heard him say, as I began to swallow the last of his piss.  It felt good having his semi-hard dick in my mouth, draining the last of his pee.  I could feel life begin to stir back into his monster as I worked my tongue around the fat head.
     "I never had anybody do that to me before either," I heard him grunt mostly to himself.  "Holy fuck.  Your mouth feels good."
     I continued to slurp and suck on his cock while it fattened and filled my mouth once again.  At this point, I wanted him to take control, so I took his big meaty paws and placed them on my head.  Knowing exactly what to do, he firmly grasped my bald head and began to rock his hips back and forth.  He was a little tentative about fucking my mouth at first, until I reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him hard into my face.  That was all the goading he needed.

     "OH yeah!!!!  Suck that fat cock.  Suck me good, baby."   I could hear him grunting and huffing above me as he thrust his hips harder and harder, jamming his cock way down my throat.  I wasn't sure how much more my jaws could take, but I really liked sucking this fat cock and I wasn't going to give up right away.
     Pulling his cock out completely, he tilted my head up, smiled down at me and suggested we go back to the other room and take care of the two beers I had set on the counter.  Walking down the hall in front of him, I felt a hand on my ass.
     "If that ass is as good as your mouth, I may have to get in there too."
     "I don't know if I can take a cock as fat as yours."
     "I'll go easy on ya.  Take it nice and slow."
     "Okay, if you promise.  You want to go in the bedroom or the play room?"
     "I wanna try out that sling.  That looks like fun, if you don't mind."  We walked back to the play room and I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock some more as he swallowed down some more liquid courage.
"Oh baby.  I'm ready.  I am fucking gonna blow." 

I got up in the sling and pointed to the pulley system and told him how to adjust it so that it was at the right height for him.  He toyed with the pulleys for a few moments and quickly got the hang of it.  The whole time, his cock had never softened a little bit.  When he had me at the perfect height for him, he stepped close between my upraised legs and rubbed his cock against my hole.
     "I know you're not planning on running that fat dick up me dry," I said, a little too urgently.
     "Hell no.  I like it nice and wet."  Saying that, he spit on his fingers and rubbed his saliva all over my hole.  Enjoying the feeling of his big fingers, rubbing my ass, I reached down and started to stroke my hard cock.  With no hesitation, he slid one of his big digits into me up to the last knuckle.  I moaned loudly as he started to work it in and out of me.
     "Goddamn that's fuckin' tight.  I'm gonna enjoy this."  I looked down and saw him skinning back his foreskin and lubing up his cock with some more spit.  "Don't worry, baby.  I ain't gonna split you apart.  I'm gonna take it real easy."  He was saying this as he rubbed his slick, fat cock head against my tight pucker.  He slowly began to press forward.  It felt like a battering ram trying to get into my small hole. 
     "Just relax, baby, almost there." He said, and pushed a little harder and popped his head into me.
     "Oooooooooooooo shit," was all I could say as I felt his big mushroom head invade my tight hole.  "I think it's too big.  Take it out."
     "Just hold on, baby.  It's in.  Gonna let it sit there a minute.  Let you get used to it."  I opened my eyes and looked up at his hairy face, smiling down at me as he let his cock head rest in my hole.  He knew then I was almost ready for more.  Grabbing both of my thighs, he softly growled, "get ready baby, here it comes."
I was just about to protest, when I felt him slide the rest of his fat seven inches into me.  The room filled with the sound of both of us gasping in air.  My gasp came from the shock of his big cock filling me to the hilt.  His gasp came from the shock of my tight hole gripping hard on his big cock filling me to the hilt.
     "Oh baby, that Black ass is so fuckin' tight.  I feel like it's gonna twist my dick off."  He began to slowly work his cock in and out of me.  Regardless of the pain  I still had a hardon throughout the entire entry.  My ass was in pain, but my cock was telling me differently.  It suddenly began to feel very good, and I was stroking my cock and trying to push my ass onto him harder.
     "OH YEAH MAN!  FUCK ME!  GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK!"   I was pleading with him loudly now to fuck me hard.  That is just what he began to do.  Grabbing my thighs even harder, he began to ram his fat pole in and out of my ass in long deep hard strokes.  It was like I could feel every vein in his cock.  I stopped stroking my cock because I did not want to cum so soon.  Now, the precum was flowing out of my cock head like a faucet.  It was then he did something I had not expected.  He reached over and wrapped his meaty paw around my hard cock, and worked the precum that I had been drooling, all over my shaft.  I was in heaven.
  "Phil, take it easy man.  You're gonna make me shoot."
     "That's okay.  I wanna see it.  I never touched another dick before.  Feels kinda good actually."  He continued stroking my cock and running his fat pole in and out of my ass.   I knew I was really close and it was only going to take him a few more strokes before I was ready to let loose with my load.
     "Oh fuck man.  Here it comes,"  I moaned and felt my body stiffen.  Phil stopped stroking me and held my cock at the base.  While holding my cock, he slowed his pace, fucking me with a deep grind. 
     "Let it go baby," he grunted at me.  Just as he said it, I let loose with a long stream of cum.  I should have warned him that I always shot a long distance, but I didn't have time.  I watched as my stream of cum hit him right on the chin and dribbled down to his hairy chest. This was fucking HOT, I thought to myself.
     "I don't think I can hold it much longer. You want it in your ass or in your mouth?"
     "Wherever you want to give it to me,"  I managed to mumble, still overtaken by my orgasm.
     "I don't think I wanna cum yet.  Your ass is so fuckin' tight.  I just wanna stay in it."
     "I can't take much more of that cock in me.  It's too big."  I knew he was going to do what he wanted to do, no matter what I wanted, and that was okay with me.  I would probably never have this chance again, and I was going to relish it.  Pulling his cock out of my ass, he grabbed my arms and started to lift me up.  I was sure he was going to have me suck his cock, and my sore hole was grateful.  Phil had another plan though.  Standing me up, he turned me around and bent me over at the waist.  He was going to fuck me some more.  My hole tensed up as I felt him rubbing his big mushroom head against it.
   "Get down on your knees," he said, pushing me down firmly.  "I wanna do it doggie-style."  Dropping quickly to my knees with my head on the floor, I felt him reach for my hips.  "Spread them cheeks," he grunted, giving me a hard slap on the ass.  I reached back and spread my ass cheeks, exposing my well fucked, raw hole to him.

     "WIDER," he growled at me.  I did as he told me, and spread my butt cheeks even wider.  "Oh baby.  I like seeing that wet hole," he growled once more, as he pushed his cock all the way in me in one movement.  I moaned loud and instinct caused my body to lurch forward.
     His big hands reached down and grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back toward him, impaling me even deeper on his fat cock.  The fucking had begun again.  His strokes were harder now then they were before, and he was reaching places in my ass I didn't even know anyone could get to.
 The pain was almost unbearable, but it also felt good.  So good, that my cock got hard again.  I could feel his big, hairy belly against my ass every time he skewered me on his meat.  After a few minutes, I was bucking back into him like it was going to save my life.
    "FUCK ME MAN,"  I was yelling.
     "Oh yeah baby.  Here it comes.  Gonna give you my cum, right up that tight, Black ass."  His grunts became snorts, and I could feel the sweat dripping off of him onto my back.  One final plunge and he exploded deep in me.
     Surprisingly, his orgasm was silent.  I could feel him holding his breath as he dumped his load way up inside my ass.  The feel of his cock head thumping against my ass walls, as he shot, was turning me on even more.  It felt like his already huge, mushroom head and grown twice in size.
     "Oh fuck," was all he said, as he slumped over on top of me.  His big body completely covered me, as he mashed me down onto the carpet.  Still inside me, he kept a slow, side to side grind going.  I could feel his hot breath in my ear as he panted, trying to gain his composure.
     "Oh baby.  That was fuckin' great," he whispered in my ear.  He rolled off of me, onto his back and lay there on the floor, spent.  My dick was till hard, and I wanted to get rid of another load, before he took off.  Turning around, I quickly gulped down his semi hard cock and held it deep in my mouth.  Savoring the taste of my ass, mixed with his cum, I started to stroke my cock. 
     "I ain't got anything left, baby," he said, patting my head.  I didn't care.  I buried my face in his bushy pubic hair and let his cock simmer in my mouth as I stroked furiously, edging close to another orgasm.  It was upon me even faster than I had expected.  As I began to groan around his cock, I felt him reach down and pull my face even harder into his crotch.  The second he did that, I groaned loud around his cock and shot my second load all over the carpet.  Dropping my own body down, I lay with my head on his belly, recovering. 
"I feel like I wanna go to sl**p now, but I gotta get home.  The wife is probably mad as hell, holding dinner for me."
     "No problem.  I understand."  Although it would have been nice to just lay there and enjoy his bearish body, I knew he had to go.  I saw the wedding band when I first walked around the house and saw him.  He got up from the floor, walked to the bathroom and  cleaned himself up.  I went downstairs and waited at the kitchen table while he got dressed.  Hearing him thump down the stairs, I stood up.
     "I guess we'll get started sometime next week then on your roof.  I have a guy that works for me that will be glad to see your room," he said, laughing loudly.
  "Maybe by next week my ass will be back to normal."  Walking him to the door, I felt good as he patted my ass and gave it a good squeeze. 
     "I think I'm gonna have to come back and inspect the work they're doing at the end of the day, make sure there are no holes that need to be filled," he said, pushing a finger between my cheeks and tweaking my tender hole.
     "Fine with me.  Anytime you want big guy.  I'll show you some more tricks," I said, rubbing his denim covered crotch.  He laughed and walked out the door.  I watched him as he heaved his big body into his work truck and drove off.  I couldn't wait for the inspection.

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3 years ago
very hot, reminds me my tree trimmer story
3 years ago
Great story whats the number of the roofers?