5am and finally they arrive at Marcus’ home, a bacheloresque type basement apartment of a beautiful Brooklyn brownstone. Both exhausted from the days journey to long island, queens, the middle of nowhere and finally Brooklyn. They spent the day talking. The spark in their relationship was that they never seized getting to know each other. Their mental hunger matched and balanced out their physical hunger for each other. As much as they loved talking to each other, they loved touching each other so much so its hard to say who wanted the other more. While having dinner at BeBe’s house it was Marcus that questioned where they could get it in real quick but it was BeBe that suggested her bedroom since her mother was sl**p. She wanted him so bad, she was even tempted to suck on him for a little bit right there in her living room. The thought of Marcus' dick always made her mouth water, it was sooo smooth and voluminous. BeBe loved the sensations she felt when he filled her mouth. And although the very thought of her juicy heart-shaped always ready mouth made his dick stand he couldn't let her please him, not there, not at that time. It amused BeBe that this tough, dominating and aggressive man was intimidated by her mother but she liked that about him, no matter how rude and down right nasty he could get, he had manners and respect for women especially mothers. Nothing happened at her house not even a kiss, so they smiled at each other when they entered his.

He throws her a pair of his shirts that fit her like a pair of pants and a shirt she could have worn as a dress, she unsnaps her bra and removes her clothes leaving her panties on. Laying on the bed attempting to put the shorts on in the dark he begins fondling her. First grabbing a breast then teasing her kat. He yanks her panties to the side while her legs are up, she was struggling to get her legs into the legs of the shorts“ You sure you want to do that?" He asks, she giggles and pauses, thinking to herself , “didn't he say he wanted to go straight to sl**p. “ Not knowing if to play a little hard to get or to expose how much she was hoping he was joking when he talked about sl**ping at 5 o'clock in the morning. She lets her yearning take over and she stops trying to put on the shorts and removes her black barely there underwear. He begins whispering something, she can't hear him but by his completely flat back position with his pleasure stick standing straight in the air she can tell he wants her to ride him. Its pitch black in the room, her eyes not quite yet adjusted to the darkness, the room is cool from the ceiling fan they are laying directly under. She smirks, they've never had sex in complete darkness before its kind of sexy she thinks as she begins to mount him. Her small feminine hands press against his broad masculine shoulders, her right foot flat on the bed on his left side she uses her left hand to position him into her, she lowers her right knee and the tip of his dick penetrates her, she bites her lip and slowly lowers her left knee. She takes her time, the closer her knee gets to the bed the further in her he goes. It's so big she thinks, seemingly taking too long for him, Marcus shocks her by grabbing her waist and with one strong up push puts all of him in her, she let's out a deep yet quite moan. Again he speaks but she can not hear, she is already lost in the feeling.

He feels different to her or maybe she's just feeling him differently, more than she has ever felt him before. It feels like all of him is inside her, not just his penis but his heart and soul. She feels so connected to him, he moves slowly up and down, the only words she hear him say is "I love you" but she is too far gone to respond. He’s making love to her for what feels like the very first time, he's connected to her. His arms around her waste feel like a safety net, his kiss, a harness, his dick the tight rope her pussy is walking on with precision. This love making feels like the making of a masterpiece. He has a tight hold on her even as she takes control of the stokes. Her feet now flat on the bed, hands back on his chest she kisses him and slides her pussy walls off of his cock, with the same pace she slides them back on to him, her thighs get a nice work out from the repetition of her movement. Slide off, slide on. While he is fully engulfed by her femininity she squeezes tight and gyrates slow as if she is dancing to her favorite song. Her hips roll to the left then to the right, she releases her grasp. Inch by inch she slides off of him and right when she reaches the tip she tightens up again, he let's out an ooooh and digs his nails into her sides. He's enjoying her but doesn't want her to win the first round, he can't let her make him cum so quickly. He positions his arm under her left leg, lifts it and in one motion he has her on her side holding her right leg in the air he strokes her nice and slow. Wanting to scream, she bites her own hand to keep from doing so. She can feel where his tip meets his shaft, she can feel her walls snap around him and become even tighter in the places he is not, she can feel her body's fluid reaction to how he is stimulating every cubic inch of her insides, the feeling is so tangible she can almost see it. Simultaneously, she feels him causing an inner splash and can see with her mind swirls of pink, blue and brown. She cums unexpectedly, her nectar floods where they lay, he kisses her and asks her how else would she like it.

Shivering, hands covering her eyes she stumbles to the couch he has facing the bed. Facing the wall, her knees pressed into the cushions, elbows on the back, she arches her back and rest her head on her shoulders. She can feel his dick heavy in the center of her back, then on the top of the crack of her ass. His heat warms her, his smooth skin against hers wettens her. He kisses her neck, slides his tongue up the back of her ear and bites it at the top. Her already anxious nipples grow more erect, kissing her in the nape of her neck, he kneels behind her, cups her breast with both hands and enters her. Her insides still squinting from her first orgasm. In her head she whispers " I love this dick" in his, he yells " damn this is some good pussy". His hands full with her swollen bosom, he rubs, squeezes and pinches. His motions are melodic and if she wasn't about to cum again she would let his movements rock her right to sl**p. Listening to the sounds she makes as cues for what to do next, he keeps his lullaby type rhythm until her baby coos turn into womanish moans and muffled screams. Knowing that her dripping turned leaking signals she’ll be coming soon he can no longer hold it and wants to cum too. He takes his hands from her breast, cups her ass, spreading her cheeks. He watches his dick slide in and out of her, her cream coating his dick. He pushes her ass up more to better his view. Firm grasp on her ass he can see her sweet pink insides cushion around his stiff chocolate. The view of her insides tense around him makes his dick jerk with anticipation. He begs her to cum with him and she does. Deepening the curve in her back, choking on the moans she could not let out, she cums against his cumming, they clash in an orgasmic rush. Him close, breathing against her neck, pushing deeper and harder in her makes her cry out in pleasure. He grabs her by her hair to bring her lips to his. His pull on her hair f***es her to open her eyes, they continue to kiss and cum as the 5 am dark turns into 6am light.
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