The Taxi Driver get's Laid. Pt 2.

So there I was pounding this Married Lady while her friend was in the kitchen
Puting the Kettle on and making coffee, while my seed is pumping into this
Horny merried lady laying there on her dinning room floor she asks me to stop
while she gose and talks to her friend.
As I pull out still as hard as a rock she tells me she wont be long and to
stay hard for her.
I hear there voices as I remove the rest of my clothes ready for round two with
her, our juices dripping from my shaft as she walks back in and strips naked showing
me her gorgeous huge Breasts then she kneels in front of me and sucks my cock with
out saying a word, she laps at my balls and deep throats me right down, She sucks
harder and harder on me and then I see her friend watching from the hall.
She then says to me "Don't you ever go soft?" I reply only when I've had enough.
"I want you to cum again!" she said. "I know lets not waist it you can cum in me again!"
So with that she lays back down on the rug and Pulls me back on top of her so her
friend has the full view of my erection penetrating her again bare back as I slide up her
right in to the hilt. Then as I start to drill deeper into her we hear the front door slam
shut as her friend walks out.
Left alone we just continue to grunt and grind together, me Pumping and pounding her with
all my strength, with me sucking on her huge nipples.
Then as she is pulling me closer to her kissing me and holding on to me.
She suddenly stops and gose into spasam as her orgasam hits her, she soaks my shaft with her
own juices as she totaly floods the floor. We then change position and I take her doggy over
the dinning room table, She then moves to the couch.
She just could not get enough of my cock in this possition as It went in so much deeper, with
out even realising it I shot some more of my Seed inside her and with out stopping just continued
to f*ck her harder. We changed position again and again, she just didn't want me to stop plunging
into her.
It was now over 3 hours since we started and as she lay back down on the floor and took me again
in the missionary possition I jetted my spurm in her for the last time. She took seven loads of my
fertile sperm deep into her and then I thanked her very much as I dressed and made to leave, She was
just laying there totaly satisfied as I left her house the Phone rang and I herd her talk to her
Husband, "Hello Darling have you arrived safely?" She said as I closed the front door behind me.

There was her Lady friend sat on the wall by my car, " I want a word with you young man!"she said
and then motioned me to follow her to her house. We then went in side. But that is another story.
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1 year ago
you are some thing every women wants a very hard cock
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Well I don't what to say you made my day this has been the best reding you very consistant you are very horny and you always produce thanks
4 years ago
Can't wait for the other story