The Christmas Office Party.

Well I was working at this company as the delivery driver, it was our Christmas Party and the Boss had let us finnish early so we could all enjoy the Xmas spirit. I was still on my deliveries and didn’t get back as early as I was hoping. There was only the Sales man, the warehouse Manager and the Mautre Lady from the office left when I got back from the last delivery till after christmas. Every one else had gone home and they where all very d***k and enjoying them sleves. The Sales Man was sat with Jane and kept topping her glass up as soon as she took a sip from it, Barry was sat opposite watching as Mark slid his hand up Janes Black skirt and she just giggled and squirmed as his hand fummbled with her panties, Jane was 56 years old, Happily married and had three c***dren about my age. She was allways a very prim and proper Lady in the office and I had never seen her acting like this before. She always looked gorgeous in her Business suit, White Blouse and I often wondered if she wore Stockings! I was about to find out as the Sales man made his move, She was telling Mark to behave, but he just motioned to Barry to give him a hand as he moved her from her office chair onto the desk she allways sat at. Mark was kissing her hard on the mouth as he unbuttoned her blouse and removed her white bra, releasing her huge tit’s for us all to see. Her nipples where dark brown and very large, I had never seen a Lady with such big nipples and as Mark took one into his mouth and sucked it, I watched Barry lifting her skirt and then he tugged at her Panties. In one swift movement he had removed them, as he burried his face into her thick black pubic bush I watched him licking her between her leg’s. She was protesting and moaning with pleasure as these two older men f***ed them selves onto her. She was pushing them away with as little effort as possible and I was just watching as the three of them enjoyed what they where doing. When we herd a noise out in the Warehouse they asked me to go and see who it was so as I left I saw the three of them ajusting there clothes and putting them selves straight.
It was Barry’s Wife come to pick him up, Barry came out smiling at her with Mark close behind him, only seconds before he was eating Janes Pussy and as they wished me a happy xmas got in the car and left. I went back into the office where Jane was sat at her desk and she asked me, “Have they gone?” “Yes. “ I replyed and she said “will you help me to clear up before you go?” I could not refuse and as we both started to clear the empty bottles I picked up her Panties, she just looked at me and asked, “why didn’t you come and join them?” “Don’t you fancy me?” I stammered my reply that I didn’t think she wanted me to join in. “You silly boy.” Was her reply, “ your the one I wanted to join in and do it with me.” With that she, put her hand on the bulge that had appeared in my Trousers and she stroked my hardening cock. As she grabbed me and kissed me f***efully on the lips, as she relised my zipper and pulled out my hard cock. With a gasp she commented me on such a beautiful young cock, as she pulled back the foreskin and took my purple knob into her mouth, sucking my shaft like a real expert, cupping my heavy balls as she rubbed my thick veined shaft , licking right down to my balls and back up again to engulf my helmet again in her willing mouth.
She sucked me for ages then with out a word she just stood up dropped her skirt to the floor and slowly removed her blouse as she sat on the edge of her desk and layed back her bra sprung free Revialing her huge tit’s and she dropped it over the end of the desk, then motioned to me. I didn’t need asking twice, I berried my head between her thighs and started to lap away at her like Barry had been doing . Probing my tounge inside her wet and swollen cunt lips! They where so big that they looked like curtains as I probed my finger up her hole. Then with a comanding voice she said, “ NO you fool, give me your cock!” I just looked up at her as she grabbed my hair and pulling me up towards her as she spred her legs further appart. As I knelt on the desk and I aimed my knob at her open cunt, I slipped my knob up and down her wet enterance, coating it in her juices. As it came to rest at her opening as I pushed forward and my hard cock started to penatrate her inner walls where being streched more than ever before and she just wimmpered as she felt my bare cock invading her as she wrapped her stockinged leg’s around my back pulling my young shaft into her, with a sudden jolt and the feeling of some pain as my knob locked inside her inner depths of her. I was locked deep inside her unfaithful married pussy and I just shot my cum deep into her inner most chamber as her vaginal muscles squeezed my large knob, I was right up inside her cunt pumping my seed like my life depended on it. She was clamping her legs around me so tight as I jerked and shook with the pleasure she had given me as I entered her willing cunt. She held me there for ages, but my cock just didn’t go soft, so I started to slowly pull back and then rock forward as my swelling cock f***ed it’s way back into her warm and willing opening as I slowly fucked her my whole shaft began to move in and out of her untill the whole lenght was pistoning in and out with the f***e of a large piston pounding her vaginal walls. My cum had coated her compleatly and my shaft was lubricated by our mixed juices. The musky smell of our combined juices was wafting in the air and my ramming helmet hit home again and again, her legs where wrapped around me pulling me into her as she screamed out with her orgasam. Just at the piont when I unloaded my thick white cum deep into her again. As I was pumping my seed inside her and I sucked on her large erect nipples, I bit hard on it as my balls felt like they where exploading as we both shook to a mutual orgasam as we held each other in a passionat embrace. I hoisted one then the other leg up and over my shoulders as I started to fuck her again, this time I was in control and I was not going to let her get away from my hard penatration as I wanted to give this Lady the best fuck I could give her, as I pinned her down on her desk, placing my hands under her arms and onto her shoulders so I could get a better leaverage on her as I f***ed my young erection harder into her, my drilling action as I screwed her to the desk as the sudden impact of my cock explored her inner depths and for the third time in an hour I filled her open cunt with my baby batter.
She was exhausted for the fucking I had just given her and she layed there with her own orgasam still rageing in her body as I with drew from her my erection still trobbing I watched my cum oozing out of her swollen cunt, down her ass and onto the desk, making a pool of think white milky cum. Her naked body was rolling from side to side as I got turned on by the sight of her soiled cunt framed with her stockings and suspenders. As she rolled over and I saw her raise up onto her hands and knees I climed on to the desk and pushed my cock back inside her open pussy and started to fuck her my balls slamming against her ass as I took my pleasure with this dirty married Lady her belly was full of my cum and I was about to empty more inside her. She was bucking like a bitch on heat beneth me. Then she just pushed up to meet me as I shot my cum inside her she pissed all over her desk. I could not belive that she did this and with out a word she reached behind grabbing my cock and pulled it towards her, she rubbed my knob at her ass hole and pushed back on me as my helmet entered her ass hole and I felt the tightness as I stopped pushing. Then very slowly as I felt her relax her anus I pushed in inch by inch. This was the very first time I had fucked any one up the bum. I f***ed my cock in deeper, she was totally abandoned to having me pleasure her this way as the pain turned to pure pleasure, for both of us! I collapsed on her and we rolled over on our sides as I thrust up her I was tweeking her nipples as I grouped her big breasts. I had never wanted a woman as much as I wanted her. The best was yet to come as my cock twitched and my seamen jetted into her bum. We both orgasamed together and I had emptied my load up her ass, as I went soft and my cock slipped out followed by my cum. We both got dressed and cleaned up the best we could then I offered her a lift home. She said that was ok, her husband was out side waiting for her. I looked shocked at her and she said It’s fine he dosen’t mind if you like we can do this any time you like. Just the thought of having her fuck me again got me hard again, I was only 24 and she was 56 and the best fuck of my life.
That was the start of a wonderfull affair.
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1 year ago
so incredible so hot made me cum all over myself
2 years ago
Thats the sort of office everybody would like to work in.Please tell us about more of your hot fucks with jane.
3 years ago
love it!!
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Yes Teddyboy you are my hero you get those ladies thanks