The Old Peoples Home.

Well back in the 1980’s my mum was working at an old peoples home nursing and looking after the residents, I was out of work in the big resession of that time and had nothing much to do so when I was asked if I would like to go and mow the lawns and tidy up the gardens I jumped at the chance as It would give me something to do braking up the bordom of not having a job.
The owners of the Home where a couple about the same age as my mum and dad, they had a son Dan a year or two younger than me, Jim the husband was always off playing Golf and his wife Elain was gorgeous for her age she looked like a top catwalk modle even thou she was in her 50’s she also had a pair of the best looking leg’s I had ever seen. I really fancied her but she seamed to be a very happily married rich mature woman that had no interest in a lad young enough to be her son.
When I got there Jim showed me where the shed was and how to start the petrol mower then he left me to it as he set off to play golf, It was a very hot day and I took my T-shirt off so I could get my sun tan topped up. I was working hard and had nearly finnished mowing the whole of the lawn when I had to go to the toilet, so I sneeked into the down stairs room near the laundry to the toilet near there stairs, as I had a piss the door was still open and not realising that anyone was about I was shocked when I turned and Elain was stood there looking at me holding my cock in one hand as I just stammered an appologie, she stopped me by putting her finger to my lips then with her other hand she took hold of my cock and started to wank it as she then kissed me hard no my mouth, as her tongue probbed my mouth and she pulled me out of the door and into the work shed, then she let go of my cock as she pulled off this paint stained sheet to reveal an old couch under it, then she turned to me locked the shed door behind me and dropped her grey skirt showing me her stockings, lace panties and matching susspender belt, then she said, “Well do you like what you see?” I just nodded my head as she pulled down her panties and then she removed her blouse to reviel her matching lace bra which she unclasped and dropped to the floor with the rest of her clothes, as she laid down on the couch and spread her legs I could see her neatly trimmed pubic hair with her pussy lips glisstening with her own juices. I just bent over and started to lick and suck at her wet cunt while she grabbed hold of my cock and started to suck me deep down her throat as she rubbed my balls, I was lapping away like a cat would at a dish of cream, she tasted so good and she moaned with pleasure as my tounge dipped into her wet lips then I was pulling her open as I probed the tip of my tongue deeper inside her as she started to wriggle on the couch her shoes where kicked off and the she let out a squeeling noise then she said, “ Come and fuck me now, I want your big young cock inside me!” I didn’t need asking twice and as I kicked off my jeans and boxers I possitioned myself between her legs, as I looked down at her she looked so beautiful as she took hold of my bare cock and placed me at her very willing entrance, as my knob slipped into her grove she gave out another slight moan then as I took my weight on my arms and gently pushed forward as my cock slowly entered her my knob clicked into her, I could not belive that she was this tight as I pushed harder and my shaft started to strech her inner walls she was gasping and then said, “Slower, much slower your so much bigger than my husband!” My whole cock was throbbing as she said this and then I stopped with just 3 inches inside her, as I pulled back and she felt me withdrawing from her she protested untill she felt me slowly push back inside her making her moan again but this time with pleasure as my knob pushed deeper into her, she now had 5 inches of my young cock in her, as I pulled back again and then slowly pushed firmly forward she felt more of my cock enter her then she had 7 inches up her wet cunt she was starting to shake as I pushed hard against her and she felt the last inch and a half slot into place as my balls slapped her arse cheeks, there I was as deep as I could go inside her willing pussy as she had her first orgasm on my cock, she was shaking and shuddering as she came on my young cock, she held onto my shoulders from under my arms and then as she felt me start to withdraw she dug her nails into my arse cheeks making my cock thrust deeper again as she felt her orgasm rip throu her whole body, I had to push her panties into her mouth to keep her quiet as I heard someone just out side the shed, she was in a world of her own as my young bare cock throbbed inside her. Who ever it was didn’t hang around out side and as she pulled her panties out she said, “ Fuck me harder! I want you to cum inside me!” So I didn’t want to dissapoint her so I pulled right back and nearly out of her then just as she was about to protest I slammed in hard, as I started to thrust, pump and pound her unfaithful pussy as she just laid there with my cock fucking her.
We where fucking for ages and with me in the missionary between her wide open legs as I placed one then the other over my shoulders so I could drill my cock in even deeper, she was out of control as I fucked her she was pulling me in making my cock fuck hard and deep then she was shaking again with another of her orgasms. I let her legs down and pulled out of her as I rolled her over and slipped my cock back inside her from behind as we laid on our sides we began to spoon as I thrust in and out of this gorgeous Lady my balls started to go tight and then I was cumming my thick white cum deep into her. She just pushed back hard to take all of my seed deep into her as I filled this lady with all my cum she thought that was the end of her fuck with me, but she was wrong as I pulled her up onto her knees and then started to fuck her harder in the doggy position she could not belive that I had not gone soft, as she felt my still stiff cock pushing into her and as I fucked her tight pussy like my life depended on it she was panting, she was enjoying being fucked by my young cock and as I emptied my balls again deep inside her then I pulled out and sat watching my thick cum as it ozzed out from her and dripped out onto the couch, there was allready a wet patch on the couch and as she just knelt there with my firtile seed dripping from her wet lips, she then turned around and laid back on the couch as she said, “Don’t waist that erection, come and fuck me some more!” I had to put my cock back in her, so as I pushed my knob back into her she pushed hard against me and said, “ Fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me as a regular job for you! I hope you can make it 5 days a week, as that’s how often my Hubby gose and plays golf!” I told her that is no problem and then I pumped her hard and fast as I just wanted to fill her with my cum again.
After I had filled her with more of my cum she pushed me over and then she got dressed and as she unlocked the door she said, “ I will see you again tomorrow!” Then she left me laying on the couch i had to get dressed and pack away the mower and the other tools so I slowly did what was needed and then sat in the shed thinking about how lucky I had been to have fucked Elain when my mum opened the shed door and asked where had I been? She had been looking for me to warn that Elain was about and not to let her catch me wasiting time hiding in the shed, then mum left me and I locked up. The next day when Jim saw me he told me I had done a very good job in the garden and that his wife was wondering If I could help her with some jobs in there private appartments, I told Jim I was willing to help with anything so he told me to knock on the french windows at the far end of the garden when I had finnished sweeping up the paths and cleaning any rubbish from around the garden, I was stood waiting to see his car leave, as he drove away I walked up the path to the end of the garden and then knocked on them. I stood there with my mouth open as Elain opened the doors she was in just her stockings and suspenders and took my hand as she led me into her bed room, as she then laid back on her bed and spred her legs she told me to get ontop of her and give her the fuck she needed. So I just mounted this sexy lady and started to fuck her, she felt tight again, but not as tight as she did yesterday as my hard bare cock sunk into her and then in a gentle sawing action I just started to fuck her, she knew what she wanted from me and she was determind that she was going to get fucked hard by my young cock for the second day, I could not get enough of this lady and I wanted to please her so much that I pumped and pounded her long and hard until she screamed out with her orgasm as my knob hit home and flooded her with my cum, then I grabbed hold of her suspenders and rode her like I was a jocky on a race horse, as I thrust into her saddle she squeeled and wrapped her legs around my back, as I told her I was about to cum inside her again she held me tighter and would not let me withdraw from her as she f***ed me to cum deep into her.
I was exhusted as I just laid on top of her with my cock lodged deep inside her wet pussy, this time she had out fucked me as I was not expecting her to just take me so quick and as we laid in her marrital bed and my young fertile juice ran out of her and down the crack of her arse she was very content that she had my young cock still in her pussy and as it twitched she wiggled and rolled me over onto my back as she wanted to ride my cock, I was watching her bounce up and down on my bare shaft and her tit’s where bouncing around as she fucked her pussy on my hard cock and as I sat up and took one of her nipples in my mouth she moaned as i sucked hard on her tit, the squelching noise came from her pussy as she f***ed her lips down on to my shaft, I could feel her juices dripping from her onto my balls as she was so wet, she then pulled my head back and started to kiss me as she fucked me, she was kissing my mouth and she had her own orgasm as i emptied my balls deep inisde her, she pushed me back and continued to kiss me all around my neck as I thrust up and into her. We continued to fuck the whole after noon and I had just pulled out and dressed when her husband arrived home and he walked in to find me sat in there kitchen having a coffee as I finnished he asked me to come back tomorrow and then gave me a brown envelope as I left. When I got out side I found some money inside he was paying me for my work and I was getting payed for fucking his wife this was a great pleasure that I wanted to continue for a long time. I will tell you more about Elain and how I fucked her some more another time.
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1 year ago
win win situation. u have a job she has a sexy boy toy.
4 years ago
Nice story you certainly know how to treat a lady
4 years ago
excellent & yes more but her details
4 years ago
Yet another class tale
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
,mmm lov it thanks