My American Lady friend on Vacation in the UK.

I was working in the tourist trade on the Island that I live on just off the south coast of the UK mainland and I was working hard this day in the Hotel Bar when I met these two American Ladies and the husband of one of them, well these where the first Americans I had met and they where so nice and easy to get on with, they where so friendly and I got to know them very well over the next week. Bill the man wanted to buy my tartan hat from me one night when he saw me getting ready to go home, he invited me to have a drink with him and the ladies and so I did, he pestered me for my hat and was offering me all sorts of things for it, I thought he was joking as he offered me a car, a boat or even sex with his wife, he had to be joking until his wife said, “ He means it Honey, Name your price!” so I told him a silly amont of money and he payed 4 times what it the hat was worth, then he asked me if I could take some time off from the Bar where I worked, I was not sure if my boss would let me. Bill had a word with him and I had two weeks leave given to me just like that, then Bill explained that he was going on to a business trip and leaving his wife Sylvia and her friend Penny hear in the UK while he was away in Europe. Sylvia was a very attractive Lady of 58 and her friend Penny was 56, Sylvia had blond hair, blue eyes and a figur that any 20 year old woman would kill for, she had the best looking leg’s I had ever seen and her large tit’s stuck up and out making a wonderful cleavage, her ass was round and in proportion to the rest of her and when she walked she swayed with a sexy wiggle, Penny was a lot plumper, her large tit’s and full arse where a sight for any hot bl**ded man, she had a very pretty china doll type of face and was just as sexy in her own way as her friend was. I had an attraction to both these Ladies and could not help thinking about seeing them naked, especialy Sylvia as I was sure she would look gorgeous, I’m a leg man and hers where just beautiful that I would have liked to have seen if she was waring Stockings.
Well on the Monday Bill met me with Sylvia and Penny, I drove him to the Ferry and he got on it waving good bye to us and he called out to me, “ Make sure that you give my wife every thing she needs while I’m away!” when the ferry had left both ladies took one of my arms each and we headed back to my car, Sylvia got in the passanger seat and I asked them where would they like to go, Syliva then told me, that Penny was meeting up with some one and that she wanted to be dropped off near the Hotel, but that she would spend the whole day with me showing her around the Island. Well this we did for a couple of hours and then as It was lunch time we went to a near by cafe for a coffee and some food, after we had eaten I asked Sylvia what she would like to do next and she asked me about my favourite Place on the Island, she then asked me if I would take her there! So off we set, as I parked the car and we walked up the lane to the foot path we herd some noise over in the trees and we both crept into see what was going on, there was a couple fucking he was naked and ontop of this gorgeous Lady her, leg’s where tightly wrapped around the mans back and he was pumping and pounding her for all he was worth, Sylvia, giggled and then asked me, “ So is this what you brought me her for?” I blushed and appologised, “ I’m sorry, I didn’t know!” She smiled at me and led me by my hand away from the couple that where fucking just a few feet away.
When we got back to the car, Sylvia just laughed and then said, “Well there enjoying there selves!” Blushing I said, “ Yes! Lucky them!” then Sylvia said, “ How do you feel about taking me back to the Hotel and giving me the same as there Having?” I looked at Sylvia and she then said, “You do want to fuck me don’t you?” I nodded, then she said, “Well Bill told you to look after me and give me what I needed! I Need your young cock to fuck me is that OK with you?” Well I didn’t know what to say or do and so we just got in the car and headed back to the Hotel, as we went into the room we herd some noise coming from Penny’s room and Sylvia just said, “ It sounds like she has got her cock before me today!” Then she took my hand and led me into her bedroom.
Once in side the bedroom Sylvia Stripped out of her expencive dress and stood there infront of me in her Tanned Stockings, White Lacy panties with matching bra and garter Belt and her stiletto shoes! She was the sexiest Lady I had seen for a while and I was only 21 but had fucked a few mature ladies before, but this 58 year old American lady was so Horny that as this Lady pulled down her Panties and stepped out of them I saw her blond pubic bush, then she just walked up to me and started to undress me, rubbing her soft hands all over my body, i had an erection growing in my boxers and as she undid my Trousers and removed my sorts she saw my cock for the first time! “Well that was worth waiting for Hunny, you are a big boy!” The she kissed me on my lips as she wanked my foreskin back and forward as she pulled on my hard shaft, then she was down on her knees and sucking my young cock off, I had never been aloud to cum in my girlfriends mouth and didn’t realise that this was what Sylvia wanted, as my balls twitched and I lost control my sperm shot down her throat, this was the first time I had cum in a ladies mouth and I loved it, as she wanked me harder then she just laid down on the Bed and spredding her leg’s very wide to expose her wet and swollen pussy to me, I just dived straight in and started to lick and suck at her married pussy and then I was tasting her cunt juices like she had tasted my sperm, I was as hard as a rock as I knelt between her open thighs and then I pushed my cock forward till it was lodged at the entrance to her hunny pot, with a gentle push, my knob slipped into her and she moaned with her pleasure as I sank inside her deep and untill my balls where resting on her arse cheeks, then she looked up at me and said, “ Fuck me, my young lover, I have never had an English man fuck my pussy before! Come and fuck me hard!” then I was pulling my shaft out of her untill only my helmet was left inside her and then I rammed it home, back in as deep as I could as she squeeled with pleasure. I fucked her long and hard and she could feel my young balls slapping her bare flesh as I pounded and pumped her as hard as the man in the Woods had to the lady he was fucking, I could see Bill’s face as he waved from the boat and thought what would he do if he knew I was fucking his gorgeous Wife, then I realsied I was fucking her bareback and I was not sure if she had realised it. When I felt my cock twitch and stiffen, then she said, “Come on my young Lover, fill me with your young cum, I want that thick cream of yours deep inside me!” she then just shook and shaked like she was having a fit as my balls tightened and I shot jet after jet of my young fertile seed deep into her willing love tube, she could not have babies but she still wanted to have my seed lubricate her pussy, I just pumped as much of my cum into her as I could before the feeling subsided and then we both laid still and motionless.
After a few minuets we both moved into a more comfertable position, she looked at me as she asked me, “Didn’t you cum?” I replyed, “YES!” she then looked at me in amazement as she said, “But your still hard and throbbing inside me!” I kissed her and said, “ I could stay hard for you all night!” then with out another word I started to thrust in and out of her making our combined juices leak out of her wet pussy, small squelching noises could be herd as I fucked this gorgeous Married Lady and then I was gaining speed as I continued to fuck her hard with my young cock, she was in her own heven as I gave her the fucking she wanted. She wispered to me in my ear as we fucked, “You can stay every night with me untill Bill comes back, I want your cock every day! You can cum inside me as much as you want! I need your young cock to fuck me!” I was very happy to hear this and as I pulled out of her wet and well filled pussy she started to protest, I pulled her over and possitioned her on her hands and knees and then as I stood over her I fed my hard cock back into her willing pussy from behind and fucked her in the doggy position, as I pounded her swelling pussy with my purple knob and then shot more of my cum into her redened cunt she gave a shudder and a grone of pure pleasure as I pumped her full again of my young juice, her cunt walls where milking me cock shaft like I was a stud dog being milked for inseminating the bitches that needed breeding, I had never had a mature lady that wanted to drain my balls like she did and when I started licking her full pussy and tasted my own cum oozing from her I knew she would want more.
As I rolled her onto her side and i positioned myself behind her and slipped my cock back into her pussy to begin pounding her some more, I like to spoon with an Older lady as It takes the weight of her and I can push my cock in deeper in this possition. I was fucking her hard and she was moaning with such passion as I fucked her then I herd a voice, It was her friend Penny, “Well you are the lucky one Sylvia, he is a big boy and looks like he can fuck all night.” As I looked over Sylvia’s shoulder I saw a naked man run back into the ajoining room and I could see Penny naked stood watching us in the door way as Sylvia said, “ Your ownly jellous I got the Young cock and you didn’t!” I felt her push back against me and my cock slipped even deeper into her as I could feel her nails raking my balls. Penny must have got the full view of my erection screwing her friends willing pussy as she just stood there watching for a few seconds, then as I watched Penny turn and walk away her large saggy arse wobbling as she walked looked so inviting and I felt my cock twitch again as i watched her heavy tit’s that where swinging the opposite way to her hips as she walked and she looked well fuckable as she dissapeared back into her room. Sylvia pushed back against me and then said, “She is jellous that your not fucking her! I’m so pleased that your going to be my lover while Bill is away, he wont be back for a couple of weeks I want to fuck your young cock every day and night OK?” I pulled out of her and as I rolled over her and mounted her in the missionary her leg’s lifted and I hoisted them over my shoulders as I took her long and hard drilling my cock into her deep and well oiled pussy, this Lady was going to have my cock when ever she wanted it, So we fucked untill we fell asl**p.
In the morning I awoke to find her stroking my balls as my shaft was still inside her, this married lady wanted her breakfast, that was me! She wanted her morning fucking on my young cock and I wanted to fuck her pussy some more, I felt a bit sore as I started to piston in and out of her very willing cunt, as she was so wet and dripping with our mixed juices from the night before, as we fucked each other she held onto me and then I could feel her whole body tence up as I knew she was having her own orgasm just at the same point that I felt my own rise and gush from my throbbing cock deep inside this gorgeous Lady, I was besotted with this mature American lady and wondered If all American ladies fucked like this. Then I pulled out of her and walked to the bathroom for my early morning shower and as I stepped into the shower Sylvia joined me. As she soaped my cock and pulled the foreskin back to clean around my bell end and under the rim of my cock head, as I took the soap and lethered her pussy up with it, I had one finger then another and another slipping into her as I bought her off on my fingers she pushed me against the wall and as my cock slipped into her pussy she raised her legs and was wrapping them around me, she rode my cock like she was on the back of a stallion and as she bounced up and down on my cock she squeeled like a stuck pig, I was holding her in the air and as I turned her around and pushed her against the wall I began to thrust my cock into her some more, I felt my balls shrivel up as I unloaded the last of my cum into her, as we stood there in the shower with the hot water running down our bodies, I just held her there and kissed her with the passion of a young man for his older Lover, this lady was just the best fuck I could have wished for and as I carried her back into her bedroom and laid her on the bed naked and I dryed her whole body with the fluffy towles, then I mounted her again and she sugested that we stay in bed all day and just fuck each other, that was what we did, for the next three days.
I will tell you more another time and I might even tell you how I fucked her friend Penny when her husband Bill came back from his business trip, but that’s another story.
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Do tell us about Penny!
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Yet another great blog, cant wait to read about Penny