My Holiday in Australia to visit my f****y.

Well as you will know from my other stories I have a thing for fucking other mens wives and mostly older women, well I just had to tell you about this lady I met when I went on a Holiday to visit my b*****r and f****y in Perth, Western Australia some time ago! I was 28 at the time and on my first full day in Australia my nice took me out to this pub for a drink. My b*****r is a lot older than me and he had five Daughters, one was getting married and that was the reason for my visit, but the next oldest wanted her Uncle to go places with her and she introduced me to all her friends.
While we where out at this pub i was becoming the center of attention as I started talking to some of the locals and my nices friends, then we where off to another place and another, this woman appeared at every place we went to and when we where at the one place she made her move and was chatting to me, she was the grand mother of my nices friend and she had been divorced for 25 years and was 58, she introduced me to her daughter who was 40 and her grand daughter, they both looked much younger infact they looked like s****rs not grand mother, mum and daughter.
My nices friend went off with her boy friend and I was left chatting with her mum and granny, they where both so sexy and didn’t look or act there age, then the younger lady kissed her mum good bye and then gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me she hoped to see a lot more of me while I was over there, then she left. My nice then surgested we goon to a night club and invited Stella to join us. She jumped at the chance and before I knew it I was in the back of a car with her and we headed for the night club.
Once there and inside I lost every one except Stella, she stuck to me like glue and was flirting with me very openly, then she asked me to follow her and we went into the quiet area where we could talk and hear each other away from the noise of the rest of the club. She got us some drinks and led me into this box type place and she snuggled up with me, the thudding of the music was just a back ground noise and then I hear her ask me, “so are you as big as your b*****r?” I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face and asked her what she ment, she replyed, “Is your cock as big as your b*****rs? If so would you like to take me home tonight and fuck me?” she then explained that they had a party around her place one wekend and that the men had all gone skinny dipping and that she saw my b*****rs 10 inch cock, she explained that she had been divorced for 25 years and that she had never had another man fuck her in all that time, she had not been fucked by any one and she told me that her ex husband only had a 4 inch cock and how she would like to fuck a bigger one. With that I explained that I was not as big as my b*****r I only have an 8 and a half inch cock, but if she would like to fuck it then I was more than willing to give her the whole lenght she only had to say when. So with that she got up found my nice and told her that we where going on some where else and not to worry she would look after me and bring me home the next day.
As we headed off and we walked for ages then she got out a set of car keys and opened the door to this car, we got in and she drove us home to her house. Once there we went into her kitchen where she offered me a beer or anything esle I fancied so with out another word I unzipped her dress and it fell to the floorrevealing her bra, panties, stockings and suspenders, it was so hot that I didn’t think she would be wareing stockings, she explained that they made her feel horny and sexy and that she was hoping I might like them, they where flesh coloured and had lacy tops and as I stood looking at her my bulge in my trousers twitched and she saw it, “well you like my stockings then?” she asked. I just nodded and watched her walking towards me she was removing her bra letting her hug tit’s swing free and then she stopped and pulled her panties down to reviel her dark pubic bush, then she held my hand and we walked into her bed room, there was a huge big bed and this fan was at full speed above it hanging from the light fitting above the bed, it was such a hot night it had been 28 degrees cellseous all day and had stayed this hot that night, she switched on the air conditioner and the tempritur in the room dropped to a plesant level then she stripped me naked and gaspped as she saw my cock for the first time as she said, “That’s better than your b*****rs and I want to fuck it right now!” with that she laid back on the bed and spreding her legs wide she invited me to fuck her wet pussy, as I climbed on top of her and pushed my knob into her for the first time she felt my young cock egerly invade her willing pussy, she was so wet that my shaft just slipped straight into her and I started to fuck her with a pistoning movement, her 58 year old pussy was more responsive than a girl of 20 and I fucked her harder and faster. No cock had been in her for so long, but she knew exactly what she wanted from my cock and as she contracted around my shaft she milked my cum from deep down and I pumped her full of my cum at the same second that her own orgasm hit her and she flooded the bed with all the years of not being fucked, she wanted to make up for lost time and as soon as she stopped shaking with her orgasm she rolled me over and she was fucking her self onto my young cock, she commented on how much cum I had shot inside her and then how my cock seemed to get harder the more she fucked me and she loved the fact that I never went soft no matter how many time she made me cum inside her. She fucked me all night and most of the next day, we fucked every where in her bed on the kitchen table in the shower on the couch and even on the floor, I could not get enough of her pussy and she wanted as much of my cock that I was willing to give her.
Any way that’s some more stories for another day! I might even tell you what happened with her daughter and me.
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1 year ago
sexy story. i always love older women.
4 years ago
Yes Stella was the Granny!
4 years ago
is stella the granny?
4 years ago
very good & yes more of it but more details