The Local Working man’s Club.

Well as I enjoy the company of Older People especialy Women, I use to go to the Local Working mans club near where I live, as I don’t like pubs and night clubs very much I found that the Entertainment and social atmasfear was friendly in this club and being down the South of England there where more wives that came in for the evenings than up north. Most of the married ladies that come in where very plain and always sat with there Husbands, but some of them would like to flirt with us younger man when there hubby was a bit pissed and in the front bar having some quiet time with there mates away from there missuses. Well this one lady would stand a drink with the older men at the bar and flirt with them, this one night her hubby was in the front bar as normal and she was flirting in the back when I was stood waiting to get served, she always winked at me and eyed me up when I was in the club and had spoken to me a couple of times, this night she was determind to go further as she knocked against me and squeezed against me she was saying to one of the blokes, “ The trouble is your all like my old man your to old a to give me what I need and the young men in hear are to shy to offer!” One of the old gits at the bar said, “Well what is it that you would like then my dear?” He had a wicked smile on his face, that changed to a jaw drop when the woman replyed, “ A good long hard fucking form a nice young cock would do me!” was her reply, with that one of the old blokes said, “ well get this young lad to take you out side for one then!” she looked at them and said, “OK, keep my old man busy then!” as she grabbed my hand and dragged me out side.
As she led me up the ally along side the club, I thought about how I had often thought about how I would like to fuck her as her hubby always seemed to treat her very mean and often left her sat on her own when they where in the club. He wanted to spend the time with his mates and chatting up the barmaid. Well hear I was with her, she always looked a millon Dollers as her hubby was very well off and she always dresssed in designer clothes. She was nearly 50 and I knew her daughter, she was wareing a white dress, low cut at the front and very figure hugging as it went in at her waist and was tight around her hips, it was about 6 inches above her knees and she had a pair of white stilettos on, as we got near the back of the ally where the empty beer barrels where she asked me to unzip her. As I pulled the zip down and she wiggled out of her dress folding it inside out I could see her white lacy bra, suspender belt and white matching panties, she had tanned seamed stockings on and her sun tan made her look really sexy in the dim light from the beer celler, as she said to me, “Well it’s taken me long enough to get you out side with me, i have wanted you for ages get your cock out and fuck me quickly before some one comes and finds us!” Well I didn’t need asking twice and as I went to speek she put her finger to my lips and shusssed me! As she removed her panties and lent back anainst the berrels, then she gasped and said, “Shit I didn’t know you where that big! My hubby only has 4 inches how big is that?” I looked down at her and said, “ I’m not sure! About 8 inches I think!” with out another word she grabbed me and pulling me towards her she placed my knob at her entrance and putting her hands on the cheeks of my arse as she pulled me towards her as I pushed my hard cock inside her wet and very willing cunt, it made squelching sounds as I penetrated her and as soon as my balls hit her ass cheeks I pulled back and thrust back inside her as hard as I could as I began to fuck her long and hard just like she had said she wanted.
She had wrapped her arms around me and her hands where rakeing throu my hair as I pounded and pumped her pussy with all the energy I could find, her strocking tops where rubbing against my thigh as we fucked and I was enjoying the feeling as It turned me on, I had fucked several Married Ladies before, but this one knew exectly what she wanted and as she contracted around my hard shaft I could feel her milking my cum out of my cock, I held on and held on then she said, “ For fuck sake cum in me you can fuck me again any time you want to but you have to cum now before my hubby realises I’m missing!” So with out another word I felt her go stiff and tensed up as her orgasm hit her and she shook violently at the same time that my spunk shot from my cock deep inside her as I thrust forward and held onto her as my legs shook and my cock twitched as I pumped her full of my thick hot cum. I was holding onto her by her ass as she lifted her legs off the ground and wrapped her legs around my back as I pumped her full of my young sperm, I held her as she f***ed her pussy down hard onto my shaft as she fucked her self onto my bare cock as I jerked and pumped her she was like a woman possessed and she was not going to let me pull my cock out till she was finished with it.
Well as she rode me and f***ed my cock deeper into her we looked around and there where three of the old gits watching us fuck and one said, “ Nipper has given you a good fucking! Lucky little sod!” then they turned and walked away back into the club, as I felt her slide of my cock shaft and she kissed me saying, “Thanks! I wont you again soon!” with that she put her dress back on truned and asked me to zip her up then stuffing her panties up her wet and full pussy she walked down the ally and back into the club. As I dressed and put my cock away i thought about her going home with her hubby with my cum dripping from her pussy and how I could not wait to fuck her again but that is another story.
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4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
Love you story and added it to My Favorites. Let's be friends! I like your style!
PS-Read the ones I wrote, if you'd like!