My affair with Mrs C.

Well It was only a week after her birthday and I was around to see Mrs C and my friend John, he wanted to go out fishing and was getting his gear ready filling his Tilly Lamp with paraffin and defrosting some mackerel we where heading out for an all night session and his dad was coming with us leaving Mrs C at home alone, she got me on my own and asked If I could stay behind for a bit and then I realised she was wanting me to fuck her again. So as I was taking my car and John was taking his we agreed to meet at the normal place. I watched as john and his dad drove off and I went back into the house to see Mrs C.
She was stripped down to her underware and was laid back on the couch with out her panties on and as I locked the front door and stripped off my own clothes she was asking me to fuck her, I went over to her and as I went down and licked at her pussy she pulled me up and my cock slipped straight into her without any problem, I was up her love tube to the hilt and I just started a steady rhythm as I fucked her for all I was worth. I had not expected to be up her cunt this quick and the urgency of the fuck she wanted was clear as she wrapped her legs around my back and held me deep inside her willing pussy as my throbbing cock fucked her.
She had not had sex for so long and after the week before she just could not get enough of my young shaft, she wanted a quicky and I had to cum for her as I pumped her hard a squelching sound was being made from my cock ploughing her wet pussy, it made little fart sounds as she rode my cock and her juices lubricated my shaft. Her inner wall muscles where squeezing my juice out and then I was cumming inside her, as I pumped my cock in her and I emptied my thick white seed deep inside her coating her inner chamber with my spunk as she shuddered to her own orgasm , this lady was like a bitch on heat and she was pulling me deep into her as she would not let me withdraw from her.
I had cum and was still as hard as steel so she positioned herself on all fours and waited for me to enter her cunt in the doggy position as I gave her another hard fucking , I had to pump her hard as I watched her ass cheeks wobble as I lunged my bare cock in and out of her, I placed my hands around her and gently squeezed her dangling tit’s and I f***ed my cock deep into her willing pussy and as I tweeked her nipples as my balls slammed home! Then she was coming and so was I as I fired another load deep up her love tube, I came so much into her open gash and as she gushed with her own juices I pulled out and watched our combined juices dripping onto her bum cheeks.
I had been fucking her for over an hour and then I dressed and unlocking the door I got in my car and drove off for a nights fishing with the musky smell of her pussy still up my nose as I joined her Husband and son for a night on the beach, i was wishing I could have spent the night fucking her instead, but I was to make arrangements to fuck her twice a week and more if I could get her on her own, but that’s another story for another day.
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you sound like the man