The offer to be a Male e****t part 2

The next day Mrs B had arranging the boat around the Island and the trip to the ship wreck on Zante was a must do, we spent most of the day on the large boat and when I met up with Magaret on the same boat I felt a lot more cheerful and as I went to thank her for last night shekissed me and asked, “Can I see you again Later tonight?” I said , “Yes what time?” Magaret replyed, “ About 10:30pm in the bar!” I kissed her and said, “OK!” she was carefull not to let Mrs B see her and I could not wait to see Margaret later that night, as I dived off the boat into the bright blue water and swam to the beach where the ship wreck was leaving Mrs B on the Boat as I found a quiet part of the beach the sand felt like sharp broken glass on my feet, then Margaret was there as we went around the back she kissed me and then she said, “I can’t wait to see you and fuck your cock again, will you spend the night with me?” I tryed to explain that Mrs B would wonder where i was, as margaret rubbed her leg against me and then she was pulling my cock out of my shorts and as she pulled her bikini bottoms to one side she slipped my knob into her slit and as I slid up her love tube I could feel her juices running down my shaft. As we fucked I suddenly realised that there where more boats arriving and that there where going to be more people on the beach, so as I pulled out she made a small protest and the I promised her she could fuck me all night if she was very good. As I got back on the boat for the rest of the trip, I thought about the night I had ahead of me.
Well later that evening after I had taken Mrs B out for dinner and I had a great Steak dinner that night she told me that the boat trip had made her feel very tiered and that she was having an early night and not to wake her when I got in, she left me alone and after only a few minuets Magaret appeared she asked me If I would go with her and we left she had a car waiting out the back and as she drove me up the road the this Hotel and she took me into this room that she had paid for for the night, as she stripped naked and laid back on the bed as I went down and started to lick and suck her wet lips and as I pulled them wide open and stuck my tongue into her she came on my face and then she asked me, “ Can I suck your cock?” I looked at her and nodded, as she slid down and took my member in her hand and rolled back my foreskin and then slid the tip of her tongue around the rim of my helmet and then up to the small hole, as she licked up the pre cum from my tip and then she swollowed the whole lenght deep down her throat and she sucked it hard wanking my shaft and squeezing my balls as she did a very good blowjob, as she raised her head and pushed me back on the bed and she moved her body up and mounted my cock, impailing her self on my hard erection and pushing the whole lenght up inside her she said, “I have never sucked a cock before, I would not do it for my Husband and I have never had a man lick my pussy either!” I watched her as she rode my cock and she said, “ So do I have to pay you for this fuck tonight, like your mistress?” I looked at her and replyed, “NO, You can have my cock anytime for free!” She stopped fucking me, thought about something and then said, “So when we get back to the UK will you come and fuck me?” With her riding my cock and asking so nicely how could I turn her down. I stayed the whole night with her and we got up and left about 6 am the next morning and when we got back to the complex and made our way to the rooms I kissed her good night and went into my room. I had to be very quiet as I slipped into bed and curled up to go to sl**p, I had only been there about 5 minuets, I was just dropping off when I felt a hand rubbing my cock and then Mrs B was pulling me on top of her and as I felt my cock slide into her and I started to fuck her I was wishing It was margaret instead.
I managed to fuck margaret every day of the Hoilday that she was there and also had to fuck Mrs B as well, my cock was well used over that Holiday and as we traveled to the airport with Mrs B, Margaret, her daughter and me on the coach It felt very strange Margaret had found the sex she wanted on her Holiday and Mrs B had also got hers! The flight home was long and as I don’t like to fly I was happy when we landed at Gatwick and as I kissed Margaret good bye and watched her walk off I was wondering if I would ever see her again. I didn’t it was only a Holiday romance that we both enjoyed, but I went home with Mrs B and I continued to have an affair with her for the next 15 years! She knew I had other Ladies, but she didn’t seem to mind.
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very hot and sexy