The offer to be a Male e****t to an Older Married

I had been fucking a lot of Mature and married ladies for a while, also had been doing a lot of strip O’grams for ladies Hen nights and private birthday Parties and then one day this one lady I knew asked me a straight question and gave me an offer I could not refuse, she asked If I would like to fuck her as her husband didn’t like sex any more and would I be her lover? She wanted me to e****t her to Dances, Dinners and lots of things like that. Well how could I refuse, yes she was a bit on the Large size and not that good looking, but for her age she was not bad and I thought It might be fun to hang around with her for a while.
Well we started the affair 2 days later there was very little forplay, she just wanted my hard cock to fuck her. She was a very Plump lady with big heavy Tit’s and a large shaved cunt that just looked like it needed to be fucked hard, so I fucked her for about 4 hours, again I fucked her bare back as I like the feel of another mans wifes willing pussy taking my cock and letting me fill her with my cum. She had an orgasm as soon as I touched her and it was just like she had wet her self. Her pussy was very large and wet, my 8 inch cock fitted inside her just right, at Last I had a lady that I didn’t have trouble entering as she was so wet and not tight like most of the other Ladies I had fucked. It did feel good to penetrate a pussy that was this willing and eager to be fucked. While fucking her she responded so well and I could not belive that this ladies Husband didn’t want to fuck her, she was really horny and I just loved it when she had her orgasm as she went wild and bucked like a bitch on heat, she also got very vocal and made so much noise as she came all over my bare cock shaft, flooding the bed and leaving a pool of her cunt juice. When I came inside her she just w****d her leg’s right around me and clamped on to me as I pumped her full of my cum filling her right up.
Well after this first fuck with her she bought me a presant then another and every time I saw her she gave me some thing nice, when we went out she gave me some Money to buy drinks with and Pay for the meal if we had gone for Dinner. I didn’t have to buy anything she payed for it all and when she took me shopping for clothes she picked out some lovely things for me. Well I was being treated like a King and then she asked If I would go on a Holiday with her for two weeks, I could not belive my luck and asked her where we were going, she told me to pic a place and as some of my friends had gone to Greece a few times and told me how great it was there I asked her If we could go to the Zante! One of the Islands, well that was where she booked for two weeks and we stayed in this really great complex just about a 10 minuet walk from the beach and only a short ride away by car to the night club area, well she didn’t want that all she wanted was to get some sun in the day and fuck me all night.
On the first night of our Holiday she made me fuck her all night and I had to keep it inside her for over 8 hours. My cock was so sore the next morning and I slept by the pool all day, I got really sun burnt and was like a lobster on my back so she got me to lay on top of her that night with my cock up her pussy she wanted to be fucked all the time and for the first week I just fucked her all night and lay in the sun asl**p all day, I was bronze brown by the end of the week. The second week was to be a lot more fun as some other people arrived and among them was this Woman and her daughter, she was divorced and had promised her daughter a holiday, she was in her 40’s and looked gorgeous and her daughter was just 16 so grown up enough to look after her self. It had been a long night with Mrs B and I was not looking forward to fucking her that night, but as we sat in the bar she told me she didn’t feel very well and would I mind if she went off to bed and left me in the bar. I didn’t mind at all and as she left the divorced Lady and her daughter came over and joined me at the table I was sat at, we had loads of ozo and other drinks and the greek owners where really friendly and chatted about allsorts of things then they asked If we had been to a night club, we said No and then the young guy offered to take us down to town with him and so we went, the daughter was interested in the Young greek guy, but her mum was flirting with me after a couple of hours the daughter said she wanted to go home and the young greek Lad said he would make sure she got home safe, I could tell they wanted to fuck and as the girls mum was enjoying her self and getting a bit d***k she agreed and so I was there just with the Mum, her name i found out was Margaret and she was all over me as we danced on the floor, then she looked up at me and kissed me full on the mouth, I was getting really turned on by her and the thought of fucking her was making me hard.
So as the music turned to slow dances she w****d her arms around me and she kissed me some more, this time her tongue was probing my mouth and then the lights went down till it was nearly dark, I felt her hand going into my pants and she grabbed my cock and pulled it out, as she wanked me while we danced I had my hand up her skirt and was fingering her wet pussy, as I slid a finger in and out of her she made a groaning noise and I felt her cum on my finger, she pulled me by my cock off the dance floor and out of the night club, as we got out side she was so ready to be fucked that she just led me up the ally next to the club and as she stood against the wall and lifted her skirt I pushed my hard cock straight into her, I then realised that there where other couples all along the wall fucking just like I was with this lady, my balls where full and heavy with my cum and after only a couple of strokes in her wet cunt I was filling her with my thick seed and enjoying the feel of a sexy woman riding my cock, it felt so much nicer than Mrs B’s old cunt and hear i was fucking this Lady for my own pleasure, she was only 15 years older than me and I was loving how she fucked my cock. After an hour of me fucking her up this ally she asked me to walk her home, it was only up the road a couple of miles and she wanted to sobber up a bit, as we walked and talked she asked me about why was i there with Mrs B? As I explained to her she stopped and looked at me then asked, “how much do I owe you then?” i explained that she didn’t have to pay for it as I really fancied her and then she pulled my on to the beach and as she laid down and told me to fuck her again, as I mounted her she wrapped her legs around my back and dug her nails into my arse, sending a spasam throu my body as I jerked into her willing pussy, she made me fuck her again and as she had her orgasm she looked at me and said, “Well I would pay for that cock as well, If your ever want to be my toyboy!
After a short while we walked back to the complex and then she was about to go up the iorn staircase to her room, I grabbed her again and pushed my bare cock up her, she was very willing to fuck me and we got a good rhythm going and then I saw her daughter letting the young greek guy out of her room as I was filling her mum with my cock and she saw us at the bottom of the stairs, she waved at me as she shut the door and left me fucking her mum, as she came on my shaft she kissed me and asked, “can I fuck you again while we are on hoilday?” i just looked at her and said, “Sure anytime, just make sure i have got Mrs B off to bed and then we can meet up. With that she gave me one last kiss and said good night to me, I watched as she went to her room and then went to mine. When I opened the door, Mrs B was asking where had I been and then asked me to fuck her, I just stripped and monted her with out any foreplay I pushed my cock up her pussy and fucked her, this was only a few minues after fucking Margaret and as I thrust into this fat old woman I closed my eyes and thought of Margaret naked instead as I shot my cum inside Mrs B.
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