Mrs C introduced me to Mrs J.

Well as I told you all about John’s Mum Mrs C and how I stripped for her and fucked her this happened about 6 months after and I was invited around to Mrs C’s house one evening John was staying at his girlfriends and her Husband was on one of his normal resthome visits to give her a bit of a break. So when I got to her house I was expecting to spend the whole night fucking her when I went into the lounge I was shocked to see this other Lady sat on the couch, she was dressed up and looked really attractive. Her dress was very low cut and showed off a very ample cleavage, she had her nylon clad leg’s crossed and as I walked over to sit next to her she uncrossed them giving me a glims of her stocking top’s.
Wow, I could not belive it she looked so sexy and had to be the same age as Mrs C, but a lot better looking and with a slimmer and sexier body. I sat down next to her and Mrs C introduced us to each other, it turned out that she was a very old school friend of Mrs C’s and they had known each other most of there lives, she smelt so sexy as the fragrance of her perfume wafted over to me, I could see right down the front of her dress and I could clearly see her nipple erect and hard just wanting to be tweeked and sucked. Mrs C then explained that they had got married about the same time and had both been with the same man all there married life and then she shocked me when she admited that she had told her friend how she had been having an affair with me for the last 6 months and how Mrs J had found out that her husband had been having affairs for years with other women.
I had no idear why she had told her friend about us, until she then surgested that as Mrs J had never slept with anyone other than her husband and that she had not had sex with him for 10 years that she should have and affair, then she looked at me and asked, “So will you?” The penny dropped with a thud as I realised she wanted me to fuck her friend for her, then she continued to explain that Mrs J was at the party and saw me strip and was also very impressed with the size of my cock saying how It’s twice the size of her husbands and much bigger than her son’s. I could not belive that this lady had c***dren, It turned out she had 4 two sons and two daughters and that she was not interested untill she had seen my cock in having sex again, but after catching her husband fucking her youngest son’s girlfriend about a week ago she decided she wanted to be fucked by another man and If she could find out who the young man was that did the strip then she wanted his cock to fuck inside her.
Well how could I turn her down, I looked across at Mrs C and she smiled at me and nodded her aproval, so as I turned to Mrs J and she looked at me I kissed her on her lips and put her hand on the bulge in my trousers and then placed my hand on her knee, sliding it up her skirt as we kissed long and passionatly she wiggled in her seat as Mrs C left the room. Mrs J was unzipping me and then plunged her hand inside my boxers grabbing hold of my erect cock and pulling it out as she pulled away from me and looked at it she gasped and then said, “ I’m so nervous, I don’t know if I can take this beautiful cock of yours as your twice the size of my hubby! Please be gentle with me?”
I kissed her on the cheek and layed her back then as I lifted her skirt was pleased to see she had all ready removed her panties and the sight of her wet pussy was looking at me, her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and her clit was poking out like a turtles head looking out from it’s shell. As I went down on her and pulled her cunt lips apart and dived my tongue into her wide open womanhood she moaned with pleasure she had never felt before as I herd her telling me this is the first time she had ever had this done to her, as I lapped away at her wet lips she tensed up and squirted her cum into my mouth as she squeeled with pleasure! I could not resist making this Lady cum and held her wider as I buried my nose into her and rubbing her clit with my thumb as she thrust forward and her body went into spasam as I pushed my finger inside her inner walls and pulled her totally open she had her very first multipul orgasam on my tongue and just came like a river in flood.
As I lifted my head and looked up at her I saw her head was rocking from side to side as she was in a world of her own, I was as hard as steel and didn’t need to wait any longer as I mounted her, my knob parted her lips and was slidding into her, as she felt my cock entering her her eye’s sprang open and she was looking at me as I pushed slowly into her and she felt the first cock for years going inside her willing love tube. As she contracted around my hard shaft and she felt me streaching her wide her leg’s lifted and she wrapped them around my back as I came to rest with my balls against her ass cheeks, my shaft twitched as she squeezed my cock around the whole of it’s girth. She felt like a virgin as she was so tight, but her cunt muscles knew exactly what they wanted as she tryed to milk my cum out of me. As her contractions got less powerful I pulled out of her leaving only my knob inside her, then I plunged the whole lenght deepinto her showing her no mercey as I fucked her hard and fast, my balls where slapping her ass hard and my shaft drilled inside like I was drilling for oil, she clamped onto me so tight as I gave her the most f***eful fuck she had ever taken, I wanted to make her cum on my cock and with in a couple of deep thrusts she was cumming like a steamtrain on the express line. As her orgasam hit her I pumped her full of my cum, she had turned me on so much that I just wanted to empty the whole of my young firtile seed deep inside her and as she realised I had shot my load deep into her open hole, she just put her hands on my arse and dug her nails into my cheeks making me jerk deeper into her as my knob locked into her with a click as she gasped from the short pain this caused. My cock head was so enlarged that it fitted in her like a plunger on a blocked drain. I could not pull out as my spunk shot straight into her tubes, I was in a very special place with this lady and she held me there as I came for her.
After several minuets of being locked in place my cock slipped out and a torrent of cum followed as it gushed out of her and flooded down the crack of her ass, It ran like a river as it flooded into a pool on the couch leaving a big wet stain. I had not even seen her tit’s as all I had wanted was her willing pussy around my cock. I had fucked this gorgeous lady and had one of the very best fucks of my life with her. So as we both got up and she lead me up the stairs to one of the bed rooms I saw Mrs C looking out of the kitchen, she knew I was going to be fucking her friend for the rest of that night and as we closed the door behind us I was ready for the next round with this horny lady, but that’s another story to tell you next time.
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4 years ago
Damn,yhat made me soooooo hard!
4 years ago
o damm you really are the man
4 years ago
gosh darn it so hot so hard you should have done the whole night as 1 story
4 years ago
Another hot one! I love reading MILF stories, there is nothing hotter!!