I fucked the bosses wife.

I was working in a garage for a local f****y firm and I had been dating the daughter with out her mum and dad knowing, his daughter was gorgeous and had jet black hair and a beautiful slim body so when I was lucky enough to help her out when she broke down one day I made my move and asked her out.
To my surprise she said yes and I made arrangements to meet her the following Friday evening. When the friday came I was a bit nervous as she turned up at the Bar we had agreed to meet at and when we went on to the night club all my friends just could not belive it when I walked into the place with Mr W’s Daughter, some of them reconed he would give me the sack if he found out. Mr W my boss was always going off with the girls in the office and we knew he was fucking most of them, but no one had ever been see out with his daughter so I was playing with fire a bit, so after two or three dates with her most of my friends thought I had a death wish.
Well she was so beautiful and I wanted to fuck her and after three weeks of spending most of my wages on her I did manage to get her into bed and what a fuck she was, I had her in my bed room the first time and several times in the back of my car, I even had her one night in an dark ally just around the corner from her house. So when I get really brave with her and fucked her in her bed room at her mum and dad’s house the enevitable happened, we where caught by her Mum.
As you will know from the other stories I have told you, I prefer older married women and her mum was a very sexy lady so when I got caught out with her daughter by Mrs W, I was really socked when she made a pass at me instead of her telling her husband about me dating there daughter and getting me sacked from my job. I thought nothing more about it untill Mr W told me to take this new car to his house and show his wife how it worked and anything else she needed, then bring her old car back to the garage when I had finnished.
Well It was a sort drive to there house and when I got there and parked she opened the front door and invited me inside, she looked gorgeous she had Jet black hair just like her daughter and a very sexy mature figur that looked really horny, with very large tit’s and long slender leg’s. As I walked in to the hall way she pushed her self against me and up against the wall, her left hand grabbed the bulge in the front of my trousers and pressed her lips against mine as she kissed me. She then spoke to me, “ come with me, I want you to fuck me!” with that she lead me up the stairs.
I walked behind her as we went up the stairs and as I looked up at the view of her ass wobbling infront of me it looked so inviting, as we went into her bedroom she turned to me and dropped to her knees and unzipped my trousers, pulling my cock out and sucking it into her mouth right down to my balls, as it slid into her and down her throat, I felt my balls tighten. I could not belive my girlfriends mum was sucking me off, giving me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had.
Hear I was with my bosses wife, she stripped me till I was naked and then I stood and watched her as she stripped out of her dress and I was given the view of her sexy body in her underware, she stood there in a satin and lacy bra, with matching panties and suspender belt and seamed tan stockings. She looked so sexy as I pulled down her panties and buried my face into her mat of black pubic hair, licking at her clit and parting her wet lips with my tongue as I probed her cunt sticking my finger into her and tasting her juices. This just drove her mad and she pulled me up and as she lay back on the bed and spred her legs wide pulling me on top of her as my hard knob slipped straight inside her willing pussy, she felt just like her daughter, but not as tight. She had more juices flowing as my knob entered her they coated my whole shaft and then I was up her as deep as I could get as my balls came to rest on her ass. I was fucking my girlfriends mum and my bosses wife.
She was the most willing woman I had ever fucked, I wondered if she had fucked any of the other boyfriends her daughter had before me, as I built up a steady rhythm as i fucked her long and hard this lady just wanted my cock and she didn’t care that It was the cock that fucked her daughter she held me in place as she clamped her legs around me and she made me fuck deep and hard as my cum started to rise like sap in a tree I told her I was about to cum and she just kissed me holding me tight and then saying, “Go on then, I want it inside me!” I could not belive it I was balls deep in my girlfriends mum and about to fill her with my cum, I had been holding back with her daughter and not cumming for the last 5 days, we just fucked with out me cumming. Now hear I was inside her mum and about to fill her with nearly a weeks load of my young firtile seed, as I fired my thick hot seamen up her it felt like I was not going to stop I just flooded her open pussy with what felt like gallons of my spunk. I had not just fucked my bosses wife, but I had filled her full of my cum at the same time. She was not finished with me yet as we continued to fuck and I sucked on her nipples as I drilled my knob deeper into her pussy, she just held me and clamping onto me like a limpit she was not going to let me go there was no way she wanted me to pull out and she just pulled me deeper inside her as we fucked harder.
We fucked in loads of positions all after noon and at Last she let me go just after I shot my cum up her for one last time that day, as my still hard cock slipped out of her, she was totally exhusted form the fuck I had just given to her and then she thretened me with telling her husband and daughter about me fucking her, she wanted me to fuck her again and to do it on a regular basis she explained that she needed to be fucked by me at least twice a week and that If I didn’t do it she would tell her husband. I was in a mixed feeling as I wanted to fuck her again but also I still wanted to be dating her daughter, when i explained this to her she told me that she didn’t mind if I was with her daughter as long as I fucked her as well. So this was the start of a lovely affair.
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you my freind i give you ratings
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That's what's up
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excellent good'n hot
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That's the way to do it!!
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Very hot! I'd love to be banging a mother/daughter!
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very very good wish i could meet her and fuck the shit at of her too