My Lady Boss.

As I said in the story about Roseatter I had a new Boss on the Taxi firm I worked for and she had herd about my reputation, she had told her friend Roseatter about me and as you know she got a hard fuck on my cock. Well it was a couple of months later and my Lady boss was out having a meal with Roseatter and as I was driving her car this night was Told I had to pick her up and take her home. When I arrived at the Resturant she was very d***k and she kissed me hard on the mouth, sticking her tongue into my mouth and as she did this she grabbed my bulge. Her and her Husband had seperated and she had been very depressed for a while, she was a big woman with huge tit’s and a well padded arse a true BBW, she did have a pretty face and had a nice personality. So as i helped her into the car she opened her legs and lifting her skirt showing me that she had stockings on and No Panties! My cock twitched and became fully erect as I thought about her friend Roseatter and as I was dropping her off first I didn’t expect to get a fuck with her tonight.
Roseatter was also very d***k and as I helped her into her house she kissed me long and hard and invited me in for a fuck, I had to remind her that my boss was in the car and she said, “Well she can come in and wait till we have finished. I kissed her good night and walked back to the car as Roseatter called I’ll see you on Wednesday then Lover boy!” I had been going around and fucking her every Wednesday since that night and I just could not get enough of this sexy Lady. As I got back in the car Mrs T said, “So you are fucking her then?” I looked at her sat next to me and she then said, “Lucky bitch, I wish I could fuck your young cock as well!” She just sat looking at me as I drove her home and when I got to the house I reversed her car up the drive and got out, went around to her door and helped her out and up to the front door.
She looked at me as she fondaled with her key and then she asked me, “Would you fuck me tonight?” I looked back at her as she said, “ I’ll Pay you to give me your hard cock!” I was not sure if it was the drink talking or she was really serious so I just ignored it, some of the other drivers had told me that she had sexualy harrased them and I just could not belive it as I always thought she was just joking and flirting, but hear I was being offered to be payed to fuck her, what should I do? I did fancy her even thou she was a big woman, I had not fucked a Lady as big as her before, she was twice the size of her friend Roseatter and I didn’t know If I could get an erection for her. Then she asked me again, “Will you fuck me? Please I will pay you for your cock!” How could I refuse as we stumbled into her hall and she dragged me up the stairs and into her bedroom, she didn’t have the radio and phone lines that night and thehouse was very quiet as she pulled off my clothes there was going to be no foreplay just full hard intercourse as she pulled out my hard cock and laid back on her bed pulling my by my member to her and slipping my knob into her gash as I took my weight on my hands and arms my cock was screwing her onto the bed her large belly stopped me from getting it right up her but she was in a world of her own as she told me that it’s much bigger than any she had fucked before as I pulled her around and stood on the floorat the side of her bed and pushed the last two inches right up her she just moaned and I felt her cum on my naked shaft.
Hear I was balls deep in my lady boss and I was loving it as I pumped and pounded her willing cunt as she just wriggled beneath me and took my young hard cock deeper into her, I could not belive how horny she had made me and how turned on I was to be fucking this lady as her leg’s wrapped around me and she pulled me on top of her kissing me as she came on my naked shaft and I felt her pussy muscles clamp around my erection and hold me in place as I shot my cum deep inside her. As both our bodies shook with the passion and as our orgasm’s subsided she pulled me on top of her and we driffted off to sl**p with my hard cock still up her wet and willing love hole, hear I was with my Lady boss naked and full of my cum, I had not expected to feel like I did.
After a couple of hours sl**p, I had done a double shift and was totally exhusted, we woke and she wanted more as I had my cock still up her she started to jerk up at me, she had a grip on my cock shaft like a vice and there was no way she was going to let me pull out of her until she had got the fuck she wanted, I humped her in the missionary possition as that was the way she had always fucked, so when I asked her if I could fuck her in a differant position she was not sure, as I pulled out and rolled her over and positioned her with her ass in the air and I then slipped my cock back inside her from behind in the doggy position, her cunt lips hanging down lick curtains as I slid my knob into her gash she pushed back against me and then I was thrusting inside her long and hard as my balls slapped her arse. She was loving it and I had never had a lady so willing to try diferent positions and as I rolled her over on to our sides and spooned with her we started the bed a rocking as I pumped hard against her wobbling ass cheeks and then she was asking me to show her other positions, I laid her down and hoisting her legs high in the air as I pushed my cock inside her as I laid across her from the side and pounded her pussy, she found this hurt her back so as I explained to her how I wanted her to squat over me and then fuck her self up and down on my cock she was over me and I could feel her weight crushing me as she rode my shaft hard and fast as her huge tit’s flopped around and then she just dropped forward and pinned me to the bed, smothering me with her tit’s. I was enjoying my self so much as I showed her many positions she liked some more than others, but could not stop making me spoon with her, she seamed to like this position most of all as she could lift her leg really high and I could get the whole of my shaft up her. We fucked like this and as I felt my cock throb and then spurt my load up her she was also cuming at the same time and as her orgasm hit her she shook like a mountain in an earth quake, her whole body was a quiver as every inch of her wobbled and this was turing me on. She had been married twice and her 5 c***dren all had a different father, but she had only ever fucked in the missionary.
As I woke up the next mornig and as I went to roll out of bed I felt her pull me back over and as she slid down my body she locked my cock up her wet pussy again rolling over onto her back and pulling me ontop she made me fuck her again and when I had shot my cum in her she let me roll of and then she was up and I watched her arse wobble as she went off to the bathroom, she reapeared and then draged me into the shower with heras she pushed me against the wall and slipped my cock back into her pussy as the hot water washed over our bodies and she soaped me up and cleaned us both while she fucked hard on my cock, this turned out to be the only other position that she knew and I guessed this was probably the way she got fucked most of the time, as I fucked her I could imagin her up some dark ally having a knee trembler with some bloke that she had just met, this turned me on as I started to cum inside her thinking about it. As I stopped fucking her my cock sliped out and she cleaned my cock for me with soapy water pulling my foreskin back and washing around my helmet. After I had dryed myself off and got dressed she made me some breakfast and then I left as she had given me this day off. After that night she didn’t charge me any commision for the work I did for her What I made Taxiing I kept and I only had to fuck her once a week, she called that her commision and I was happy with that, some times she even bought me presents, like a shirt or something to make me smell nice and I filled her pussy for her.
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you must always treat the Boss right
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very nice
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very nice one