My video with A Married Lady.

I was meeting several married ladies for just sex and had been asked to do some strip O’gram work for Mature Married ladies after I had been seen stripping for one of my friends mum’s at her party, It was just a strip and maybe a kiss that was needed , but I got to know the Ladies that where up for a fuck and got my fair share, When I stripped one night for this Lady I knew she was not one that would be looking for a fuck, but as I got dressed back into my jeans and shirt she came in with this other Lady and thanked me for giving her suck a nice presant then she left leaving me in the room with this other Lady, she was gorgeous and she chatted with me as I put my boots on and the she asked me straight, “ Do you fuck the ladies you strip for?” I smiled at her and said, “Some times, If I fancy them and I fancy a fuck!” She just looked at me and the she asked, “So would you fuck me if I asked you?” I looked at her and could see that she was older than I had first thought, I was in my 20’s and she was in her 40’s she looked gorgeous with a beautiful tan and she was well made up, not tarty and as she smiled at me I replyed, “YES, anytime you want my cock it’s yours!” She hesitated a bit then she asked, “Would you fuck me while my husband film’s us fucking?” I had never fucked a Lady while her Husband was in the same room, I had only been viewed by them from a window or from behind a door, hear I was being asked to fuck while her husband was just inches away from watching my cock going up his wife. Being straight I asked her if he husband was straight or Bi as I would not have sex with him, she assured me that he would only want to watch and film the action of me and her together. So I made the arangements to meet her the next day and then I left.
The next day as I waited for her to pick me up I thought maybe she was just seeing if I was up for it and not really going to turn up, when this convertable turned up with her driving it, “get in!” was all she said and as she drove off she put her hand on my bulge, this sexy Lady was ready for my cock and I wanted her willing pussy she looked like a Model as her hair was blowing in the wind and when she pulled into this driveway to this big house the thought of How much money this would cost was going throu my head, she had to be very well off or her hubby was, as she stopped and got out of the car I followed her and she walked into the house with me close behind her. As we walked from the hall into another room and then another untill I saw this older man sat on a chair, he had to be in his 60’s and when she introduced him to me as her husband I could not belive it. This gorgeous Lady was married to this old man. It turned out that he got his pleasure from watching her with other men as he could not get it up any more, this is the days before Viagra, So he lead the way out into this quiet and secluded court yard type of place and then she stripped off her clothes, as she did I saw the very first Tramp Tat that I had ever seen across the top of her ass. This was a turn on and then she was stripping me. I had not been with a lady like her before, she just took control and before I realised what was happening we where fucking like a young man should be fucking a mature married lady. Her Hubby was giving us some directions, but neither his wife or I was interested as My bare cock slipped up her wet pussy and she rode me like she had not been fucked for ages. As my balls where swelling and her ass cheeks where squashing my balls as they got more and more full of cum. This lady was so horny and I was just her play thing, her hubby watched as she fucked my cock and videoed the whole thing.
I stayed for the night and also fucked her most of the next day in her own bed, she was a wonderful fuck and as she drove me back to where she had picked me up she gave me and envelope and I saw her phone number on it. As she drove away I could feel some thing inside and when I looked in there it had some money, I had been payed for fucking her and there was a note which said, “ thank you for a great fuck and when my hubby has made a copy of the video I will let you have one, hear are some still pic’s for you to look at and think of me.” I was so turned on as I saw my own cock in her pussy on the first pic I looked at and as I walked up the road I looked at the rest as I stuffed the money in my back pocket.
I was going to ring her again very soon.
you can see the pic's on my profile! You can see she was a beautiful lady and a great fuck. You can even see my face in one of them!
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2 years ago
Is there an actual link to the video? I would like to see the vid and join ya next time if able.
4 years ago
good but more detail better description of the ladies