A night to remember with Roseatter.

Well as I have told you I was a Taxi driver where I live and I moved from one firm to another when one firm bought out another. The owner was now a Lady in her late 50’s and I was 27 at the time, she made a couple of passes at me over the next few months when her hubby was not around as she had herd about my reputation for dissapearing when I had some Ladies in my car for a couple of hours at a time.
She was a big Lady and had very big tit’s that she use to show of quiet well for her age, She also had a Lady Friend that some of the other drivers belived was her Lesbian lover. Her name was Roseatter she was a Italian Lady and was a real stunner for her age as she was 60 years old but only looked about late 40’s, she was about 5 foot tall in her black paintant leather stilettos which she alwasys wore with seamed stockings, you could see the outline of her suspenders throu the material of the tight black pencil skirts she wore with a split up the back so she could walk. Her top half was always in a frilly Blouse, normaly white with loads of jewellery, bangles on her arms and big chunky earrings with very expensive diamond neaklass, her make up was always very tasteful and She always looked a million dollers.
She was a widow and had some men as Lovers, but no one serious, she was at my bosses party on a warm evening in August it had been a hot summers day and every one was well pissed, I had been kept working and was called up to the House near the end of my shift. The boss flirted with me and offered me a drink but as I was still driving I said a coffee would be nice, With that Roseatter appeared and handed me a mug of hot coffee, she smiled and put her hand over mine and said that I was going to drive her home in a bit so I had to stay sober, she winked at me and then went and sat down, I noticed that she was not in her normal Black and white, she had some brown suade stillettos on with light tanned seamed stockings a brown pencil skirt with a split up the side and a lemon coloured Blouse with the normal frills making her tit’s look even bigger than they are, her jet black hair was perfect as usual and her bright red lipstick shone in the light from the window in the house. She looked so sexy for her age that she had most of the men there chatting her up, she didn’t take her eyes off me, she just watched every movement that I did and when my boss cornered me and insisted on a kiss Roseatter was there to stop it going to far, as my boss pulled her hand out of my trousers as she stopped her kiss and went back to the party guests Roseatter just winked at me and smiled.
After an hour or so she made her excuses and said her good byes and then my boss told me to take Roseatter home and then I could finnish for the day. I was pleased to get out from this party and drove Roseatter home to her house we made small take and when I pulled up out side her house she insited I went in with her, so I parked the car and went inside, she picked up the Phone and dialed my boss to tell her she was home safe, she put her finger on my lips to stop me from talking as she said I had driven off as soon as she had gone in the house, this was a lie to my boss but I just stood there and listened as she said good bye and put the phone down. Then she looked straight at me and said, “ So are you just going to stand there or give me the fuck that I want from you?” I was stunned as I had never herd her talk like this before, she just grabbed my hand and lead me straight up the stairs to her bedroom and dragging me in and closing the door turned and kissed me hard on the lips her tongue darting into my mouth as she undid my shirt and unbuckled my jeans, she was pulling my shirt off and then as she dropped to her knees pulling down my jeans and boxers to reveal my erect cock, she gasped and then just sucked the whole shaft into her wet mouth. WOW What a perfect cock sucker this lady was as she licked the tip of her tongue right around the rim of my knob and over the whole helmet probing the hole and licking up my pre-cum, then sucking the whole length down her throat till my balls where bouncing on her chin. She kept this up for ages then just stood up and turnig around bending over showing her plump arse and telling me to unzip her, as I did her skirt dropped to the floor and she stood there in her Tanned seamed stockings and a cream and chocolate coloured lacy garter belt with matching panties and as she removed her blouse revailing a matching bra, she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Then she just laid back on her bed and spread her leg’s wide showing her jet black bush, there where a couple of grey hairs, but her cunt lips where pink and protruding from her thatch. She looked so horny and as she removed her bra and let her huge tit’s swing free, there saucer sized aroures where dark and had big cherry lick nipples in the middle.
She looked so sexy as she laid there and I went down no her licking and slurping at her wet cunt, the musky aroma of her mature pleasure tunnle was wafting up my nose as I shot my tongue up her as I probed my fingers inside and she went wild as she came on my face flooding me with her juices. This lady was so hot and wanting to be fucked and I was so willing to fuck her that as she grabbed my hair and pulled me up and telling me, “ Put that young hard cock of yours in me NOW!” Well I didn’t need telling twice and as my purple knob parted her lip’s and entered her willing pussy, I could feel her gripping me as I pushed inch after inch into her love tube, her inner cunt walls where contracting around me as I filled her with my 8 inches of young meat. As I felt her inner chamber squash my knob head as my balls slapped her ass cheeks and then I was still inside her as I felt her clamp onto me. Then I started to pump in and out of her as my balls where swelling and my cock was throbbing.
I looked down at her as we fucked in the missionary position and I watched her tit’s wobbeling like jelly on a plate, she was screaming at the top of her voice urging me to fuck her harder, I had never been with a Lady this vocal before and it was a very big turn on having her scream and shout and make allsorts of wierd noises as she rode my hard cock like a woman posessed, she was like a bitch on heat and the harder I fucked her the more she wanted it. Her cunt juices where flooding the bed and my cock was so slimy from the amount of cum that was coated on my shaft as she bucked like a wild horse and I tryed to remain inside her, a she squeezed my bare cock shaft I shot what felt like a gallon of my think white milky cum into her as she dug her nails into my arse and I pulled hard against her shoulders as it felt like my balls where bursting and my sperm was leaking from her as I jetted more and more Into her, I had never cum so much in my life and I was not stopping as this horny old lady took what she wanted from my young cock. Then we were both still our spasaming had stopped and the jerking of each others bodies was over, I had collapsed onto of her with her left nipple in my mouth and my still hard cock deep up her well creamed pussy. She just didn’t move as my cock was twitching inside her and as I pulled out and rolled her over to re-enter her from behind, as she felt my cock going in deeper than last time she just made a low moan as she pushed back to meet my knob entering her pussy she pulled the pillows under her as she raised her self up on her knees and hands and I started to fuck her in the doggy possition, this was an incredible fuck and I wanted it to continue for as long as possible. She was such a horny lady and I just could not get enough of her willing cunt around my cock. I never think about condoms when I’m with a Mature older lady and to cum inside her very willing pussy is always a pleasure, this lady was not like any that I had fucked before as when I shot my fertile cum up her for the second time she just bucked back against me harder and harder, she was driven wild by my cum pumping inside her, she must have felt it being fired from my cock every time as she clamped around my shaft so tight every time I pumped cum into her that I was at the point all I wanted to do was just cum and cum for her. This lady was not like any of the women I had fucked before and her pussy was the best I had ever filled with cum. She rolled over onto her side and as we spooned and I came in her again, I could not go soft as her cunt muscles just squeezed my cock so hard that I stayed hard for her, I spent 8 hours with my bare cock inside her old pussy but I had to go to work the next day so after kissing her and dressing, she made me promise to fuck her again some time I left. Walking down the path to my car and thinking what was I going to tell my girlfriend when I got home. I was suppose to have finnished work 9 hours before now, I was thinking how and when could I get to fuck Roseatter again. My balls where swelling and my cock twitched and then I drove home.
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very good but short