Taxi Driver gets more than the Fare! .

I had been a Taxi driver for several Years and I did enjoy my job I use to pick up all sorts of people living on a Holiday Island hear in the UK. I had picked up many famous people and ordinary people as well. It was the middle of Summer and the local sailing regata was on, so I had picked up this young lady off the Rank and she was about my age early 20’s, then she told me where she wanted to go. I looked at her slim tanned legs as I drove her to where she was staying, as I drove up to the house I was so impressed with this supper building, as I stopped she said she had to go and get some money to pay the fare, I said it would be ok but she had to leave her bags as security.
She dissapeared into the house and as I sat with the meter ticking over this older woman appeared and invited me inside. I carried the bags in and this Lady that was dressed in a black cocktail dress with stockings and black stilettos, her cleavage was so inviting as she bent over and then she explained it was her daughter that I had just driven home and that she was not feeling very well and had gone to her room so she would be paying me the fare.
She asked me if I could bring the bag’s into this room and so I picked them all up and carried them throu this large door into this large room, there was a couch and some furniture covered over with dust cloths and then she looked at me and asked, “How much?” I looked at her and said, “the fare is £15 on the meter!” to which she replyed, “ So how much for you?” I looked at her shocked and confused as she continues, “ How much to have a fuck with you?” This Lady was being serious as she started to remove her dress, I could not belive my luck as this mature lady stripped infront of me, she was old enough to be my mum and I watched her as she stood there in her burgandy lace bra, panties and suspender belt, her stocking tops where a thick lace that had red flowers and green leaves on them, her perl neckless was real and her gold jewellery was expensive and nothing about this lady was fake. As she removed her bra and her large glob like breasts came into view, she had large nipples and as they hang there the stretch marks where clear to see, they where still firm but the weight of them made them hang lower, she looked amazing and as she walked across to where I was standing I watched them sway from side to side. The celulite on her thighs was a turn on and her body was very sex for her age she looked so horny, she had to be in her late 40’s maybe even 50.
She was stood infront of me and as she slipped down onto her knees and unzipped my trousers pulling out my hard cock from my boxers and then as she pulled back my foreskin and licked her tongue around the rim of my helmet up to my snake eye and licking my pre cum from it, as she sucked the whole length into her wide open mouth and swollowed my compleat shaft right down the back of her throat. As she licked down from my knob to my balls and then sucking each one into her mouth in turn, then both together as she wanked the wet shaft as she stopped and looked up at me she said, “ Very impressive young man, your cock is much bigger than my husbands!” she continued, “ Infact it’s the biggest I have ever seen!”
This was such a turn on hearingher tell me this, then she moved over to this couch and draging me by my cock I followed her, as she laid down and then spred her legs wide I knelt on the floor and as she placed one leg on my right shoulder and the other raised on the couch I slipped her gusset to her panties to one side and started to lick and suck at her pussy lips, pulling each on to the side and opening her pink hole wide then wider as I pushed my tongue into her fuck tube, I could taste her juices as I lapped away at her wide open sex, kissing her love lips and probing my finger inside her and rubbing her g spot, as I watched her little man raise his head out of the bout and then went to work on her clit, pulling the lips wide like curtains and fucking her with my tongue as I pushed my nose against her clit, rubbing hard as I felt her cum and a jet of juice shot into my mouth. She just shuddered and shook as her orgasam hit her and she grabbed my hair pulling me up till my face was level with her then she said, “Time for you to fuck that monster inside me!” I didn’t need asking twice and I just rubbed my knob against her slit as I rolled back my foreskin and her juices coated my knob, just as I slipped it inside her and then stopped as my ridge around my helmet broke it’s way into her tight vagina, then as I pushed gently into her feeling the whole length sliding up her love tunnel her juices coating the shaft as I slowly entered her, I had about 6 inches in her when she put her hand on my chest stopping me. “Please go slower, your so much bigger then any one I have had before!” I looked at this Lady and said, “I’m sorry, I will go slow, just tell me if you want me to stop!” then I pushed against her and the next inch was pushing into her. She felt between us and could feel another inch still to go in her, then I pushed firmly against her and felt the last inch penetrate her, she gave out a gasp just at that point and my knob hit her cervix, I was so deep inside her that she came wrapping her legs around my back.
I was deep inside her and as she contracted around my shaft, I could feel it swelling in her. I just lay ontop of her and lifting one then the other leg of hers onto my shoulders I pushed in harder and she squeeled like a pigglet, my cock was going even deeper in this possition as I slowly pulled back and then pushed in again as I started a pistoning motion with my cock and my balls slapped her ass, then I got faster and harder with each stroke, until I was pounding into her her nylon covered legs where rubbing against my skin and turning me on as the friction built up I held her suspender straps like ranes on a horses bridle as I rode her to another orgasam. My balls where hard and filling with my seed, as I pumped and pounded against her as she flooded with juices, I was dripping sweat as my pace got faster and faster untill she was pleading with me to cum inside her, I just could not hold back anylonger and shooting my cum deep into her as I pushed in and my knob hit the back wall of her cunt. I was as deep as I could go and the ridge around my knob locked into her with a click as a sudden jolt of pain went the whole length of my cock, it felt like it was being snapped in half as my balls unloaded what felt like a gallon of my seed into her unprotected hole. I just filled her cunt with all the sperm I could pump from my balls as she soaked me and the couch with her own juices, then I released her legs and she lowered them around my back as I lay ontop of her in the missionary possition, then she noticed I had not gone soft but stayed hard inside her as she asked me, “ can you do it with me in the doggy possition?” I just withdrew my cock from her as she rolled over and raised her arse in the air and I pushed my knob back up inside her. As I hit the inner depth of this lady she felt me go in deeper than before as I started to fuck her slamming my balls against her hard as she pushed back against me and we screwed each other. I then lifted her off her knees and sat back on the couch with her still impailed on my shaft, as her feet touched the floor she started to ride me pushing her cunt hard onto my cock crushing my balls and making my cock throb.
I had been with this married woman for nearly 2 hours and I was not ready to stop yet! I wanted more of her gorgeous body, but I had to get back to work. She then asked me, “ how much for you to stay the night? “ I looked at her and she then said, “I’ll pay you to stay with me allnight!” as it was the start of the week I told her I could call in and tell them I was going home, she then passed me the Phone and said, “Go on then, do it!” so I rang the number and told them I was not feeling well and that I was going home. I didn’t, I stayed with her till the morning, fucking her in other possitions and giving her the hard sex that she wanted. She gave me the £15 fare and a very large tip!
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Great a fantastic tip
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did you get to do the daughter