The new Lady in the Woods.

Well I told you about the lovely lady I had in the wood near to where I live and as I said she and her Hubby moved away, but before they moved I had one last fuck with her down in the woods. It was a cold day but we had arranged it as It was probably the very last chance we would have, It was to turn out to be the last but one, but that’s another story another time.
So there we where fucking realy hard on the inflaitable cushion that we took down with us to make things more comfertable, I was right up her cunt to my balls and was giving her a good hard fucking when I realised we where being watched, I didn’t know who by, but I could see there outline as they tryed to move around the trees to a differant possition, I herd a stick snap as they trod on one. They froze and Claire looked up, then as I pushed my knob deeper into her she just thrust up to meet my throbbing cock as we fucked. We finished and arange to meat the next day, again as we fucked on the very last time we met, this person was there again watching Claire fuck my younger cock again, I was thinking that maybe they had followed her from the lane that she walks to get down to our meeting place. So I moved her around so that they could get a good view of her cunt taking my cock good and hard filling her with my cum for the very last time and giving her the biggest Creampie and one of the best orgasams she ever had, I was going to miss this sexy Lady so much.
When we finished I walked her home and I kissed her good by just a few steps away from her gate as I left her to go back to her husband, turning and walking back along the lane about half way down I bumped into this Woman she was about the same age as Claire and looked like she had been crawling around on the ground, she stopped and froze on the spot looking at me and then she blushed bright scarlet. She just looked down at my crutch and then I spoke to her, “ So was it you that was watching me and my friend in the clearing?” she went even redder as I continued, “ So did you like what you saw? How do you fancy fucking me tomorrow?” she didn’t say a thing, as I moved to one side and she brushed past me her tit’s rubbing against me as I pushed my crutch forward and it rubbed agaist hers. I shouted after her, “ I’ll be there about 2:30 if you fancy giving your cunt some exercise!” with that she was gone.
The next day as I walked along the path towards the clearing, I could see a figure in the trees, as I got closer I could see it was her the woman I met the day before, she was looking around and seamed to be very anxiuos then she saw me and just froze to the spot. As I walked up to her she didn’t say a word I just looked at her and then I said, “ so you made it then? Do you want me to fuck you?” my corseness seamed to turn her on as I continued, “ so you like watching people fuck then, do you want to fuck me like my lady friend did yesterday?” at this point she spoke to me for the first time, “YES! I want you to fuck me the same way right now!” I took out the cushion and laying her down on it lifted her skirt to find she had NO panties on and she was waring Stockings and Suspenders, these framed her neat bush as I looked at her and parted her legs her cunt lips and clitoros where in full view, I was so horny my cock was at full streach with my foreskin right back revealing my knob shining with precum, then I lent over and licked her pussy, she moaned with pleasure and then I just removed my jacket and pulled down my jeans with my boxers together to my knees and placeing my cock head at her enterance as I took my weight on my arms and pushed into this new married cunt for the first time. She squeeled like a pig as I impaled her hard and rough, I just wanted this woman so much as I knew she had watched me fucking Claire. My cock just ripped into her wet cunt, right up to my swelling balls, as my nut sack hit her ass my knob was driving into her so deep that she was wriggling with some pain as I thrust in hard against her cervix. She was enjoying her self so much that when I spoted and pulled nearly out because I thought I was hurting her she protested, “ Please don’t stop, Fuck me! Fuck me Harder!” she pleaded as I thrust back inside her she moaned with pleasure and started to shake violently. Her orgasam hit her so hard and she just gushed over my cock covering me with her cum and wrapping her legs around me as I raised up on my toes my balls slammed hard against her arse. I speeded up and as I hit the vinigar strokes Shot the hole load right up inside her coating her inner walls with my seed, she felt my cum hit deep inside her and squeeled again, She was so vocal as the sound she made echoed in the trees around us. As I looked up and around I thought I saw some one in the trees, but was to interested in fucking her some more. As I pumped hard into her she looked at me and asked, “ haven’t you cum yet?” I replyed, “ Yes!” then she said, “ but your not going soft! Your getting harder!” I then said, “Do you want me to stop then?” she replyed sharply, “ NO! Don’t you dare!” As she held me tight against her and forcing her cunt hard onto my cock as I pushed in harder to her.
We fucked for 4 hours changing possition a couple of times, fucking her in the doggy possition while she knelt on the cushion and I fucked her hard groping her tit’s as my cock fucked deeper into her very willing cunt. This lady was a great fuck and I didn’t know if this was going to be a one off or a regular fuck, so I was enjoying this new pussy for as Long as I could. She then lay back on her back and I mounted her again so I fucked her hard, at this point she just started chatting and she told me how her Husband and her knew Claire and her Husband. Seeing her keep walking the lane with out her dog made this ladies husband wonder what she was doing and he followed her one day and saw the two of us fucking. Apparently he followed Claire lots of times and eventualy told her that he had been watching to two of us fucking, She continued telling me how they had talked about her having sex with another man as she was a virgin when she married her husband and had never fucked anyone other than him in all there married life, but how when her husband told her the details of how my bare hard cock fucked Claire she got turned on by how her hubby was getting thinking about my cock fucking her the same way. I was slowly screwing her as she told me that the day before yesterday she followed Claire with out her hubby knowing and when she got home yesterday he asked her what was wrong, so she told him that she had followed Claire and saw me fucking her and that I had caught her coming home in the lane, her husband then got really excited and asked what happened, she explained that I had offered her a fuck and with that her Husband insisted that she meet me and that she fucked my cock, she was so shocked that her hubby wanted her to fuck me that it turned her on and she thought what the hell. So hear she was now laying on her back with my cock fucking her while her hubby was at home. She then asked me would I meet her again and I said, “Yes any time!” with that she encouraged me to fuck her harder and after I emptied my cum in her belly again, I pulled out and seeing her panties in her pocket of her coat took them wiped my cock on them and then I stuffed them In my own pocket as I dressed and she got up off the cushion dressed and then we kissed before she walked off along the lane to her home. I just watched her leave and hoped she would be there the next day.
I will let you know more another time.
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11 months ago
sexy Thanks for the posting
3 years ago
Very good story!
4 years ago
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
great story made me cumm
4 years ago
Exciting, wish I had some woods to go fuck in!
4 years ago
Thank you teddyboy you have yet to let me down I jackeoff through your whole story thanks
4 years ago
another great story