Another day at the races!

Well it was a few weeks after the Derby and it was Royal Ascot, well I had been booked again to take six ladies up to the races on Ladies day by Mrs Smith this time the Ladies where all very posh and I was to keep my chauffer cap on with white gloves and my suit had to be just right. Mrs Smith had not invited Mary on this trip, I’m sure she knew we where having an affair. She was very friendly to me as all the Ladies got into the Limo, I watched as each one showed there stocking tops as they climbed inside. The bar was fully stocked just how Mrs Smith had asked the pick nik basket was loaded and I watched Mrs Smith get in last and had the best view of her stocking even seeing her matching panties and suspenders, They where a burgandy red colour to match her dress and hat, the Tanned stockings with seams down the back to a dark heal looked perfect on her slender leg’s, I was so turned on as these are my favourite colour of stockings. Was she flirting with me? Had she found out from Mrs Jones? I didn’t know, but I was pleased to have the attention form this Mature Lady. She never looked her age I could not belive she was 64, she looked a lot younger, but I was the same age as her grand daughter. I knew her and had always fancies her and her Mum, but I never realised that Mrs Smith was her Granny.
Well the trip was very uneventful and we arrived about half an hour early, all the Ladies where rushing off to the main gate, except Mrs Smith, she just got out and then said to me, “ I hope you don’t get to borred today! Will you be with the car all day?” “ Yes!” I replyed. Then I watched as she went off to catch up with the others. Well It was a lovely day and I had to take my Jacket off with some other things, I slipped into the airconditioned back of the limo and settled down for a sl**p as I had such a busy week. I was woken by a tapping on the window. It was Mrs Smith and as I opened the door she jumped in with me, she was very d***k and proceded to strip, first her hat then she removed her dress and then she just laid back in her underware and looking at me said, “How do you fancy fucking my old pussy this afternoon?”
I could not resist this Lady she looked so horny just laying there, her body was so sexy for her age, a woman half her age would kill for it, so as she looked up at me and pulling her red lace and silk panties to one side as I went down on her and probed my tounge inside her wet hole she clamped her thighs on my head as I licked at her clam down to her starfish and back up just as she came squirting on my tounge as I tasted her love juices I reached up and unclasped her matching bra, relising her big fleshy breasts, her nipples where really small and stuck out like two little pea’s. She did have really magnifisant tit’s and as I looked up at her she was lifting one to her mouth so she could suck on it. So as I saw her do this I undid my trousres, unbuckled my belt and pulling my boxers down with my Trousres aimed my erect cock at her willing hole that I had just been licking wedging my knob in her entrance and taking her other nipple and tit in my mouth to suck as I eased my cock inside this much older lady, pushing deep up her untill my balls stopped me from going in any more. Hear I was with my hard bare cock up another Married woman’s cunt, this Lady was old enough to be my Granny, but body did she know how to fuck, as I thrust into her she was thrusting back to meet my invading cock, it felt like her cunt lips where eating my hard meat, as she grinded against me it was just like her pussy was chewing onto my big dick. Her contractions where so fierce that she was squeezing the sap from deep with in my cock. She was talking to me saying, “ Come on darling I want you to emptie your balls right up inside me! I want you to cum in my pussy, let me have your thick cream, fuck me harder give me your whole hard cock, I need to feel you cum inside me!” Her talking to me and giving me encouragement was more than I could take and I just lunged in as hard as I could empteing my ball’s right up her, filling her with my young seed as she clamped onto me and held me there as we both started to shake with a thunder like orgasam, the sparks I could feel in my balls where like lightning and my cum was like a heavy down fall of rain as I flooded this mature woman, there was no stopping me and her own flood gates opened the seat was covered with our mixed juices as we came for each other, her’s was running down the crack of her arse like a river in flood and it was making a pool in the crease of her bum.
She looked at me and kissing me on the lips thanking me for a wonderful fuck, then she stopped as she felt my cock twitch in her and she asked me, “ Did you cum in me?”” Yes!” was my reply. “But your not going soft!” She said in dissbalife. “Well you better fuck me some more then!” she continued, I didn’t need asking again and I pumped hard inside her, it was about an hour later when I finaly shot my last load inside her and with sweat dripping from both of us she kissed me again and said, “ Can I have you again Later?” to which I replyed, “anytime!” She kissed me dressed and went off to find her friends while I cleaned our mixed juices from the seats and dressed myself.
When she returned with her friends they where all very d***k on the champaign they had been drinking and the G & T’s, so I was shocked as on after another kissed me on the lip’s as they got in the car, one was so d***k after kissing me and gropping my bulge at the front of my pants slipped right over getting in and I had the view of her pubic hair and pussy lips as she didn’t have any panties on. Then Mrs Smith gave me some instructions, there had been a change in plan and would I drive to this Hotel. So with the directions and all the details I needed off we went.
On arrival at the Hotel, which was 5 star I drove up and parked the Limo over the far side of the private car park then as each lady got out of the car they all started to walk to the reception, then Mrs Smith grabbed my cap and gloves thruowing them into the car and saying you come with me and we walked into the Hotel. I was stood with the other ladies and one was flirting with me when Mrs Smith walked up to us and said, “OK, every one hear are the Key’s to your rooms and Dinner is at 7pm so there is a change of clothing in all your rooms for you! See you all at 7 !” Then turning to me she continued to say, “ You come with me, Your in the room next to mine!” It had turned out that her Husband had taken some case’s for them and had dropped them off at the Hotel. The plan was to spend the night hear and then another day at the races tomorrow. I had a room all to myself and a table in the restarunt all arranged for me, so I thought that was going to be it for the night, Boy was I wrong but I will tell you about that next time!
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2 years ago
Very entertaining story, only let down by poor spelling and grammar. Spell check is an easy tool to use.
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Yeh Teddyboy your a real boyscout Mrs. Smith had a great time I wonder what king of orgary is planed for the night looking forward to that story. thanks