A Day at the Races.

Well as I have told you before I have always Driven for a living and I was working as a Chauffer, It was the day of the Derby and I was driving four Ladies from the Island to Epsom, It was an early start as the lady that was arranging the trip wanted to get up there early as they where all meeting there Husbands that worked up in London. They where all dressed in there finery all four of them had there matching hats with there outfit’s and I must addmit they all looked gorgeous for Ladies in there 50’s I was only 25 at the time and I later found out that Mrs Smith the lady organising it was 64, she looked stunning, but I was attracted to her friend that lived in the Big house in the same road. Mrs Jones was a Stunning Lady and I had driven her before, her Husband had a very important Job and they where very well off.
I must tell you they both wore pastal colour dresses, one was in Lemon Yellow and the other a pale Blue with stiletos to match and as they got into the limo I saw all four ladies had Stockings on as there skirts rode up to reviel them. I loved this part of the job, they never think about climbing into the car and always show tomorrows washing. All the ladies had stunning leg’s for there age and the other two ladies looked just as classy in there dresses, one was in a Black and White print and the other was in a Laura Ashley flowery little number. So we got up to a Hotel near to the race course about 11:30 am and they met there Husbands for lunch before going on to Epsom. I had a quick bite to eat and loaded the picknick hammper into the boot along with the Champain.
Well the day seamed to go really well I was enjoying sitting in the sun and had time to wonder around even eyeing up all the sexy women, I even got to put a couple of bets on which won me a few quid. I then saw Mrs Jones with her Husband, they seamed to be arguing as I watched I saw that Mrs Jones was crying and then Mr Jones walked off and left her there. She looked lost and just stood dazed as I got to her I asked, “Are you OK, Mrs Jones?” She spun around and looking at me said, “ Oh it’s you! No I’m not really can you help me, Please?” I took her by the hand and walked her away towards where the Limo was parked, she let go of my hand and locked arms as we walked she was sobbing as she laid her head on my shoulder.
Once at the car she looked at me and thanked me, “Your so kind, how did you know I was in so much destress?” “ Well I saw you and Mr Jones, It seamed as thou you where having an argument!” I replyed, “We where!” she replyed to me. “He has just told me he’s having an affair with this girl in his office and was telling me that no man would ever want an affair with me!” she continued. “He has gone off to meet his little tart and left me hear on my own!” I took my clean hanky from my pocket and wiped her eye’s gently for her, she looked at me and smiled saying, “ Your a real Gentleman, how I wish I was 20 years younger!” To which I replyed, “Why 20 years younger? I think your beautiful just as you are!” this remark stopped her dead in her tracks as she looked at me and then said, “ Do you mean that? Are you saying What I think your Saying? Please don’t make a fool of me!” Then she asked the question straight, “ would you have and Affair with me?” “Yes!” was my reply, “Your a beautiful Lady and It would be a pleasure to make love to you!” Then with out another word we got into the back of the Limo, as we started to kiss and she pulled at my clothes as she made her way into my trousers and pulling my erect cock out she gasped and said, “ I have never seen one this big, my husband only has 5 inches, how big are you?” “I don’t know If I could take this, I have not been fucked for 6 years!” “ My Husband would not have sex with me since I turned 50.”
With this information I knew I had to fuck her very gently as she would probably be very tight, so I pushed her back and removed her panties and went down on her licking and sucking on her lovely Lips, as her leg’s spred and I probed her hole with my tounge and fingers she soon started to get wet and her juices where flowing like a small stream, she was moaning and her back was arching as she looked up at me and said, “Fuck me hard, do it now!” I didn’t nead telling twice as I mounted her and she squeeled like a little piglet as my hard bare cock found it’s way up her mature cunt, she bucked up to meet my cock as I penetraited her impailing her sefl onto my shaft, as it throbbed inside her she dug her nails into my ass cheeks and wrapped her leg’s up around my back, she knew how to fuck a mans cock and the pleasure was just as intence for both of us! She might not of had sex for 6 years and she was very tight, but she was one hell of a fuck. She knew just how to ride a cock and that she did, screwing her self onto my young hard cock like a real slut, her cunt muscles squeezing my shaft and then the feeling hit me as I could not hold back any longer I shot my cum deep inside her as her own orgasam hit her and she scratched her nails right down my back until she dug the back into my arse, she came with me as it hit her she just whooped with the passion that she felt as my younger cock gave her the fuck she so wanted and needed. As we laid there with my cum slowly running down the crack of her arse she commented on how hard I still was and I went to fuck her some more when I saw Mrs Smith looking in the window at her friend and me locked together like two mating dog’s she could clearly see my cock impailing her friend and my seed dripping from her well used cunt, I then saw her move away as if not to disturb us. I with drew my cock from this gorgeous Lady and she protested as I was still hard as Steel, I explained that it was getting late and that her friends would be returning to leave soon. So as I dressed I prommised her I can stay the night if you would like me to when we get back to your house! Her face lit up like a c***d in a sweet shop and she asked, “ Do you mean you want to fuck me again? Would you be my lover?” To which I replyed, “ Well If your Husband dosn’t want you, I do!” She hugged me and kissed me passionatly saying, “ thank you! See I can pull a younger man then he can pull a woman.” This was a great thrill for her knowing she had just fucked a cock the same age as her son.
The drive home seamed to take ages and I knew that Mrs Smith knew that her friend had fucked the hired hand. Her chauffer and friend had fucked and she had seen them, What was she going to say to me when she get’s me on my own, this went throu my mind as I drove. Then the thought of fucking Mrs Jones again entered my mind as I saw her looking at me in the rear view mirror, she licked her lips and I knew she wanted me like I wanted her, I was her bit of ruff and she was the classy Lady. But there is another story for another day.
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3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Well you've done it again you will continue tobe my hero for the near future thanks
4 years ago
Just a few spelling errors but some may be the English as opposed to the American style. I did enjoy Mrs. Jones, as well as Mrs. Smith watching, and I hope the author goes further with these lovely ladies. I am aroused!