Cousin Caroline

My second cousin Caroline was about the same age as me; I found her extremely horny during my adolescent years, but nothing ever happened. Then one Saturday during the summer I was at a loose end, and as our families were close, I phoned her to ask whether she wanted to hang out and go to the cinema. She said yes please, and sounded all excited. I picked her up, and saw her parents at the same time. They smiled and said have a good time. We saw the film, then went for a quick drink. It was quite late by now so I said I'd better take her home. She said no, why don't we drive to the park and hang out and talk. I said ok and we drove half a mile to the park. It was deserted, and dimly lit by the park lights next to the benches, but the park gates were still open, so we walked over to one of the benches and sat down. We chatted about families, about the film, about girlfriends and boyfriends. She said she couldn't understand why I didn't have a regular girlfriend as I was so handsome. I said thanks, but the same comment applies to you as she was very attractive. She said did I really think she was attractive? I said yes, I'd always found her attractive ever since she started blossoming into a young woman at aged 14. She said she liked me as well when I started getting taller and growing more manly and developed a deep man's voice. I said I'd never have known that as you never looked at me nor told me that before. She moved closer to me. She said that she wanted a cuddle and could I do that. I said yes of course. So I put my arms around her and gave her a cuddle. My mind started racing, and I got the inevitable stirrings of a boner. She said she could feel something between us and that I was getting excited wasn't I? I said yes I couldn't help it. She said she was excited as well and she said her breasts were all excited. She said could I please feel them? I duly obliged. By this time, I had the hardest boner I'd had for a long time. She said shall I hold your cock? I said yes please. She said could I play with her tits and rub my figures along her knickers? I did as she said. She unzipped my flies and pulled my briefs aside then pulled my cock out. She said wow, what a lovely hard long cock. She proceeded to rub my foreskin up and down, whilst I played with her tits and rubbed her pussy through her knickers. We were both getting very excited by now as we both played with each other. We kissed each other and it was a lovely passionate deep-throat kiss. She was breathing very hard by now and I was so super excited I thought I would explode. She said could I please put my fingers in her pussy? I of course did. She was absolutely soaking wet and the slurping sound of my fingers seemed to make my cock even harder. She was busily trying to pull my skin back and forth whilst I pushed 1 finger, then 2 into her wet pussy. She was bucking away and grinding down on my fingers. She kept wanking my cock. I was very close to cumming and I said to her I would explode soon. She said push harder into her pussy. Then she bucked and shuddered and cried out "oh fuck. ooo. wow, oh my god, ooo...). That was enough to send me over the edge. She kept wanking me and I shot my load over her hand and onto the path below. I kept pumping the spunk out and it didn't seem to stop. She was by now finished with her cum, and she wanked my cock at a slower pace, squeezing the end until the last drops came out onto her hand. She said she really enjoyed it. I said so did I, I loved it. She said we better get cleaned up and go as by now it was quite late and her parents were probably wondering where she was. So we adjusted our clothing and made our way back to the car. I pulled into her parent's drive and dropped her off. I gave her a goodnight kiss on the cheek, She said she really enjoyed tonight and we ought to do it again. I said that would be great and we said our goodbyes.
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take her out again