My Wife's Clean Shave

Late Friday afternoon our friend Rob stopped by for a drink on his way home from work as he sometimes does. My wife Kerri and Rob have a special relationship for those of you who have not read our other adventures. My wife Kerri is tall and tanned and has the curves in all the right places. Friday when Rob stopped by we had already had a couple of glasses of wine and were feeling pretty good. Kerri was wearing a short negligee with a slit up the thigh that just about revealed her pussy when she walked and most often while she was sitting. Rob joined us in the backyard as we sat around the table at dusk enjoying the wine and a smoke. As Rob, Kerri and I enjoyed more wine we asked Rob if he was up for a hot tub as we were just about to climb in. Without much coaxing Rob began undoing his work boots and pulling his clothes off. Kerri headed back into the house for more wine.

By the time Kerri had returned from the kitchen both Rob and I were naked and in the hot tub. It only took my wife a moment to slip out of her satin negligee and step towards us in the warm water. As Kerri stepped into the hot tub Rob mentioned that she had grown her blonde bush back since the last time he had seen her. Rob enjoys a shaved clean pussy while I in turn like a little hair above the pussy in what is called a landing strip. Kerri laughed and told Rob if he wanted a bare pussy it was up to him to shave it. My wife slipped into the warm water and soon the three of us were enjoying more wine, warm swirling water and each other's company in the moon lit night. Several times Kerri would sit up out of the water exposing her beautiful breasts to Rob and I and several times each of us men would sit on the edge of the hot tub with our semi hard cocks poking out in front of us. Kerri made several comments about being such a lucky woman to have two hard cocks at her leisure and both Rob and I suggested she take advantage of the situation to which she just laughed.

Rob and I were on opposite sides of the hot tub with Kerri between us as we talked. It wasn't long before our drinks were gone and I stepped out of the hot tub to grab a fresh bottle for the three of us. As I was leaving the patio I could see my wife moving closer to Rob, moving to the point of body contact. As I came back from the house Rob and Kerri were locked together, standing in the center of the hot tub with the steam and vapor swirling around them. I watched as Rob's hands massaged my wife's tanned ass and in turn watched as my wife stroked Rob's hard cock. I sat down at our table as they continued their embrace, stroking my own cock as I delighted in the site of my wife with another man.

As they broke their kiss Rob asked my wife if she was ready for the shave now. Smiling her sexy smile Kerri took Rob by his hard cock and stepped up and out of the hot tub bringing him with her. As Kerri passed the table she reached for my hand and dragged me along with the two of them. We made our way through the house with Kerri still holding Rob's cock and me following in tow. As we climbed the stairs Kerri let go of Rob and he fell in behind her feeling her ass with each step she took. Moving through the master bedroom we made our way to the bathroom where Kerri stepped into the shower and turned on the water. I moved in behind my wife as Rob took a position in front of her. The water was cascading over the three of us as Kerri handed Rob her razor and told him to get to work.

While holding my wife's supple breasts in my hands and pressing my hard cock into the slit of her ass I watched as our friend Rob lathered up her blonde pussy. With the razor in his hand he delicately and slowly removed the hair from my wife's beautiful pussy. Starting at the top and working his way down to her luscious labia he cleaned every hair from her, leaving her completely shaved and glistening in the hot water. With his hands he rubbed her pussy while washing away the soapy water. His hands were soon replaced by his face as his tongue found my wife's clit, licking up and down and then sucking it into his mouth. While he continued licking my wife's pussy he slid one then two fingers into her now juicy box. I was kissing her neck and fondling her breasts while watching our friend give oral pleasure to my wife. The shower was cascading over my wife's beautiful tits as Rob continued finger fucking her and licking her clit.

My wife said she needed to be fucked and fucked good right away as she turned and offered her ass to our friend Rob. With the shower falling on her back I watched as our friend slid his cock into my wife's pussy while grabbing her by the hips. Kerri muffled her moans by taking my cock in her mouth while holding onto my thighs. Holding my wife's head in my hands as I pumped my hard cock into her mouth I smiled at Rob as he continued long deep strokes into her pussy. It wasn't long before I could feel myself starting to cum in my wife's mouth and she took every drop she could as I unloaded and held her face close to my dick. Rob was still fucking her and Kerri was becoming more vocal with each of his thrusts. As my cock softened and slipped from my wife's mouth I could hear Rob's breathing become more strained. As Kerri reached between her legs and began fondling our friend's nuts he started cumming deep in my wife's pussy. Each of Rob's thrusts was met by one of Kerri's. I was holding my wife up by her arms as our friend continued fucking her from behind. It wasn't long before my wife's orgasm joined with our friend Rob's as she took each of his thrusts while he pumped her pussy full of cum.

Kerri straightened up and gave me a long slow kiss; I could taste my own cum on her lips. Turning toward Rob she pressed her body close to his and began kissing him very passionately. Pressing against my wife's back I slipped one hand down between Kerri and Rob until I found her freshly fucked naked pussy. While Kerri and Rob continued kissing Kerri whispered back to me to lick her pussy. As my wife spread her legs I slipped down in the shower and between her legs. Looking up I could see her swollen pussy and my wife and Rob kissing beyond her hard nipples and supple breasts. Placing my face to her naked pussy I began by licking her pussy then moving to sucking her clit and pussy lips. My mouth was a mixture of my wife's cum mixed with Rob's as Kerri started grinding my face with another orgasm. I continued sucking her pussy as her legs quivered, her pussy pressing against my face. Next to my face Kerri was pumping Rob's cock back to life as the shower continued flowing over the three of us.

As Kerri gained her senses she turned around and shut off the shower. Stepping from the shower my wife grabbed a towel and headed for the bedroom as Rob and I clamored out of the shower behind her. By the time my wife dropped her towel next to the bed I was almost dry and Rob was not far behind me. Kerri asked me get her a glass of wine from the kitchen as she lay back on the bed with her legs slightly spread, a finger playing with her now clean and bare pussy. As I left the bedroom Rob was crawling up the bed kissing my wife's legs from her ankle to her tanned thighs. I took my time pouring the wine envisioning my wife with her pussy spread wide and our friend Rob with his face buried in her luscious box. I was not disappointed as I entered the bedroom where I found just what I had imagined. My wife laid back, pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers as our friend had her by the hips while licking her naked pussy. I sat the wine down on the nightstand and took a seat in our chair adjacent to the bed.

While stroking my own cock I watched as Rob finished licking my wife's pussy, raising himself up to his knees, revealing his hard cock. Rob moved up the bed and taking his cock in his hand he began pushing the head into Kerri's shiny pussy. My wife for her part spread her legs even wider and pulled Rob's head down to her swollen nipples. As Rob began fucking my wife he raised from her nipple and held himself above her as she once again began playing with her tits. Kerri was panting for Rob to fuck her hard and the slapping noise coming from the two of them just about drowned out their mutual panting and grunting. As Rob began fucking my wife faster I could tell Kerri was on the brink of another orgasm, her breathing becoming quicker and shallower. As my cum started spurting from my cock Kerri wrapped her arms around Rob, holding him tight as he shot another load of cum into her pussy.

From where I sat I could see the cum oozing from Kerri's freshly fucked box and as Rob rolled to his side his cock left behind a trail of mixed cum across my wife's thigh. After several minutes of relaxing Kerri said she was going to take a quick shower and headed toward the bathroom. Rob rolled off the bed and the two of us headed downstairs to wait for my wife. By the time Kerri joined us on the patio Rob had dressed and we were enjoying a glass of red wine. My wife appeared from the kitchen wearing a white satin baby doll negligee with a small white satin g-string panty. Rob and I rose to meet her, each of us taking a moment to kiss her and hold her and grope her. Rob thanked us for the wine, hot tub and shower as he made his good-byes. Kerri jokingly thanked Rob for the trim as she sat on my lap wrapping her arms around my neck. As my hand slowly ran up my wife's tanned stomach to her supple breasts we both wished Rob a good night and asked him to stop by again soon. We watched as our friend made his way out the front door, both of us looking forward to his return visit.

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