My Panties (Part 2 of 3)

The next morning I woke up late and it was the start of a new week, fortunately it was my day off from work again. Mark was at school setting up flyers for a fund raiser and my parents were going into the city to see a play. I opened my eyes and lied there in my bed thinking about what happened yesterday. I felt my attention refocusing on my laundry basket. I started thinking about Mark and Eddie stroking their dicks with my panties, and soaking them with their seed. I also thought about the four orgasms that my pussy had which saturated the white satin thongs I was still wearing, molding them to the shape my pussy. These thoughts had me so aroused I began slipping my fingers to my panties and began playing with my pussy. It’s been sometime since I got this worked up over something but it has been six months since breaking up with my boyfriend, and with school and work, I haven’t even thought about sex since the breakup.

After another fabulous orgasm I stood up, stripped off my shirt and took a look in the vanity mirror. I thought about the boys flattering comments about my body being smoking hot, and as I gazed into the mirror at my body wearing only a white thong they were are right. I am hot. I was extremely horny too and I walked over to my laundry basket and opened it.

I was curious about how my panties smelled, mostly because the two boys were really enjoying them so much. I picked up a pair of my panties, a yellow cotton brief pair and put them up to my nose. The smell of my pussy and ass was present but nothing awful as I would have expected. I picked up several other pairs and did the same, and then I came to the dark purple bikini panties my b*****r cum all over.

I looked at the white semi dried cum stain, and I brought the crotch of my favorite panties to my face so I could smell them. The mixture of my body with my b*****r’s salty cum smelled pretty dam good. My sexual urges took over and I was on auto pilot. I began to lick and suck my b*****rs cum from my favorite panties, and my pussy began aching in no time. My mouth wanted more, so I reached in and pulled out the two panties Eddie had last night and began licking them too. By far this is the naughtiest thing that I have ever done, and fingered myself to another body clenching orgasm.

I decided that later that day when Mark gets home I’m going make it look like I’m not home, with hopes of him coming into my room again for me to catch him jerking off with my panties like he did yesterday.

I left my white satin thong panties (the ones I wore yesterday and this morning) on top of the clothes hamper. I wrote him a note saying something about me going go out with some friends and that I would probably be home around 8pm tonight. I also mentioned that Mom and Dad would not be home until 10pm. This would give him a few good hours with my dirty white satin panties.

I parked my car done the street and quickly got back into the house. I saw Mark coming up the driveway so I hid in the linen closet just outside my bedroom. I cracked the door open so I could peek out in hopes to see Mark entering my bedroom. After he got in the door he must have read the letter as I saw him heading to my room. Once he entered he went straight for the hamper and picked up my dirty white satin thong panties. I watched as he quickly put them to his face and inhaled deeply. He uttered the works “Fuuuck these are so wet and ripe!” Mark quickly unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them and his boxers to the floor. Mark hard dick was pointing out into the open, as he grabbed another pair of my panties from the laundry basket, a green satin bikini panty and began to sniff those. Mark moved over to my bed to lean against. He began jerking off with the white satin panties from yesterday, while licking and sniffing my green panties. I watched him passionately lick them as if he was making out with them, while he was abusing my white satin thong; well more like my panties were being real fucked hard by his cock.

I decided I was gonna go walk in on him but I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do, but I took a deep breath, and as quietly as I could tip-toed to my room. I never took my eyes off of the panty pounding my thong was receiving. My b*****r was clueless of my approach as his eyes were completely covered by my panties on his face.

“Mark?” I said questionably.

He immediately froze. “Oh shit” he said as he yanked the panties from his face and quickly pulled up his pants and boxers as quickly as he could. Clumsily (as if I couldn’t see) he tried to toss both pairs of my panties back onto the hamper. He then turned around and slowly looked up at me. He had a panic and shame look in his eyes. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever but it was only a mere few seconds.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to walk in on you, I had no idea you were going to be in my room”. I said.

He opened his mouth and nothing came out “Mark; are you ok?” I asked

“I’m sorry s*s” was all he could mutter. I felt so sorry for him, but I easily could tell he was completely humiliated. I tired to console him by telling him that it was ok, and asked if he could leave since I just got home and wanted to change and shower (trying to blow it off like it’s no big deal).

He dropped his head and walked out with his head down, and the rest of the night he stayed in his room. After our parents came home we all sat at the dinner table, my b*****r was completely silent. “Mark honey are you ok, you are so quiet.” My mom asked. “Yeah Mom, I’m OK I’m just tired” he replied.

I was watching him until our eyes connected, and we exchanged smiles. A few hours after dinner I decided to knock on his bedroom door to see what his deal was. “Knock, Knock” I said. “Are you ok your not talking much” I inquired.

“I’m just so embarrassed about what happened earlier” he mentioned.

“Mark, don’t be embarrassed. It’s ok I’m not mad, but when did you start doing these things to my panties”.

“Well Eddie is into you, and offered me fifty dollars if I would let him come over and look at your panties.”

“Well I hope you didn’t let him”

“Why aren’t you answering; did he come over?” I asked (I giggled quietly)

“Yeah he did. I’m sorry.” he said “I let Eddie into your room and he was sniffing your underwear. He started pushing me to join in, and under the pressure I kind of did. It turns out I was kind of turned on a little bit, and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the material against my skin. As for today, I had those same urge came back and I wanted to do it again”.

“Well it’s pretty gross and perverted, my gosh I’m your s****r”. However you are my b*****r, and I love you. You know I’m always here for you and if needed I’m here to help you. I guess being a boy you have weird kinds of perversions, or fetishes, or any other kind of weird interest. So I guess you can come into my room and play with my panties if you want, but as long as that truly makes you feel better, ok?”

“What? You have no problem with this? He asked.

“You’re my b*****r so no I have no problem with it”. I replied.

“Oh that makes me feel so happy Tiffany, would you mind if I do it now? I know Mom and Dad went to bed?” he asked

“Sure but I only have one rule. When you do it I need to be around, that means no more sneaking into my room”. I said

“OK I understand”.

We quietly went down the hall to my bedroom trying not to make too much noise. When we got there I put on a movie and locked my bedroom door just encase one of my parents woke up and tried to walked in on us.

Before I could turn around Mark walked over to my hamper and grabbed the white satin thong he had earlier and began sniffing them.

I quickly walked over to him and grabbed them from his hand “Let me see them you perv.” I said laughing and brought them to my face and began sniffing them as well.

“Mmm they do smell good!” I then handed my panties back to him.

We both giggled silently and sat down.

“So baby b*****r how often do you play with yourself” I asked

“Oh god at least 3 times a day” he said

“Are you going to tell that perverted friend of yours that I caught you today?”

“Who… Eddie? Well I wasn’t planning on it” he said “Man he wants you so bad”.

“Do you think I should let him fuck me?” I asked

“Yeah, he would love that, and I would get to watch”

“What do you mean you would get to watch?”

“Eddie told me that if he ever got you in the sack he wanted me to hold your legs apart while he fucked you.” he said.

“Oh he did now, did he?”

“Well I guess I can say for sure that it’s never going to happen”.

There was a long pause, and then I looked into his eyes with a big smile.

“Ok little b*****r lets make this more interesting, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours” I said

He smiled back “Hell Yeah!”

We both sat there for a minute and then I finally said “So who goes first?” I said shyly.

“Well you did see mine already earlier today, so you have to show me yours” he said.

“Ok but you have to show me yours again as I didn’t get a good enough look at it today” I retorted. He nodded in agreement. I got up on my knees and faced him. I slowly unbuttoned my jeans slid them down revealing pink satin V-String panties. His eyes grew, and his mouth opened, that was my queue to pull my panties down and let my b*****r to get a good look of my neatly trimmed pussy. He just stared at it for about 30 seconds. I pulled my panties and pants back up, re-buttoned and sat down.

“Ok now your turn” I said

He got on his knees unzipped his pants let his jeans and boxer fall to the floor, allowing his hard penis to popped out. He had a nice sized pecker, and I looked at it for about a minute before he redressed.

“Mom and Dad we’ll be gone till late tomorrow night, would you mind if I bring Eddie over” he asked

“Sure” I said, does that mean your going to tell him?

“Yeah I guess I am, I may even tell him that I saw your pussy tonight too”. He’s going to be so jealous” he said

“OK, well tell him that if he comes over and treats me right that maybe, maybe will let him see my pussy too”

“SWEET! He’s going to be so happy!”

OK Mark I got to call it a night I got to work in the morning.

OK goodnight.

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2 years ago
this story's getting interesting
2 years ago
Great this was awesome and so sexy to think about
2 years ago
Wow great series so far!