My wife and the hot tub! Pt2

At the same time she was stroking his cock with her wedding ring hand. I saw her ring sparkle as her hands slid up and down his now fully erect penis.

Fernando placed his hands on the back of Sonja's head and gently moved his hips back and forth, matching the rhythm of Sonja's warm, moist mouth; she placed a hand on his buttock and gently squeezed it whilst her other hand fondled his balls. Pre-cum was oozing from his cock, after a short while Fernando withdrew his cock from Sonja's mouth, it glistened from the mixture of her saliva and his own juices.

Fernando pulled Sonja to her feet and pushed her onto her back on the bed. Then he knelt on the floor, pulled her towards him until her ass was on the edge of the bed, and began rubbing his cock on her pussy. It was hard to take my eyes off the sight of his big cock working its way into my wife's pussy, but I did not glance up once from the camera to see if Fernando was watching me.

He pulled her towards him, rubbed his cock between her lips and I watched intently as he slowly yet f***efully penetrated deep inside her pussy. He began to slowly push in and out of her; she threw her head back, her knees against her shoulders, pelvis pointing towards the ceiling, becoming one big warm pink funnel waiting to be filled. They unabashedly groaned, gasped and whispered as the most arousing sounds filled the room.

"Oh, your cock is good, yeah." she muttered as she pulled him inside her.

"I can feel it deep inside my cunt," she groaned.

Watching all this, at first I had a rush of excitement and extreme jealousy which I have never experienced before. The thoughts racing through my mind were intense to say the least, but as I relaxed and got into it, it became even more erotic for me as I looked into the camera viewer screen and watched what was unfolding.

I watched as she wrapped her legs over the back of his knees, so that she had better leverage and could grind her pelvis against his. Fernando seemed to be able to control himself and fuck as long as he wanted.

After several minutes of traditional fucking, Fernando got up on his knees and put my wife's legs up over his shoulders. I guessed that he was getting in even deeper this way and it brought forth some even deeper moans.

I watched as she shuddered and ground her pelvis upwards to push against him. She looked over towards me, I wasn't sure she actually saw me, but I definitely identified what I saw in her eyes: defiance, bemusement, fire and petulance.

She knew I was watching and knew I was shaken to the core by her behavior, and she didn't care. In fact, something in her eyes told me—without question—that she had a toy chest full of more mischief, more indiscretion, more salaciousness than I could possibly imagine.

Fernando turned her over, and got on the bed behind her.

"I'm going to take you from behind like the bitch in heat that you are!" he proclaimed.

Sonja's head was down as he entered her from the rear, her head jerked up, her face red and covered in sweat. He started to gently seesaw his cock in and out of her cunt, not going deeper, but building up a good rhythm.

Sonja began to respond, enjoying the feel of his fat cock filling her up. I could hear the squelch as his cock slid ever more easily into her hole.

"You are one wet lady," Fernando gasped as he thrust with more power, and eight inches of fat meat sank into her.

As he reamed into her, pulling on her hips to increase his power, her face contorted with wild pleasure.

"Yes . . . Yeeesss ... Oooh fucking hell Yeeesss! I can feel your cock all the way up . . . ooohhh . . . fuck . . .fuck . . . fuuuuuck! Fuck me harder . . . harder . . Shoot your sperm up me . . . give me your spunk . . . give it to me now . . . oooohhhhh!" she pleaded.

Fernando went into overdrive, grunting through clenched teeth, as he shortened his stroke.

At that same moment she began thrashing around like an impaled a****l.

"Here it comes baby . . . Oh yes here it cooooomes! . . . Aaaaaaaah!" she moaned.

"God woman, I can feel you cum, your flooding, you're ejaculating round my cock!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

I could see the base of his cock imbedded into her cunt, and oozing round the sides of his shaft, her juices. He waited for the frenzy to subside.

Fernando withdrew until only his knob was embedded, and then began to slowly, rhythmically, pump his cock in and out of her dripping cunt. Then I heard the telltale slap, as his balls banged into her ass cheeks. He was all the way inside her, Sonja was now wailing. With one huge thrust he pulled Sonja on to his cock and held her.

"God! . . . oooh God," Sonja whimpered, shaking and trembling, as she was speared on his great pole.

Looking straight at me, with wide startled eyes, she whispered, "I can feel his cock twitching inside me."

They began to fuck in earnest, Fernando thrusting powerfully, his large shaft disappearing into her tight pussy. I could see between his thighs as the shaft pushed in, and her cunt lips spread to accommodate his enormous girth.

On one stroke, he pulled out too far with a loud plopping sound, to reveal Sonja's cunt, gaping open and slightly pulsating as if trying to pull his cock back in.

He jumped up and flipped her on her back again. He moved on top of Sonja and started pushing his cock deep inside her now ready to breed her. She opened her legs wide in surrender to him, who would not be denied now. His hormones were taking control and he was pounding harder, faster and deeper. It was clear the she felt him pounding on the door of her baby incubator.

His sperm filled balls were like hammers as they slapped her naked bottom. She was holding him tight so as not to miss a stroke and pushed hard up toward him to receive all he had. They were twisting and thrusting and pulling on each other as their passions reached a peak.

She was now holding Fernando as tight as she could and screaming at him, "Breed me, Breed you fucker," she screamed and then dug her fingernails into his butt.

He was driving her crazy with his fucking now. She had passed into a sexual realm without definition. Her eyes looked darker, possessed by something demonic and bewitching a predatory b**st that needed to be fed. What I was witnessing soared beyond the boundaries of "slut" and pushed firmly into the world of sex goddess, it was a spiritual moment almost like a dream.

I watched between their legs as his cock worked in and out of my wife's cunt. I could see the wet, white, and creamy looking foam of her cum all around his cock and running down the crack of her ass!

Fernando began to pick up speed and I knew he was close to his orgasm. He gave a few more deep strokes, and then he pushed in as deep as he could get, while letting out a deep moan. He held it there as he dumped his load of cum up my wife's cunt! I saw his asshole pucker and his nut sack twitch as he filled my wife's cunt with his load. I watched as his cum over flowed and seeped out around his cock to run down her crack and drip onto the bed.

Fernando was now grunting and thrusting with all his might. He made one last hard thrust and held it as she milked the last drop from his cock. They both collapsed onto the bed exhausted as they lay together holding on to each other. I could see Fernando was proud of his performance.

"Thanks sugar, you drove me out of my mind when you started shooting you sperm in me. That was so hot! I loved every bit of it. I think we need to do that again," Sonja said as she looked at Fernando.

Fernando laid on top of my wife a few minutes, savoring the feeling of her hot, cum filled pussy around his cock, as he told her how much he had enjoyed that, and they kissed a couple of times. Then he pulled out of her.

"Do you like what you see?" She asked as she glanced directly over at me where I was still holding the camera in my hand.

Then she exposed me to a view of her swollen gaping lips. She was stretched wide open; I could gaze inside her and see a stream of sperm running out her vagina.

Seeing another man's cum in my wife's pussy was difficult for me to deal with it, it was like a primal trigger I had never experienced before. The look and significance of it was overwhelming, it was like a subliminal message going off in my head; I wanted to mount her and deposit my own sperm inside her.

I had a strong a****listic drive to overwhelm his seed with my own semen so I could be the one to impregnate her. I wanted to fuck the shit out her right then and there probably more so than I ever wanted fuck her before. I was so turned on and consumed with lust for her I could not believe it.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by her voice saying, "so what do think sweetie?"

I just looked down at screen of the camera not wanting to make eye contact not sure how I might react, "You were incredible babe," I replied smiling nervously.

She reached down and slid a couple of her fingers into her sopping wet pussy loving the feeling of her well fucked cunt full of another man's cum. She pulled her wedding ring hand out covered in cum and stuck her fingers in her mouth; she did it slowly, savoring the taste. Her tongue seemed extra-long, extra agile as she scooped up the globs of semen. It just looked incredibly erotic as she swallowed every drop.

I walked over to her and she looked up to me with a broad smile on her face.

"You were really fucking hot babe, you have been a perfect slut tonight and I love you for it," I told her.

I took a couple of close up pictures of his cum oozing out of her pussy. She was looking at me with her sly bedroom eyes.

Fernando got up from the bed walked over and picked up his drink. He told me what a great fuck my wife had been and thanked me for the opportunity. I felt a bit of inner pride that this other man had found "my wife" so erotic and sexually appealing! I thanked him.

Sonja got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. She came out a few minutes later looking tired but well satisfied with a smile on her face and a look in her eyes like she was off in another world.

We all went back out into the living room after getting a drink. Fernando and Sonja sat down on the sofa, I sat in a large chair and Katie came over and sat down beside me, it had only been 30-45 minutes since she had fucked me, and I could still smell the mixture of our juices and I could see that she was still swollen and wet, and tender from the pounding I gave her!

"That master bed is a mess it's a good thing we have two extra bedrooms. I think we should keep the same partners for the whole night what do you guys think about that? " Katie said as she looked over at Fernando.

"Sound good to me although I am not sure how much more playing around we are going to be able to do tonight this lady took everything out of me," Fernando replied.

Katie and I went into one of the extra bedroom and Fernando and Sonja to the other; Katie and I took a shower and then fell asl**p or in my case passed out.

Since that night we have had many other swinging experiences and have enjoyed our new found lifestyle. My wife has turned out to be the "HOT Wife" I always knew she could be and our marriage has become stronger and we have grown closer as a result of our sexual escapades.

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fab x fab x fab x
2 years ago
Got my cock hard. Nuff said!!
3 years ago
So damn HOT. I'm tired from just reading about the evening. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Very Hott!! We loved it!!
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Very hot story!