Wife Gets Fucked While Unconcious

I had always known that several of our friends were attracted to my wife. Although she is now 33 she still has a body that puts most chicks in their 20’s to shame. She stands 5’4” and weighs 115 pounds. She has the absolute hottest tightest ass that is tight and firm. She has 34 A tits with nice sized nipples and her tits are firmer than most much younger girls. She takes good care of herself and looks fantastic, it was not too long ago we went out one night and she got carded.

The guys would hang out at our house and gawk at my wife every opportunity that they had. During the summer when she would be floating out in our pool wearing her bikini they would literally line up to catch a glimpse. She always said I was crazy and that they would never find her even remotely attractive. I always enjoyed the attention she received knowing that she had such appeal to guys and took every opportunity to encourage it. I would intentionally pull her suit while in the pool to give them little glimpses of her goodies among other things.

I had to travel away from home for business one week and watched the house while away through the high tech security system and camera monitoring that I had installed. I was away on a Saturday night and was watching and listening to my hot little wife as she floated around the pool. In the drive I saw two of my buddies pull up in their car. Kevin and Mitchell walked to the door and rang the bell with no answer since our guys were gone. They walked around back and I heard them comment about my wife’s body as they saw her in the pool. They approached and asked if I was home. Floating on her raft sipping on a wine sprinter she greeted them in her usual friendly innocent way and told them I was out of town and she was by herself. She made small talk with them asking them what they were doing among making other chit chat.

Both guys were eternally horny. My wife did not think that these two even knew or thought about sex more less that they were turned on by her. They asked her if they could get a drink while they were there before heading out and she cheerfully got out of the pool and went into the kitchen to prepare a cold beer for them. As she shut the door I watched as Kevin took a bottle from his pocket and put a small pill into her wine glass. He and Mitchell both laughed and said tonight was their lucky night. As Britney walked back out carrying two beer bottles they thanked her and sat down. Britney got back into the pool and onto her float taking her drink. She took a sip and made a face saying it tasted funny causing both guys to look alarmed. She smiled and said that warm wine and flat beer always tasted funny and then took the glass and drank the remainder quickly. She got back out of the pool and prepared herself another drink and went back to float around.

I watched as my wife talked with the guys and her speech grew incomprehensible. She laid her head back in the float and stopped responding to the guys before they both stripped down and got into the water. They shook her and talked to her with no response and then both exchanged high fives with each other and Mitchell saying “let’s have some real fun now.” Kevin replied that they had 8 hours before she would wake up and then he pulled her suit top up over her tit expressing his delight to Mitchell. He tweaked her nipple bent over and kissed her fully on the lips and then sucked her hardened nipple into his mouth. “Damn this bitch is hot” he exclaimed as he took his mouth from her nipple. I could see that both guys were sporting impressive erections. Kevin looked to be larger than Mitchell but both guys were 6+ inches long. Kevin also had a huge set of balls that hung low from his groin. Kevin was about 6’ tall and very thin. He had blond dyed hair that he kept spiked and gelled. Mitchell was shorter at about 5’8” and about 160 pounds with shoulder length brown hair. The guys talked about what they should do next and finally decided to take her into the house so as to not get caught. They picked her up from the side of the pool and Kevin carried her into the house.

Once inside Kevin laid Britney down onto the kitchen table while Mitchell went around and locked the doors and shut blinds around the house. Nobody was aware of the camera and sound system I had installed so after checking out the windows and doors they felt secure. Kevin again kissed her on the lips and then on the neck working his way down to her breasts. He unclasped her top in the center of her tits and pushed the top off her pulling it over her head. He stared at her tits for a minute and then told Mitchell that he had seen them once before when she and I were in the pool splashing at each other and I “accidentally” pulled her top up for a second. Both guys took a nipple and played with them before taking them into their mouths and sucking on them. Kevin ran his hands over her flat stomach and pushed into the top of her bottoms.

Kevin left Mitchell to suck on my wife’s nipples as he pulled her bottoms off her hips and down her legs leaving them on the floor. He stared in amazement at her black patch of pubic hair covering her sweet pussy. “Shit, look at that” he exclaimed. Kevin asked him if it was the first girl he had ever seen naked and he insisted she was not. But from the sound of both guys I knew this was their first time.

Britney does not shave her mound but she does keep her pubic hair trimmed relatively short during the summer months when she wears a bikini. She has an ample patch of thick black curly hair from just below her bikini line and trimmed about 3/4 of an inch from the creases of her legs. The hair extends to just above her clitoral hood to the line where she had laser treatments to remove all the hair from around her puffy little vaginal lips and her tight little starfish puckered anus.

Kevin ran his fingers through her hair as Mitchell crawled up on top of the table. He took his hand and pushed her mouth open and then pushed his cock into her open mouth. He moved for a second and then started groaning and locked his muscles staying still for a few seconds. He finally pulled his cock from her mouth leaving a trail of thick white cum stringing from the tip of his cock head back to my wife’s sweet mouth. “Oh man, you creamed her mouth” Kevin said excitedly. Mitchell stood at the side of the table holding his half limp cock and asked Kevin “what are we going to do now?”

Kevin replied “Hell, we just started. This hot little slut is our sex slave for the night. We are going to fuck all of her holes before were done dude.” Kevin then crawled up onto the table and pushed her mouth open sticking his cock inside. As Britney tried to close her mouth attempting to swallow Kevin briefly mouth fucked her for about 30 seconds before he too exploded in her mouth pulling out and covering her cute little face with his hot white cum. Both guys stood at the end of the table looking at their conquest with their partially limp slimy cocks dangling. Kevin told Mitchell he wanted to play with her ass and they picked her up off the table carrying her into the living room.

Inside the living room the guys stood my wife up leaning her over the back of my recliner. Kevin pushed her cheeks apart as far as he could leaving both her little pussy and tight ass crudely exposed to their open view. Kevin tried to spread her legs but her weight kept moving them back to their original location. He told Mitchell to go find something to tie her up with and Mitchell left returning with a handful of my ties. They tied her ankles to opposite ends of the base of the recliner. They then rested her weight onto her hips on the top of the recliner causing her to be fully opened and exposed. Kevin rubbed her firm cheeks for a few minutes telling Mitchell she had the best ass he had ever seen. Kevin tried to stick his finger into her pussy and then pushed it around the opening of her tight ass. He could not get in because she was dry so he knelt between her spread legs and licked his tongue around her puckered anal opening. His cock was back to full hardness and looked to be leaking pre-cum as he spent the next five minutes alternating between licking her pussy and anus darting his tongue into each hole.

Mitchell was at the front of the chair pinching and playing with Britney’s nipples and trying in vain to get his hard again cock into her mouth. Due to the position they had her in he was never able to get inside her. He finally told Kevin he wanted to check out her ass and they exchanged positions. Kevin went into the kitchen and got into the refrigerator pulling out a medium sized cucumber from the vegetable drawer. He returned and told Mitchell he wanted to try something cool. He took the vegetable and easily pushed it into my wife’s sweet pussy causing her puffy little lips to spread to accept the foreign object. Despite being out as Kevin used the vegetable to fuck her she moved her hips to meet the thrusts. This alarmed the guys and they stopped for a few minutes and then tried to awaken her in vain. When they satisfied themselves that she was out they joked about how hot she was and how bad she wanted them.

Kevin pulled the cucumber from my wife’s pussy and replaced it with his cock. He started slowly pulling out and then pushing back in while is stuck his forefinger into her ass. Again, it was only a matter of less than a minute before Kevin hollered out and started cumming inside my wife’s pussy. He stayed inside her until his cock grew limp and fell out leaving a pool of cum oozing from between her lips. “You got to try this pussy man.” He told Mitchell. Mitchell wasted no time in pushing his dick into her now used full pussy. Due to the slickness of her cum filled hole Mitchell was able to build up a little more steam and had got into a rhythm before he too pushed deep into her and emptied his ball sack inside her pussy. Both guys stood back and admired the river of hot cum that was now leaking from my wife’s still tight pussy. Again they exchanged high fives and got themselves a drink to bask in their afterglow and brag on their accomplishment leaving my wife exposed and spread over the backrest of our recliner.

The guys left her in her position and made their way outside to the pool. They stayed outside for about 20 minutes before coming back inside for more action. This time Mitchell took the lead and said he always wanted to get vengeance and to spank a mom. He walked behind my wife and swatted her firmly on the cheeks leaving a red hand print on her cheek. He seemed pretty impressed with himself and repeated the action several times leaving both her upturned cheeks with multiple hand prints. Kevin was busy rubbing her body and telling Mitchell how great she was and that they needed to do this every week. Mitchell was getting worked up with his spanking action and tried to push his cock into her ass. He bent over and started circling her anus with his tongue and ended up licking her pussy again oblivious to the mixture of cum leaking from her in his enhanced state of lust. Mitchell finally was able to work his cock into my wife’s tight little anal opening as Kevin managed to crawl into a kneeling position in the front of the recliner trying to hold Britney’s head and work his cock into her mouth not making much progress.

Mitchell had cum twice in the past hour and despite my wife having an extremely tight ass he was able to build up some in and out action that almost made him look like he knew what he was doing as he pistoned in and out of my wife’s sweet upturned red ass. Once he finally did achieve a climax he deposited his small amount of cum onto the opening of my wife’s little ass. Once he pulled his cock out her ass closed up instantly and did not look like it had ever been penetrated except for the puddle of cum pooled near the opening. Kevin got up and said he wanted to spank her also because he thought it was really hot to be spanking somebody else’s mom. He said that he always got spanked over his moms knee so he wanted to give it to her the same way.

The guys untied my hot little wife and carried her to our bedroom. Kevin sat on the edge of the bed and Mitchell help lay Britney over his lap. The first few swats were relatively light and did not leave a mark. He rubbed her cheeks and then made me jump as he pulled back and landed a firm smack onto her upturned cheek making a loud slapping noise. I could see the red mark raise almost immediately as Kevin took another swing. He gave her a barrage of bare handed slaps that each caused her ass to increase their crimsoned hue. After he satisfied himself of his handiwork he had Mitchell help in getting my wife into a hands and knees position with her ass high in the air. Mitchell sat up with his legs spread to her sides and his cock in her face while Kevin lined up behind her pushing his cock into her ass fast and deep. Mitchell had his cock buried to the balls inside her mouth as he pinched her nipples and Kevin held onto her hips and bucked and thrashed as hard and wild as he could. After he reached his orgasm he pulled out and shot his thick steam of cum over her cheeks and back. The f***e of his eruption caused some of his jizz to overshoot my wife’s body and hit Mitchell square on the chin and chest. As Mitchell began to cuss he lost him load into her mouth.

The whole trio collapsed with Mitchell underneath my wife and Kevin lying on top of her with his cock pushed back into her butt. I heard snoring from the room and for the next two hours they all slept like babies in a naked heap. The guys woke up around 4 in the morning and got nervous about cleaning up so they would not be caught. They finally decided that all the their mixed cum was on my wife’s body and their own. None had reached the sheets. In the living room they moved the recliner back to cover the tracks on the floor. They then took her back outside to the pool and got her into the water and up on her float. They did not do a real good job and redressing her but made an attempt. They washed themselves in the pool and then both guys kissed her deeply and got out dressing and leaving. She spent the next hours floating around the pool until she woke up groggy the next morning after the sun had rose. She studied her swim suit curiously and then got out of the pool walking a little stiff.

When I called her that day she told me that she had the wildest dream last night. She said she dreamed she was having wild sex with a couple guys and that it seemed like they were somebody she knows. She told me how when she woke she must have fallen asl**p in the pool and her bikini had got all twisted around and her butt was red and sore. She chalked it up to sl**ping in the pool water on the float and commented about not knowing what was in the wine. I never said anything to her about what had transpired.

Two weeks later both Kevin and Mitchell were over at the house to do some odd jobs for me. I made it a point to get Britney into the bedroom and after building up her lust all day conveniently left the outer door to our bedroom open as we made love. Britney was standing up against the wall away from the door and had her legs spread and her hands up on the wall. I was down between her legs licking her pussy and ass as she moaned and begged me to be inside her. I stood up with my targets watching intently and slapped her firm cheek telling her I was going to fuck her hot little ass and make her scream. She was gyrating her hips and saying “yes fuck my ass baby, please fuck me in the ass now.” I lined up and pushed my cock into her making her grunt and then start bucking her hips wildly meeting my thrusts. We continued for about 8 or 9 minutes before I emptied my hot load deep into her. We lay across the bed and she talked about how that was the best sex she had in a long time.

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2 years ago
Hot!! Nice story!!
2 years ago
3 years ago
awful story. You call these sleeze bags friends? if this happened for real I sure hope you hunted them down and fucked them with baseball bats; bastards
3 years ago
anymore stories?
3 years ago
very hot made me jackoff
3 years ago
Another great story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Great story. The wifey loved it too. Keep em cunning!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Fantastic story-those guys can spike my wine every day, lol!!!
Ann xxx!!!