Fun Time with a d***k s****r

Bart, an eighteen year old high school senior, can't wait to get out of his parents house and go away to college. Being a typical suburban teen he is anxious to spread his wings and explore the world without his parents constantly looking over his shoulder. Another reason that Bart can't wait to move out is his s****r, Britney. She is only a year older than him but being the more mature one he ended up living in her shadow because she demanded so much attention from his parents. It wasn't so much that she wasn't smart, but she was just plain lazy and had always been more interested in boys and going to parties than she was in studying.

Eventually their parents realized that Britney wasn't going to live up to their expectations and they decided to do whatever they could to ensure that she made something of herself. When she started getting bad grades in high school their parents couldn't afford a tutor so they asked Bart to help her out. It was a good thing that he was in so many advanced placement classes because he managed to help her get her grades high enough to graduate. Graduating high school is one thing but getting into college was a whole other problem. After sending out applications to every possible option Britney ended up going to the only school that would take her - Smithson Community College.

Britney, now a college freshman, still lives at home with her parents while she tries to save up for an apartment of her own. So far it hasn't been working out very well for her. In her first semester alone she was fired from three separate jobs. Stuck in a small town putting up with his loser of a s****r Bart couldn't wait to finally get away.

Ever since Britney started college she turned into an even bigger party a****l. She goes out with her current boyfriend Scott, lately it seems like there is a new guy every other week, every weekend and stumbles home piss d***k. Her father had pretty much given up on Britney at this point but had none the less given her an ultimatum that if she came home d***k one more time he was taking her car away. Normally Bart tried to stay out of his s****r's business as much as possible but this was a major problem for him too. He didn't have a car of his own and since Britney usually got rides from her boyfriends she would let him drive her car whenever he needed. He just couldn't stand the thought of losing his only means of getting out of the house so he sat down with his s****r and made her promise to lay off the partying for at least a few weeks until their dad had a chance to cool off.

This night was just like any other at the house. Bart's parents were in bed by 10 o'clock and he stayed up watching a movie with his girlfriend Heather. They had been dating for a few months but she still wanted to take things slow and hadn't yet let him go all the way yet. After the movie, Heather went home and Bart stayed up to clean up a little before going to bed.

It was about 1:30am when he heard a car door slam followed by the sound of someone struggling with keys at front door. It had to be Britney. He couldn't let her wake up their parents so he ran over and opened the door for her. Britney was so d***k she could barely stand up. She stood in the entryway fumbling with her keys even as he stood in front of her in the open doorway.

"Shhhh..." Bart put his finger to her mouth trying to get her to keep quiet.

"Dawn't ssshhhh meee. This is myyy house too..." Her slurred speak trailed off as she staggered through the door.

His s****r clearly needed his help. Bart grabbed her by the arm and led her inside the house. By the time he managed to close the door Britney was clutching tightly onto him with both hands. Bart guided his s****r through the living room to the stairs but had to struggle to get her to go where he wanted. At the base of the stairs Britney turned to her b*****r and with half-closed eyes slurred "I had such a good time tonight Scott" before her head flopped over onto his shoulder.

Bart couldn't believe that his s****r was so d***k that she mistook him for her boyfriend Scott. He was relieved at least that now that she was passed out he wouldn't have to worry about her making any noise, the problem now was getting her up the stairs. Britney was a good 10 inches shorter than her younger b*****r and he didn't think that she could possibly weigh very much so Bart bent down and with one arm behind her knees and the other behind her back he scooped her up into his arms. Bart slowly managed to carry his s****r up the stairs without making a sound. With both hands occupied he awkwardly fumbled with her door knob when he felt his s****r starting to stir in his arms. When he finally pushed the door open her paused briefly to look down at her and saw that she was staring up into his eyes. Bart felt his s****r's hands holding on to his chest as he carried her into her bedroom. Approaching her bed she made her move. In the blink of an eye Britney lifted her head up and kissed Bart on the lips. Using her hands she pulled his head down to meet hers and began to make out with her little b*****r.

Startled, Bart tried to pull his head back but her grip was too tight and his s****r continued to sloppily kiss him. He dropped her onto her bed but her grip on him pulled him down as well. Britney bounced back against her bed while her b*****r fell to the floor. His s****r was clearly awake now. Britney began laughing as soon as she hit her mattress. Bart looked up from the floor and saw his s****r staring back at him with wild eyes and tussled hair. Britney rose to her knees and pulled her shirt over her head. Throwing her shirt across the room she lost balance and fell back down landing in the middle of her bed giggling. She landed on her back facing Bart wearing just a pink lace bra and a short denim skirt. Britney's legs were spread out wide enough for her b*****r to clearly see her bright pink lace panties that matched her bra.

Bart was in shock as he stared at his d***ken s****r with her legs splayed out exposing herself to him. He never had any sexual thoughts about his s****r but that was rapidly starting to change. Britney is a petite girl, only about 5'2", with short blond hair and a very firm body. Bart's penis started growing in his pants while he stared at his half naked d***ken s****r lying on her bed.

Bart slowly got himself up while sexual thoughts of his s****r ran through his head. Britney moved so that she was sitting on the edge of her bed and reached out for her b*****r. He nervously stepped forward unsure of what he was doing. Britney took the initiative and reached out for his shorts with both hands. In an instant she pulled his shorts and underwear down his legs releasing his raging hard on. The tip of Bart's cock smacked against his s****r's face as she leaned forward to pull down his pants. He looked down at her and saw that she was staring hungrily into his eyes. He had never seen that kind of look in his s****r's eyes before. Turning her face down Britney opened her mouth and lowered it onto her younger b*****r's penis. She reached up and grabbed his hips with both hands pulling him into her waiting mouth.

Bart couldn't believe that his s****r was sucking his cock. He tried to rationalize that she didn't know who he was and he wouldn't be able to get her to stop without her realizing what she had done, so he couldn't stop her now. The reality was that he was enjoying it. He started to see this as payback for all of the crap that she made him put up with.

He quickly realized that she had plenty of experience sucking cock because she wasted no time and managed to take his whole shaft into her mouth with each thrust. Britney worked her tongue around his cock as he slid in and out of her mouth.

"Ohhhhh Britney, that feels so good." He was trying to remain silent but he couldn't help it.


Since Bart hadn't had a blowjob in a long time he felt like he was getting close to cumming after only a few seconds when his s****r pulled her mouth off of his cock and looked up at him with a wicked smile. As soon as she pulled her mouth off of him his cock erupted shooting a ribbon of cum through the air hitting her on her face. She seemed to enjoy this turn of events and threw her head back pushing her chest out at her b*****r as he shot another stream of cum which landed on her neck and chest. A third shot of cum flew through the air and hit his s****r on her stomach.

While Bart stood there with his throbbing cock slowly softening his s****r scrambled back up onto her bed. She threw herself onto her back facing him and began to strip. First she took off her bra, tossing it at her b*****r. It hit him on his chest before falling to the floor. She then she slid her panties down her legs and tossed them to the side.

Bart took in the sight of his s****r stretched out on her bed waiting for him. She looked amazing with her perky cum covered tits pushed out at him and her legs spread wide offering him a perfect view of her pussy. She pulled the hem of her skirt up around her waist and slid her hand between her legs. Bart watched as his s****r proceeded to finger herself in front of him. After a few minutes of watching his s****r masturbating she looked at him and said "Oh Scott, I need your cock inside of me NOW!"

Even though Bart had just came he was already getting hard again watching his s****r's cum soaked breasts bouncing as she vigorously fucked herself with her hand. Bart ripped his shirt off and crawled between his s****r's legs pushing her hand out of the way. He pushed his face onto her dripping pussy and bathed her with his tongue. Her tight curls of blond pubic hair were already matted down against her bare flesh from her own juices.

"I love it when you eat my pussy Scott. Don't stop!"

With that encouragement he let his tongue glide across the length of her pussy slowly working his tongue from side to side pushing her pussy lips apart. His s****r's pussy juices tasted go good he just couldn't get enough. Britney's clit rubbed against her b*****r's nose when he pushed he tongue inside of her. He shook his head from side to side rubbing her clit with his nose while he ate her out. Britney's thighs wrapped around his face as she let out another moan. Bart could taste his s****r's cream dripping out of her as he continued to work his tongue around her pussy. Britney's tight pussy pulsated under his mouth while she came.

Bart kept licking his s****rs sopping wet pussy until after her orgasm subsided. Britney pulled him up by his head positioning him on top of her. She pulled his face to hers and pushed her tongue into her b*****r's mouth. Bart felt his own warm sticky cum rubbing against his face he kissed his s****r. His cock was already pressing against her waiting pussy and he entered her with one hard thrust. Britney let out a deep moan as her b*****r's cock penetrated deep inside of her tight pussy.

Bart worked his mouth down her neck before realizing that he was licking up his own cum that still covered her body. At this point he couldn't stop and kept pounding his cock into his older s****r's pussy while moving his mouth onto her breast gently biting her nipple. Britney moaned again as he bit her. Bart rolled her nipple between his lips pressing down hard every time she made a noise. He moved his hand to her other breast and massaged her soft skin while her body writhed beneath him.

"Oh Scott, your cock feels so big tonight. Fuck me like an a****l!"

Bart's next thrust was even harder as he pounded his petite s****r with his rock hard cock. He could tell from her panting that she was getting close to another orgasm and so was he. Bart began to slam his body into hers as hard as he could. Their sweating thighs slapped against each other to the rhythm of their fucking. Feeling like he was about to cum Bart grabbed his s****r's waist in his hands and pushed as far inside of her as he could manage. Her pussy suddenly wrapped tightly around his rock hard cock causing him to cum. He shot another load of cum into his s****r while her pussy continued to massage his cock.

Bart slowed his pace as he finished cumming and looked down at his s****r only to realize that she was already passed out under him. He pulled his cock out of her and stood up staring down at his s****r's sweating naked cum soaked body spread across her bed. He could see his cum dripping out of her pussy into a puddle between her legs.

Bart gathered up his clothes, but before leaving he pulled out his cell phone and took a few pictures of his naked s****r as a keepsake. Leaving her there he crept down the hall to his own bedroom. Bart drifted off to sl**ping thinking about all the fun he would have the next time she came home d***k after a night out with Scott.

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he he nice story
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Loved it!!
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good story! Thanks!!
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awsomeee great story
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Another Hot story. Thanks
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One Hot Story!!Hope for another chapter.
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She deserved it and who are you to not oblige a drunk girl wanting to have sex.. Way to go and the pics was a good touch for future...