My Wifes First Time Threesome - Pt2

In less than a minute, his dick got firm and hard. Now she could only go down on him a little over half way. He had to be at least 8 or nine inches long. It was his thickness and girth that surprised me and my wife. He was as wide as a beer can. My wife’s fingers couldn’t wrap all the way around his dick. Suddenly Joey reached under my wife’s chest and started groping and squeezing her tits. Heidi loves having her tits rubbed down, so I wasn’t surprised by her reaction. She was in heaven with him massaging her bouncy titties. I could tell she liked what he was doing because she stopped stoking my cock, and only squeezed it every now and then.
After about a minute of her squeezing my cock and watching her suck Joey’s dick, I lost it. I exploded in my wife’s hand. I was momentarily in afterglow, when I caught them both looking at me in contempt and disgust. My wife rubbed my cum off her hand on the bedspread. Joey just shook his head, and stood up on the side of the bed. My wife asked me to change the sheets, and then she got down on her knees in front of Joey and started giving him the blowjob of his life.
I didn’t want to leave the room, because I was so turned on by the action. However, I knew not changing the sheets might delay me getting some more sex, so I rushed into the closet and got some fresh sheets. I started changing them while glancing at my wife sucking Joey. She was barefoot and in her thong panties and nothing else. After a couple more minutes, Joey started groaning, and tried to pull his dick out of my wife’s mouth. He said, “I’m coming, Heidi. It’s coming now.” He sounded more gruff because he was talking while holding his breath. She gripped his dick harder and wouldn’t let him pull out. With her other hand, she reached behind his balls and started massaging the outside of his ass around the prostate region.

He literally started yelling nonsense words while groaning and moaning. It was very primal to watch him make those guttural noises while cumming in my wife’s mouth. My wife usually doesn’t like me coming in her mouth, and on those rare occasions when I get to come in her mouth, she almost always spits. I had a pretty good idea Joey was going to get to come in her mouth, and she was probably going to swallow his semen.
He dumped a massive load of cum in Heidi’s mouth. I know this because she opened her mouth and was trying to say it was a lot of cum with her mouth filled with his thick white semen. She laughed and made a slight gargling noise right before she swallowed it down. She then started to kiss his dick and lick his balls while he was sitting on the edge of the bed. She started lightly sucking his cock again until he asked her to stop since it was so hyper sensitive.
After brushing her teeth, she came back to the bed. Joey was laying down on the edge of the bed with his feet still touching the floor. I was in the same position after changing the sheets – sitting at the head of the bed against the headboards. Heidi must have sensed my jealousy, because she kissed me on the lips and told me it was my turn.
She started licking my balls all over again. I was hoping she would go straight to sucking me, but she was determined to make it a big build up for me. I thought that was cool, because with Joey, she kind of went right into action without any foreplay. With me, I felt better knowing that she was trying to please me extra.
I was in heaven with Heidi kissing my shaft and balls. I kept reassuring myself that I wouldn’t cum in her hand again. I would actually make it into her mouth this time. While she was pleasuring me, I saw Joey position himself between my wife’s legs while still on his back. He started rubbing her lower back and ass as he worked her thong panties down her skinny legs. Once the panties were off, he started performing oral sex on Heidi. Now with me, Heidi is one of those girls that don’t like oral sex. She would rather give a blowjob than receive cunnilingus. However, Joey must have known his way around a vagina, because Heidi was squirming from what his mouth and tongue were doing to her pussy.
Even so, Heidi didn’t stop massaging my penis. In fact, she finally got to where she would put the head in her mouth for a few seconds every now and then. I was trying very hard to delay my orgasm. I wanted to last at least as long as Joey did. Just when it started feeling good, Joey positioned himself behind my wife and started grooving his cock between her ass cheeks. He would run it right at the opening of her pussy but not push it in.
My wife was visibly excited and her face was flush. She was slightly leaning away from me and pushing her hips back on Joey’s cock. She wanted his cock inside her. Still she was sucking my cock and giving me my well-deserved blowjob when Joey decided to pull my wife up to him for a kiss. Her back was pressed to his chest, and I could see his dick sticking out from between her legs as she faced me. She let go of my cock and reached back and held Joey’s neck while they kissed.
He asked her if she was ready for his dick, and she blurted out ‘yes’ a little too fast for my liking. He pushed her back down with her face back at my crotch and parted her legs a little more. He rubbed his thick penis up and down her vaginal lips until she reached under her legs and took his fat dick in her tiny hand. She guided it to the entrance of her vagina, and he eased it in slowly.
After about half of it was in, Heidi dropped her face to the bed, and I could here her whimpering as he worked his penis inside her. She pushed his legs back twice and asked him to slow down. After about a minute, he finally got it all inside her. He held her tight by her waist, and just kept his penis inside her without thrusting. It was kind of strange watching them still and not moving as he allowed her pussy to adjust and accommodate his thickness. After a minute or so of not moving, he leaned down and asked my wife if she was okay. My wife answered back by thrusting her ass into him repeatedly. She was fucking him doggy-style as he was positioned motionless on his knees behind her. She impaled herself on his dick for about a couple of minutes until he finally took her by her hips and started taking control.

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2 years ago
OMG! How can you watch your wife fuck someone else without licking her sexy feet and without sucking her sexy toes?! It would've been impossible for me!
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hot storry
3 years ago
Great addition.
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can vision everything !!
3 years ago
Damn. I feel like i'm the room watching. Great story.