A Deal Between Men - 2

I went running for the bedroom to get my swimsuit, while she just dropped her clothes on the floor and walked naked to their hot tub, which was located on their deck. When I realized I had lost, I grabbed a couple of glasses and a bottle of wine and joined her. We had an incredible time. The moonlight was just enough to reveal her incredible body. After a few sips of wine, Rachel moved over to me and straddled my legs. We kissed passionately for several minutes while our hands roamed over each other's bodies.

Just as I was thinking we needed to move this to the bedroom, she moved her hand to my cock and guided it into her pussy. We resumed kissing passionately as we fucked slowly in the hot tub. She was tightening and letting up with her pussy, which was really having an effect on me. She leaned back to the point that her face and perfect breasts were the only things above the water. She continued to milk my cock with her pussy as we moved very slowly.

The moonlight shinning down on us only revealing her incredible face and the world's most magnificent breasts was more than I could take as I shot my load into her while she too was having an orgasm. We stayed in the hot tub with my wilting cock still in her pussy while we just looked into each other's eyes for the next few minutes. When we finally climbed out of the hot tub, she commented that this is going to be a great weekend, with just the two of us. I thought if she only knew.

We had a very good night of sl**p, thanks in part to the mountain air, wine and incredible sex in the hot tub. Since I was the loser of our race to the hot tub, I got up and prepared breakfast while Rachel took a shower.

I had decided that the only way possible for Rachel not to know it isn't me fucking her later this evening is for her to be feeling pretty good from the effects of alcohol. So, rather than pouring her usual glass of orange juice to drink with her breakfast, I made each of us a glass of Mimosa. When she tasted it, she smiled and said that I don't need to get her d***k, that I was going to get to have my way with her anyway, but since I had poured it, she would not let it go to waste.

I tried to take advantage of her lead in, by responding that last night was incredible, but that I am going to try to make tonight even better, but that I get to make the rules.

Rachel said go ahead and give it your best shot to top last night.

We spent most of the day around the cabin. There were a few shops in the small town nearby and we did some light hiking as well. For dinner, I cooked some filets and baked potatoes on the grill while Rachel made a dinner salad. The filets were a perfect excuse to pop open a bottle of wine and begin getting my wife a little d***k.

After dinner we decided to relax in the hot tub with our bottle of wine. As we were sitting and talking, I attempted to refill Rachel's glass whenever I could, so she would not realize how much she was drinking. After about 40 minutes, I could tell the wine was having an effect, as she became giddy. At one point, she tried climbing on to my lap and I had to remind her that I make the rules tonight.

When it was getting close to the agreed upon time for Vinny and Tony to arrive, I said It was time to go in, get cleaned up and for me to have my way with her.

Rachel said, ok, but it had better be even better than it was having the hot tub sex.

We went to the bedroom and I told her that she would need to put on some sexy lingerie for me. When she went into the bathroom, I sent the text message to Vinny letting them know it was time.

She came out of the bathroom and looked incredibly sexy in a red teddy that hugged the sexy curves on her body. I told her that we'd begin by me blindfolding her. She said ok, but you could tell she was not thrilled by the idea.

I then walked her over to the chair that I'd be sitting in during her striptease as Tony and Vinny entered the room. I told Rachel that although she looked incredible in her little outfit that it would need to come off. As she reached down to start removing it, I said no, no – I want a striptease dance. It was at that point that it dawned on me that I had forgotten to flip the switch on for the music. Not thinking, Vinny was standing near it and flipped it on. I froze for a moment wondering if Rachel realized it would have been impossible for me to turn it on, since I was sitting in front of her. Fortunately though, the alcohol must have had an effect, as she moved into a slow seductive dance.

Rachel has always been a great dancer and the fact that she has a fantastic hourglass figure only makes her swaying back and forth even more incredible. She started by slowing gliding her bottoms down her long legs revealing sexy lace thong panties. As she slowly turned her body around, I placed my hands on her perfect ass while she was letting it sway from side to side. At that point, Rachel began to slowly pull up her top, allowing Vinny and Tony to get a view of her perfect breasts before I could, as she had her back turned to me.

From there, she slowly slid her thong down her long legs, while still facing away from me. Once her panties were off, she slowly turned back around and grabbed each of her breasts while leaning forward placing my face between her plump full mounds.

When she backed up, I stood up and walked her to the bed. When I put the restraints on her wrists, she commented that I was lucky that she was d***k, because I knew she did not like being tied down. As I began to climb into bed with her, I momentarily felt uncomfortable that I was doing this in front of my best two friends and a video recorder. Once I looked down at my wife's stunning body, that feeling quickly disappeared and I lowered my lips to hers.

We kissed passionately for several minutes, while I ran my fingers up and down her shaven pussy. As I began to lower my head to her breasts, I could tell that she was really getting into it based on her moans and rock hard nipples. I spent the next 10 or so minutes just working on her incredible breasts. They are magnificent, as they are full and plump, but do not sag at all.

From her breasts, I kissed my way down her tight stomach to her beautiful hairless pussy. I immediately went to work with my tongue sliding it up and down and probing her tight pussy hole with it. Having seen what will be plunging into her pussy, I knew it would be important for me to get it as loose and damp as possible. As I was licking the top of her pussy, I began finger fucking her. The first two fingers slid in easily, but I knew I had to be able to get at least four inside of her before turning her over to Tony.

I continued the combination of licking and finger fucking and was able to slide a third finger in. At this point, I decided to stick a finger up her ass and see if that would help. Sure enough, as soon as I had a finger inserted in her ass, I could actually feel her pussy loosen up around my three fingers. As I pulled them out, I was easily able to slide my four fingers up to the bottom knuckle. Rachel was breathing heavily and began begging me to please fuck her.

As I climbed from between her legs, Tony was quick to replace me. As he had done to his wife, he began by slapping Rachel's pussy a few times with his hard cock. From there he slid it down the lips of her pussy positioning the head of his cock at her entrance. He looked at the camera and gave a quick smile as he began to slide his cock into my wife. Tony had no trouble getting the first half of his cock in her. It was at that point that it became a little tighter, so he pulled out slightly and pushed it back in. As he had promised me, he was doing in gently to enable her to get used to his size.

On about the fifth try, he was finally able to submerge his entire cock into my wife's pussy. She let out a loud moan and said oh yeah, please fuck me. With that he pulled out about half way and plunged it lightly back into her. She again moaned and said harder baby. So Tony pulled almost all of his cock and again plunged it back into her, although this time it was a little harder.

To my surprise, my sexy little wife moaned and said that it feels so go, please do it harder. It was at that point that I realized I was about to see my hot little wife get pounded by this monster cock, much the same way that I saw Monique take it the previous week. Tony again pulled it out almost all of the way before plunging it hard back into her pussy. Once he started to get a rhythm going, he moved his hands up to Rachel's breasts. He started be squeezing the full breasts in his hand and then eventually moving out to just the nipples and gently pulling on them.

Rachel again screamed that this is incredible and to please fuck her hard. Tony was more than happy to oblige her as he pounded is monster cock in and out of my wife's tight pussy, while mauling her tits. She cried out she was coming and her whole body shuddered for about 15 seconds. Tony was not done yet, as he still had about 5 minutes left and a load of cum to delivery. As he continued to pound into her, you could tell that she was starting to get aroused again. Never in our time together had Rachel ever let me try to give her a double orgasm.

Finally, Tony tensed up as he shot his load deep into her pussy. He climbed off of her and not only could you see the cum pouring out of my wife's pussy, but her pussy was wide open from the pounding she had just taken. Vinny and Tony headed out and I returned to the bed with my wife who was clearly wanting more. So, I climbed between her legs and plunged my cock into her now very stretched out pussy. I then undid her restraints and removed her blindfold.

As I began plunging my cock into her well-used pussy, she looked up at me and said it was her turn and that she wanted to be on top. I rolled over and she climbed on top and immediately began to fuck me hard. Within just a few minutes both of us came hard and collapsed into each other's arms.

The next morning I awoke to having my wife's sensual lips wrapped around my cock. She proceeded to give me an incredible orgasm and swallowed every drop. She then told me that her pussy was sore from the pounding I gave her the night before, so she might need a few days off, but she would be happy to take care of my needs. What an incredible wife.

Later that week, Tony, Vinny and I got together and talked about how much fun each of us had.

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Hot story. Why didn't each of you get to fuck an others wife? Thanks for posting.
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lucky sob