A Deal Between Men - 1

I've known Vinny and Tony since we all attended elementary school together. We were pretty much inseparable through high school. All of us loved any type of sport and we all had a part time job at the same grocery store our last few years of high school. When it was time to move on to college, we each went to different schools, but still managed to get together during spring and summer breaks. After college, Vinny and I took jobs out of state, which greatly reduced our opportunities to get together. Within a few years of graduating, each of us also got married and started families, which pretty much eliminated any chance for us to get together.

That began to change when Vinny moved back to within 10 miles of Tony's house to begin a new company. Within a year, my f****y and I also made the move, as my company was creating a new office in my old town, so I jumped at the chance to manage that office.

It did not take long for the three of us to get back into a routine. Whether it was a bowling league, tailgating before a football game or hanging out at the sports bar watching basketball games, we were back to a regular routine. We had the occasional f****y barbecue or boating trip, but to be honest each of our wives were very different and had little in common.

Vinny is married to Julia. Vinny is just under six feet tall and has a little bit of a gut, but is still in pretty good shape. Julia is by far the most conservative of the wives. She is always dressed as if she is headed to church, showing very little skin and in loose fitting clothing.

Even when we all go boating, she wears a one piece swimsuit and generally leave a cover-up on. Julia has blonde hair that she generally keeps in a ponytail and has a cute face. She speaks very little and is easily offended if someone makes a crude remark around her. Julia is definitely the very prim and proper one in the group.

Tony is married to Monique. Tony is the tallest of the husbands and just over 6 feet. He keeps in excellent shape working out at the gym, and despite the fact that he can eat and drink twice as much as me, he never gains an ounce. He is Korean-American, so his skin always has that nice tanned look as well. Monique is an attractive Hispanic woman with dark black hair. She is by far the least conservative of the wives, frequently wearing very low cut tops that leave little to the imagination. Monique seems to enjoy pushing Julia's buttons by making crude comments, or flirting with us guys when we are all together. Her body is definitely better than average with big boobs and a fairly large ass as well.

That leaves me. My name is Mitch and I am married to Rachel. I am few inches under 6 feet tall and a few pounds over my ideal weight. I do my best to keep in shape by trying to keep up with our k**s. Rachel is stunning and in my opinion the hottest wife in the group, not to mention the planet, but I am biased. She has a gorgeous face, with deep blue eyes, sultry lips and brown hair. Her body is perfect, curved in all the right places with very nice C-sized breasts and long sexy legs. She is more middle of the road compared to Julia and Monique in terms of her personality. Rachel does not hesitate to show cleavage in how she dresses, but does it in a classy way, instead of the slutty image that Monique portrays. She tends to be the peacemaker between the other wives when we are all together.

So, with the differences of our wives, we tend to just do things with the guys more often than not.

It was at one of those guy nights, while at a sports bar watching basketball games that we made an unusual deal. We had been talking about our high school days, when Tony mentioned that who would have thought the three of us would each get married to such attractive women. Not that we were bad looking or anything, but girls were not necessarily on the top of any of our lists of things to do. We were all so focused on sports and hanging out, that none of us really did much dating in high school.

Vinny and I each agreed and said that we felt very lucky to have found the women that we did.

Tony then asked if either of us have ever thought about anything sexual with one of the other wives.

Vinny chuckled and said that it was hard not to occasionally have an impure thought about Monique when she prances around with her tits barely being held in her tiny bikini top.

I agreed that since each are very attractive in one way or another, that it's the element of it being slightly different that would drive those thoughts.

Tony than suggested that we do something about it and explained that he had been thinking about it for a while and had a suggestion that no one, other than the three of us would need to know about. Neither Vinny nor I said anything, so Tony laid out his plan.

The idea was that each of us would get to do something with one of the other spouses, without them knowing. He said for instance, we could suck on their tits, lick their pussy or fuck them.

Vinny asked how would they not know it.

Tony said that was the easy part. He indicated that Monique enjoys being blindfolded occasionally while they are having sex, so it would be easy for one of us to switch places with him at some point. He then said that if we want to make sure the blindfold stays on, we could strap their wrists to the bed frame. Tony then asked each of us if our wives had problems being blindfolded.

Vinny shocked me be saying that his prim and proper wife Julia frequently asks to be blindfolded or restrained during their sexual encounters.

I commented that Rachel really prefers not to, but would do it if I really wanted her to do it.

Tony said perfect. He then went on to explain the details of his proposed deal. He said that it would occur over 3 weekends, with one wife being the recipient per week. He suggested that since Vinny had a cabin in the woods about an hour away, that that would be the location. The king size bed in the master bedroom had a brass frame, so it would be very easy to restrain the ladies wrist. And the setting would make it easier to entice them to be blindfolded and restrained.

With both of us continuing to listen, Tony said that somehow we would need to decide a way to determine what the activity was, who was the guy and with which wife.

At this point, Vinny looked at me and asked what did I think.

I admitted that the thought of getting to do something to one of their wives was intriguing and that a bulge had formed in my pants while we have been talking about it.

Vinny said he was ok with it to, but that we need to decide on the specifics.

Tony suggested that it be three different things, just to make it exciting. He said the three suggestions he had were sucking on the tits, licking the pussy and fucking. Each would be limited to a 20 minute time period and the husband would do everything else leading up to the activity or after it.

Vinny was quick to respond that he's in, but how do we decide who gets to do what and to whom.

Tony said if we agree on this deal, there is no backing out, because it would not be fair to the other guys that may have already shared their wife, if they don't get a chance. There were a few moments of silence and we all said we agreed.

We decided that we would do the three activities that Tony has suggested. The first week, we'd set it up so one of us got to suck on one of the other wives' boobs for 20 minutes. The second week, it would be licking pussy for 20 minutes with one of the other wives. And the final week would have the remaining wife getting fucked by the lucky guy. Vinny volunteered to be the one that gets to fuck one of our wives, but that was quickly vetoed by Tony and I.

While trying to determine the best way to decide, I remembered that I had a deck of cards in the car and we could use those to determine the specifics. When I returned with the cards, after each of us shuffled and cut them, we decided that the best way to do it was to draw for high card and whoever got it, would be the one fucking one of the wives on the third weekend. We all agreed and nervously drew a card from the middle of the deck. I had drawn a ten, so I thought I had a chance, until Tony showed his King.

So Tony was going to be the lucky guy doing the fucking on weekend #3. The question was with whom. At that point, we decided that Vinny and I should draw another card and the loser would be the one who's wife would get fucked by Tony. My hand was shaking as I drew my next card. Vinny said shit when he looked at his card and threw the four of clubs onto the table, but that was easily enough to beat the two of diamonds that I had drawn.

For the second weekend, Vinny and I drew and Vinny won, meaning he would get to lick pussy for 20 minutes. And since his wife was one of the two remaining, by default that meant it would be Monique's pussy he'd be licking. This left me to get to suck Julia's breasts for 20 minutes on the first weekend. I was really pissed at myself, as I was thinking Tony would get to fuck Rachel and all I would get is to suck on Julia's tits, which to be honest, I was not even sure she had any since her clothing is always so conservative.

We agreed that the cabin would be the perfect location for this and that the third guy should also be there, so he can videotape the fun. Tony suggested we should plan to first get our wife to wear some sexy lingerie. Then, once in the bedroom, we would blindfold her. At that point the other two guys would come into the room, without the wife knowing and begin the videotaping. We would then have our wife do a seductive striptease and then move her to the bed and restrain her hands. Then the fun would begin, but everyone would need to be very quiet to ensure she never knew someone else was there.

So the first weekend arrived. I was still upset at the deal I had agreed on, but figured I'd at least try to make the best of it. Tony and I told our wives that we were going to a college basketball game, which was a little over an hour away. That part was actually the truth, as we did go to the game, but at halftime we left for Vinny's cabin.

We waited down the street from Vinny's cabin until he sent Tony a text message indicating he was ready. I turned off the headlights on my car as we pulled into the driveway of Vinny's cabin. Vinny had left the front door unlocked and had some music playing, so it was easy for us to sneak into the house and await Vinny's signal to come in.

A few minutes passed and we heard the bathroom door open into the master suite. Vinny commented to Julia how beautiful she looked and said he was going to blindfold her. Shortly after that, Vinny poked his head into the great room and waved us in.

As we entered the bedroom, Vinny was turning up the lighting, and so we'd get better quality videos. We had agreed that the wife's blindfolded face should not be taped to protect their identity. He then sat down in a chair at the foot of the bed and asked Julia to perform a striptease for him. Julia, not surprisingly, was wearing a long t-shirt. I thought to myself that was what they consider sexy lingerie. Julia was facing Vinny as she began to sway her hips back and forth. I was standing about 5 feet behind her and Tony had moved more to the side to get a better angle for the video.

She continued to sway while slowly pulling up her shirt. As she got the shirt to her waist, I was finally able to see that she did have a nice ass. Her figure was not curvy like an hourglass, but still not bad. As she continued raising her shirt, Tony was clearly surprised when she had it up and over her breasts. I moved to the side to get a better look and was amazed at how sexy her boobs were. They were not as full as Rachel's, but they were nicely curved up, with wide areolas and big nipples. Who would have ever known that she had such a great rack under all those loose clothes that she wears. Suddenly I was getting very excited that I would be sucking on those tits for 20 minutes.

Once she had pulled off her shirt, Vinny took Julia's hand and moved her to the bed. He told her he was going to restrain her hands to allow him to do whatever he wanted to her. After they kissed for a few minutes, he got up, which was my signal to get to work on her tits.

I climbed onto the bed and began by gently squeezing her beautiful tits. To make sure I got the most of my 20 minutes, I quickly lowered my head and began to suck on her right tit. Sucking on Julia's tits was different than my Rachel's incredible breasts. Julia's tits were not as full and had more of a cone shape to them, making it easier to get more into my eager mouth. I was sure to give both of her tits equal attention.

If my mouth was on her right tit, I'd have at least one hand on her left tit, or vice versa. I also dropped my hand down between her legs to rub her panty-covered pussy. I knew that she was definitely turned on and my cock was straining to break out of my pants as well.

After what only seemed like a few minutes, Vinny tapped on my foot indicating the 20 minutes was up. As I climbed off of the bed, Vinny quickly removed his clothes and climbed between Julia's legs. He removed her panties and began fingering her pussy. Her pussy was shaved down to a small landing strip patch. As he was finger fucking her with two fingers, Julia just yelled out that she needed it now. Vinny quickly shifted up his wife's body and plunged his average-sized cock into her pussy. They were both moving at a fast pace and within minutes had each had an orgasm. Vinny rolled to the side of Julia, as Tony zoomed in with the camera to see Vinny's cum oozing out of his wife's pussy.

At that point, Tony and I quietly left the same way we had come in and began our drive back home. Tony asked right away for the details of what it was like to suck on the tits of Vinny's wife. He said was definitely looking forward to watching Vinny lick out Monique's pussy and could not wait to get the chance to fuck my Rachel.

Fortunately for me, Rachel was still awake when I got home, so I was finally able to get some relief for my throbbing cock.

During the next week, I was definitely looking forward to getting to see Tony's flirty wife Monique naked. The setup was essentially the same, other than Vinny had given his cabin keys to Tony, so he and Monique could have a little weekend getaway.

On the drive to the cabin, I asked Vinny how he was feeling since I had gotten to suck on Julia's tits and Tony was there to watch. He said he was nervous at first, but then actually very turned on when he saw me working on her tits. He also indicated that he was thankful that Tony was going to be fucking Rachel and not Julia, especially with the size of his cock. I looked at him and asked, what did he mean. He just said, you'll see tonight.

When we were signaled to come into the bedroom, neither of us were surprised with the next to nothing lingerie that Monique was wearing. The panties were a mesh thong, allowing her very dark bush to show through and around the tiny patch of mesh. The top was equally revealing with holes cut for most of her large breasts to show through. I positioned myself to the side to videotape the striptease.

It was definitely not the first time that Monique had done a striptease. She looked like a pro, other than the fact that she did not have a pole. Monique seductively moved her body up and down and side to side. When she finally removed the tiny mesh of panties, her deep thick bush appeared to have grown. I've never seen such thick hair on a woman's pussy. She slowly removed her top revealing two large breasts. Although they were easily twice or more the size of Rachel's boobs, they did not do much for me. They had nice areolas and nipples, but pretty much just hung down. I thought they would be great to tit fuck, but that was about it. Some breasts look better covered up, so the clothing can give them some shape. Monique's boobs were definitely in that category.

Once Tony moved Monique to the bed and restrained her hands, he quickly when to work playing with her tits. Tony was definitely not gentle as he practically mauled her big tits. It was clearly having an effect on her as she had already begun moaning. After about 5 minutes of roughly grabbing and sucking his wife's tits, Tony climbed off the bed allowing Vinny to take his place. Vinny wasted no time in diving into Monique's pussy with his face. He was probing her dark full pussy lips with his tongue. After a few minutes, Vinny began inserting fingers into her very damp pussy.

I was amazed to see how loose Monique's pussy appeared to be, as it only took Vinny a few minutes and he had four of his fingers inserted into the pussy of Tony's wife. Monique was squirming and saying things in Spanish that I could not understand. I was worried that she'd cum before Vinny finished his 20 minutes and that I would not get to see Tony fuck his flirty wife. Fortunately Vinny's time ran out shortly after that and he moved off the bed.

I was shocked to see the size of Tony's cock when he removed his clothes. It looked like a fire log. I'm guessing it was eight inches long and nearly the thickness of a soda can. It reminded me of a 16 once beer can. As I was continued to film Tony and he climbed onto the bed and began slapping Monique's pussy with his cock, it suddenly hit me that he would be fucking my wife with his giant cock the following weekend. Thoughts began to swirl in my mind that there's no way she can fit that into her tight pussy, or even if she could, she would know it wasn't me.

It took a loud moan by Monique as Tony began to slide his cock into her for me to remember that I was responsible for videotaping this fuck session. Tony was almost violent as he'd pull his cock nearly all the way out and then would slam it back in. While he was doing that, he was tightly squeezing Monique's tits, while twisting them. Monique's body was quivering with a powerful orgasm as she moaned loudly. Tony just kept pounding away at her pussy until he shot his load deep in his wife's pussy about 15 minutes later.

As Tony climbed off of Monique, I zoomed the camera in on her pussy and was shocked that it practically looked like cum was pouring from her well-used hole.

Vinny and I quietly made our exit and began the drive home. I was very quiet when Vinny commented that Tony's cock is pretty impressive, huh?

I said impressive is not the word. It was more like incredible.

Vinny commented that I had better make sure that Rachel's pussy is well lubricated the next weekend before I turn her over to Tony's cock.

That next week was one of the toughest of my life. I was really worried about Tony fucking my hot little wife's body with his log. I even found myself trying to think of excuses to allow me to cancel it. But, I had given my word, so then I began to focus on making sure she would never know it wasn't me and to make sure her tight little body was not ruined when he was done with her.

I started by going to Tony and complimenting him on his manhood. I reminded him that it was important that Rachel would never know, so we need to be sure it's not obvious. Tony absolutely agreed but said we can't reduce his cock's length or girth, so it would be important that Rachel be well lubricated before they begin. When I told him that I was more of a gentle lover, without the violent thrusts or boob mauling, he said he totally understood and would take it slow with Rachel increasing it only if she were comfortable with it. Tony could tell I was worried and even asked me if I wanted to back out of our deal. I told him that I'd like to, but that I won't. Tony patted me on the back and said not to worry that he'd make sure my wife had the fuck of her life and thought that she got it from me.

The weekend came and as was done the previous week, Vinny had given the cabin to Rachel and I to use for the weekend. We decided to make the most of it and drive up on Friday evening. We got up there and after unloading our suitcases and a bag of groceries, Rachel surprised me by saying last one to the hot tub has to make breakfast the next morning.

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