Hot time in the Hot Tub

For our tenth anniversary, my wife Christine and I decided to go on a vacation to Switzerland. Neither of us had ever been there before, but we'd both always wanted to go. We stayed at a beautiful, extremely expensive hotel. It had a large indoor pool and hot tub that were open 24 hours a day.

We hadn't taken swimsuits with us, but every night after dinner, or whatever we'd been doing, we'd go and soak in the hot tub to relax. The first two nights, nobody else had been there, so we'd been able to strip down and soak naked. On the third night, we expected the same. I wore only a pair of boxer-briefs, and my wife wore a white t-shirt with no bra, and a pair of purple satin bikini string panties. We wrapped ourselves in towels as we walked through the lobby. Christine is still a knockout. She has medium length brown hair, nice full breasts, and an even fuller, soft, round ass. She hasn't lost a bit of her form.

When we got to the hot tub though, there was another couple already in it. I didn't mind and removed the towel and got in still wearing my underwear. My wife though was a little apprehensive. After a little prodding, I convinced her to drop the towel and get in. She kept on her t-shirt and satin panties. As we got in, we nodded hello to the other couple. He was a well-built blonde man, and she too was well-built, with long dirty-blonde hair.

As we sat in the tub, I noticed that the other woman wasn't wearing a top, as I could clearly make out her nipples under the water. She had small little breasts. I nudged my wife and nodded towards the woman. My wife smiled and rolled her eyes at me. The woman said something to the man, in a language other than English. She then said something to me, which I obviously didn't understand.

"Sorry, I don't understand. Do either of you speak any English?" I asked.

The woman shrugged her shoulders, as did her husband, clearly not understanding a word.

It was for the better I figured, as I'd rather not have to make small talk anyway. I closed my eyes and lay back in the water. A few minutes later, I felt my wife poke me in the side.

"Look at this," she said. I opened my eyes and looked over at the other couple to see them making out as the man groped her tits. We watched while not trying to be obvious. They certainly didn't seem to mind, as they continued their fun. I was beginning to get that familiar sensation in my crotch, and looked down to see my cock standing straight up, almost poking out of the water. My wife noticed too and gave me a mad glance.

The two of them kept right on going and the woman's hand was in her husband's trunks. We could plainly see that she was jerking him off. My wife looked at me and smiled. I looked down to see that Christine was rubbing herself. I leaned in and gave her a kiss. She shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. With that invitation, I reached over and grabbed hold of one of her tits, massaging her nipple through the t-shirt. Fed up with the obstruction, I pulled the t-shirt up over her head. We continued making out, completely oblivious of the strangers right across from us. As we continued our fun, I reached down with my right hand and began rubbing Christine's pussy, pulling her sexy little purple satin bikini string panties aside.

I then felt what I thought was a hand rubbing my cock. I reached down to caress it, and then realized it was a foot. Now I'm no genius, but I was pretty sure that it was physically impossible for this to be my wife's foot since she was sitting right next to me. I discreetly looked down and realized that, in fact, it wasn't, it was the other woman's. I pretended not to realize and kept diddling my wife. As I played with her pussy with my right hand, I slid my left hand up to her breasts. Once I got there though, I felt something out of the ordinary; another hand. I opened my eyes to see my wife's tit getting groped by the other guy.

"Does she know this?” I thought to myself. Apparently not, because when she opened her eyes, she almost jumped out of the hot tub. She looked at me, shocked, and then saw the other woman quickly pull her foot away from my cock. Christine looked at me quizzingly, and obviously pissed. All I could do was smile. I guess that pissed her off, because she got up and went over and sat down right next to the strange guy! Now I was pissed.

"Fuck it!" I thought to myself. "Two can play at this game."

I reached out and took hold of the woman pulling her over towards me. As my wife began kissing the man, I did the same to the woman. I looked over to see the man's bathing suit floating on the surface of the water, bunched up with my wife's purple satin panties. Both of their hands were underwater. At the same time, the woman had slid her hand into my underwear and pulled my cock free, rubbing it up and down. It felt amazing. I had to return the favor, so I quickly pulled off her bikini bottoms. I felt that she had a huge blonde bush down there as I began fingering her. I sucked at her nipples as I played with her pussy.

My pleasure was interrupted as I heard my wife cry out. I opened my eyes to see her bouncing up and down on the guy's cock. I was strangely aroused by the sight of my darling Christine fucking this stranger. I stood up and pulled the woman with me. We walked over to right next to Christine and the guy. I bent the woman over the side of the tub, with her elbows on the edge. I tilted my wife's lips toward mine and kissed her as I entered the woman from behind. I banged the woman like there was no tomorrow. She was very vocal and was screaming out each time I thrust into her. At the same time, Christine started riding the man with no abandon, slamming down on him with each thrust. As I was about to cum I pulled out and blasted this woman all over her ass. Seeing this must have put my wife over the edge, as she cried out soon after, but before she climb off the man, he grabber her tightly, drove himself as deep as he could into my wife and blew his load right into her unprotected pussy. After a few minutes Christine climbed off of her lover and we quickly gathered our clothes, and left without saying a word to the other couple.
As we were heading back to our room Christine noticed her panties were missing, and decided to go back to the hot tub and get them. When she finally got back to the room she dropped her towel, removed her wet shirt and sat down on the couch. I couldn’t believe how hot my wife looked sitting there in those wet panties. I proceeded to tell her how sexy she looked when I noticed a lot of little white pellets stuck all over the crotch of her panties. Christine must of traced my eyes glaring down on her panty covered crotch, and began to tell me when she went back to the hot tub she saw the woman furiously jerking off the man underwater with her panties until he saturated them with his seed. She was so stunned that she didn’t notice him step out of the tub and help her slid the panties back on. Once they were on the man intentionally began to rub his fingers on the crotch of her panties slowly shoving the now cum covered crotch into her pussy.

After picturing this image I got so turned on that I bent her over the arm of the couch, pulled her panties to the side, and fucked my wife like never before as she watched me enter her from behind.

Before that night, we'd never had sex with others, and we haven't since. In fact, we've never even mentioned that evening since; although I do jerk off with those panties every time they come out of the wash and she puts them on without knowing my cum is in them.

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Makes me HOT... xxxooo
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Hot story
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Great story. So Fuckin' HOT. Thanks for posting.
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Hot story TCG
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Great story!!!