My Birthday Adventures in My s****r’s Bedroo

"Happy Birthday, Mike!"

I blinked my eyes and tried to focus.

My mother and s****r Tina were seated at the kitchen table having breakfast.

Groggily, I took a chair next to my s****r Tina.

After work last night, a few of the guys and I went out and partied a bit. I wasn't quite hung over, but I wasn't ready for more than just a cup of strong hot coffee.

My s****r Tina jumped out of her seat and went to fetch my favorite mug. It was one that she'd given me the previous year on my last birthday. The pretty blond model on the side of it loses her teeny black bikini when hot water gets added.

"We'll celebrate your birthday this weekend." Mom was saying. "We'll have the f****y and a few of your friends over. We're not going to have a huge blow out like we did last year. I don't feel like dealing with Mrs. Crabtree again."

On my eighteenth birthday Mom had allowed my s****r Tina and I to invite all of our friends over for a barbecue in the back yard. Since I was also graduating from high school we had a bon-fire as well. Old Mrs. Crabtree called the fire department.

"Is there anything special you'd like for your birthday?" Mom asked taking a bird like sip of her g****fruit juice. She bestowed on me one of her radiant smiles then. "Besides a car."

I'd been saving up for a couple of years for my own car. I had a hunk of junk in the garage that got me by, but like most guys I wanted a set of wheels I could be proud off.

Though Mom paid most of my college expenses, I still had a girlfriend and other vices that cut into the money I made as a crew member at the Burger Shop.

"Some new threads maybe..." I tried to think. Clothes were always cool. To get laid finally definitely, but I wasn't about to say that out loud. "A subscription to Playboy maybe."

"You already spend too much time in the bathroom as it is." my smart-ass s****r Tina blurted out as she placed my coffee mug down in front of me. "What you really need is a girlfriend who isn't locked at the knees."

Mom who'd actually laughed about the bathroom joke, glared sternly at my s****r Tina over her next comment.

"Missy's a very nice girl. You could take a few lessons from her on how to behave like a lady."

Tina wrinkled her nose in distaste and plopped back down next to me.

"I do know how to be a lady." she shot back at Mom, "Missy goes beyond lady. She's what you call a puritan prude."

I'd been dating Missy since my freshman year in high school, I had loved her even longer than that. She's a wonderful person and really fun to be around. It was true though; she was locked at the knees. I figured it had to do with being a preacher's daughter. I was willing to wait until after we graduated from college then got married like she insinuated. In the mean time being a full red bl**ded male I intended on getting some experience elsewhere. The problem was that all the girls I knew were aware that Missy and I were an item. The ones that wouldn't recite me the riot act for even suggesting a fling would probably tell her just to be mean. I wouldn't hurt Missy for the world.

I was still too young at nineteen to go to dance clubs to meet women on the prowl for a one-night stand. There were a few girls in some of my classes at the community college I attended, but none of them interested me. The girls at work steered clear because Missy worked along side of me at the Burger Shop as a cashier. (Her father wasn't thrilled that she'd gotten the job, but after he and his wife had eaten there a few times, they decided it was safe enough. It was basically just a burger joint that served cold beer. Minors weren't allowed to handle any beverage other than the soda and water.

"You know I like Missy." Mom flashed me another of her smiles. "I know you'll want her here to help celebrate your birthday."

I know it's wrong, but I've always been more than aware that I have a very hot mother. All my friends were envious.

Though she would be turning forty next month, Mom looked almost twenty years younger. When we went anywhere as a f****y, most people thought we were just three friends hanging out.

I loved when Mom would wear her waist length golden blond hair down, but she had it tied back in a lacy white ribbon for the office. I preferred my Mom in her jeans and t-shirts she wore on weekends, but she still looked hot in her white blazer set and pastel pink blouse. She wore the pearl necklace Tina and I had bought her for Christmas.

I could never figure out why my father left such a beautiful intelligent woman as my mother. She could be a model with her large blue eyes and dazzling million-dollar smile. After Dad left us, Mom went out and got a job at an insurance company in the mail room. She was now in an executive position. Tina and I were proud of her. Dad the dumb ass that he is, fucked around with a bimbo named Candy. The bitch could barely spell her own name much less hold on to a thought for very long. Dad married the whore and they were expecting their third c***d. Tina and I felt pushed aside for his new f****y and didn't talk to him much. Tina thought that the trouble started when Mom went back to school.

"Some men don't want a woman with brains underneath them." she'd grumble.

Speaking of whores, I'm afraid my s****r Tina fit in that category quite nicely. We'd always gotten along except for the petty squabbles over chores like most siblings, but she was far from my Missy in the virtue department.

Tina learned early on that a bat of her pretty eyelashes or a dimpled smile made men her slaves. Even my father had tripped all over himself to please her B.C. (Before Candy). I wasn't immune to her charms either.

A 'please Mikey' or a kiss on the cheek would have me digging in my pockets for ice cream money instead of buying the hot wheel car I was saving for.

After the divorce Tina and I really drew together. We would spend hours just venting about our feelings. Sometimes the conversations went from the pain we were dealing with to sexual matters. Tina admitted that she was horny most of the time. I had to admit I suffered the same dilemma. We were both a couple of horn dogs, but of the two of us she was worse.

Tina was eleven months older then me. At almost twenty, my s****r Tina has had twice as many boyfriends under her belt, and she's slept with all of them. What's bad was that she lost her virginity at eighteen!

My s****r Tina favored my Mom in looks except her body was much more voluptuous. Tina had 38 D breasts compared to Mom's modest 32 C's. Tina also had a sexy little ass that she loved to show off in skintight jeans and short skirts. Like me however; Tina's hair was strawberry blond. She normally wore her shoulder length naturally curly hair up in hair clips and ponytails.

The three of us sat around shooting the shit a little as I got some coffee down me.

Mom finished her juice and stood up to leave for the office. She came around the table to kiss my cheek.

"Happy Birthday, Hon.." she gave me a squeeze. I drank in her expensive perfume, "I'll be home a little late tonight. Since we're not celebrating your birthday till this weekend, Stuart is taking me to dinner and a show."

I scowled.

Mom had been dating this stiff for almost a year now. He didn't like me and I sure as hell couldn't stand him. For Mom's sake I tried to get along with him. Tina was frowning too. Stuart on more than one occasion has hinted that Tina and I should move out of the house.

"Don't look like that." Mom caressed my cheek. "Stuart's a good man. He and I actually have more in common than your father and I ever had."

"You can at least date a guy who matches you in the looks department."

Tina flashed me this odd knowingly look when I said that.

"I did go for a handsome man once." Mom picked up her purse. "Look where it got me."

She kissed Tina goodbye and waved to me.

"Have fun today k**s and don't get in too much trouble."

Tina was shaking her head silently to herself long after Mom let herself out the back door and started up her Lexus.

"What are you going to do today?"

I was kind of hoping Tina was going out with one of her boyfriends so I would have the house to myself.

"I'm going to go hang out with Toni awhile. We might go to the mall. After all I have to get you a birthday gift."

"You don't have to get me anything, Tina." I told her. "Except maybe a date with Toni."

Toni was a really hot chick that started working nights at the Burger Shop. She and Tina hit it off immediately which was odd because most girls hated Tina on sight. Missy certainly never cared much for my s****r Tina.

Tina knew that I wanted someone for a sexual relationship until Missy and I were ready to consummate our true love.

"I'm working on it." she smiled mysteriously.

She was?

Toni was a twelve on a scale from one to ten. She claimed that she was mix of white, black, and Porto Rican. She was an exotic looking beauty with long wavy dark brown hair, almond shaped brown eyes, and milk chocolate skin. She was tall and slender with cute little B cup breasts. Best of all were her full pillow like lips. I found it really hard not to stare at those pretty lips while she was speaking to me.

I felt a boner starting to develop at the thought of getting Toni in bed. I was glad I was still seated at the table. If Tina noticed I had a hard on I'd never hear the end of it.

"So what ever happened with what's-his-name...Biff? Or what ever?"

Tina's latest boyfriend was a big hulking leather clad Neanderthal that rode a Harley. He was also ten years older then her. It occurred to me I hadn't seen him around lately.

"Bruno." Tina corrected me as she cleared the table. "I dumped him. I was really getting sick of his bullshit."

She turned around then to look me in the eye.

"I've decided that I'm sick of men and have taken a vacation from them."

"You?" I snorted. That would be the day.

She merely smiled serenely at me.

"Maybe not forever...." she stated. "But there are several enjoyable alternatives."


"Do tell."

I felt my hard on press against my jeans. I was intrigued about her alternatives. I knew my horny s****r Tina could never go without sex of some kind.

Tina being the tease that she was acted as if she didn't hear me. Instead the little minx changed the subject. She checked the clock on stove and exclaimed.

"Toni will be here in a few minutes. I got to go get ready."

She hurried upstairs and into to her room.

I sat by myself in the kitchen. I rubbed my rock solid cock through my jeans. The little hooch had me all turned on wondering about her alternatives. My s****r had a way of doing this to me. I had many a really hot wet dream where I fucked and sucked the little bitch in every way imaginable way. There were times when I wanted to flip the little vixen over my knee and spank that pert little butt of hers. I couldn't wait for her to leave the house. I really needed a little relief.

To bide my time, I stood up and poured my cold coffee down the kitchen sink. I poured a new cup and watched my lady's bikini vanish once again. With mom and Tina out of the house I was going to have my own private birthday bash.

I was just sitting down at the table, when Tina came rushing back into the kitchen. Unlike, most girls she could doll up in less then ten minutes. (It took Missy hours. She was never ready when I came to pick her up for our dates.)

"Here." Tina slapped a magazine down in front of me. "I do have one little gift for you already."

I picked it up. It was one of her lingerie catalogs that she subscribed too.

"It's the latest one. I imagine the ones you've got hidden under your mattress are about to fall apart...If you can even still open the pages that is."

I felt my face flame red. I laughed self-consciously.

"You bitch!"

She must have been snooping around in my room if she found my hidden stash of whack off aides.

She laughed too.

The tension in the air was suddenly thick between us.

Tina was wearing a really short white skirt with a cute little pink sweater set. Her thigh high stockings were white with lace at the top. I wanted to pick her up and throw her down on the kitchen table and hike that little skirt up.

A horn honked.

"That's Toni." Tina flashed me a wicked grin then. "Don't have too much fun while I'm out. I don't want you to have a bad case of tennis elbow on your birthday."

Before I could reply, she stood up on her tip toes and instead of kissing my cheek she lightly brushed her sweet lips against mine.

"Happy Birthday, Mikey." her voice was slightly breathless.

Before I could even react, she turned on her heel and left me standing there with my mouth hanging open after her.

Reacting on automatic pilot I went into the living room and peeped out the front window. Toni's little Ford e****t was still in the drive. Both girls saw me and waved.

I raised my hand in return.

Once Toni pulled out of the driveway, I really had a pressing matter to attend to.

Still holding my new lingerie catalog, I intended to go into my bedroom for a good healthy jack off session, fueled by the hot sultry lingerie models and the lingering feeling of my s****r's kiss.

On my way down the hall I noticed that Tina's door was open. It occurred to me that I hadn't had a really good snoop through her room in ages. I went on in for a look around.

Though my s****r was a slut, her room was neat and organized. She didn't have a lazy bone in her body. Just gazing around her room with it's girlish white furniture and canopy bed made my cock throb. Contrasting with her prissy pink and red decor was some “Rock Band” poster's she had hung on the wall. Tina was really into “Metal” music.

I opened the double doors to the closet and looked through the rows of pretty seductive outfits she spent most of her money on. I reached up to feel the wool like material of a plaid catholic schoolgirl skirt. That skirt, plus a blue blazer was the uniform every female was required to wear at work. Tina had been the one to get me in there.

I also discovered that Tina had more shoes than any other chick on the planet.

After my through inspection of the closet, I went through her drawers.

I wondered if our mother had any clue that my s****r had so much naughty lingerie. There was a plethora of teddies, camisoles, garter belts, and other delectable undergarments made of silk, satin, and lace. I was really turned on by the thought of my s****r wearing these things under her micro mini skirts. I almost came in my underwear when I saw a lacy black pair of crotch-less panties.

I caught sight of her hamper and knew just what I needed to complete my covert mission. I dove in and pulled out several pairs of her satin bikini string panties and a satin royal blue thong. I'd long forgotten about the lingerie catalog.

I decided that I would do my business right in her bed with her scent enveloping me. The entire room smelled sweet with her favorite fragrance.

When I grabbed her pillow to put it up behind my back, I noticed something red and satiny sticking out from under the other pillow sham. I pulled out a crumpled pair of red pajama shorts, and a nine-inch vibrator tumbled out from them. I picked it up and looked it over. It was all white, but one of those with the curved tip that was supposed to stimulate the G spot. It had two speed settings. Knowing my s****r I doubted that she used the low one much.

Under the light of her bedside lamp I could see the velvety sheen of her cum glazing the vibrator. She had no doubt treat herself to some pleasure this morning. I held it to my nose and took a long drag of her musky feminine odor. The little red shorts were still damp to the touch. These too reeked of her scent.

I began by licking her cum from the vibrator. I pretended that I had my face buried in her gushy pussy. I wished I could feel her hot juices running down my face. I wanted to make her moan and shake. I also pictured her heart shape lips engulfing my cock as I sucked the vibrator clean.

The thought of the warm wetness of her mouth and the feeling of her tongue swirling around the head of my cock almost had me over the edge.

Once I slurped every bit of my s****r's essence from the vibrator, I unbuckled my jeans and unleashed the monster straining to get out. After putting Tina's thong over my head, I grabbed hold of my swollen prick and began to fist it through a tiny pair of her “hot-pink” satin bikini string panties. I took the red shorts and breathed deeply into them as if they were an oxygen mask.

When I sucked on those silky panties and felt the dampness on my face, when my cock erupted almost painfully onto the inside crotch of her satin panties. The last milky blast filled the panties so much that it could no longer hold my i****tuous seed, and began to seep through the cotton gusset. As I continued to stroke myself off with her satin panties I could feel the my cum from Tina’s overflowing panties running down my hand and fall onto Tina’s comforter. I had just cum so hard that I saw stars flash in front of my eyes.

After I rubbed in my cum that fell onto Tina’s comforter, I fell back against her pillow still with my s****rs cum filled panties d****d over my leaking dick. Exhausted and not ready to move, my eyes felt heavy and I decided to rest for a moment. I grabbed the lingerie catalog Tina gave me, and began to look through it.

As I began to flip through the pages, some color photos of my s****r dressed in all sorts of lingerie and tight little panties, posing in all sorts of sexy positions, began to fall out of the catalog.

My cock instantly sprung to life, and I was harder then I had ever been before! As I looked over all the pictures of my s****r, my hand instinctively grabbed every pair of Tina’s panties around me. I wrapped each one around my cock, and began to jerk off into each one. Cum shot after cum shot, I soaked each pair of my s****r’s sexy satin panties.

By the time I finished looking over all the pictures, my i****tuous seed was in at least four pairs of Tina’s panties.

Since Tina left me these pictures, there was no way I was going to clean up her now soiled panties. Every pair I soaked was definitely going back in her draw with the intention for her to unknowingly wear because I wanted her pussy to bath in my cum.

I figured I had a few hours until anyone came home, and since it was “MY BIRTHDAY” I was going to continue my fun in Tina’s room. However I need to get some rest first.

Hopefully if I am lucky Tina and Toni will come home soon, and find me naked surround by my s****r’s cum filled panties.

89% (66/8)
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1 year ago
One heeuva possible Tina's (sister) tease of her brother Michael, or a joint sibling "love match" for Tina to provoke with brother Mike. Those fucking teasing sisters are as irritating as "crotch fleas" and both arms broken.
3 years ago
Loved to have watched
3 years ago
One hell of an adventure, what happen next, did you get a piece of those two meat?
3 years ago
Nice but where is part 2? Or is there one
3 years ago
3 years ago
sounds familiar :/ but really great
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now thats a great sister.
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Hope there's more
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love to hear about what went on after Tina and Toni got home :)
3 years ago
Great beginning. Hope there is more on the way. Thanks
3 years ago
Very hot - looking forward to more!
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good start
3 years ago
great story