My Wife Caught the House Guest With Her Panties

My wife Stacy and I are in our mid thirty’s and we had been married for about ten years now and were looking to spice up our sex life just a little bit. I began asking her to be a little extra friendly with other men (my friends included) and even wanted her to wear sexier clothing in public. When we visited the clubs I had asked her to dress sluttier which began to turn lots of heads! My wife is 5’-4” about 118lbs, with long blond hair, a 34B cup chest, and a size small waist line (say size 1-2). Once she started to get this attention I noticed that she was even starting to tease and taunt as many men as she possible could. This seemed to spice up our sex life very quickly.

Then last week called in advance to let Stacy know I was bringing Kip home to stay with us for a while as he has been one of my buddies for almost 25 years (the nicest most caring guys I know). This poor guy just separated from a cunt of a wife, who is a gold digger, and she had used him for all he was worth, and then sued him for the house, the car, and the remaining bank account!

I could tell Stacy was immediately broken hearted over his loss and wanted to soothe him and make him feel better after being left alone like that, but she didn't know exactly what to do and decided to let him come to terms on his own. Well after a week things had become pretty routine and Kip had managed to do a lot of things to help around the house. Then one day she noticed something odd; Someone had been going through her panty draw. Naturally she suspected Kip, but what was even more strange was that it didn't seem to bother her, in fact she thought it was a bit kinky and was also a turn on that someone would admire her panties that much.

Now as the days had passed my wife had gotten more aroused as more of her panties went missing. Stacy was so worked up in the excitement that she told me while she fucked me. This whole situation brought our sex life to a higher level then ever before. I was finally getting to do all kinds of stuff to her as she fantasized over Kip and her panties. Who was I to put an end to… I didn’t want to fuck up what I finally been dreaming of! So I told my sexy little wife to go have some fun as I do not see this obsession hurting anyone.

The following day Stacy decided to leave a note for her new found panty admirer, she wrote " Dear Kip, I thank you for taking the time to admire my sexy little satin panties and if you want to borrow them you may, I only ask that you would take only one pair and not keep them indefinitely, but after you use them to please leave them back in my panty draw, do to the fact that they are not cheap and you can re-use them or they can be worn by myself after you are through with them. Also please make sure you do not tell Mitchell, as he has no clue as to what you have been doing. I would like to keep this between you and I as our little secrete". Although I knew it was kinkier for them to think he was doing this behind my back.

Her thoughts of Kip using her panties to touch his cock with and to even soak with his cum, drove her crazy with desire. She allowed this sharing to go on for some time, finding a different pair of "soiled" panties in her panty draw about every other day, she loved it! Stacy loved wearing the wet cum soaked panties around the house and would rub his semen all over her pussy when she masturbated too! She imagined him wrapping her panties around his cock and shooting his cum soaking the material right where her pussy is normally pressed against. Wearing them was fun but what she decided she really wanted was to watch him do it, to see his rock hard cock pulse behind the fabric and saturate the material through out, first with pre cum and then with his thick sticky load. But she needed a plan.

Her plan was this; let her supply of clean and dirty panties run out, so that he would become desperate and have to ask for the pair she was wearing. Then make out like she was in a big hurry, on one condition, only if he would take care of it right then and there, in front of her.

My wife stood behind her bathroom door putting on makeup and getting ready to impress Kip, I had left for work and it had been three days since any fresh panties had been available to Kip. Stacy had made it a point to tell Kip(during dinner one night) to let her know if there was anything he needed, not specifically mentioning the panties of course but letting him figure out that one.

Then she heard the rustling in the bedroom and she knew he was looking in her drawers and the hamper where he would be finding nothing.

She spoke out loud saying again "let me know if you need anything."

He responded "there is one thing I could use if you wouldn't mind."

"What's that hun" she replied from behind the door."

"Um uh you wouldn't have some panties I could borrow would you."

"Well" she said "that depends, are you going to wear them or just use them for a moment."

"Uh" he stuttered "I probably just need them for a minute."

"OK" she said as she opened the door (dressed only in her black satin bra, garter belt and satin black bikini string panties with black high heel boots). She quickly removed her panties, handing them to him but not letting go for a moment as he attempted to snatch them and walk away;

"No!" she said "Come in here and do whatever you are going to do right here, and give them back to me so I can finish getting ready."

Now she was getting excited, by taking control and ordering him to play with her little black satin panties right in front of her she felt powerful and wonderful and turned back to the mirror where she could continue with her makeup and still keep an eye on Kip as he fumbled with his pants while trying to turn away and watch her at the same time. As he attempted to jack off on her panties it was obvious that he was uncomfortable and having a little trouble, (as she had expected he would,) but what she really wanted was to see his cock wrapped up in her panties and watch him jack off in them. She wanted to watch him do it so she said in a stiff voice, "look hun if you need a little help come over here and let me help you get this done so I can have my panties back."

He turned around slowly and revealed to her is panty wrapped cock as she had requested. She was very impressed with his size and how his cock did a nice job of filling her panties.

"Look" she said "I have an idea leave your cock in my panties and stick the whole package in my mouth and maybe you can hurry a little, OK?"

With this she let him shove his panty wrapped cock into her mouth and did her best to soak the panties with her saliva and suck on the underlying member. She could feel his erection pulsing inside the satin wad and taste the pre cum as it seeped through the thin material. She gurgled guttural sounds as if to urge him to hurry while he continued to swell and pulse to a grand climax. Finally he exploded his cock pumped juicy sperm right through the panties onto her tongue and throat. She could taste his salty seed mixed with her own cunt juices while she sucked hungrily on the panty wrapped cock.

"Thank you" she said politely as she unwrapped the still swollen cock to retrieve her panties and proceed to put them on (still wet), shoving the crotch deep into her pussy and finish her makeup. "Just let me know if you need any more help from now on" she told her Kip as she ushered him out the bathroom door.

"See you later and have a nice day" she said as he thanked him and gathered up his trousers and headed for the door. She was still trembling with desire as she made plans for how she would set up the next scenario for her and Kip! Maybe she would even let him fuck her. But for now she would let him return to playing with her panties.
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1 year ago
excellent as all your stories are.
2 years ago
wow, what a story, beats all others.
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
Very nice story! I think I love that woman!
3 years ago
Noel, good story - very entertaining - thanks
3 years ago
Nice, very nice.
3 years ago
Very erotic
3 years ago
Dang that got me turned on and I`m a crossdresser and open about it.Kip was getting a pretty good deal I think.....Do write more I enjoyed the read.
3 years ago
Nice very will written.
3 years ago
Good start would definately like to read more. Oh and it's Drawer not draw
3 years ago
Excellent. Hope there's a part 2?
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story