A Great Reason to Have a s****r!!! (Part 3)

"Oh yes, very, very nice Heather. It really does."

"Good!" she chirped. "I'm glad! And whenever you feel like doing something that makes you feel good, don't worry about your little s****r. She understands."

She smiled at him, then slapped her forehead, almost dropping the towel completely.

"Wow, I got to get going, or I'll be late for my date!" She ran down the hall to her room, in her haste whipping off the towel just before disappearing inside. Jamie closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, holding onto the brief image of her nude body he had just been treated to. His mind was chaotic with mixed emotions, and he felt exhausted.

He made his way back to the kitchen and tried to finish cleaning up, but his hands were trembling so badly that he almost dropped the dishes. He decided to leave it for later, and went into the living room to calm down. He lay down on the couch and closed his eyes, listening to his heart, which was still beating rapidly. After about five minutes, Heather came clicking down the hall. She was dressed in a tight red dress and heels.

"Jamie, I need a quick opinion – for a hot date, should it be these..."

She stood in front of him and lifted her dress to reveal a pair of tight cotton bikini panties. She turned around to afford him a view from the rear.

"...or these?" In one swift motion she pushed down her panties, lowering the dress at the same time, then stepped into another pair that she was carrying with her, and pulled them up snuggly, lifting the dress again. This time it was a black thong, just a tiny triangle in front, and invisible in back. She stood in front of Jamie with the dress pulled up to her waist, awaiting his recommendation. He was almost catatonic, staring between her legs and all but drooling with lust.

"Those," he managed to say, "definitely those."

"Oh, good!" she said. "I thought so, too, but I just wanted to make sure. Well, bye! Don't wait up for me."

She tossed the nylon panties onto the coffee table, then ran to the door and was gone. Jamie groaned and almost sobbed in frustration. He hastily pushed down his jeans and threw them aside, and reached for the discarded panties, still warm from Heather's sex. For the next hour they were used to ravish and pleasure his desperate cock; he managed at the last moment to avoid soiling them.

* * * * *

The next day Heather was very quiet around the house - cheerful, but quiet. She hummed snatches of tunes continually, and seemed very pleased with herself. Whenever Jamie caught her eye she smiled at him and winked, but otherwise didn't communicate much. Just once during the day, as she walked passed him with some laundry, she went up to him and whispered, "You were so right!" When he looked at her questioningly she just wrinkled her nose in a nasty grin and curled her tongue to her upper lip, then went about her business, giggling. He was wracked with curiosity and jealousy, but was too proud to beg her for details.

Finally, as they sat on the couch later that evening, she relented.

"So, Teacher," she said coyly, "you interested in hearing how things went with your prize student? Want to hear how she did with her homework?"

He looked at her with a strained smile. "You know I do, Heather. Are you ready to tell me now?"

"Well, I don't know," she teased. "It is rather personal, so maybe I should just whisper..."

She moved closer to him on the couch began to whisper in his ear descriptions of what she had done with her boyfriend the night before. She told him about how she had followed his advice, how she had started by stroking the boy's cock with one finger, very slowly and lightly, teasing him to get him worked up and wanting more. "It was so great," she whispered, "it was just like you said – he was moaning like crazy and begging me not to stop. Sometimes I did stop, just to get him going more, then I'd start again after he begged me." Her whisper grew more excited as she told this to her b*****r, and she put an arm around his shoulder to get closer to him, and rested her other hand on his leg.

"You should have seen it, Jamie, his cock got really big and hard! It felt so nice and warm in my hand, and I touched it just the way you told me to, up and down the underside, and teasing that little spot just below the head. Ooooo, he got so hot when I did that, Jamie, he just couldn't stay still! It was so easy to get him excited, and so much fun! I'd touch him in those places you told me about, then stop and ask him if he wanted some more – he always said yes, and beg and moan. It was so great!"

Jamie's erection grew steadily as he listened to his s****r's erotic descriptions. His eyes were closed, and his mind was filled with fevered images of his cock-teasing little s****r as she worked on her boyfriend. He could feel her hair brushing against his cheek as she whispered to him, and sometimes her lips touched his ear, giving him a sensual thrill that caused his erection to throb and twitch. He was so excited, and so envious.

"I did it for a long time, Jamie, a real long time, keeping him right on the edge, just like you told me. Then I let him do things to me – mmmmmm it was so nice, he knew just what to do, it felt soooooo good! I felt like I just couldn't get enough, I never knew I could get my legs spread that wide." Jamie stopped breathing for several seconds, straining to capture that image in his overwrought mind. "I'm afraid I didn't last long, I guess since I was already so excited by what I had done to him! So I went back to work on him, since he hadn't come yet, and was still big and hard. This time I used my mouth on him, just like you explained to me." She went on to describe in breathy detail the long, drawn-out blowjob she had inflicted on her boyfriend, tantalizing and teasing him cruelly, until she had finally pushed him over the edge. "He spurted buckets, all over the place! It was so messy, but so much fun! You could probably hear him in the next town when he exploded!"

Heather stopped whispering to her b*****r, and sat back on the couch. Her pretty face was flushed, and she was breathing rapidly as she straightened her hair.

"Whew!" she said. "I didn't mean to go on like that! I just got so excited thinking about it that I guess I got on a roll and couldn't stop. Hope I didn't embarrass you, Jamie."

Jamie could barely speak. He took a small couch cushion and put it in his lap to hide his rigid hard-on, and did his best to smile. "No, its fine, Heather, don't worry. It sounds like you paid attention to your lessons, all right."

She grinned. "Glad you think so," she said. "You're a good teacher!" Then she said good night and headed off to bed.

* * * * *

That night Jamie had trouble sl**ping. His mind was filled with maddening images of Heather and the scene she had described to him in her tantalizing whisper. He moaned with jealousy and frustration as he imagined himself in place of her boyfriend, being driven mad by her gentle hands and exquisite cock-teasing, and oh! – just imagine how her mouth and tongue would feel, flicking and swirling mercilessly all over his cock, barely touching it, tormenting it!

His erection had not abated, and he started to stroke. He was masturbating more often now, at least once a day, sometimes more. But tonight his cock was like a sullen, unquiet a****l. It was troubled and dissatisfied, and didn't want simply to be pleasured and put to rest. It wanted more excitement.

He got up and wandered around the apartment, not knowing what to do with himself. There was a full moon, and pools of cool light shone on the floor and furniture. He drank a glass of water, and then started back toward to his bedroom. Looking down the hall, he saw that Heather's bedroom door was open. He moved toward it, hesitantly, fighting an inner battle as he went - he shouldn't do this, this isn't right, don't invade her privacy! The moon was streaming through the bedroom window, and the sl**ping girl was fully illuminated in her bed. She was on her back, with her arms resting on the pillow, stretched over her head. As usual, she had worn to bed just a t-shirt and cotton bikini panties. The shirt was swelled out with the thrust of her breasts, and even from across the room Jamie could see her nipples pressing out through the thin fabric. He lost his battle; moaning softly with aching desire, he moved into her room and went to her bed.

He looked down at her, holding his breath, fearful of waking her. But her breathing was audible and regular, indicating that she was deeply asl**p. Her mouth was partly open, her head turned slightly away from him. Her arms on the pillow gave the impression of being held down, as if her wrists were bound, and she was struggling to free herself. The t-shirt was slightly too small for her, and the size and shape of her lovely breasts were clearly delineated. Her legs were extended straight toward the foot of the bed, spread somewhat apart. The firmness of her bottom caused her pelvis to be slightly raised, so that her panties were stretched tightly over the well-defined curve of her pubic mound.

Jamie gazed on her in growing lust, and pushed his boxers down to the floor. He was now standing naked over the adorable girl, his rigid, throbbing erection hovering inches from her voluptuous body. The erotic image of his engorged penis so close to the object of its lust caused him to moan softly, and he imagined he could almost hear his cock speaking urgently to him, yes! yes! that's what I want, that's what you need!

Surrendering completely to temptation, he kneeled down beside the bed and reached out for Heather's breasts. He touched very hesitantly at first, testing for any sign that she might awaken. Her breathing didn't change, so he was emboldened to caress her further: with his throbbing cock standing stiffly erect as he knelt, he cupped both his hands over her delicious globes, and moved his palms gently all over her bust, from the sides inward, up and down, squeezing to feel their wonderful, firm elasticity. They were warm in his hands, and he pressed from the sides, feeling their voluptuous weight, and massaged her erect nipples with this thumbs. He was fascinated with those nipples, so pert and hard even in sl**p; he gently played with them with his fingertips, pinching them slightly to make them harder, feeling through the thin fabric of her shirt the texture of the aureoles that surrounded them.

His excitement was growing as he touched her, even as the rising guilt he felt about what he was doing was nagging at him. Gazing at her lovely face, he began to stroke his greedy cock, while he slowly reached down between her legs to gently caress her sweet vulva through her panties. He could feel the texture of her sparse bush, and lower down the warm, moist crevice of her girlish labia. He moaned with frustration as he fondled her and stroked himself, for he knew deep down that he would never be able have this delicious girl, his s****r, his sweet, tantalizing s****r, this young, voluptuous body that was driving him crazy now as he touched and fondled, and as he teased his own cock to greater and greater desire and need. The mixture of lust and frustration, of pleasure and taunting denial was maddening and intoxicating, and he never wanted it to end!

But finally he could take no more – sitting back on his heels he grasped his cock and balls in both hands and stroked unrelentingly. He exploded in orgasm, the sweet, urgent pleasure fusing in his mind with the image of Heather lying tempting and vulnerable before of him.

Wiping the sperm from his stomach and chest with his shorts, he staggered back to his own room. He lay in bed staring at the ceiling, deeply ashamed of what he had just done; yet he was driven to masturbate once more to the memory of it, before he finally fell asl**p.

* * * * *

The next day, as he and Heather rushed about getting ready for their day, Jamie watched her face closely for any sign that she may have been aware of what he did in her room during the night. There wasn't any; she was her usual cheerful self, and obviously had no idea that her b*****r had groped and fondled her for his masturbation enjoyment.

For that is what it was, he told himself after she had left for school. I used my s****r's body as a sex object, just to get my rocks off! Yes, a little voice in his mind whispered to him – and you loved it, didn't you? He groaned, realizing it was true – he had loved feeling her tits and pussy like that, just loved it! Next time maybe he could get his hands under her clothes to touch the real thing, maybe he could take his hard cock and...

Oh my god! he thought to himself in despair. What kind of monster am I turning into? First I spy on her in the shower, then I jerk off while I feel her up! She's my s****r, my little s****r – ohhhh but she gets me so hot! I need her so much, my cock needs her!

He thought that perhaps he should try to get help, from a counselor or a psychiatrist – but he knew that this would never happen. He would never do anything that might get in the way of the dark, secret pleasures he was having with Heather. She was driving him crazy with lust and frustration, and he was being led deeper and deeper into dangerous temptations – but he didn't want it to stop. He had known that something like this would happen when he decided to let her move in, that his life might become an erotic torment. It was just something he'd have to learn to deal with. It was torture - and he loved it.

* * * * *

A few days later they were sitting on the couch after dinner, and Heather was doing her usual thing with the ice cream carton. She did it a lot (she liked ice cream), and Jamie never tired of watching her pink tongue do its work. She was wearing the same t-shirt and panties she'd worn the night he played with her as she slept, and this was helping to keep him in a pleasant state of arousal.

"You know, Jamie," she said as she twirled her tongue around the spoon, "I don't think you really believed me the other night." She dipped into the carton for the last dollop.

"Hm? What do you mean, Heather?" he asked, taken aback.

"When I told you about what I did with Chris – I don't think you really believed I did all that."

"I believed you," he insisted. "Why would you think I didn't?"

"Well," she said, giving the spoon one last lick and suck, "you were real quiet, and you said something sort of lame about my doing good on my lessons." She put the empty carton on the coffee table, and sat back with her elbow on the back of the couch. She rested her cheek against her fist and regarded her b*****r. "So?" she challenged.

"I believed you, Heather, really! You must have seen how interested I was in your story."

"Well, I'm not convinced," she said. "I think you were just trying to be nice."

Jamie threw his hands up, exasperated. "I don't know what else I can say to make you believe me," he laughed. "I give up!"

"You don't have to give up," she responded with a grin. "I have a plan."

"A plan."

"Yes, a plan. The way I figure, if you were somehow able to actually see me and Chris together – well, seeing is believing, right?"

"You want me to watch you and Chris make love?" He was incredulous.

"Well, not everything," she said, a little embarrassed. "Just the part where I ... use my 'lessons'."

"So let's see," he said sarcastically, "I walk into the room and pull up a chair, and I say, 'Oh, don't mind me, just carry on with what you were doing. Nice weather we're having, by the way...'." He shook his head. "I don't think so, s*s!"

She scowled at him. "Think you're so smart, don't you? Well listen to this, Mr. Smartypants – can you think of something I have in my room, that you have in yours, too?"

"A bed?"

"Besides the bed – something you get a lot of use out of, a lot of ... pleasant use."

He frowned, puzzled.

"Something," she continued, "that takes the place of magazines." She grinned at him, a challenging smirk.

"Oh," he mumbled sheepishly. "The computer."

"Right!" she said, clapping her hands. "And what does my computer have, and yours too, that could be used to see, uh, things?"

His eyes widened. "Heather, you don't mean..."

"Yes!" she interrupted. "The webcam! It's perfect!"

"I don't know," he said, rubbing his chin, "that might be kind of..."

"No, listen, listen!" she interrupted, "it would be so easy, and I have it all figured out! All we have to do is get it set up with the instant messenger thing and hide the little camera somehow, then you can just watch on your computer! Get it?"

Jamie thought about it, and started to get interested – more than interested, he was getting excited. "So you would just bring him here? What about me? Wouldn't it be awkward having me here?"

"Yes, that's why you won't be here. At least that's what I'll tell Chris. I'll tell him you're out doing something, but you'll actually be in your room, being very quiet. We'll only be here for as long ... well, as long as it takes. He's not going to sl**p over or anything."

"And what about Chris," Jamie asked, "don't you feel a little, well, sneaky, doing this to him?"

"It's only going to be for this one time," she protested. "Besides, it's for my 'education'." She winked at Jamie. "The more I learn about this 'subject', the better it will be for him. Anyway," she continued, "if he found out about it, I have the feeling he'd get off on it."

So Jamie agreed to go along with her plan. After a little experimentation they managed to get the computers communicating with instant messenger, with the output of Heather's webcam appearing on Jamie's computer. Heather put the cam on a chair next to her bed, and covered it with a shirt, with just the lens peeking out. They arranged the chair so that when Heather kneeled on the floor beside her bed, Jamie had a perfect close-up view of her head and shoulders from the side on his monitor. Their preparations made, they waited for the weekend.

* * * * *

"Come on in here, lover, it's more comfortable."

Jamie got off his bed and hurried to the computer when he heard Heather's voice coming from the speakers. It was about 11:00 at night, and he had been dozing, waiting for Heather to bring her date home to start the show, or what they had been calling her "final exam", or her "orals."

He heard some indistinct sounds of movement and shuffling around, then what sounded like passionate sighs. He assumed they were kissing. Heather had assured him that she would get Chris maneuvered toward the bed as quickly as she could, so there shouldn't be too long to wait before he could start checking out her technique.

Sure enough, after a minute or two he saw blurred images of legs pass across his screen, followed by the bright splash of Heather's red dress. She was wearing the same dress as she had on their first "hot" date – she told Jamie that Chris liked it; it turned him on. Small wonder, thought Jamie, she looks like a total slut in it!

When the movement on the screen settled down, Jamie saw Heather very clearly, stripped down to her bra and panties, on her knees between Chris's legs as he lay back on the bed. She looked into the camera briefly and winked, then busied herself with Chris. Jamie realized that she was pulling his trousers down to his ankles, followed by his underwear. He got closer to the monitor, starting to get excited – she's really doing it, he thought to himself, I'm actually going to see her do it. He lowered his boxers, and set to work on his growing erection.

Heather was true to her word: she had learned her lessons well. Chris's sighs of pleasure came through the speakers as she began to caress his cock, slowly and deliberately, taking care to tantalize him with brief touches around his most erotically sensitive areas, running her fingertips up the underside of his member and stopping just before she reached the ultra sensitive spot below the head. She giggled when he begged her not to stop, and placed a delicate little kiss on that center of pleasure, then continued dancing her fingertips all around it. Chris groaned in a mixture of ecstasy and frustration, while she went happily on with her cock-tease, wicked and unrelenting.

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