A Great Reason to Have a s****r!!! (Part 2)

Jamie took a swig from his wineglass, a big one. This was not a conversation he ever thought he'd have. "Well, you're right about that," he said. "I mean about guys thinking you were sexy, they all wanted to go out with you. No, wait, I don't mean that you weren't actually sexy, I mean you must have been, must have known something, uh ..." He was falling all over himself trying to say the right thing.

"You are so sweet, big b*****r!" Heather laughed, and took a sip of her wine. "But believe me, I don't know anywhere near as much as you think I do. Could you help me? Please?"

Jamie didn't know what to do. "What do you mean by help? What could I do?"

Heather put down her glass and looked at him. "You're a guy, Jamie. You have to know what guys like – what you like. I want to know how to ... to touch a man, how he likes to be touched and where. Do I have to spell it out for you?" She leaned forward on the couch and grinned wickedly. "P-E-N-I-S – I want to know how to touch a guy's cock to make him feel good!"

"Oh god, Heather, I don't think I should do that! I mean – Jesus, how could I possibly..."

He stopped talking when he saw what she was doing. Lowering her head and smiling up at him from under her striking eyebrows, her two index fingers were rotating in slow circles and gradually advancing on him. She began to make a buzzing noise with her tongue.

"Tickle bee," she whispered, "the tickle bee is coming..." He laughed, in spite of his embarrassment. Ever since she was a little girl Heather had been a tickler. She absolutely adored tickling him when they were c***dren, and getting tickled back. Often she would tickle when she wanted something from him he didn't want to give, and here she was doing it again!

"Come on, Heather, don't be silly," he said. But he was feeling a little silly himself because of the wine, and he felt the old hilarity rising, and shivers at her approaching fingers. "Don't you do that, now come on..."

She pounced, pushing him back on the couch as her fingers found his ribs. He exploded in howls of laughter as she gleefully attacked him, avoiding his hands as he tried to intercept her tormenting fingers. She was lying on top of him, holding him down with the press of her body, while her hands darted all over his sides, digging into his most sensitive areas. He was conscious of her warmth through the flimsy negligee, and felt her breasts pressing against his chest. As she struggled to hold him down, the negligee rode up, and as he thrashed about trying to escape he found his hands grasping her bottom through the thin fabric of the bikini panties, and more than once as he tried to tickle her in retaliation his hands briefly cupped her full breasts from the side. He was starting to become very aroused, but the tickling was driving him mad at the same time. He twisted his body, and they both rolled off the couch onto the floor, laughing hysterically. She maneuvered him onto his back and straddled his lap, pinning his wrists to the floor. They were both laughing and breathing heavily; he could feel the warmth between her legs pressing against his crotch, and a good part of her ample cleavage was visible down the neckline of her negligee as she bent over him.

"Well, you going to tell me, or do I have to ..." In a flash she whipped her hands from his wrists back down to his ribs, and just pressed her fingers into him without moving, poised to tickle again if he refused her.

"OK, OK, I give!" he gasped. "Just stop, please stop!"

"You sure?" she said, and gave him one last dig in his ribs.

"Yes, yes, I promise! God, you are such a sadist!"

She put her head on his chest and remained lying on him for a few more seconds, panting, then got up onto the couch again. He pulled himself together and joined her, straightening out his boxers, from which his aroused cock had come dangerously close to escaping.

They sat catching their breath for a while.

"Uh, so what do you want me to tell you, s*s?" Jamie asked finally. "You don't mean for me to, like, demonstrate stuff to you, do you? Like ... on me?"

She opened her eyes wide. "No, I didn't mean that! I just want you to tell me, or show me – wait! I have an idea! Wait, don't go 'way." She jumped up and ran into the kitchen. When she returned she was carrying a large banana, looking very pleased with herself.

"See? The perfect teaching aid! Just the right size, and look, it even curves just like a guy with a hard-on!" She swayed a little on the way to the couch; they were both quite tipsy from the wine by now.

"So, do I do this?" Holding the end of the banana in her left hand, she grabbed the top of the yellow stand-in with her right hand and began to jerk it up and down furiously.

"No, hold it, no!" Jamie interjected. "You're going to rip it off him like that! What you have to do, Heather, what guys really like, is to be very gentle. Touch it lightly at first, with just your fingertips. Take it slow – go very slowly..."

She nodded, and began to run her fingers over the yellow skin of the fruit, up and down from the "base" to the "head".

"Where you're touching, on the inside curve, would be the upper side. Uh, I think with most guys it would feel better on the underside."

"Is that where you like it?" she asked. She ran a single fingertip along the outside curve of the banana, lightly and delicately, very slowly, just below the tip.

Jamie blushed. "Uh, yeah – it feels really good there."

The lesson continued, as Jamie explained to his eager s****r just how she should stroke a man's erection, and where the most erotically sensitive areas are. "Boy," she said, "sex ed was never like this!" They both laughed, as she followed his directions, rubbing her hands up and down the banana, pretending to masturbate it.

"So, is this right? What else do guys like?" she asked. "I want to know how to really turn them on!"

"Well, I ... uh, a lot of guys like to be sort of, you know, teased..."


"Yeah, you know, that's when you kind of give a guy just a little bit of what he wants, but then you stop, to make him need more. You can pretend you don't know what he wants. Get him frustrated, wanting it, make him beg for more." Jamie felt his heart racing; Heather didn't know it, but he was describing his nearly constant state when he was around her.

"Ooooo, that's naughty!" she cooed, licking her lips. "Is that what you like, Jamie? Do you like it when a girl teases your cock? Does that get you hot?"

He blushed and stammered, causing her to giggle with delight and roll backwards on the floor, hugging her knees. The view he got of her bottom and between her legs, with those tantalizing nylon panties, added to the problem he was having keeping his hard-on from popping out of his shorts.

"It does, it does!" she laughed. "I know Jamie's secret, I know Jamie's secret," she chanted in sing-song, like a little girl on the playground at recess. "I'm learning all sorts of things about my quiet big b*****r tonight! OK, show me more..."

Jamie was quite excited by now, and told Heather in detail about all the things he fantasized about having girls do to him, even if he hadn't ever experienced most of it. He had moved back to the couch, and she sat on the floor in front of him listening raptly, excited and fascinated by what she was learning about male sexual pleasure. After his initial embarrassment, he found he was getting a rush from this, like an exhibitionist exposing himself to an excited little girl.

After about an hour he looked at the clock. "Oh gee, s*s, we better get to bed," he said. "I have to go to work tomorrow."

"OK," she said. "But first, would you like to see what my big b*****r taught me, 'Chris'?" She took the banana and moved up to him on her knees, positioning herself between his legs. "The next time we go out, you're going to get a big surprise..." She took the banana and held it in her hands between Jamie's legs, curving upward like a stiff erection, just inches from the real hard-on that was hiding in his pants. Then she proceeded to kiss it and flick her tongue up and down, mimicking the exciting blowjobs that Jamie had just described to her. She never took her eyes from his face as she pretended to ravish his cock with her tongue and lips, ending by taking the end of the banana in her mouth and sucking gently. Jamie was speechless, his mouth hanging open. Heather laughed, and stood up. Turning sideways to him, she lifted her arms and stretched, yawning. Light from the floor lamp backlit her, clearly outlining the swell of her raised breasts through the transparent negligee as she smiled down at her b*****r.

"Oooo the things I'm going to do to Chris when we go out this weekend!" she said. "And, of course, I'll tell my wonderful teacher all about it afterwards - g'night, Jamie!"

She turned and tripped down the hallway to her bedroom. Jamie was beside himself with lust and frustrated desire. He staggered to his room and collapsed into bed. The next hour was spent in tormented, delirious cock-stroking, intensifying and completing the number that his tantalizing step-s****r had unwittingly done on him.

* * * * *

Jamie returned home from some shopping in the late afternoon on the following Saturday. Heather wasn't there, but she'd told him not to plan on her for dinner, since she was going on a date with her new boyfriend. He made himself an early supper from leftovers, and was puttering around in the kitchen cleaning up when Heather arrived home unexpectedly.

"Hi, Heather, I didn't expect..." He did a double-take and his voice trailed off when he saw what she was wearing. She was all in pink in a cheerleader outfit: a pleated mini-skirt, close-fitting around her hips and rear, starting just below her navel, and extending with a slight flare to mid-thigh. Above this, a top with three-quarter length sleeves, cut off to reveal her entire midriff – the hem went across the small of her back, and rose as it came around in front to pass just below her ample bust. Her hair was tied up in pony tails, and she wore stockings. She was carrying a small stool.

"Well, that's an, uh, an interesting get-up, s*s!" he remarked, looking at her in wonder.

"Didn't I tell you about this?" she replied. "We had a special session in my aerobics class at the gym today – strip aerobics. Instead of the usual session, one of the girls in the class who used to be a stripper showed us some moves we could use while we were doing the usual exercise stuff. So, "step" aerobics – "strip" aerobics! Get it?"

"Uh huh – so that's why the get-up?"

"Yep. She said we should wear something that was slutty-cute, and this is what I came up with. Like it?" She did a little pirouette to show off her costume.

"Very pretty – and slutty! Did you have fun?"

"Oh, yes, we had a blast! We did all of the usual exercise steps, but we took off pieces of our costumes as we went along. We were all pretty much naked at the end!"

"Uh, any guys in the class?" He winked at her.

"Noooo, this one was girls only, you naughty boy!" she said, wagging her finger at him.

"Too bad – would have been interesting to see, for artistic reasons, of course!"

"Oh yeah, right!" she laughed. She turned to head down the hall, but then stopped and turned to him again. "Do you want to see a couple of the moves we did?"

"Well, sure, why not," he said, perhaps a little too quickly.

"OK, I'll do a little bit," she said. "I can't do the whole routine, of course, because then I'd have to take off all my clothes, and I know that's not anything you'd want to see!"

Jamie smiled weakly and mumbled something inaudible. Heather positioned her stool in the middle of the room, and started to go through her usual aerobic routine, stepping up and down on the stool. She was humming a tune that Jamie didn't recognize.

"It's better with the music," she panted. "You'll just have to use your imagination." As she continued, she began to add little flips of her skirt as she stepped onto the stool, or performed little jumps and twists on the floor. The first time she did this Jamie noticed with a start that she was wearing a black garter belt with her stockings, and sheer black panties. The combination of the high-school cheerleader getup with the sexy garter belt was extremely erotic, and Jamie became immediately aroused. It became worse for him when she raised her arms and performed several stretching maneuvers, leaning to the side or extending herself up on tiptoes. When she did this, her abbreviated top rode up over her high, firm breasts – she wasn't wearing a bra, and two or three inches of the bottom of her creamy globes were exposed to his view, exciting him further.

After about a minute of teasing peeks up her skirt she loosened its belt, then reached behind her and lowered a zipper. The skirt fell to the floor, completely exposing her garter belt and stockings. Jamie's eyes were glued below her waist, as she executed little turning steps in time to her humming, giving him a view from all sides of her sheer black panties, stretched tight across her rear and clinging revealingly to her crotch. On the outside he kept his cool, but inside he was going crazy.

Finally, she slowly ran her hands up her sides to the tantalizing little top, and began pushing it up to remove it. When her breasts were almost exposed, about halfway uncovered, she stopped, and pulled the top back into place. "Well, that's about as far as I can go without taking everything off!" she said cheerily. "But you get the idea."

Jamie moaned to himself, his aching desire to see her naked once again frustrated. She gathered up her skirt and the stool and headed down the hall.

"I got to get moving now," she said breathlessly, "got to grab a shower before my big date tonight!" She winked at her b*****r and ran into the bathroom.

Jamie was left hanging in a state of intense arousal. When she started he knew that it was only going to be a sample of her routine, a little taste, but he had become thoroughly hooked by her tease, and inwardly had fervently hoped that she would continue taking her clothes off and grant him the view of her delicious nude body that he'd had been craving for years, and which in his imagination had been such a tantalizing prod to his masturbation. He walked back and forth in agitation, running his hand through his hair, moaning her name aloud. Her performance had given him a full-blown erection, still rigid and insistent in his pants.

The sound of the shower running came from the bathroom. Hesitantly, he moved down the hall, drawn by the maddening knowledge that just on the other side of the door was his beautiful step-s****r, naked and glistening, running her soapy hands up and down that incredible body. When he had almost reached the bathroom he stopped short - the door hadn't been completely closed! It was ajar about an inch, and provided an opportunity to peek inside.

Jamie was torn. He knew it was wrong to invade Heather's privacy – but he was so excited! His cock was rigid and aching, and he was absolutely dying to see her, to see her naked, to go crazy looking at her mouth-watering tits and between her legs and, oh my god, that incredible ass! His will-power was no match for his lust - unzipping his fly to release his throbbing erection, he moved towards the door.

The sound of running water thundered in his ears, competing with the pounding of his heart. He pushed the door open a bit more, to enable him to see the shower where Heather was splashing about, blissfully unaware of what he was doing. The transparent shower door was fogged with steam, so that he was able to see only a blurred image of her as she moved about under the spray. He stroked himself as he watched, groaning with pleasure and frustration, tantalized by her indistinct moving figure, hoping fervently for a better view when she opened the shower door. Finally the sound of water stopped. He held his breath and stopped stroking; his cock was rock-hard and vertical, trembling in its excitement. The shower door slid to the side, and Heather reached around it to take a towel from the rack. She did it quickly, and was drying the front of her body before Jamie had had an opportunity to get the view he wanted. He kept watching – when she stepped out he was sure to see more, he just knew it. But then she looked up, looked right at the door. Jamie drew back in horror – oh my god, he thought, she's seen me! Oh shit!

He hurried down the hall to his room, embarrassed beyond measure, kicking himself for what he had just done, and for being so careless. If only he hadn't given into temptation, oh god, what's going to happen now? He zipped up his fly and paced around his room, trying to figure out how he should act.

He heard Heather moving around in the bathroom, and he searched his mind frantically for something to say to her, some excuse. Maybe she hadn't really seen him, so maybe he should just pretend to have been in his room the whole time.

The bathroom door opened, and Heather emerged, wrapped in a towel. Jamie stepped out of his room at the same time, and tried to put on an innocent, nonchalant face.

Heather looked at him for a moment. "Well," she said, "I know what you've been doing."

His heart sank. He was caught, busted. He felt terrible.

"You do?" he said miserably, not being able to find any other words.

"Yes, I do," she said. "I mean, it's so obvious. It must have gotten you awfully hot." She pointed to his crotch, where his erection was still hugely evident.

"Oh, Heather, I'm so sorry, I feel terrible about this! I ... I hope you'll be able to forgive me!"

She looked at him blankly. "Forgive you? What's there to forgive? I know boys like to do that. You can't help it, can you? Besides, I've known about your magazines for years!"

Jamie blinked and stared at her. "My mag..."

"Sure!" she said with a grin. "I knew all about those magazines you kept in your closet to jerk off to! Do you still have them? Actually, I guess these days you'd just find stuff on your computer, wouldn't you?"

Jamie was stunned – and relieved. "Well, I suppose maybe..."

"Oh, don't try to deny it!" she laughed. "Actually, I think it's kind of cute - you sitting at your computer, looking at pictures of hot girls, touching yourself and getting so hot and bothered! It's probably good for you, too, seeing as you don't have a girlfriend these days. Now tell the truth – you were in your room just now having 'fun', weren't you?"


The towel that Heather had wrapped around her wasn't very large, and just barely covered her torso, from the top of her breasts to the beginning of her thighs. She reached up to brush a wet strand of hair from her face, and as she did so the towel dropped a bit lower, exposing the swelling curves of the tops of her breasts. She took no notice, and cupped her hands over her breasts to hold the towel in place.

"Come on, Jamie, I know you, you like to look at sexy girls. You do like to look, don't you? You like to look and get turned on?"

Jamie just stared at her as she stood in front of him, the towel barely covering her, her breasts swelling around her cupped hands. He tried very hard to contain his renewed excitement.

"Uh, well yeah," he said with a f***ed grin, "I guess I do, I do like to look at – at things like that."

"And when you do, it gets you all excited, doesn't it?" she went on. "It gets you like that..." She pointed again to the bulge in his pants. The towel dropped lower, and she grasped it against her breasts just before it reached her nipples.

Jamie moved his hands to cover himself. "God, Heather, you're embarrassing me now!"

"Oh, don't be embarrassed, silly!" she said. "It's perfectly natural for you to do that. I'm glad my poor big b*****r has something to look at that gets him worked up and excited, and makes him feel so nice. It does make you feel nice, doesn't it?" She gazed at him with her big innocent eyes, her eyebrows raised in a question.

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