Guess who is who?

James and Claire had been happily married for over 10 years and still had a good sexual relationship - good, but nothing unusual. Despite having a relatively open relationship - including sharing some of their fantasies - with one another, they had never had anything other than a monogamous relationship. This, although they both admitted that - as a fantasy at least - the idea of another man sharing their bed was a turn on for both of them. It was a hot summers weekend when things changed.

One weekend in August, Oliver - a good friend of both of theirs - came up to visit them. Unfortunately, Sue his wife would be unable to join them as she was attending a conference. Claire and James had known Oliver for years and both liked his easy-going attitude and his open and humorous approach to life. He was a tall, good-looking bloke and had even been the subject of one of their fantasies and so when the idea came to James, he decided that he would talk to Oliver about it and see how he reacted.

Having spent the Friday evening sitting on the terrace and drinking wine together, James closely watched Oliver and Claire chatting and laughing together and became convinced that they liked one another for him to put his plan into action.

The next day after breakfast, Claire disappeared off in the car to get some shopping, leaving James and Oliver lounging about on the terrace. With his heart thumping, James decided to approach the subject.



'What do you think of Claire?'

'What do you mean? I like her - I think she's great!'

'Er, I mean physically ...'

Oliver looked over at James to see if he was serious or not.

'You really want to know?'

James nodded.

'Well, let's put it this way - if you hadn't married her, I would definitely have tried to get off with her!'

'So you would screw her if you had the chance?'

'What's up with you? You asked me ...'

'Hey, I'm not pissed off with you, I just want to know, that's all.'

'Hmm. OK. Then yes, I would screw her if I had the chance - but not as long as you two were together ...'

'And if I said it was OK?'

Oliver's mouth dropped open as he realised what James was saying.

'Do you mean? You want me to ...'

'I'll come to that in a second, I just want to hear what you think.'

'Well, I don't know. I mean ... I have always fantasised about screwing her but to actually do it? And what about Sue?'

'Hey, it's not easy for me either - I just have this idea and I wanted to hear what you think about it.'

'What idea?'

With that, James explained what he had in mind. As he did so, Oliver got more and more excited. He made a few suggestions and then James asked:

'So? Are you game?'

'Er, yes ... no ... oh shit, I don't know! What will Claire say? And what if Sue finds out?'

'It's the same for me - I have no idea how Claire will react. We've fantasised together about similar things, but whether she would actually go through with it ... and as for Sue, as long as Claire doesn't tell her anything, your secret's safe.'

'OK, let's do it, but one thing must be clear - I love Sue and I have no intention of starting an affair with Claire. So if either of you two get cold feet, then we stop straight away. I am not putting our friendship on the line here.'

'Fine by me - I am the one here who risks losing everything!'

Just then, the garage door opened and Claire drove in. James and Oliver went out to help her unpack the groceries. Once everything was packed away, the three of them went out to the back terrace, where James spread two large thick blankets on the wooden floor. The terrace looked out onto a private pond, which was surrounded by a ring of trees, and bushes that acted as a kind of fence, blocking the view of anyone that happened to walk past. That being said, they were unlikely to be overseen as the house itself was on the edge of the village and looked out onto open countryside. The nearest public footpath was at least 100m away.

Claire looked from one to the other.

'What's up with you two? You've been acting strangely every since I got back.'


'Right! Then why do you keep exchanging those looks with one another?'

'Looks? Us?'

'Yes! What is it?'

'Nothing. Really. While you were shopping, Oliver and I came up with an idea that we want to try out. And for that, we need your help.'

'What idea?'

'It's nothing to worry about! I'll explain it all to you in a minute. First of all, we have to get a few things ready and then we can start.'

'Start what? Come on you guys, give me a break here!'

'It's a kind of game.'


'Yes. Look just bear with us and don't get too worked up or worried. You have nothing to worry about and you can stop the game any time you want, OK.'

'Er, OK.'

'Good. Now just wait here a second.'

With that, James stood up and disappeared into the house, returning a short while later with an olive green silk scarf.

'What's that for?'

'To blindfold you.'

'What kind of game is this? I'm not sure I like this.'

'It's a kind of guessing game. So just wait here quietly while we get things ready.'

Claire sat there on the blanket wondering what was going on as James and Oliver disappeared into the house. She began to feel even more nervous as she wondered what the two of them were up to. The possibilities were too many to consider, so she tried to calm herself down by telling herself that James would never let anything happen to her that could hurt her. The suns rays on her body were warm and made her feel a little drowsy. She lay back onto the blanket and had just started to relax as Oliver and James returned.

Unbeknown to Claire, Oliver and James had stripped off completely and were now both naked and sporting healthy erections as they returned to the blindfolded women. James was carrying a small video camera and plugged it into the external mains socket on the wall before switching it one.

'Are you back?'

'Yes. So we're ready to start the game. It's called "who's who".'

'"Who's who"? And how do we play it?'

'That's very easy. You have to try and guess who we are. We will give you an instruction and then you will be touched on the head. When you have been touched on the head, then you follow the instruction and try to figure out who the person is. When you are touched on the head again, you stop what you are doing immediately. Then we repeat the process with the next person. Afterwards, you have to tell us which of the two people were which.'

'Er, OK. But don't do anything nasty like giving me a spider to hold - I will scream the place down if you do.'

Oliver and James looked at one another and grinned.

'No, no. Nothing like that. Promise.'

'There is just one other thing. This is a competition. So their is a prize if you win and a penalty if you lose.'

'OK. What's the prize?'

'We will take you out to a restaurant of your choice and there is no price limit.'

'Sounds good. And the penalty?'

The moment of truth had come.

'For every answer you get wrong, you will have to take off one piece of clothing!'


Claire reached up to pull off her blindfold, but James grabbed her wrists and held them gently.

'That's the game. If you don't want to play, then we can stop right now.'

'Yeah, I mean if you don't think you can tell me from your husband, then now is the time to admit it!'

'That is not the point, I er ...'


'James? Are you OK with this?'

'Yes, of course, otherwise we wouldn't have said anything.'

'OK, then I'll play. But if I say stop, the game stops. Whenever I want?'


'OK. Great. Then we'll start. The first one is relatively easy and just gets you into the game. You have to feel our heads with your hands ... so hold your hands out in front of you.'


With that, Oliver started filming as James - naked - crouched down in front of Claire and placed his head between her outstretched hands. As Claire felt the touch on her head, she moved her hands around until they came into contact with a head and started to feel it. After about 30s, she felt another tap on her head and waited patiently. The process was repeated and she felt the new head. She grinned to herself. This wasn't at all difficult! Another tap on her head and she waited patiently.

'So? What's your guess?'

'James first, Oliver second.'

'Good. Easy wasn't it? So, now it gets a bit more difficult. Hold out your hands again.'

Claire did as she was told. Oliver moved forwards, touched her on the head with one hand and placed his other hand in hers. Claire felt the warm dry hand and felt a tremor ripple through her body. This could cost her her first piece of clothing. Another tap. She let go of the hand. A third tap and another hand was placed in hers. This too was warm hand dry and as she felt the fingers, she realised that she didn't have a blind clue which was which! She would just have to guess - she still had a 50% chance of being right. Another tap.

'So? What do you think?'

'James first, Oliver second.'

'Wrong! Sorry. So, if you wouldn't mind just taking your T-shirt off for me ...'

'Just a minute. How do I know you're telling the truth?'

'You just have to trust us. We won't cheat - that would be no fun.'

'Hmm, OK.'

Oliver turned the camera to Claire as she tugged the bottom edge of her red T-shirt out of her black cotton trousers and shimmied it up her body. The lower edge of a pink bra appeared and Oliver zoomed in to get a better view of her small bra-covered breasts as the T-shirt was pulled up over Claire's shoulders.

'Wait, I'll help you - otherwise the blindfold will come off with the T-shirt!'

Seconds later, Claire was sitting in her pale pink bra and black trousers, her nipples making clear bumps in the soft material of her bra. Oliver put the camera on 'pause' and put it down.

Test number three was to feel their chests. Claire grinned openly. This would be easy; she knew that Oliver had hair on his chest and James none. She took the opportunity to get a good feel of their chests, tweaking their nipples gently as she did so. She began to wonder just how far this was going to go and felt the flush of excitement stream down her chest to her tight little nipples and from their to her groin. With a short flush of embarrassment, she realised that she was beginning to get damp! She tried to turn her thoughts away to something less exciting.

The next test was for Claire to feel their lips with her fingertips - a test especially designed to cause her to have to surrender a second piece of clothing. Claire stood up and unbuttoned her black cotton trousers before unzipping them. James was filming her and focussed in as her zip was slowly undone to reveal a flash of pink silk. Claire shuffled the trousers over her hips and unceremoniously slid them down her legs before stepping out of them. She was left standing in a pair of pink silk panties that matched her bra. The thin material of her panties highlighted rather than concealed her pussy. The panties were bikini-style, with a thin string as the waistband stretching over her hips.

Claire knelt back down on the blanket, her face flushed. She knew that she had crossed the Rubicon. There was to be no going back now. Her pussy glowed with excitement as she wondered what the next test would bring. She didn't have to wait long.

'OK. So hold your hands out again please.'

James's hands trembled as he filmed the action. This was the moment he had been waiting for - now was the moment of truth. Oliver moved forwards and placed his erect cock into the space between her hands. Oliver touched her gently on the head. She closed her hands together and jerked upright at the first contact with his erect cock. Recovering somewhat, she closed her hands around its girth and explored the warm stiffness. Cupping her hands around his balls with one hand, she slipped the other hand upwards and started slowly masturbating him. James zoomed in on the movement and then slowly panned out to swing up Claire's body to her face. Her lips were slightly parted and the upper part of her chest at the base of her neck was flushed red with excitement.

Claire was struggling to believe what she was doing. The blindfold, while hindering her sight, also heightened her other senses. She knew that the cock that she held in her hands was not James's. It was slimmer than James's and simply the knowledge that she was holding Oliver's stiff cock in her hand caused her pussy to flood with excitement, soaking her panties where they clung to her sex.

Sitting there in her underwear knowing that the two blokes were getting a good eyeful of her handling Oliver's cock was turning her on in a way she had not experienced before. She was experiencing almost uncontrollable urges to take over the situation by ripping the rest of her clothes off and wrapping her lips around Oliver's horny cock. She briefly considered 'guessing' wrong just so that she could expose herself to the two men, but then dropped the idea again, thinking about how exciting it was being told what to do and wondering how far they would go.

Cupping her right hand around his balls, she started gently masturbating Oliver's cock. She could feel the silky skin sliding in her hands as she gently jerked his cock. Before she could really get into it, she felt a touch on her head and, releasing the breath that she had been unaware of holding, she let her hands drop to her thighs.

Another touch to her head. She raised her hands and came into contact with James's hard cock. This she could well picture in her mind. She imagined the glistening purple head appearing and disappearing from view as she masturbated him just as she had done with Oliver a few seconds earlier.

Oliver, crouching down on one knee, could hardly keep the camera steady. He was hot and sweaty and trying desperately to calm down having just had the beautiful Claire - James's wife! - masturbate him while James watched and filmed them. Now he was fighting to come back down again as he filmed Claire gently masturbating James's fully erect cock. As he continued filming, he took the opportunity to make sure that Claire was in the shot. Her nipples were now undeniably erect under the soft pink bra. Looking down at her crotch, Oliver saw that her knickers had darkened between her thighs though whether that was due to being wet or just a shadow, he didn't know. James touched Claire's head and she let her hands drop to her thighs, her face hot and flushed.

James moved back to join Oliver.

'So, Claire, let's hear your guess!'

'Oliver first, James second.'

'OK. Well done. So now for the next test. You have to recognise our bums this time!'

Claire's heart skipped a beat. James and Oliver had similar figures - sporty, slim and with tight little bums. This was going to be difficult! On the other hand, the worst that could happen is that she would lose another item of clothing - and the feeling of wanting to expose herself to these two guys was becoming stronger and stronger. The first bum was small and tight and fitted smoothly into the curve of her hands. She let her fingers slip between the buttocks and grinned to herself as she felt them clench slightly under her fingers. As the next bum was in her hands, she repeated the process and felt the taught muscles under her fingers as she ran one finger along the length of the crack. This bum felt even tighter than the first one and she guessed that she was probably holding James's bum because he was a regular mountain-biker and his bum would probably be more muscular than Oliver's.

Even so, when the time came to guess, she decided to guess 'wrong' and to take the opportunity to show Oliver her breasts. Just the thought of this sent a twinge of excitement running through her nipples.

'James first, Oliver second?'

'Sorry, wrong! Why don't you take your bra off for us Claire? I think that we would both like to see your breasts now.'

Claire reached behind her and unclipped her pink silk bra before hesitating for a second. Was she really going to let them see her breasts? She felt a brief pang of insecurity. Maybe Oliver liked big breasts; maybe he would be disappointed by what he saw? Shrugging to herself, she peeled off the thin silk material from her small snub-nosed breasts. Dropping the small silk bundle to one side, she sighed as the warm summer air drifted across her exposed breasts, causing her hardened nipples to pucker with excitement.

'Oh, fuck, they are beautiful, even better than I'd imagined.'

Oliver's comment caused Claire to shiver with excitement. And now?

'So, Claire, the next test is a little different. Lie back down on the blanket on your back with your hands trapped under your bum. For the next test, you are not allowed to touch either of us.'

Claire lay back and pushed her hips up slightly so that she could move her hands under her buttocks. In doing so, she pushed her pussy upwards and Oliver, still filming, focussed on her pantie-covered groin and took in the very obvious signs of her excitement. There was now no denying the fact that the material was soaked through and was now clinging tightly to Claire's pubic valley, so that the shape of her sex was clearly highlighted beneath the thin wet pink silk.

'So what is the next test?'

'This time you have to guess which of us is kissing your breasts!'


James bent down and cupped Claire's breast in one hand, gently squeezing it so that her nipple was pushed upwards towards him. He then bent forwards and took her bud in his mouth, playing with it with his tongue before lifting his head and looked to Oliver. Oliver handed him the camera silently and then cupped both of Claire's breasts in his hands before bending down and taking first one and then the other nipple in his mouth, gently biting them and running his tongue over their soft hardness. Claire groaned at the pleasure that flooded through her. Her body was in overdrive and she was now desperate for some sexual relief.

Oliver sat back up and moved over to sit next to Claire, James sitting on the other side of her hips.

'Let's hear your guess!'

Claire had no idea and if she were really honest, she didn't really care. All she cared about now was getting a cock between her thighs ... if not two cocks!

'Oliver first, James second?'

'No! You've lost your bet I'm afraid. Oliver, would you like to remove Claire's knickers?'

'THAT would be my pleasure!'

Taking hold of the waistband of Claire's pink silk knickers, he slowly peeled them off, gradually exposing her closely trimmed pubic mound. Her pussy was swollen and her lips glistening with excitement. He continued to pull her knickers off over Claire's ankles and dropped the soft wet bundle down behind him, his eyes glued to Claire's pussy.

Claire struggle for control as she felt the smooth wet material being peeled off her. The silk panties clung to her wet pussy lips as it was pulled down, stimulating her with its movement. She now lay there naked on the ground between the two blokes. In her minds eye, she could see her slim frame, her breasts flattened against her chest, her smooth flat stomach and gently curving pubic mound with its sparse covering of mouse-brown pubic hair doing little to hide her swollen valley trapped between her slim thighs.

James continued to film Claire's crotch as Oliver's hands reached out for her knickers. He zoomed in on her panties and fought to control himself as Claire let herself be exposed to Oliver for the first time. He fought to stop himself from grabbing his own cock and masturbating to relieve the pressure in his cock. He felt like he was going to burst. His balls were now so tight that he had slight pains spreading out on either side above his pubic mound. Still, he knew what was coming and wanted to wait, despite suffering at the moment. Oliver took one ankle in each hand and spread Claire's thighs apart - as far as they could comfortably go, giving them both a perfect view of her pink swollen pussy.

Claire gasped as her legs were pulled apart. One part of her wanted to die of embarrassment - the only person who had seen her exposed like this in broad daylight was James. Even with her other boyfriends, she had never really felt close enough to them to do something like this in full light! On the other hand though, she wanted to open her thighs up even further, to show the two guys her perfect petalled pussy and to let them see everything of her!

'Well Claire, I am afraid that we are nearing the end of your tests. Just three more to go!'

Claire's mind raced - THREE more? Just as she was about to ask what was coming, she leapt off the floor with surprise as a warm wet tongue slid up her pussy and rushed over her swollen clitoris. Her hips bucked as the tongue continued to invade her. She sighed with frustration as the tongue disappeared and then braced herself as a second tongue started lapping away at her, each run over her clit causing her to buck with pleasure. Just as she approached orgasm, the tongue disappeared again. She could have cried with frustration. Those bastards!

Oliver and James looked at one another, unable to keep the grins from their faces, now wet with Claire's juices. They had given up all concerns and had filmed one another in close-up as each one buried their faces in Claire's pussy.

'So Claire. This is almost your last chance to guess correctly!'

'I don't know and don't really care. Why did you stop?'

'We're waiting ...'

'OK. Oliver first, James second?'

'Wrong! So Oliver, she has definitely lost her bet now.'

'Yes! However, she hasn't got any more clothes to give us so I think she should play a forfeit ...'

'What then?

'I think that she should bring herself off for us!'

'Great idea!'

'I can't do that!'

Claire jumped as Oliver casually and gently stroked her pussy with the ball of his thumb before picking up the camera and focussing on Claire's prostrate body.

'Yes, you can!'

Claire's mind was racing. Despite her protests, she actually wanted to masturbate for them, wanted to denigrate herself, to let them watch her as she made herself come. She pulled her arms out from under her bum and spread her pussy with two fingers of her left hand. With her right hand, she started stroking her clitoris with the flat pad of her middle finger. This was more than she could take and her orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt. Her hips bucked up and she pressed and held her finger hard against her clit as she came.

'Oh, God, yes!'

Once she had calmed down a bit, Oliver pulled her up into a sitting situation and placed his cock directly in front of her face, before pulling her onto him. James held the camera in his hands and filmed her as she opened her mouth automatically and engulfed his cock with her mouth.

Claire tasted the saltiness of the cock between her lips and ran her tongue over its tip before bobbing her head up and down on the swollen warmth. For a second, she wondered who's cock it was but quickly discarded the thought in the knowledge that a second hard cock was waiting for her. She felt a twitch pulse through the prick as the first wave of orgasm approached. Suddenly the cock was pulled away from her, to be replaced seconds later by the next one.

Knowing that she would be denied the pleasure of the cock exploding in her mouth, she simply wrapped her lips around the hot smooth shaft and bobbed her head up and down, letting the cock tip almost reach her throat before pulling back again. After no more than 5 or 6 such movements, the cock was pulled almost forcible away from her. She sat back and rested on her arms.


'Oliver first, James second?'

'Hey, well done, that saved you! So now it is time for the ultimate and final test.'

Claire's heart pounded at these words. There was no doubt as to what was coming now.

'Turn over and get onto your hands and knees. That's right. Now spread your thighs. Good.'

Claire did as she was told and - as the two men had agreed earlier - Oliver knelt between Claire's thighs and placed his prick at the entrance to her sopping pussy. James was already filming and followed the action with the camera.

Oliver's buttocks tense and clenched as he thrust forwards, slipping into her wet warm passage with ease. He thrust hard against her bum and then pulled back again. Grabbing her hips with both hands, he started thrusting into her, pulling her onto him with each forwards thrust.

Claire's senses went into overload as she felt herself being invaded by the hot cock. Her whole body quivered with excitement as whosever's groin it was collided with her bum and then she arched her back thrusting against him, building up a smooth rhythm. It was only a matter of seconds later that she felt the first twitches inside her, a sure sign that 'he' was about to come! Then she heard Oliver groan and warn her that he was about to come. She tried to pull away but he held her tightly by the hips and thrust deeply into her again. An image of herself flashed into her mind - on her elbows, bum in the air, back arched as Oliver's cock penetrated her again and again as James watched on! Suddenly she heard Oliver grunt and thrust into her again, holding his cock buried deep within her as he came. A hot jet of jism seared her insides in pulses as he came, the pulses gradually cascading down into little more than empty twitches as he sagged onto her back.

Pulling himself off her, Oliver sank back to the floor and wordlessly took the camera from James. Although he was exhausted at the relief he felt, he switched the camera to record and watched James move between Claire's thighs, just as he had done shortly before.

Feeling someone - it had to be James - move up behind her, Claire started to protest.

'No, James. I'm full of Oliver's come. Let me wash ...'

She felt James's prick being rubbed up and down her slit, being coated in her juices together with Oliver's jism that was now starting to trickle out of her. She felt James's cock slip slowly, centimetre for centimetre, into her until it filled her completely. This was one of the things that she loved about James. The only other guy that had ever filled her like this was an Iranian that she had had a brief fling with. She felt James's hands reach around under her and cup her breasts, her nipples being twisted gently between thumb and forefinger, his cock sliding slowly and gently in and out of her, a total difference to the brief and furious fuck of a minute before.

'Tell me about it Claire.'

'Tell you what?'

'Tell me what you have just done, what state you're in.'

'I just let your best mate screw my pussy and I loved it.'

'Tell me more.'

James's hands released her breasts and moved to her hips as his pace increased. She thrust back against him.

'I spread my thighs for him and let him fuck me. I let him thrust his big cock into me - into your wife - like a whore and I made him come inside me, filling me with his come.'

Claire now felt the first twitches of James's cock and felt her pussy twitch in reply. This was getting to both of them and they were both rapidly approaching orgasm.

'And when he came, I squeezed every last drop out of his throbbing cock with my pussy and now you are fucking my come filled pussy - your cock is coated in your best mates come ...'

Claire was on the brink of orgasm now and thrust back hard against James. Their movements became more frantic and less synchronized and then he came. Claire gasped as a second jet of come shot into her, she thrust back hard against James and his hot come flooded her womb, the first blast taking her over the edge and making her come too. She thrust back harder and felt him push against her, forcing her down on to the blanket before collapsing on top of her.

Once they had both subsided, James pulled out of her and rolled over onto his back. Claire shakily pushed herself up into a sitting position and mumbled that she had to go and get cleaned up. Pulling off the blindfold, she blinked at the bright summer sunshine and then stood up, looking down at the 'wreckage' of the two naked men, their half-erect cocks, wet and glistening in the bright light. She stood up with wobbly legs and walked into the house towards the bathroom.

Oliver followed her with the camera before switching it off and lying back down again. He looked over to James.

'Oh man, that was fucking magic!'

'I agree, but next time it's Sue's turn - I've always wanted to screw her.'

'Share and share alike I say ...'
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Great story!
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Man you post some great stories. My ex and I had an experience just like this, except there was just the two of us. Thanks buddy.
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