Wife Swapping (Part 3 of 4)

“Keep sucking, beautiful. You look so good like that”, Al encouraged.

Amy liked it when John called her beautiful. She couldn’t believe it. She had just swallowed all this cum and she was still sucking on John’s cock. And it was getting big again. She let it fall out of her mouth and said, “John, please fuck me. I need your cock in me.”

Al slapped his cock against her face, “It’s Al, Amy. If you can’t keep up this role play I’ll have to punish you.

“Please…Al. I need your cock!” Amy corrected herself.

“That’s more like it” Al said. He untied her hands from the cross bar pushed Amy down on her back on the bed and re-secured her hands to the headboard. “Now spread’em”, he whispered to Amy while pushing her legs apart with his knees. He pressed his cock against the entry to Amy’s pussy. Was this really happening? Al had dreamed of this moment many times. He was not going to rush it. He would savor it. He slowly pushed his cock into Amy’s hot snatch.

Amy immediately arched her back. She wanted this fucking more than ever. She had never had a multiple orgasm before but for some reason tonight seemed different. She wanted to let loose. Maybe pretending to fuck Al would do that. She could be somebody she wasn’t. Al was now all the way in and she could feel his balls slamming against the her ass. Somebody was moaning. It was her. She wasn’t in control of her own emotions anymore, “ohhhhh…ohhhhhh….ummmmmmm…ohhhhhhhhh…godddddddddddddd”. She lifted her hips higher to give a better angle and felt Al’s cock touch places that had never been touched before.

She was on the verge of climax, her body screaming for release, , her body betraying her totally. She grunted loudly as her orgasm screamed through her, she felt every nerve ending in her body explode, electricity connecting her cunt, nipples and brain together at the same time. “AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” What was this? She had never had a multiple orgasm. Did she really need the idea of another man to fuck her to make her enjoy sex this much? Amy’s eyes started to tear up under her blindfold. Sex never felt this good before. She wasn’t sure whether to be happy with all the pleasure she was feeling or guilty for succumbing to the pleasures of sin.

Al was still pounding in her and her pussy was burning. The binds around her wrists were burning too. Now her mouth started to betray her, “Cum in me Al, give me all you got. It feels so good I’ve never had sex like this. Just take me. Take me, I’m yours.” With those words Amy couldn’t believe it. What was going on? All of this role play was taking over her senses. John’s cock felt bigger, the fucking felt real good, and she was feeling like she was fucking another cock, Al’s cock. John was doing a good job of acting.

Al lifted Amy’s legs in the air and plunged deep as Amy exhaled as if punched in the gut. Al didn’t pump but rather started grinding hard and reached down to squeeze Amy’s ass. “How does my cock feel Amy? You like it? Tell me how it makes you feel. Tell me Amy,” he whispered as loudly as he could without giving away his voice.

Amy was completely in the moment. This pretend infidelity had consumed her to the point of wishing it were reality. Amy threw caution to the wind and started to say things that would normally hurt her husband’s feelings. Her real emotions and feelings begin to come out and suddenly this debutante from Beverly Hills sounded more like Pretty Woman on Sunset Blvd. “Oh Al, you are so good. I want you so bad. If it’s always this good with you then you are all I ever need. We’ll keep it our little secret. Untie my hands so I can feel you,” Al thought about it for a second and untied her hands. He’d watch to make sure she didn’t remove her blindfold. Amy reached out, dug her nails into Al’s ass and pulled his cock deeper into her.

It felt so good, but Al didn’t want to get his friend’s wife pregnant. He tried to pull off and whispered, “Amy, I’m gonna cum. Stop. You’ll get pregnant”. But Amy kept digging in. Her face was tensed and Al sensed she was in the middle of making herself cum again.

“I don’t care. It feels good, Al” Amy blurted out between breaths and subconsciously telling herself that it was really her own husband anyway inside her. “Cum with me Al, I want to show you how good I am. I’m better than your wife and you and I should be the one’s together. I can give you more than she can. I’ve always wanted you and often fantasize about you.” Al smiled to himself as he heard her words.

And then he came…..”Arghhhhhhh…yessssssssssss” as he shot rods of cum inside his best friend’s wife. He couldn’t remember the last time he came this hard in his own wife.

Amy reacted as soon as she felt the first pulse. It sent shockwaves throughout her pussy and her body started to convulse wildly, “Oh god …Yesssssssssssssssssssssss” She dug deep trenches in Al’s ass with her nails. Her screams were so loud that she couldn’t hear the simultaneous screams in the room next door. Amy felt possessed by something inside her that made her body shake wildly and after her body stopped convulsing, her body fell limp with her arms over her head. Her body still was shaking nervously like aftershocks from an earthquake. Al’s cock was still pulsing cum in her filled up pussy and it was creating a wet spot onto the bed underneath her back.

Al finally pulled out and let his cock leak sperm all over Amy’s pussy. He couldn’t tell if she was awake since she was still blindfolded. He quickly reached up and tied her hands back to the top of the bed. The plan wasn’t finished. In fact, it was only getting started. He saw a dark shadow move around outside. He couldn’t see it clearly, but gave it the thumbs up sign.

He flipped Amy over on her tummy and pushed her head into the pillow. He then raised her hips and gave her a big whack..”SPANK”.

“Owwwww..that hurts.” Good she was awake. “You aren’t going to screw me some more, are you!? Aren’t you tired?”

Al set the plan in motion. He whispered, “Amy, I don’t get to screw you every day and I want today to be just the beginning, so I want you to do a couple of things. I first want you to tell me what fantasy I am going to fulfill for you before I go tonight that you have never done with John. Next, I want you to promise me two things. From now on, whenever we see each other socially at BBQ’s dinners, etc. I want you to promise me you won’t wear a bra or panties so I can see those perky breasts through the material. Additionally, whenever we greet each other, no more polite hugs or kisses on the cheek, you need to put your arms around my neck and kiss me on the lips. Do you understand?”

There was silence and Al looked at the motionless Amy who was trying to sense whether this was role play still or real. Al grabbed Amy’s hair and pulled her head off the pillow, “Do you understand?”

Amy replied with the only response that would be acceptable, “Yes,” she said meekly.

“Good. So which fantasy is it that I am going to fulfill for you finally? Do you want me to give you an ass-fucking?” Al started rubbing his semi-hard cock along Amy’s butt crack and it started to rise. He bent over and started licking her ass and kissing it. It wasn’t as round as Maria’s but it was nice and firm from all her yoga and aerobics. Amy murmured a silent reply, but Al whispered louder with a tight pinch of her ass, “I can’t hear you!”

“I want you to fuck me in the ass Al, please.” What was she saying? This was the only part of her body that didn’t ache. Her pussy felt like raw meat and the edge of her mouth felt chap.

Al reached for the drawer and pulled out some lubricant and liberally poured it over his cock and let the liquid drip down Amy’s crack and into her hole. Without warning he then pushed his index finger into her sphincter. Amy’s body tensed immediately and squeezed around his finger. He then grabbed a whip and lightly slapped it over her tight ass, “Loosen up girl, or it is really going to tear you up.” He felt her sphincter loosen its grip on her finger and he started to twist and plunge it with greater ease into her ass.

Amy seemed to be stiff and unmoving, trying to get used to the long finger that was hollowing out a path for something bigger to come. Al could sense the tenseness of Amy and smiled. He reached underneath, grabbed a breast and pulled her upper body up against his. Amy turned her head and started kissing him. Her sphincter loosened up even more as the two kissed passionately.

“My ass belongs to you, Al. Please be gentle,” she whispered and gave him a kiss.

Al pushed her back down on the bed, pulled out his finger and put the tip of his cock at the edge of her sphincter and slowly inserted. He heard Amy mutter a “Hu……” then silence as he sensed she was holding her breath as the pressure built up as Al pushed deeper and deeper. Amy couldn’t believe it. She felt like just a few inches in her ass made her more full than she’d ever been. Her ass burned intensely like eating three jalapenos and then wiping her ass with Mexican toilet pepper. Despite the initial pain though, the more it sunk in, the better it felt. Only the edge of her asshole really felt tight. The tip of Al’s cock started touching things inside her that just made Amy want to scream.

Finally Amy exhaled “Uhhhhhhhhhhh….Al it hurts so good. Oh…take it easy, slow…I’ll be good to you I promise…forever. Just take care of me.” Al grabbed both of her ass cheeks and squeezed them, making sure to let his thumbs rub her pussy as well. He also spread her cheeks farther apart to let his cock sink in and thrust without hurting her ass hole. He then let his thumbs fall into her pussy and started finger fucking her.

Amy was now on a sexual high, “Oh god. It feels so good. Oh stop! Oh my god!”. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. Al then grabbed the panties that John had passed to him and stuffed them in her mouth to muffle her. He continued to hear her murmurs of sexual emotion as he thrust deep back and forth. Al jammed two fingers into Amy’s pussy and felt a rush of liquid all over his fingers and a high pitch orgasmic scream that was muffled by the panties in her mouth, “Mphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Sweat dripped from his brow onto her back. Amy’s hair was now straight too from all the sex.

The moment was now too much for him to take….His cock began to pulse again and it expanded and exploded like a canon with each pulse. His hands on each cheek could feel the reverberation inside her as he deposited his semen in her rectum, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Amy you are the best”. He gave her one big slap on the as he pulled his fingers and cock out of her.

He got off the bed and Amy laid there on her side without moving an inch. He didn’t have to see her eyes to see that she fell asl**p from exhaustion. He pulled the camera off the tripod and zoomed in on the cum on her ass, the cum in her pussy and her puffy and lipstick smeared lips wrapped around her black g-string. He replaced the camera on the tripod and refastened the ropes just in case she woke up before John came back.

He checked his watch. Perfect timing. He gave Amy a sweet kiss on the neck and whispered, “Don’t forget your promises,” but Amy did not move an inch. He glanced down and absorbed the picture in his head and put it deep in his memory then headed for the door.

He walked outside into the warm night and John was sitting on the deck in his shorts staring out at the garden and smoking a cigar. John passed one to Al and they also shared a smile. The cigars were to eliminate any smell or taste that would give anything away.

“So how was she?” Al asked staring out in to the darkness and puffing on his cigar.

John began speaking, “She was a vision of beauty……”

Chapter 6 – John with Maria

John walked in the room and smiled immediately. Al knew exactly what he had wanted. There in front of him tied seated in a chair was the brunette of his fantasies. Moreover, Al had dressed Maria in her wedding dress. It wasn’t one with a puffy or long skirt. Rather, it was a classy long white strapless evening dress with open back that hugged her every curve. John remembered dancing with Maria as the best man at their wedding and rubbing up against her breasts and getting a hard on and thinking how lucky Al was going to be on his wedding night. Maria wore her $20,000 South Sea Island pearl necklace and her long white gloves were tied to the back of the chair. Maria even wore her wedding shoes.

John left the door open and walked over to the video camera to turn it on. Maria felt the air from the humid still night touch her skin and John saw a smile run across her face under the blindfold. The way Al had tied her to the chair, it made her already large DD breasts look huge. The dress and corset pushed her breasts together and up to the point where the top half of her breasts protruded out of the top of her dress.

The bulge in John’s pants grew. Maria, who was better at role-playing than Amy, was already in character and spoke, “So Master John, are you going to stand there and drool or are you going to be my dominator and give me the real fucking I didn’t get on my wedding night?” John quickly ran to the drawer and found a skull cap with eyes and mouth holes poked out and slipped it over his head in case Maria’s blindfold didn’t stay on.

John walked over to Maria and sat on her lap and kissed her. He slowly worked down her neck, licking and kissing her chest, licking the round orbs as Maria purred sounds of satisfaction., “ Mmmmmm your bride wants to be defiled and provide you a lifetime of sexual servitude, John.” John was overwhelmed. The thoughts coming out of her mouth were so hot. Al could have Amy. If Maria is always this hot, he’d switch from a blonde wife to a brunette in a minute. He hadn’t even undressed yet and he had already made up his mind.

John reached around and untied Maria’s arms and then released the binds on her feet. “You are going to kick this marriage off right and be a willing servant to any and all of Al’s friends starting now so I don’t need these binds, right?” he whispered.

“ Whatever you’d like Master John” she giggled as she stood there in her wedding gown for the second time in her life. Only this time it would be taken off by a different man.

John circled Maria and soaked in her beauty. He stood behind her so that the camera could get a good view of her and deftly placed his hands on her shoulders. He planted little kisses along the back of her neck. And ran his hands over the front of her dress and grabbed her breasts. Maria cocked her head to one side as she felt John’s cock push up against her and felt his hot breath on her neck….”Mmmmm, I beg of you. I will be yours. Just bring me sexual pleasure,” she said.

John squeezed Maria’s breasts for a few more minutes, tracing the outline along the top of her dress until he moved his hands back to the zipper on the back of her dress. He planted more kisses down her back and the unzipped the dress and then pushed it down to the floor. John had to take another look. He had dreamt about what was under the gown and now he knew.

Maria stood there in thigh high stockings with satin bows on the back. The tanga underwear was missing, but John knew where it was. It was in his back pocket. On top she had a white corset that held up her stockings and served to push up and squeeze together her breasts. John walked over to her and kissed her. Maria place her hands around his neck and passionately kissed him back. John took a chance and lifted up her blindfold to her forehead just so he could look in her green eyes for a second. With the ski mask on, she could only see his eyes which were brown like Al’s, but she couldn’t see the difference in intensity. The two kissed for a few minutes and then John lowered the blindfold again and carried Maria to the bed.

“I’m going to show you how a bride needs to be fucked on her wedding night,” John said.

“I’m sure, but its not everyday that a bride hears that from her best man”, said Maria staying in character. John smiled to himself thinking about his own best man in the next room fucking his wife. John sat Maria up against the headboard and fastened her wrists to the cuffs that Al had prepared on the bed posts. “Oh…..”said Maria as she heard the clicking “and not every woman gets cuffed and slapped around on her wedding night either.” John got up and moved the video camera around to get a better picture from the foot of the bed. He also removed his pants before climbing on the bed.

John was beside himself, his cock beginning to leak out in excitement He knew he had to go slow or he'd be cumming prematurely and he did not want his hot spunk to go to waste.

Reaching up, sliding his hands along her soft creamy outer thighs, he grasped her hips and slowly begin to kiss his way down to her knees. Then he spread her legs slowly and began licking his way up to her treasure box, stripping off his shirt in the process. As his nose was tickled by the soft dark curls, John felt the beauty shiver as he gave her a swipe along her loveslit with his hot wet tongue. John loved this darker look. Even Maria’s pussy lips had a browner hue to them as opposed to Amy’s pinker, more raw look. Her dark pussy hair smelled of musky raw sex as opposed to some frilly perfume that Amy would wear. It was an aphrodisiac that made John go wild as he plunged his tongue with reckless abandon.

"Ahhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhhh ………ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Maria cooed as the thick tongue delved between her tender lips. She flailed against her shackles. "Ohhhhh, Goddddd………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she whined loudly as the probing tongue flicked upon her sensitive clit. “Aahhhhh……yesssss………yesssssssss!" she cried out as the teasing tongue burrowed its way up into her now creaming slit, driving her nearly out of her mind. "Arrghhhhhhhhhhh …………………ahhhhhhhhhh!" Maria moaned loudly, arching her convulsing body up into the face of the man slurping up her juices as she came for the first time that evening.

Leaning up, John licked and smacked at his slick lips, loving the taste of this Maria's sweet honey. He climbed up and kissed Maria on the lips, sharing her juices with her. “I like your new technique,” she said “f***eful yet sensuous”.

Eagerly, pushing his boxers down to his ankles, and then kicking them off, John stood up and pushed his rock hard cock against Maria’s lips. She took the whole thing in her mouth, lathered it up with her saliva, spit it out, spat on the head and sucked on it some more. John watched in amazement. Not only was Maria hot, but she was a dirty girl. He thought to himself, “Is this what every man’s wife is like behind closed doors?”

Maria sucked John’s cock with reckless abandon. It smelt a little different than normal and it felt a little thicker yet shorter, but those thoughts quickly subsided as she began to lick John’s balls, putting both in her mouth and sucked them down her throat. “Awwwwww..mannnnn…..”John cut his groan short to make sure Maria didn’t recognize his voice. Amy had come a long way in giving blowjobs, but she had a lot to learn and could learn a few tricks from Maria.

“Mmmm…god I love your cock John. It tastes so good. I want to taste you. I want to drink you up. Shoot it in my mouth, Master John. Yummmmmmmm.”

“Man, she IS a nasty girl,” John thought as Maria vigorously sucked his wet cock. Amy would never have let him cum in her mouth. His cock started to throb and John realized he was going to cum in her mouth if he didn’t pull out. He couldn’t though. Maria locked her teeth around the head of his cockhead and wouldn’t let go. Instead she sucked it deeper into her mouth toward the back of her throat. “Oh God, Maria, let go I’m gonna cum. I can’t help it, ” he whispered hoarsely. He hadn’t had sex with Amy in two weeks and Maria was not ready for the flood gates to open so quickly and powerfully as the first two blasts shot down her throat.
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