Wife Swapping (Part 2 of 4)

The larger gyrations set Maria’s breasts free as they swayed wildly popping open a loose button on her blouse. They started to swing and sway back and forth with Maria’s movements. John looked at Al and said…”My God, how big are they?”

“32DDs.” replied Al with a huge grin “Not quite tight and perky like Amy’s, but more round and pendulous. Great for when she’s on top and slapping those twins in your face. Remember, the trick to making her cum is to be sensually kissing her nipples while screwing her. It gets her every time. ” John took that mental note.

John turned his attention back to the TV and saw Maria, her brow furled and she was biting her lips. Her hands were now resting on the desk and she started to open her mouth…”Huh….Uh-huh…..Oh yes…” She opened her eyes and looked into the camera, “John, fuck me harder. I want to show you that brunettes have more fun. Let me prove it to you. I’ll show you how much I enjoy your cock.” She closed her eyes and bit her lip once again, tying to stifle her pending orgasm. The camera zoomed in on her crotch and John could see her pussy lips engulfing the long and wide dildo.

“Damn that better not stretch her out too much,” John said to the television. Without even thinking, John had pulled out his cock and was stroking it in front of his best friend while watching his best friend’s wife fuck herself on a dildo that she was pretending to be him. “I have to fuck that pussy some day.” John then watched as Maria started to spasm. Her gyrations stopped and she let out a scream and her body shook as if it were a human vibrator. “My god, she cums violently,” said John.

After a 30 second orgasm, Maria then seemed to be reaching back underneath her. John heard a pop as Maria undid the suction from the desk and said to the camera, “ John, fuck me where everyone can see me, right in the window.” He watched her gingerly crawl off the desk with the dildo still stuck in her pussy and then back up against the office’s floor to ceiling window. She unzipped her skirt to let it fall to the floor so she could spread her legs. The dildo suctioned itself against the window as Maria’s ass pressed up against the window. John could only imagine what that would look like from the outside as she mooned a landmark and any workaholics working across the street on a weekend.

Maria was now bent over with her arms resting on a chair and the dildo pushing into her pussy. “Is she going to cum again?” John asked. “I don’t think Amy has ever cum twice.”

“Oh yes, John,” Al said, “For the last 5 months, once Maria started to let her fantasies come to life and let loose with her inhibitions, she always has at least 2 or 3 orgasms per session. Do not deny her that pleasure when you finally get your chance, my friend.”

John gulped at the idea of watching a woman have multiple orgasms while on his cock. Actually he was about to see it on video with a woman fantasizing about his cock. Maria was now fucking herself furiously on her dildo. John could see the window flex as she banged her ass against it. She was now pinching and rubbing her breasts and licking her lips. “Oh, John, you make me so hot. Oh, baby, don’t stop, don’t stop. Give it to me. Give it to me.” Maria let out another gasping scream on camera as John’s load shot all over the coffee table.

Al quietly walked over to the VCR, popped out the tape, put it back into the sleeve and handed it to John, “For your Eyes only, my friend.” John had cleaned the mess and himself up and was slouched on the couch exhausted. The two men sat silently on the couch next to each other thinking about what they had just seen for the last hour and a half. Each had just stroked off in front of the their best friend while fantasizing about fucking their best friend’s wife.

‘Are we strange?” Al asked.

“I think we are very normal,” John replied. “We are just more advanced thinkers and we like to realize our dreams more than most people.”

“John, to be perfectly frank with you, I cannot go on like this. I have to, excuse me for being so crass, but I have to fuck the shit out of Amy. I’ve been looking at her pictures for the past several months, now I watch her on a video tonight say how she wants me to fuck her. There is no way I can go the length of the field and be denied right now. I don’t care if I have to hand you the keys to my wife’s chastity belt, I need to fuck your wife to make it happen and move on,” Al raged.

“Al, as your best friend, you know I want the best for you. Heaven knows I want your wife just as bad. The awful truth is that neither of our wives will go for it. They are just good girls who are obliging their husband’s fantasies and maybe even liking them. BUT there is no way, no offense, but no way that Amy will fuck you and I doubt Maria would ever want to really fuck me with her consent.”

“John, I’m not giving up that easily. If you will go with me, let’s finish this plan. It will far outdo anything you and I have ever done. No monetary rewards. Just pure pleasure.”

“Al, you know I’m in. I am all ears.” John obeyed.

Al and John spent the next 45 minutes going over their plan which would eventually culminate in a couple’s getaway in three month’s time. In the meantime, lots of preparation and training would have to be done. They created a checklist that would make the final events seem normal. For the next several months until that weekend, when having sex with their own wives, Al and John would:

1.Only whisper to their wives while having sex. 2.Have their wives have sex with the blindfold on as much as possible 3.Get their wives used to being tied up for sex. 4.Employ role play sexual fantasy in their sex as much as possible. 5.Introduce the fantasy of fucking their friend’s husband as much as possible

That night when the women got home, they all changed into their bathing suits and jumped into John and Amy’s hot tub. They all drank a little wine and talked about the movie the girl’s went to see?

“How about you boys? What did you watch?” Amy asked John while Maria looked on.

John was at a loss and Al jumped in, “Oh, you know, the typical guy at movie. Lots of action scenes, shooting and of course the hero gets the gorgeous babe with nice tits.”

“Al….,” said Maria to her husband, “You’re so bad. Was she as good looking as me?”

“She was just as good looking as you.” John interjected, receiving a nice smile and a d***ken giggle from Maria.

“Well, was she, Al?” Amy asked, placing her hand on his shoulder, “Or was she as good looking as me?”

Al’s cock stiffened under the bubble, “Well, actually, there were two women, a brunette and a blonde. You two matched with those beauties and would have fit in well into their roles.” Al smiled at his quick thinking.

John decided to quickly get the subject matter more to their liking, “Hey, I was thinking, we are due for another great weekend up at the wine country. What do you gals think?”

Amy jumped out of the water and gave John a huge kiss, “Yes, thank you. I can’t wait.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Al, it was his idea,” John replied. Amy splashed across the tub and gave Al a big peck on the cheek and an inadvertent tittie rub along with another boner. John smiled as his friend’s face already red from the wine turned even more red. Maria sat there slightly jealous. She’d get back at Al later that evening by insisting that he pretend he was John while he fucked her. The plan was working better than the two husbands imagined.

Chapter 4 - The Napa Trip

A couple months later, the two couple’s were ready. They had reserved two secluded rooms next to each other at the Oak Knoll Inn..a romantic and upscale bed and breakfast in the heart of the wine country. The rooms were separate from the rest, located in the garden and accessed by sliding glass French doors. Each room had huge canope beds and high ceilings, but better than anything for John and Al, it would be easy for them to slip in and out of the room and into the other’s room.

They all drove up in John and Amy’s Mercedes, the guys in the front talking in code (“You got everything?”) and the girls in the back talking about all the beautiful flowers and scenery. They drove up on a Friday night, went to a local bistro for some wine and chatting and then retired to their rooms. Friday night would be just a romantic night without sex. Each husband made passionate foreplay with his wife but then stopped short of intercourse claiming it was too late and that they had a long day ahead the next day. The real reason was to leave Amy and Maria sexually wanton. Al and John each played their wives perfectly as they pleaded.

“Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll play your favorite game, Maria. We’ll have John and I switch places so that he can tie you up and give you some of his fat cock. Maybe if you’re good he’ll stuff it in your ass,” he mumbled to her pretending to go to sl**p.

“Oh, alright,” Maria said, “But I have to have it tomorrow! I’m so horny. If you don’t give it to me, I might have to go right over next door and REALLY jump on John’s cock.

In the next room Amy was trying real hard to get John to participate. Doing a striptease, trying to get his cock in her mouth, and threatening to run nude around the room and into the gardens. She too was appeased when John promised her that they would do an Al role-play fantasy tomorrow. It would be fun and realistic since he’d be right next door.

Eventually both couples got to sl**p without sex, but with plenty of promises. Both husbands got up early for a game of tennis. They were both eager and needed to let off steam. The day went by slowly. The plan was to get both women lots of sun, lots of wine, very little to eat (so they would get d***k) and then execute the switch that evening.

After a nice morning breakfast on the garden patio, bit couples rode bikes to some vineyards for winetasting. They then went to a local spa for massages. The gals got manicures and facials while the men went back to their rooms and got their bags of tricks out: Dildos, condoms, blindfolds, video cameras, restraints, etc. Anything that their friend had requested they got and left in the top drawer of the dresser for the other to find.

Later that night the couples went out for a romantic dinner, but sat at separate tables to help begin the intimacy. John followed his script that was set, “I want a huge fantasy night tonight, Amy” he said as he poured a glass of wine. “I want you to pretend that Al and I are switching places and he fucks you hard.”

“I guess that is an appropriate one for tonight, “ Amy blushed.

“Now to show me you are ready, take off your panties and hand them to me like Sharon Stone did in the movie Sliver.” John commanded. Amy looked around to see if anyone was looking. She saw Al and Maria holding hands across the table on the other side of the dark restaurant. She reached down underneath her skirt and quickly pulled her panties off each leg and over each shoe and tossed the black little g-string into John’s lap just before their waiter arrived with their entrees.

Across the restaurant Maria and Al were going through the same thing. When Amy had seen them holding hands across the table, Maria was actually passing her white tanga briefs into Al’s hands. Both husbands rushed through their dinners as if it was their last meal. Their wives hardly noticed as the wine was making them tipsy as their small bodies couldn’t hold that much alcohol. When dinner was over, the couples met in front of the restaurant and wobbled back to the car for the ride back to the inn. The girls were yawning and snuggling with their spouses and the husbands caught each other’s eyes and smiled.

As they strolled through the garden, the couples wished each other a good night and gave each other hugs for a wonderful evening that was only beginning.

Each couple walked into their rooms and started to passionately kiss and then the husbands told their wives to get ready for their evening with their fantasy lover. Each wife went to the restroom, put on their outfit and walked back into their rooms. Their husbands prepared their elaborate role-playing fantasy, keeping their eyes on the clock as 9pm approached. When their wives emerged from fully dressed, they each blindfolded their wives and tied them up. “Are you ready to be fucked by another man?” they each demanded. Both women affirmed their husband’s wishes to go along with the charade. “Now wait right here while I go get him,” they finished.

Each wife was firmly expecting that their husband would walk back into the room pretending to be their best friend, but only this time their husband’s best friend would really be coming in to the room to have sex with them and make the role play a reality unbeknownst to their blind-folded wives. Each aimed and turned on the video camera as they left the room.

Al slid open the French doors to find John already there standing on the patio. They smiled and gave each other the “Okay” sign. They then each reached into their pockets and pulled out the underwear that their wives had handed them and gave them to their friend.

Chapter 5 – Al with Amy

Al walked into the dimly lit room. He saw the light blinking on the tripod indicating everything was being taped. Like a sign from heaven above he saw Amy sitting there on the bed aglow dressed all in a white teddy and white thigh high stockings with white pumps. She looked so virginal except for her pose. John had left her sitting up spread-eagled and her hands ties together above her head, the rope tied to the cross bar atop the canope bed. Al tiptoed quietly pulling his shirt off his head and throwing it on the floor as he circled Amy. All adorned in white she looked like a woman on her wedding evening.

Amy had felt the breeze when Al opened the door to come in. It felt so real as John had done this many times in the past of pretending to walk out of and into the room to heighten the sensation of being in bed with a stranger. She could feel the presence of the John’s body in the room, but it was really Al. The anticipation was killing her. The silence was deafening. A nervous smile broke out on Amy’s face. Suddenly Amy’s body tensed up and froze then started to shake as she felt a wetness between her legs. “Ahhhhhh………..John…………………”

“I’m Al remember. And don’t you forget it Amy”, Al commanded before putting his whole body onto the bed and diving his tongue back into Amy’s pantyless snatch.

Amy corrected herself, “ I’m sorry Al. It just feels so…..so..good…Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh..I lost my head”. Amy bent her legs back and forth writhing in pleasure as Al’s talented tongue deftly darted along her pussy lips tracing the outline and then darting in and out of her pussy. He circled her ass remembering John’s comments about Amy’s curiosity of anal sex. He blew on it lightly with his warm breath, and Amy cried out, ”Oh God, Al, just fuck me”.

“Not yet,” whispered Al “I’m going to savor you Amy. I mean it is not like we fuck every day, you know. That is unless you want to fuck me more often.” Amy did not respond to the statement and just sat there with her hands above her head. Al grabbed his hands around Amy’s waist and pulled her pussy into his mouth, plunging his tongue and lips deep into her. Amy’s pussy was smooth and shaven.

“Uh, yes. You feel sooooooooo good” Amy whimpered. She thrust her hips up to meet Al’s tongue. She felt Al squeezing her ass and digging his fingers into her flesh. Was it her or did his touch feel different? This game of fantasy just made things more intense. She felt all her nerves tingling. Amy lifted her hips. and rose her legs up over Al’s shoulders to give his tongue and fingers better access. Al brought both hands to Amy’s pussy and started rubbing her pussy lips and clit. “Ohhhhhh Al! You make me feel so goooooood”. She was now sitting on his shoulders and with her arms suspended in the air she was thrusting herself around like a k** on a swing trying to generate momentum.

Al sensed Amy was really getting into this and by now was alternating thrusting two fingers from each hand into her pussy along with his tongue. Amy was now violently thrusting her fragrant snatch into Al’s face. The little tuft of hair that she left at the top of her pussy tickled his nose. Al slurped Amy’s pussy juices loudly so that she could tell he was enjoying it and so that the video camera could pick up the sound. The slurping only made Amy’s thrusting more intense. Al looked up while darting his tongue and could see her neck muscles tensing and her teeth grinding together.

Amy exhaled, “Huhhhhhhhhhh” and she pumped her hips harder onto Al’s tongue, “Oh god, I’m cumming….Al…I’m cumming..ohhhh Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll”. Sensing she was about to cum, Al decided to throw her over the top and grabbed her clit between his teeth and flicked at it with his tongue. Amy’s hips smashed into “Ow…..god…no. It hurts so good. Oh drink me up…..uhhhhuuuhhhhh…..Aggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Amy’s hips thrashed violently and her heels dug into Al’s back. “Ohmygod…Ohmygod…its cumming. Don’t stop. Oh god, don’t stop.” Al quickened his tongue over her clit. “Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” Amy bucked violently and Al let her pussy out of his bite and watched her thrash her body uncontrollably. Al watched with great satisfaction as Amy spasmed all over his mouth. He had imagined it so many times and now he was actually making it happen himself. Finally her orgasm subsided and Amy gasped for air.

Al started licking up her abdomen and she could feel his body rising as the weight of his body on the bed shifted. Amy was still breathing hard and her body was aglow with sweat. “Oh…I’ve never cum like that before. I don’t know what came over me,” she gasped.

“Its because you’ve made love with me Amy and now you have a pro giving you exactly what you want,” Al whispered. Amy then felt Al’s warm cock against her lips. She stuck her tongue out and tasted the precum on the tip of the cock and swallowed. It tasted saltier than normal. Amy then made an O with her mouth and slid her mouth over the head of Al’s cock . Al held on to the cross beam as he stood above Amy and watched his cock slide into her mouth, making sure the camera got a great angle of the action.

Amy felt the cock grow longer and harder in her mouth and Al started fucking her mouth harder and harder. Amy found that she wasn’t sucking, but rather forming a hole for which Al was thrusting. “Oh yeah, you’ve got a hot mouth Amy”, Al whispered. “I want to fuck your mouth and cum in it, you hot slut.”

John had never used such language before, not even in their normal fantasy role-play. The cock in her mouth grew and Amy was having a hard time swallowing. She let the cock out of her mouth. Taking a breath, she said, “I’m not sure I can drink it. Your cock is feeling really huge tonight. Release my hands and I will do whatever you want.”

Al whipped his cock against Amy’s cheeks, “Amy, you’re going to do what I want and say anyway. I’ll tell you what. I cum in your mouth, you drink it, and I will let your hands go and then give you everything you need.” He whipped her cheeks until her mouth made the O again and started thrusting. This time he put a hand around the back of her dirty blonde head and shoved her mouth back and forth while pulling on her hair. Amy was tense at first but her mouth and body seemed to relax more and more. Al could feel the rhythm and bl**d building in his penis. The sloshing of his cock in and out of her mouth became louder and louder and Amy groaned from the violent nature that her mouth was being used. Her red lipstick shined with wetness as Al looked at the way he was fucking his dream fantasy. He would never look in her eyes again when they talked. It would be all about her mouth.

He could hear the saliva building up in her mouth as Amy tried to maneuver her tongue to swallow her saliva. Al was ready to burst but he was going to wait for just the right moment. He slowed his thrusting to keep from cumming too soon. The slower pace allowed Amy to catch her breath and attempt to swallow her own saliva when Al shot his load and mixed it with her saliva, catching Amy by surprise. “Arghhhhhhhhhhh”, pushed Al. He held Amy’s head as her reflexes tried to pull her away. Al’s cock stifled her groans of resistance. Amy’s cheeks puffed as if she was going to burst but she drank down every bit. Her cheeks looked flush and she eventually resumed her sucking as Al continued to pulse into her mouth.
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