Sweet Dreams My Love (Part 3 of 3)

"I don't regret it though," said Jason. "I've always fancied her. Thanks!" he said to me and I thanked them back for a good night, although it felt strange to do so.

"We should do it again, maybe?" said Leighton and I couldn't help but agree. The sight of Lyndsey being screwed was still playing over and over in my mind, and despite having cum twice already, the thoughts were still making me aroused.

"Maybe," I said to them both as they prepared to leave. "We'll see. I'd rather she was awake and fucking you, but she's too prudish to ever let that happen."

Leighton showed me a picture on his phone, of a naked Lyndsey with her legs spread and her dark bush in full view. "Don't worry about these either. Personal wanking material only, I promise."

"You can send them to me," Jason said and I repeated it. "In fact," I added. "Next time, we should video it or something." The two guys agreed and left, leaving me alone with another growing hard-on, but also a growing sense of guilt at what I had let happen.

Tomorrow would be an interesting day; in fact the future looked very interesting full stop. Would I let it happen again? I didn't know, and I also didn't know what the aftermath of all this would be. But I was about to find out.

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3 years ago
Excellent series. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
very good