Sweet Dreams My Love (Part 2 of 3)

Leighton reached over with his other hand, feeling both of her breasts now and I watched as one of the fantasies I had harbored for some long came true before my eyes. There was my gorgeous innocent wife being fondled by another man. My cock was rock-hard but I resisted the urge to stroke myself as I watched. After a few minutes of squeezing and caressing her tits, Leighton slid a hand down over her belly and onto her hip. After a pause he ran it carefully and slowly over her lower belly, towards her pussy.

I had a decision to make. Should I stop this before it went too far? How far was too far? He had already felt her breasts. If he felt her pussy was that any different? I was torn, watching as he reached her mound and stroked his fingers through the dark hair covering it. Still Lyndsey didn't move. I took a half-step towards him then stopped again, indecision racking through me. I knew this was wrong, but on the other hand I really wanted to see something happen.

While I was hesitating Leighton moved both hands down and gently rubbed her thighs further apart, leaning over to have a good look between her legs. Then his hand moved downwards again, stroking over her lips. I couldn't really see what he was doing after that because he leaned further forward, covering my view with his back, so I finally decided to step into the room.

He must have seen the shadow I cast from the landing or heard my approach because he turned and looked straight at me, a surprised look on his face.

"I'm sorry man," he apologized. "I couldn't resist - she's so amazing."

"It's fine," I said as I sat down on the opposite side of the bed to Lyndsey. Part of me was angry with the cock-sure, arrogant Leighton for taking advantage of my wife like this, but another part of me was so aroused, and in the back of my mind was the full knowledge that I would probably never get another chance for this - to see my wife being touched up by another man. "Help yourself," I told him.

Leighton hadn't moved his hand from between Lyndsey's legs all this time, and he looked at me for a moment in the dim light before starting to stroke her pubic hair again. Then he trailed his fingers down her pink lips and back up, rubbing a thumb over her slightly swelling clitoris. Still she didn't move, and Leighton commented on how 'out of it' she was. I could only nod in agreement, because I was just dumbly watching what Leighton's hand was doing on my wife's groin.

I saw Leighton glance at me, but I kept my eyes on his hand. He must have taken that as an okay to continue, because he started to press his fingers against her lips, until his finger slipped inside her. I watched mesmerized as he stroked his finger in and out of her a few times, before he added a second and began to work them in and out. I could see her wetness glistening on his fingers and he turned to me and chuckled. "She's so wet! She's getting turned on, although she doesn't know it."

Lyndsey groaned softly then, and Leighton withdrew his hand like he had been burned or something. She didn't open her eyes or anything, and I reassured Leighton that she was probably having dirty dreams or something. There was no way she would wake up, I had seen like this enough times to know that once she was out like this she would be comatose for hours.

"Are you sure?" Leighton asked and when I nodded, he started to play with her pussy again, somewhat gingerly at first in case she woke up, but Lyndsey was silent again now, so he resumed fingering her as he had been doing before. "You should go get Jason, he would love this."

I didn't want to shout down to him, in case it did rouse Lyndsey slightly, so I left Leighton to what he was doing and went downstairs to fetch my other, sex-starved buddy. When I got downstairs the X-box game we were on was playing to itself, and Jason had nodded off on the settee where I had left him. I was going to wake Jason up straightaway but I held back. Leighton was on his own now upstairs with Lyndsey and the thought of what he might do to her made me shiver with excitement. I wanted to give him a little while alone with her, so I visited the toilet, and grabbed myself a drink to waste as much time as possible before waking Jason.

A good ten or fifteen minutes had passed with no call from upstairs, so I decided to wake Jason and see what was going on up there. I shook my dozing friend's shoulder and he jumped and looked at me with the confused just-woken-up look.

"Hey, you've got to come and see this!" I told him and he rubbed his eyes and asked me what was up. "Lyndsey's what's up. Come and see." As we walked upstairs I had no idea what I would find Leighton doing to my wife. Jason asked me what was going on, and I told him to wait and see, but he would love it. We walked into the bedroom, and Jason exclaimed under his breath at what he saw.

Leighton had pulled Lyndsey's legs right apart and had his mobile phone out taking pictures of her spread-eagled naked on the bed. The phone had a light on it, which lit her up beautifully, exposing her small but perfect breasts and the dark triangle of hair in its pale glow.

"Don't worry," Leighton said as we both came closer. "I won't show them anyone."

"Whoa!" Jason said. "She's really wet." She was, her pubes were wet and sticky and I noticed that Leighton had a silly grin on his face, so I guessed what had happened before he even said anything.

"She tastes as good as she looks. I had a little lick while you were downstairs. What were you doing down there for so long anyway?" Leighton asked, and I told him that I had just been to the toilet and got a fresh beer. "I hope you don't mind?" he said and he put the phone down on the bed, and leaned in between her legs.

"What?" said Jason, looking at me in alarm! "Are you okay with this?"

"He's already fingered her too," I explained. "She'll be out for hours, so she'll never know. Don't worry about it."

Leighton started to lick her clit, and Lyndsey moved slightly on the bed, another moan escaping her lips. "She's waking up," hissed Jason and Leighton looked up from where he was laid, Lyndsey's juices wet around his lips.

"Don't worry. She's out for the count mate," Leighton said softly. "She's just dreaming because of what I'm doing. I wonder if she could cum while she's like this?" He returned to lapping at her pussy and Jason laughed to himself in disbelief.

"This is cool," he said to me. "You're so lucky getting to bang this every night." I wished I did bang Lyndsey every night. Those days were long gone, but I didn't tell them that.

"Feel her tits Jason," said Leighton from where he was, head between my u*********s wife's thighs. "They're so firm, it's unbelievable."

Jason looked at me and I told him to 'be my guest' so he sat on the near side of the bed and cupped a breast in each hand. I swear I saw his hands tremble as he did so, and a shiver through him as he said the words 'fuck me' under his breath. He kneaded and squeezed them gently, and then after watching Leighton lick her out for a minute, he bent his head and took one of her already erect nipples into his mouth.

My boxer shorts were at bursting point, and my cock was that hard. I was aching to get it out, so when Leighton paused from what he was doing for a moment to unbuckle his jeans, I was relieved. He pulled his trousers and shorts down to his knees, and I saw that he too was erect. I had seen Leighton's cock before and it was a similar size to mine - about 6" and pretty average really.

"Sorry man," he said. "But I'm going to have a wank or something or I'll cum in my pants." He took his cock in his hand as he lay back on the bed, on his side now so he could stroke himself as he continued to lick Lyndsey's cunt. I took my trousers and shorts down, and then right off so I wouldn't trip over them. As I was stripping off my cloths I noticed Lyndsey’s panties by my feet. After picking them up off the floor I noticed how sexy Lyndsey’s little panties were, especially with the crotch being wet! My attention suddenly snapped back to my wife and friends when Leighton whipped out his cock. Seeing this I no longer felt embarrassed since I was no longer alone. Leighton began to stroke his dick. As I stood and watched my two best friends enjoying Lyndsey's body, I moved my hand to my cock as well and began to gently wank with Lyndsey’s panties!

Jason looked up at me, and his eyes opened wide when he saw me with Lyndsey’s panties around my cock and jerking off. He looked at Leighton who was playing with himself too, and then back at me. "Are you going to fuck her?" he asked me with shock in his voice.

I hadn't even thought about that, but it was a good idea. It was a better idea than jerking myself off into her panties, I just didn't know if I could screw her with my two friends there. Plus, while Lyndsey would never know that we had sucked her tits and licked her pussy when she woke up, she might know that she had been screwed if we fucked her. Surely she would notice cum leaking out of her when she came around. What about if we didn't cum in her though?

There was no way she would wake up, I knew that. I made my mind up and told Leighton, who was now looking at me in interest, to move aside. He shifted to the other side of the bed from Jason so that Lyndsey was laid out between my two pals. He sat there playing with himself slowly still, while Jason started to remove his own trousers too. I dropped Lyndsey’s panties, climbed on the bed, and sank my aching cock into my wife's familiar pussy. She was absolutely soaking wet, probably partly from arousal and partly from Leighton's spit.

"Go on, fuck her," Leighton urged as I started to pump in and out of her. I wasn't far from orgasm before I had even got on the bed so I knew I wouldn't last long, but literally within a minute I could feel myself rising to the occasion and I had to stop and pull out for minute.

"Don't cum in her mate," warned Leighton. "She's sure to know we've done something then." I told him I had already thought of that as I shoved myself back into her. I lifted her thighs up and screwed her slowly, drawing myself all the way out and shoving it all the way in, right up to the hilt, getting every bit of pleasure I could before I came. When I did feel myself about to spurt, I pulled out and caught myself, my warm seed spilling into my palm. As I moved off the bed to the quiet applause from my two friends, I noticed that a little cum had landed on her thigh, which I wiped off and then I looked down at my pretty little wife. She was laid out, and completely unaware that she was being m*****ed by my two friends, and had just been fucked by her husband.

I made my apologies and went to the bathroom to clean myself up, but as I did Leighton stopped me. "What now?" he asked and I shrugged. I knew what he wanted me to say. He wanted me to say that he could fuck her too. Leighton was a horny bastard at the best of times. I didn't want to actually say that he could screw her, but if he did I wouldn't stop him.

I just waved my hand at Lyndsey, non-committal and I went to the bathroom. Let him make of the gesture as he would. My heart was pounding as I cleaned myself up, and not just from the orgasm. Again, I left it a good few minutes before I returned and the whole time my mind was racing with what might be going on in the other room. I knew Jason wouldn't do anything without my absolute say-so but Leighton was a different kettle of fish. It had only been ten minutes since I had cum, but already was cock was starting to stiffen with anticipation of what he might be doing to her.

It was with some trepidation and excitement that I re-entered the bedroom, still naked from the waist down and at first glance I thought Leighton was fucking her. He had slid her down the bed, until her legs were hanging off the foot of the bed, with just her buttocks and back on the bed itself. They had also shifted her sideways, so that one arm was hanging from the edge too. And she still hadn't woken up. Her head was tilted sideways towards me, and she had a dreamy, serene look on her face, completely unaware of what was happening to her.

Leighton was standing between her splayed thighs. He wasn't fucking her, but he was rubbing the tip of rock-hard penis up and down against her swollen labia. When he hit her clitoris, Lyndsey gave a little moan, causing Jason to jump nervously and Leighton to chuckle. Jason was standing by her head, pulling himself off. Jason's cock wasn't massive but it looked slightly bigger than mine and Leighton's. I could tell what Jason was imagining, as he pointed his cock right in her face, the end almost touching her lips several times as he swayed slightly.

Leighton looked at me as I stood next to him. He didn't say anything, but I knew he was waiting for me to give him the go-ahead to screw my wife. I wasn't going to though. I wasn't going to tell him to do it, but if he asked me I would let him or if he just did it, I wouldn't stop him. I looked at the end of his cock, coated now in her pussy juices and I didn't object to what he was doing. He picked up on this, and I watched as he continued to rub his dick against her.

"So fucking sexy," Leighton murmured to me and I noticed him pushing his erection harder against her. As he drew it down, the end slipped out of sight into her folds for a moment, then he pulled it out and rubbed it up over her clit again. He repeated the movement, his purple end barely slipping into her and then he moved his hand away, so that both hands were on Lyndsey's hips and his cock was standing horizontal, the end just inside her. If he had pushed forward just slightly, he would have been fucking her and I could sense that he had to hold back.

Again, I saw him turn and look at me, but I feigned total indifference to what he was doing. I was trying to give him the impression that it was fine to screw her without actually saying anything. I pretended that nothing was wrong; making it obvious that I had seen Leighton's cock nestled in her folds, but at the same time saying absolutely nothing about it. I looked at Jason, who was looking down at his erection where it was poised right in front of her peaceful face.

"I can tell what you're thinking," I said to him, and Jason looked at me as though surprised as though he had forgotten Leighton and I were there.

"Is Leighton screwing her?" Jason asked, leaning over to look across between her legs.

"Just about," I replied, swiftly returning the subject of conversation back to him. "I bet you want to cum on her face, don't you?" Leighton laughed as I said that, and Jason laughed along, replying that he might do if he wasn't careful. By now Jason was more confident, having watched me do Lyndsey, and now he could see that Leighton was almost helping himself to her.

I started to stroke my slowly re-hardening member, and stood alongside Jason. He moved aside to let me near to her face, and I rubbed my cock against her lips. Still, Lyndsey didn't wake up, as I knew she wouldn't. I reached down and opened her mouth a little. She resisted slightly in her sl**p but I managed to get the tip of my cock in her mouth, and I continued to rub it against the inside of her lips. I didn't want to stick it in too far, and gag her so I moved aside and let Jason back into her face, who rubbed his cock against her lips the way I had.

"Stick it in her mouth, Jason," said Leighton as I walked back to see what he was up to between her legs. "It's okay, isn't it?" he asked me and I said that they could do whatever they wanted. Jason shoved his cock into her mouth, opening her mouth the way I had done. He let out a sigh of pleasure as he moved the end of his cock in and out of her mouth, and Leighton leaned forward to have a look. "Top man!" he congratulated Jason, but I noticed that as he leaned forward, his cock slid deeper into Lyndsey. His dick was wet and slick, all the way up to his pubes, so he must have shoved it into her before that when I wasn't looking.

Again, I said nothing in objection. Leighton was standing straight again, but his dick was still halfway inside her and when he looked at me looking down, I spoke to him as though it was perfectly normal for him to be doing what he was doing. "What do you reckon?" I asked him casually. "Not bad to say she's had two k**s, eh?"

"Top quality, mate," Leighton agreed. Then he shoved himself deeper inside her, all the way in, still holding onto her hips. He pulled out, and then shoved himself in again. "Very nice," he commented. I couldn't believe it. My fantasy was coming true before my very eyes. Lyndsey was being fucked by another man, and I was getting to watch.

"I have to admit," Leighton said to me, as he continued to stroke himself in and out of her, "I've always wanted to screw your Lyndsey."

"Be my guest, mate," I finally told him to do it and Leighton turned his attention back on to what he was doing, ignoring me as he started to fuck her steadily. Jason stopped what he was doing; just wanking himself like I was doing as we both watched Leighton screw Lyndsey. He started to pump a little harder, and when Lyndsey still didn't wake, only moaning gently, he became a little braver and thrust into her with some zest, finally pulling out and spraying his cum all over her lower belly and pubes.

"Sorry," Leighton stepped back, and looked at me. "I couldn't help myself. I..."

I held a hand up and stopped his apology. "It's fine. I would have done the same with your lass." I pointed towards his cum which was dribbling down off her pussy. "I'm not cleaning that up for you, though."

Jason laughed as he re-entered the bedroom. I hadn't even seen him leave, but he had a tissue in his hand. "I'm not bothered," he declared, and stepping between Lyndsey's legs himself, he mopped up Leighton's spunk.

"Are you going to have a go?" Leighton asked Jason, and my jaw dropped when Jason looked at me with raised eyebrows for approval. It was very unlike the Jason I knew to be so forward, so who was I to deprive him of a bit of fun? Besides, the deed had been done now. There was no going back.

"Far be it from me to stop you," I said. "It'd hardly be fair for Leighton to have a go and then not let you, would it?"

Jason tossed the sticky, crumpled tissue at Leighton and asked me to help him turn her over. While Leighton went to clean himself up and dispose of the tissue, we lifted her gently and rolled her on to her front, so that she was bent over the bed. Then Jason entered her from behind, and fucked her surprisingly roughly. Lyndsey moaned and groaned in her sl**p a few times as he shagged her and I wanked myself furiously at the sight.

"I'm going to cum," Jason announced after he had pounded her hard for a while. I thought about telling him to pull out, but decided I wanted to see him cum inside her. Seeing Leighton's cum all over her pubes was good, but I wanted to see another man's spunk dribble from her pussy lips.

"Cum inside her if you want," I said. "I'll tell her that it was me. She won't know the difference, will she?"

"Are you sure?" Jason asked me and when I nodded he pushed inside her hard and deep and let out a low groan of his own as he emptied his seed into my wife's well-fucked cunt.

"Good man," Leighton said to Jason as he entered the room, and I told him that I was going to tell Lyndsey that it was mine if she queried anything tomorrow. She wouldn't be able to remember much, so I would say that we had made love before she passed out.

Jason finally withdrew, and I moved behind him to watch his man-juices run from between her pussy lips. It oozed out, running down her thigh and the sight of it made me cum too. I pointed my cock at her pussy and my spunk streamed out, splashing against her ass and running down her crack to join Jason's, trickling down her leg.

Afterwards, the three of us worked together to clean Lyndsey up, and we put her in bed, still naked, but covered with the sheets. We dressed and shared one last drink together, vowing to keep what we had done a secret.

"Did you enjoy it?" Leighton asked me suddenly, out of the blue and I nodded. There was no point in denying it. We all knew what we had done was wrong, but it had just gone too far, too fast.

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3 years ago
That was hot. What will number 3 hold?
3 years ago
excellent but i would have kicked them both out & banned them
3 years ago
You need to let all your buddies fuck her. Do her up the ass too.
3 years ago