Jill's Summer Vacation

Two weeks removed from summer vacation at the local University, Jill was still feeling the effects from all the studying from her finals. Now after coming home all she wanted to do was enjoy the time off and blow off some steam, but before she could she needed to find a way to get some money.

Not long after arriving home Jill headed out toward the beach, and while walking along the boardwalk she saw a help wanted sign at the local boardwalk surf shop. Jill applied and by the following day she was hired to sell bikinis and beach souvenirs. Her new bosses Mike and Rose were both very friendly and also a couple that were in their early thirties. What was even better as time went on she learned that Mike and Rose treated all the employees like equals to them and also like f****y. Jill’s new bosses also seemed to have a very flirtatious side when working. There would be times that they would grab each other’s ass, rub against each other, talk dirty, and then there were times that they even sneak off to the storage room for a quick fuck.

Even though the employees were treated well there was only one rule. That one rule was probably the reason for all the flirtatiousness between Mike and Rose.

Mike would hire the prettiest girls he could find, and then he would make them wear the skimpiest little bikini’s possible. Most of the time when the girls stocked the store the material would shift and there would be some kind of accidental exposure from time to time. Rose on the other hand would hire mostly young jocks, and would have them wear her choice of Speedo, which ALWAYS was an issue for the guys (especially when seeing us in out micro thong bikinis.

Mike was such a funny guy and he made the guy’s problem a game for us all. Every time one of the guy’s dicks would pop out Mike would ring a cowbell and shout out the words “Five Minute Super Sale” to any customers in the store. This always got the patrons attention! So Rose can proceed with her task.

On Jill’s first day she discovered the reasoning behind the five-minute sale. It usually took Rose five minutes to slowly walk out from behind the counter, find the guy who’s cock had popped out of his Speedo, and did whatever it took to tuck that sucker back in his shorts all by herself.

All the employees had to leave their bikini uniforms at the store. This meant that everyone had to change on site, and since there was no laundry machine on premises that meant all the outfits were never washed.

From time to time when Jill arrived at work and changed into her bikini bottoms, she would get a surprise sensation of warmth, wet, and stickiness against her tight little teen pussy. Jill being young and naïve figured someone had washed her suit especially since Mike only purchased one white skimpy micro bikini for her. Each time she felt this gooeyness against her crotch, she didn’t complain and since no one mentioned anything to her about it, she figured it was safe, normal, and continued changing. As she walked around the store each time it dripped down her inner legs she would just bend over and rub it in like lotion. At first she was bothered by how it made her bikini transparent, but then again there was hardly any material on the swimsuit anyway. Depending on the temperature those days, sometimes her pussy would bath in the puddle for up to three hours before it dried. By the fourth time her little pussy welcomed the wetness and enjoyed the tickling it gave her; up inside her.

Since the dressing rooms were for customers only, everyone was directed to change in Mike’s office. When a shift started Mike was usually in his office working on bills, and when a shift ended Mike was in his office ordering new inventory. After a day or two it was almost like he wasn’t in the room when Jill was changing.

Now Jill didn’t mind the bikini she was given to wear, she knew she had a hot body and was excited to show it off as much as possible, and it look really good on her with her long blond hair and a sexy little body prefect for her 5’8” frame. She was probably the hottest chick working in the store. As for Mike and Rose they were gym activists and in great shape, but they always seemed to be wearing something more appropriate as if they were working in the mall.

A few weeks went by working late nights and long hours in the summer heat, and it was taken a toll on Jill. Even though she was nineteen she hadn’t slept much, maybe only two or three hours since coming home, but that never slowed her down she as having fun. Who could blame her: she lived in a beach community; she was back home enjoying the time with friends who she hasn’t seen in a few months on top of working.

Well one night after a long day of working and partying with her friends, Jill finally arrived home completely exhausted. She opening the front door, and crept inside, as it was really early in the morning and she didn't want to wake anyone.

Creeping past her younger b*****r's bedroom she heard noises from behind his door. The door was partially opened, so Jill walked up to the door and popped her head inside. There was her eighteen-year-old b*****r, lying on top of his bed with something pink wrapped around his crotch and slid it up and down his shaft. Jill suddenly came to the realization that the pink object her b*****r was jerking off with was a pair of her bikini sting satin panties that she had worn only hours earlier! As if that was not enough, she looked again and saw her bother Terry had another pair of her panties (a yellow cotton thong) d****d over his face, breathing in her pussy scent, and groaning as he rubbed his cock.

It was that moment that she knew how her panties had always seemed to be so hard and stained after she did the laundry. She figured that her b*****r must have been taking her panties out of the laundry basket, and while she washed her cloths he must have jerked off into her panties! That little fucker must have also put those dirty panties soaked with his i****tuous cum back into her clean laundry pile for her to fold and put away! She was so consumed with her work and partying that she was totally unaware of what was happening!

Normally she would have burst in and asked what on earth was he was doing and given him a real hard time, but with her needing sl**p badly Jill figured it could wait until morning and decided it was time to just go to bed.

Totally grossed out and not wanting to go to sl**p in her own bedroom next to where her b*****r was jerking off with her panties, Jill went back downstairs to catch up on her sl**p on the sofa.

Laying down she quickly lapsed into a very deep sl**p and like always she had been squirming so much on the sofa that her mini skirt had ridden up over her belly, revealing her thighs clad in black nylon, a black garter belt, and her sexy little sting black satin thong panties.

Back upstairs Terry had slowed down his jerk-off session, as he wanted another pair of his s****r’s panties for him to step into and wear. Naked but with a thong over his face and a bikini string panty wrapped around his cock (held in place by his hand) he slowly walked downstairs, with his ears attuned to listening for any approaching parent or his s****r who might catch him in this embarrassing predicament.

As Terry entered the f****y room he switched on the light, shocked and scared shitless with two sets of his s****r’s panties on his body he paused for a moment. There was his s****r sl**ping, but at the same time his eyes (which were poking out from behind each of the leg holes of his s****rs panties) couldn't believe what he was witnessing. There was his sexy s****r stretched out on the sofa, deep asl**p, groaning from whatever was happening to her in her dream with her skirt flipped up onto her belly showing off her incredibly long legs, her garter, her panties and her lower belly just below her belly button.

This sight was much better than jerking off with his s****r’s panties thinking about her; he finally had the real object of his affections lying right there in front of him. Quickly he got his camera from off the kitchen counter and took what must have been over a hundred pictures. Terry got even braver, he set the camera up on the end table set the timer and lied next to his s****r proudly displaying his thong covered face, and his panty wrapped cock as she snuggled against Jill. This moment was his treasure his trophy, but he still wanted more!

After getting up to grab his camera, he looked back at Jill who was sl**ping just a few feet from him, Terry continued to rub his hard cock with Jill’s pink panties as he drooled into the thong covering his face, over the sight of his s****r.

Feeling brave, he knelt down by her again to gently touch her leg. Expecting to have to jerk back quickly and having to explanation what he was doing when she awoke became less of an issue as each minute passed. To his relief and excitement, she didn't move anymore than what she had been already from her dream.

Feeling encouraged, he pressed his hand down more firmly, running it slowly up her leg, it felt so good, he loved the feel of her legs, but even more the softness of her thighs.

His hand moved all the way up her legs and felt her tight ass as well, stepping back, he was thinking, if she was this deep asl**p, he could do anything!

Terry began to rub his panty-covered cock all over his s****r’s face and body as he explored her; he also had a quick feel of her boobs while he was at it! No matter what he tried he was snapping as many pictures as he could, as he wanted future wanking material, and pictures to show his friends. His main attention though was on her legs and what was in between them.

A little pissed that she couldn't have fallen asl**p with her legs apart, but he was still too scared to open them. Instead, Terry tried to get a feel of her pussy from behind; he could slip his fingers in and feel her nylon covering her pussy.

As good as that felt, he wanted to feel flesh, he started to try and nick the panties with his sharp finger nails in order to make a hole, and he was so intent on wanting to break thru to get to his s****r’s pussy.

He managed a very small hole, working his finger in he tried to enlarge it, this was tough, but he managed to squeeze his finger thru, he was now set wriggling around inside her panties, when his finger found her lips, finding the slit, he began to push his fingers deeper into her.

Damn, she felt wet, that must be one hot dream she was having.

He withdrew his finger, wanting to make sure, yes, it was glistening with juice, putting it in his mouth he sucked every drop off, she tasted good.

Getting comfortable, he pushed his finger back inside the torn panties and started to finger fuck her, getting deeper inside with every push, she started to buck against his hand, obviously working into her dream what he was doing to her.

She must have already been so excited because she soon began to cum. Her pussy seemed to flood with juice as she tensed on the sofa.

She turned over, making him extract his hand quickly, she seemed to be in a more relaxed deep sl**p, but what was best for him, was that her legs were now apart. Again snapping pictures of his s****r, then again of him rubbing his panty-covered cock against her panty covered pussy.

Now he could get between her legs, and tore the panties further. There was a loud ripping noise, which didn’t even make her move. He sat back and admired the bare pussy in front of him; it was pink, glistening and wet.

Again snapping pictures, again rubbing his panty covered cock against his s****r’s now exposed and unprotected pussy.

He lowered his head closer to her body. He slowly lifted the waistband of the thong panties (which rested on his head) and repositioned them just above his mouth. As Terry breathed in the sent of his s****r’s pussy, he inadvertently licked her wetness. Being impatient, he then buried his head and started to lap deeply into his s****r Jill.

Terry went mad, moving his head around, tonguing all over her, pulling back to admire his work, his face and the panties that covered it was saturated in her juice. Again snapping pictures along the way.

As much as he wanted to take his time over this pussy, he knew his parents would be up soon and had to make the most of it.

He pulled her towards the side of the sofa, her legs apart as he moved in between, he rubbed his hard cock up and down her wet slit again, this time exposing only the tip of his dick while his shaft was still snuggled by Jill’s pink panties. Thinking about how many times he had cum in her panties, thinking of her pussy, and now he was seconds away from actually having it.

Unable to wait any longer, he pushed in her tight warm slit. It felt so good, and she was moaning in her sl**p again, which made him jump. Once he knew she was still deep asl**p, he began to pump into her harder. Snapping more pictures Terry looked over to the mirror (which was opposite the sofa), where he saw himself with Jill’s panties on his head, panties wrapped around his shaft, and fucking his sl**ping s****rs who was in her panties too!

Never having had such an erotic experience or visual like this before, Terry didn't last long. He collapsed on top of Jill, and shot what felt like massive amounts of i****tuous salty seed, deep inside his s****r’s unprotected pussy.

After his huge orgasm subsided a little panic got to him; Dam what if she found out? Would she notice the wetness deep inside her? Then again, she was wet before he started, so maybe she wouldn’t notice.

Terry got up, wiped away his cum that had seeped out using Jill’s pink panties. After a moment he figured that Jill would notice that her panties were torn and would be cause for alarm! After contemplating the possible scenarios in his head, he deemed the best possible way to avoid any trouble would be to replace the torn panties by sliding them off of her and replace them with the yellow cotton panties that were d****d over his face. Terry was hoping by morning she would have forgotten what panties she had originally put on. After swapping her panties, Terry closed her legs and pulled her skirt down and quickly and quietly headed for the door with his camera in one hand and the torn panties in the other with the pink panties still clinging onto his cock.

As he left the f****y room he almost collided with his father who was just outside the kitchen door. Had he seen or heard anything? Hopefully it was dark enough in the hallway that Terry’s father didn’t notice him naked holding his s****rs panties. If he had he wasn't saying anything! As Terry bolted up the steps toward his bedroom he watched his father head into the living room where his s****r was still deep asl**p.

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3 years ago
great story. part 2? what does her father do to her, how does everything else play out?
3 years ago
i hope theres another comingout
3 years ago
excellent there is a part 2, 3... in this one