Kinky b*****r and s****r

My freshmen year at collage has finally concluded, yesterday was the last day of my classes. It’s summer time and I just arrived home after completing the three-hour drive from campus, but that’s when reality set in. Being home again…. I’m twenty and being here isn't going to be easy. Any freedom I had over these past few months is now gone, now that I’m back under my fathers roof and have to answer to him. As for my privacy, well that’s gone too especially with my two eighteen year old s****rs (non identical twins) hanging around the house. That could be an issue if I continue my daily routine of satisfying my urges by jerking-off.

Now my Dad remarried a few years ago, to a hot piece of ass names Cleo! She is a very nice woman, and she adores my s****rs and I, but she has got to be the hottest woman I ever saw standing around 5'6", leggy, has a sexy little ass, fit, busty, blonde hair, and has a face made to be fucked over and over again.

As it turns out I take every opportunity I get to try to catch Cleo in the bathroom, or changing in their bedroom over the last few years. Only a few brief moments I got to see a glimpse of tit and ass, and each time it got harder to catch her. Most times when I was living home I would rub my hard cock as I imagined groping that sexy body of hers.

My s****rs were another story; they knew I had many fantasies about our step mom. They would often tease me at how they were in the room with Cleo, as she was changing. They would tell me about the frilly little panties she had on that day, or how she would model her lingerie and her satin thong panties in front of them for my father. These stories provided many days of wanking material, and believe me I did it a lot!!!

After pulling into the driveway and unloading my car I entered the f****y room, to say hello to my s****rs. Upon entering the room I suddenly noticed that my s****r Michelle was smoking hot; too hot, a 12 on a hotness scale surpassing 10. While my s****r Susan was blossoming into your average looking girl; very cute, a girl any man would want. I had never observed the privacy the girls wanted and used to burst into their bedrooms unannounced and often caught them dressing. I didn't see any reason to stop now; even when Susan is shouting “get out you asshole, I'm fucking naked" which would always bring my father running to see what is going on.

I started to receive the usual talks about respecting the girls' space now that I’m living under his roof and that I needed to understand that they were women now. I knew damn well that they were women and that was the reason for my almost daily intrusions into their bedrooms.

Things soon changed around the house; Susan had received a college soccer scholarship, and had gone off to college early to started summer classes. Michelle on the other hand had gotten her acceptance letter to start college in the fall (which is the same time I go back). That left Michelle and I home alone a lot of the time, as my father and Cleo took every opportunity to spend nights away from home.

One such night, it was my turn to use the shower after Michelle had finally finished in the bathroom. As I entered into the bathroom I noticed Michelle had left a pile of dirty towels on the bathroom floor, but sitting on top of the dirty pile was a pair of her power blue satin bikini string panties, which she had probably worn all day long. I shut the door quietly and stood there for few seconds. I picked up my s****r's panties and was immediately aroused by the silky feel of them and the thought that only some 10 minutes ago these were covering her hot little pussy.

I immediately pulled down my pants and boxers. I d****d my s****rs power blue panties over my hardening cock, with the tip of my dick resting on the inside wet crotch of her panties. With Michelle’s panties wrapped around my cock I began to slide them up and down my shaft. This felt fucking amazing, and the more I did it the harder I got.

At that moment I realized I had my smoking hot little s****r's, sexy little panties wrapped around my cock! I got so hot at the thought of how dirty and i****tuous this was after catching my reflection in the vanity mirror. With my sights on my hand pumping my cock with my s****r’s panties, I was officially lost in the ecstasy feeling how pleasurable the material felt against my skin. I wanted to cum now… and wanted it badly!

As I continued to jerk-off with Michelle’s panties, each stroke seemed to get faster, I knew was getting closer to cumming! My knees got weak, I started to sway, my balls getting tighter, I was on the verge of a depositing the biggest load I ever had into the wet crotch of my s****r’s dirty satin panties.

Just then the bathroom door flew open and Michelle stepped into the room mouthing the words… "I'm not looking, I just need to grab my panties, and I think I left them.”

“Oh my!”…
“What the fuck are you doing with my panties?"

I stood frozen to the spot, unable to move and unable to speak. This was the worst possible situation I could imagine, Michelle is standing in front of me, looking down to see my swollen rock hard cock encased in her panties, which are being rubbed up and down the shaft of my cock. A now visible wet spot had formed on the crotch of her panties resting on top of the tip of my cock!

Michelle reached out and grabbed her panties off of my cock, and as she did it flinched involuntarily. I died inside and gasped, then turned and slammed the door closed as she left the room. I stood there motionless. My mind replayed the incident over and over again like an out of body experience.

After a few minutes I took my shower and wondered how I would ever look at Michelle again. After my shower I creped into my room and closed the door. I was horrified at what had happened.

I sat on the bed with my head in my hands for a few minutes, when I heard my bedroom door creek. I noticed my door had opened a bit, and before it closed the Michelle’s powder blue satin panties flew in landing near my feet and then the door closed. I sat for a while and stared at them lying on the floor wondering what to do next. My erection made the decision before my brain could think about it, and I grabbed them and felt the material in my hands. They were wet… very wet.

I stripped off my panties and boxers and then laid back on the bed. I closed my eyes and again wrapped the panties around my throbbing cock. I really got involved with what I was doing and stroked the material up and down with the thought of Michelle knowing exactly what I was doing.

As I laid there rubbing the warm panties on my cock I felt the bed depress near my feet. My eyes snapped open and I saw Michelle sitting there and again I froze. "Don't stop" she said, "I want to see what would have happened if I had not come in the bathroom."

Not sure what to do next I replied to her "I’ll tell you what’s going to happen; I am going to cum all over your panties, and now that you know I don't give a shit about cleaning them."

"Show me then" Michelle said with a slight smile on her face.

Fuck her I thought, she asked for it and I closed my eyes again and started rubbing my cock furiously. She asked for it then she is going to fucking get it and when I make a mess it's going to be her fault.

"Keep your eyes closed,” she said, and of course my eyes snapped open. "Close your fucken eyes" she commanded. I did as I was told and continued wanking into her panties. I head the sound of cloths being dropped on the floor. I felt her hand on mine and she pushed my hand to one side but managed to keep the panties firmly wrapped around my cock.

"Cleo says Dad loves this,” Michelle said and then I felt her warm breath against the head of my cock. This was shortly followed by the luxury of her hot mouth slowly sliding over the head of my dick. I opened my eyes to see her perfectly shaped mouth slide down my shaft. Her teeth out of the way and the ripples on the top of her mouth sliding over the ridge of my bell end.

Up and down her head went and as I tried to take the full view in and process the fact that Michelle was sucking my cock I noticed that her left hand was busy on her own enjoyment. "Fuck" I said, "are you’re naked, and is my fucking hot little s****r fingering yourself?"

"Mmm huh", was the answer I got. Michelle pulled her panties off of my dick and placed them on my face so that the crotch of her satin blue panties was between my mouth and nose. I could smell the scent of what must be her pussy from her well-worn panties. Shoved them into my mouth and started sucking the wet fluids off of the crotch. They tasted so sweet. Suddenly I was rocked by the urge to cum, and I came like I have never cum before, Michelle kept sucking, and sucking on my cock until she swallowed as much cum as she could with the exception of the few streams that dripped down her mouth.

When Michelle stopped she looked directly at me as she licked her lips. She sat back against the wall and spread her legs, and while looking into my eyes pushed 2 fingers into her cunt. "If you get your cock hard again, I’ll let you fuck me" she said.

At first I wasn't sure I had another one in me so soon but the vision of Michelle rubbing her pussy was too much for my hormones and my cock pulsed to full size again. I sat up and before I knew what had happened Michelle pushed her slippery fingers into my mouth. I had never tasted fresh pussy juice this sweet before, and now that I am it’s from my s****r's cunt.

As I moved forward Michelle moved backwards to lie down on my bed, her legs spread and her cunt waiting for me. I positioned myself above her and felt the end of my cock touch the most velvety and inviting thing in creation. "Fuck me!" she said, so I did. I slammed my cock forward and it sunk into heaven and Michelle wrapped herself around me.

"Mikey, fuck me, fuck me like you love me,” Michelle said.

"I do love you Michelle and I love fucking hot body too" I replied.

The first woman I ever came in without a condom was my s****r, and that first orgasm was followed by 6 or 7 more that month, and many more in the following months before the summer ended. Luckily Michelle didn’t get pregnant, not that I didn’t try to make it happen. It turns out that she was on the pill and never told me.

Well now that I’m back at school I can’t help but miss my s****r and the fun we had. Unfortunately Michelle’s school is about five hours away, but she is kinky enough to mail me her dirtiest pair of panties each week. When I get them we link up on the web cam and I jerk-off into them while she watches. When she runs low on panties she flies’s up to me to stay the weekend. Michelle has me jerk off onto the inside crotch of her panties and then wears them when we go my frat house parties. When we get back to my room we fuck until morning, until she heads back to school with her panties.

The other day received a letter from Susan, which reads "Michelle reckons your an excellent fuck, I guess I better find out for myself, see you next weekend."

Oh this is going to be good!!!

95% (93/5)
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3 years ago
That was a hot story, do you have a followup with the other sister?
3 years ago
oh wow that was hot
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hot fucking story.
3 years ago
verylucky brother
3 years ago
Your sister is nuts for your cum, bro.
3 years ago
Fantastic story. Maybe Michelle and Susan will both visit the same weekend.
3 years ago
you are so fucking lucky
3 years ago
what a great story
3 years ago
Wow! That was awesome, can hardly wait to read more!
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
Great story. Can't wait for more.
3 years ago
what an great story