Busted with Donna's Panties

Hi my name is Jason. I was eighteen years old when I was busted by my s****r for sniffing a pair of her panties. According to Donna I was a huge pervert, and I really can’t dispute her assumptions in this matter nor of the morality factor of being so attracted to a f****y member. Being an average guy my age I was constantly jerking off every chance I had.

One day when I was around sixteen I found a pair of Donna’s panties on the bathroom floor. They were silky and soft, and when I brought them to my cheek I couldn’t help but smell the most wonderful scent I had ever smelled, it made me hard in an instant. I honestly started to cum all over the place with out even jacking myself. From that moment on I was addicted to her panties especially ones that were recently been removed from her lovely body, preferably still warm, and damp with the musky scent of her pussy.

On the fateful I was caught I had rummaged through her dirty cloths hamper to find a freshly worn pair, thong and my favorite color blue. The cotton gusset was stained with the hormonal discharge of her hot teen pussy, the color black really showed the flow of her sweet feminine excitement.

These I held to my nose as I wrapped my cock in another pair of her panties; black silk ones, bikini string style. For the last year or so I had been enjoying my s****rs panties. I planed on leaving a huge load of cum in the crotch these. But I had gotten much too careless indulging in my corrupt little fetish.

Donna’s sweet musky scent was intoxicating her panties must have been soaked as she wore them. I pondered over what had aroused her to a point that would get them in such a sticky, heavenly state. I could feel my load building and on its way as I fantasized about my lovely s****r when the bedroom door flew open and my s****r stood staring wide-eyed at her perverted little b*****r.

My hard-on went from a throbbing monster to a limp noodle in seconds. Never have I been so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I wanted to die right then and there. It really only took a few seconds but at that moment it seemed like an eternity before she composed herself to enough speak.

"My God Jason what on earth are you up too? As if I don’t know; and what the fuck are you doing with my panties? Hand them over right this second, you sick little pervert!" she said the last part under her breath as she retrieved her panties holding them with her fingertips.

All I could think about was what my Mother would say when she was told, and what Donna would tell her and my friends. "s*s I’m sorry please, please don’t tell mom, please!" I begged almost in tears at Donna’s swiftly retreating figure.

Jesus, I was really and truly in for it now. I felt like running away. I knew I could never show my face again if anyone found out about this incident. I was afraid to leave my bedroom. Mom and Dad were due home in a few hours. I had to think about what I was going to do but I couldn’t come up with a good story or rather a good lie, yes sir I was really screwed for sure this time. The only thing I could do was talk to her, and I began to beg her not to tell anyone.

I pulled on a T-shirt and a pair of running shorts and went to her bedroom door I meekly knocked. I heard Donna say, "What do you want pervert?"

"I just want to talk s*s, please can I come in?"

Angrily she said, "We've got nothing to talk about."

Again I said, "Please Donna, you have to talk to me. I’m
sorry, please can we talk about this?"

The door slowly opened and my beautiful s****r stood with arms crossed. All she said was speak and make it fast.

My s****r is a very good-looking girl she was nineteen at the time this incident took place. She was blessed with long dark brown curly hair. Hair so full of tight kinky curls that you couldn’t get a comb or hardly a brush through them. She has steel gray eyes that flash or color with specks of green depending on her mood.
Her body was truly that of a goddess. Her legs were long and sculpted by countless hours of ballet and swimming. Her breasts though small seemed perfectly formed, and her body was smoking hot. Why she wasn’t on a catwalk modeling and making shit loads of money was a mystery. Yet she was an enigma.

I know now that she was a very deep thinking and feeling person. She was much farther advanced then I in her grasp of emotional comprehension and her maturity was truly beyond her years. She didn’t date during this period of her life. Her devotion to her studies and dance were her only vocation. Donna was assaulted constantly by boys and men alike wanting to have a shot of getting into her panties or yanking them down to her knees. But she would have no part of them. Sure I know I sound enamored by my lovely s****r, but how could such natural beauty not make me want her also.

I stood before her looking down at my shuffling feet and anywhere else to avoid her piercing gaze. Well she said out with it! God where to start with it all I didn’t know. I guess the truth was the best way to lay it out to her.

"Donna, I’m sorry for going through your things, I had no right to do what I did."

"Then why’d you do it Jason? You know I should tell mom and Dad. What the fuck were you doing with my panties? You better give me a reason for it all and it better be good. If you lie to me, this conversation is over, and believe me I’ll know if you’re lying!"

"I’m embarrassed to tell you. You’ll for sure tell and you’ll hate me forever."

"Jason you had better come out with it, now."

The truth was going to kill me, well here goes. "I guess part of it is that I think you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I know it’s sick or even perverted, but one day you left a pair of panties in the bathroom and they were soft and silky. They intrigued me, I picked them up and rubbed them on my cheek. They felt so good that I really wished that I could wear underwear like those, and your scent caught me totally unaware. I couldn’t help myself Donna, and your panties turned me on beyond anything I had ever experienced. I inhaled your essence from the panties and had to have release."

I finally looked up into her eyes, she didn’t seem as mad as she was only minutes ago, but I knew dam well I wasn’t out of the woods just yet.

"Okay Jason, at least it sounds like the truth, as sick and perverted as it is. I’m your s****r for gods' sake. Get out, I have to think about this, I don’t know what I should do about all of this just yet."

At the supper table things were reserved as far as our regular conversations went. My Dad is a software engineer and was away for a few weeks as was usual for him. I was quiet for a change and mom asked if I was feeling Ok. I replied that I was just a little tired and wanted to lie down for a while. I knew that if Donna were going to spill the beans she would do it while I was away from the table. I laid down on my bed and fell asl**p waiting for the door to fly open to face the wraith of my mother, it didn’t happen.

For the next couple of weeks I avoided Donna fearing she would bring the whole incident up again but it didn’t happen. The few times we did interact I sensed that something was different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I would catch her looking at me when she thought I was involved or didn’t notice.

One morning about a month later I went to take a shower after her and found the same two pairs of panties she had caught me with lying carelessly on top of the vanity. My fetish for my s****r’s panties once again surfaced, I couldn’t help myself. I took a good look at the position that they were in and looked at the portion where her pussy had been. Sure enough she had left her calling card on the black cotton panel of the thong. I immediately brought them to my nose and deeply inhaled her fragrance.

Still paranoid I turned on the shower like I was bathing and I proceeded to masturbate with the satin bikini panties. Her scent alone was enough to bring me to the point of coming, her fragrant sexual odor had me pumping out heavy ropes of sperm. I was shooting cum all over the inside crotch of her panties, when one stream shot freely into the air and disappeared when my dick flexed. I looked up and my s****r just stared at me my cock and the mess I had just made all over her silky black panties.

Oh shit!

She was standing a few feet away from me with the lost stream of my hot cum sliding slowly off the hem of her short skirt and down a bare shapely leg. A knowing smile was barely curling the corners of her gorgeous full lips. "Are you enjoying yourself Jason?" was all she said.

I was caught again but this time it seemed very different. I had been set up, she knew I couldn’t resist using her panties to get off. I looked at her, then at her leg where my cum was now oozing over her knee and didn’t say a word. Her thong panties were still under my nose and intoxicating my senses, while her bikini panties were still in my hand wrapped around my cock. My hard-on didn’t shrink like it did the last time in fact it seemed as though it was stiffer and another inch longer if that was possible.

She walked toward me, grabbed the thong from my face, and began to wipe her skirt with them as best she could. Her face was flushed, her hands seemed to shake a little bit, as she dabbed at her leg with the front panel of her thong, and then dropped them into the hamper.

Looking me in the eyes she said that was kind-a, different I never saw a guy shoot his stuff before. I said nothing, slowly her hand slipped the panties away from my grasp and off my dick. She brought them to her face and looked at them strangely, inspecting the massive amounts of cum that now saturated them. When she sniffed them I began to panic. After a few seconds she said, "Why do you do it Jason?"

With out a pause I said, "Because I love you. I thing you’re the most beautiful sexy woman on this earth."

"Okay, but why my panties?"

"Because they're the closest thing I'll ever have to having sex with you," I said quietly under my breath.

"Do you wear them?"

"Sometimes," I replied.

"Put them on, I want to see you in them”. She reached out and handed back the cum covered satin bikini panties.

I slowly slipped them on one leg at a time and pulled them slowly up my trembling legs until the slick, sticky, silky material was snuggling against my throbbing boner.

"Hmm they look kind-a sexy on you Jason but now you can’t smell my pussy." She slipped her hands under her short skirt and slowly with both thumbs and forefingers eased her panties down her tan shapely legs. She turned them inside out and brought the crotch to her nose and breathed in deeply through the cotton gusset and calmly said, "I think these will do just fine don’t you Jason?"

I was starting to sweat, though not from fear this time. Gently she handed the tiny white satin bikinis to me and said, "Please continue, I want to watch you shoot your seed in my panties. I bet you're just waiting to soak these pretty little things with your cum aren’t you Jason?"

With that her hand made its way to my cock that was now poking its head over the top of her panties. "Come on Jason, I want to see you shoot again." She slid her bottom on the vanity counter top legs slightly spread, cooing softly, "C'mon do it, do it now Jason, please."

I was totally shocked but hugely turned on by my s****r's unexpected behavior. I slipped my cock out a leg opening and held the white bikinis to my nose. She was looking at me her neck had a rose colored blush that emerged from the top button of her blouse. She was breathing faster then normal and was slowly rubbing her thighs. Never had I been so turned on in my life. Here was my s****r watching me masturbate into her freshly worn panties, I was in heaven.

I started to move my hand over my engorged dick very, very slowly I didn’t want to get off to quick because this situation might never happen again. I was so close to pumping another load that even the slightest touch would send me over the top I had to stop or it would be over. Donna looked at me with disappointment clearly showing on her angelic face and said, "Come here Jason," as she pulled her skirt up and over her hips showing me the most wonderful pussy that even to this day I can say is better then any other I have seen.

She pulled her legs up on top of the vanity and very slowly spread them open for me. "You’re the very first boy to see my pussy Jason, do you like it?"

I could only groan in affirmation. It was perfect, her hair was timed short and shaped in a small strip. In that position I could see her opening from which a milky colored liquid oozed like my cum but lighter clearer and thinner in consistency. It was starting to run down her crack toward her bottom. I could smell the excitement her feminine musk rising to my nostrils driving me to an ever-higher level of i****tual lust.

"Can I touch you?" I asked.

She shook her head meaning no, and her hand covered her sex. "But you can kiss me if you want too."

Leaning forward I slowly pressed my lips to hers, but Donna literally took things into her own hands as it were. One behind my neck the other across my wet cum soaked panty clad ass. Her mouth seeking mine, lips slightly parted closed over mine parting my lips with a searching tongue. She placed my left hand on a firm breast over her top my right was guided behind her to a soft globe of an ass cheek.

Moaning softly in my ear she slid forward and gently squeezing my cock, her other hand was busy moving in ever faster little circles in now what must have been a very wet slit judging from the sloppy noise this action was creating. She was making small cooing sounds from the back of her throat, "Umm, Mmm, O O-god, Mmm O yea, yes yes come on UUUaaaaaaa!" with that her head tipped back showing her wonderful neck her eyes closed tightly and she started to tremble.

Her legs shook and her hand squeezed my hard on painfully. Looking up at me with a sultry look in her half-closed eyes she removed her fingers from her pussy and held them under my nose. They were wet and shinny, a drop of clear juice was ready to fall from her index finger. Before it did it was slipped between my open lips. Her fingers pushed in, and I sucked them until they were clean.

"I want you to come on my pussy, I want you to squirt it all over my pussy lips Jason, do it now hurry Jason, please hurry." Holding my rock hard member she eased it up to her drenched slit parting the lips as she did so.

I wanted to push in but she stopped me and shook her head in denial. But then she did the next best thing and started sliding my cock head slowly up and down her very wet fuck crack paying close attention to the top of the slit which I was to learn later is a women’s most sensitive place.

My s****r Donna started to moan again. "Cum for me Jason cum all over my cunt, come on do it, do it now, Uaaaaaaaa! Mmmmm! I’m cumming! Oh God! Aaaaa oh yeah!!"

Her hand was moving my cock in between her slippery love soaked lips faster and faster. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and I cried out with the most intense orgasm that I had ever had to date. Rope after steaming rope of hot i****tual love juice blasted the inside of her pussy lips, it ran down her swollen lips to the crack of her ass there it puddled on the bathroom vanity top.

I was spent and fell against her pushing her to the mirror behind her waiting to catch my breath. As we regained our composure and our vital signs returned to normal she took a finger and scooped up my seed and slowly inserted it into her love tunnel a few times. My s****r then removed it and sucked our love fluids from her delicate fingers, and with a slightly mischievous smile she hummed, "MmmmMmm good job b*o, I guess we are even."

I watched her turn around and head for the bathroom door but before she left; she said that I better keep those panties on until tonight that is if I want to repeat our little activity.

I told Donna, I would and would be looking forward to tonight.

96% (95/4)
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1 year ago
Definitely hotter than it should be!
2 years ago
good storie
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2 years ago
I grew up with 3 sisters and loved their panties.....Great story.
3 years ago
Im speakless awsome story dude awsome ;-)))))))
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Love it!!!
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wow it woud have ben better if it was ur sisters frend tho but still hot
3 years ago
that was sick but interesting
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great and hot story....loved it
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I spent years sniffing my older sister's panties! Great story!
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Fucking awesome stodgy!
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very nice
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GREAT STORY...... Very EROTIC...Got me Hard as Rock and CAME in Buckets.... lol
3 years ago
What a great story! I can't say I ever went that far and I was a lot less stressed out when I found my panties being used by my brother and hos friends.
3 years ago
3 years ago
lil kinky but a nice story
3 years ago
well written and look forward to reading more
and if only more women knew the power thier panties had over a guy
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let us hear about that night
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great story so hot!
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very interesting, enjoyed it very much