My Hot Body s****r

Waking up to a perfect spring Monday afternoon has been the daily routine since spring break started on Friday, but between you and I it’s been boring. You see all of my friends are away on vacation with their girlfriends on some couples retreat. I was asked to join them, but as I mentioned to them; “How much fun could I have since I do not have a girlfriend”? Well they understood and went anyway, but that’s ok. I’ll just sit back and enjoy a relaxing week home.

Home…ah life isn’t so bad, I have a nice f****y, I got a good job, great grades, nice car, but if it wasn’t for my sex life being in the dumper I would be on top of the world. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the occasional self inflicting hand-job from time to time just to unwind, but lately it seems as if that’s all I’m doing since coming home from college.

Well I haven’t seen a girl naked for over a year so you can understand, but what makes matters worse is my s****r (who is a fucking blond knock out at the age of 18) has been walking around the house in some tight little shorts and belly shits. Linda has such a tight belly to flaunt with those wonderful tits of hers, and she has these amazing long legs, and such a sweet ass too!

Yesterday she was planning to leave the house to run over to the surf shop and pick up some supplies for her surfboard, and that she was going to meet up with Jamie to go bikini shopping for their summer trip. Given how hot she looked in those tight little shorts yesterday I had gotten the urge to masturbate, so I headed to the bathroom. As I went into the bathroom I saw my s****r’s clothes lying all over the floor. There was her jean shorts and tight belly shirt setting in a pile on the floor. Now since being home I have jacked off many times thinking about her, picturing her blindfolded, tied to the bed and dressed in only her sexy little satin panties (remember I did say she was hot)! Anyway as I picked up her clothes to put them in the hamper a pair of her panties fell to the floor. I immediately noticed them and got extra hard just by staring at her clothes.

Without thinking I reached down on picked up the dark blue satin bikini string panties when I noticed a wet moist spot down in the crotch. I knew she just took a shower a few minutes ago before she left for the store. I began to rub the crotch of her panties all over my face smelling her aroma, until the point that I just had to taste Linda’s sweet nectar and proceeded to lick the sweet moist spot.

After tasting my s****rs panties I was lost in the moment and slowly moved her panties from my face, down to my cock where they would be wrapped around. I started to slide my hand up and down my satin panty covered dick, enjoying the fell of each stroke. Before I knew it her panties had shifted in my hand and my dick was rubbing against the wet spot my s****r left. Not long after I felt my organism hit and I started cumming all over my s****rs panties, soaking the inside crotch and the front panel. Just the sight of it you could tell the panties were struggling to retain the puddle from seeping through them. Now exhausted from all the pleasure I was feeling and being weak in the knees I wanted to lay down. I tossed Linda’s panties in the hamper with her other cloths and left the bathroom. It was that moment I had decided that if I ever needed to get off I would come back to the hamper and grab these blue panties again.

Over the next two day everything was going well, and I had figured she hadn’t noticed. It was getting late and I decided to go to bed, but I wanted Linda’s panties first from the bathroom and then I would crawl under the covers.

Now being in the privacy of my own room hidden under the covers I got naked and with my s****rs panties in my hand I started to stroke my dick. Out of nowhere my door opened and my s****r Linda walked into my room and closed the door behind her. I started to panic, but remained still…. very still hoping that she thought I was sl**ping. As she approached the bed I could tell from just barely opening my eyes that she was wearing nothing but a tight shirt and thong panties.

She stopped at the foot of my bed and set down. Then she said, "I know your awake Steven. I am wondering why I can’t find my favorite blue pair of panties. Do you know where they are?"

I opened my eyes pulled my hands out from under the covers and propped myself up on my elbows and said "I’m sorry but I don’t keep tabs on your underwear s*s, so I can't help you with that." After those words escaped my mouth I traced her eyes down onto the sheet towards the lump where my cock was pushing against.

Trying to get her attention off my sheets fearing the worst; I quickly asked her to let me go back to sl**p as I was tired. However she didn’t acknowledge a word I said and that’s when she ran her hand over my cock and she started to rub it. I just sat still and didn’t move, hoping she didn’t recognize the feel of her panties wrapped around my cock from above the sheet.

After a few more strokes Linda said, "I think you have my panties Steven, and what are you doing under these sheets?” Just after she said that she yanked off the covers. I felt like I was going to die, as I lay there naked in front of my s****r with her blue satin bikini panties wrapped around my hard cock.

"There they are!" she said, and then turned to me and said, "If you wanted my clothes why didn’t you ask? I might have given you the ones I am wearing."

After she said that she slowly slipped off her white thong panties and pulled them over my face. She moved and her pussy lips were rubbing right against my cock. She asked, "Have you ever seen my pussy before?" No I told her, I have never seen you naked. Well you better get a good look now!

I watched her wrap her hand around my cock and began sliding it up and down the shaft.

She said "I have been thinking of you steeling my panties and being very naughty with them the last few days, and it’s gotten me very aroused Steven."

Hearing her describe her sexual thoughts while she stroked my panty covered shaft just about made me cum in her hand, but I was immediately distracted when she leaded over and pushed her tit in my panty covered face.

I grab her boob with one hand and begin to suck on her nipple, and move my other hand onto her ass.

As I licked her boob she pulled my hand down towards her hot tight pussy. She guided my middle finger into her little love hole and whispered in my ear to rub her.

It didn’t take long for my fingers to get wet from rubbing my s****rs cunt, so I new she had gotten off. Linda moved down toward my dick and wrapped her lips around the top of my dick while still rubbing her panties against my shaft. I moaned and she began to put my cock in her mouth. My hands rested on the sides of her head controlling her sexy mouth and moving it up and down. After a few minutes I told her to stop or I was going to cum in her mouth, but she didn’t stop. My s****r kept sucking and sliding her panties up and down my dick. I could feel the pressure building, I tried everything I could to hold it back but it was to strong, I pulled her head closer forcing her mouth to engulf more of my cock and some of her panties too! I had unleashed a furry of cum shots inside her mouth draining myself completely as I watched my s****r trying to swallow as much as she could. I watched some of it drip down her face and onto her panties. She looked so hot and dirty. I wanted her, but I was spent.

When she was done she sat up she looked at me and said “I saw you go into the bathroom the other day before I left for the surf shop but you never come out”. I had walked up to the door to check on you but heard moaning and kind of knew what you were doing. So I left. By the time I got back from the store, I found you sl**ping in your room. I waked into the bathroom to get my laundry and that’s when I found my panties drenched with your cum.

The sight of your cum in my panties Steven got me so aroused, that slipped off my shorts and put my dirty cum soaked panties on to wear for the rest of the day and to bed.

Linda that’s fucking hot.

Please Steven don't tell anyone about this - it is just between us ok."

Sure Linda I promise I will not tell anyone.

I watched my sexy s****r get dressed and as she was walking out of the room she stopped turned around and said Steven could you cum in those blue panties again.

I said sure why?

Well I loved the feel of my pussy soaking in your cum and I want to wear them to the beach tomorrow under my bikini.

Wow that’s very kinky, and when you come home, I’m going to bend you over the couch and fuck you while your still wearing those panties! Since your pussy likes my cum so much I’m not going to be wearing a condom and I don’t intend to pull out.

I watched my s****r smile and walk out the door toward her bedroom.

Looks like I got some work to do in the morning, I better set the alarm so that I can fill up these panties for my s****r to wear.

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3 years ago
Hot and nasty, that is awesome. Is there more to this story?
3 years ago
mmmm naughty
3 years ago
3 years ago
hot & naughty hope that there is more
3 years ago
that was really hot, ya gotta make somemore
3 years ago
Ya gotta love sisters.
3 years ago
dirty lil sister
3 years ago
are you going to do more of this story or do a different one and I must say tcg that I think you make the best bro/sis taboo stories that I've ever read!