Kinky b*****r Caught with s****rs Panties

The simple truth was that I needed to get off. It was no big deal to wander into the laundry room and grab two pairs of panties from the hamper. I didn't look closely; all I cared about was that they belonged to my s****r Jennifer. Hell! I didn't care what color, or what they were made out of.

My dad working, my s****r was at the mall with her friends from the local community college, and my mom was visiting her mom for a week. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

I grabbed a movie from my porn stash hidden under my bed, and I wandered into the living room and slid it into the DVD player. The leather couch was cool, but not bad. I then picked up a pair of my s****rs dirty panties, and pulled them into my sweats and wrapped them around my cock. The movie flashed onto the big screen TV and there, in front of me, were three hot cheerleaders getting gangbanged by the football team. I loved this one, being on my high school team for the last three years.

With my free hand I picked up another pair of my s****rs dirty panties and held them up to my face, inhaling their sweet scent. They were fairly scanty, and I guessed that Jennifer must have recently worn them. As I watched the hot action unfold on the TV, the scent of Jennifer’s pussy made me think of her awesome little body. Even though she was two years older than me, she was still fucking HOT!

She's 5'6", petite, with soft chestnut hair that falls in natural curls around her pale face. Bright green eyes, high cheekbones, and a dazzling smile all add to her beauty. She's a part time aerobics instructor at the local gym and, although she doesn't have an ounce of fat on her, she has a sweet round ass, and cupcake breasts to die for. Let me just say that friends of mine moan and bite their hands when they see her. Words, however, don't do her justice.

I'm not so bad myself. Three years of football training have given me a well-toned body, with lots of muscle definition. Also, like my s****r, I have a fair dose of natural good looks, with the same wavy brown hair and green eyes. I'm a bit taller, though, standing 6'2" in my bare feet.

So, there I was, shirt open, my cock wrapped with Jennifer’s black satin bikini panty in one hand, and her blue and white-stripped cotton thong shoved into my face, watching porn, when in she walks. What made matters worse was her best friend Katie was with her. It takes them all of three seconds to figure out the scene in front of them and they bust out laughing. Me? I'm scrambling to hide both pairs of Jennifer’s panties, buts it’s too late. Katie spots them.

"Oh my God, Jennifer!! Your pervert b*****r has your panties!"

Jennifer swiveled on her heel, grabbing Katie roughly by the arm and pushing her against the open door.

"My b*****r is NOT a pervert!!"

Honestly, I'd never seen my s****r act this way before. Her emerald eyes ablaze, she seemed like a lioness defending her cubs or something.

Through clenched teeth she hissed, "maybe you'd better leave."

Katie, shaking her head, walked out muttering, "whatever!"

With Katie gone, and the door closed, she came to me. My cock had long since gone soft but I'd forgotten to stop the DVD from playing in the DVR. As Jennifer knelt by the couch, she slid one cool hand over my chest and belly, tracing the curves of my 6-pack abs.

"You know, little b*****r, you're awfully cute."

I fumbled around, looking for the remote to stop the grunts and moans emanating from the TV. She grabbed my hand, though, stopping me.

"Leave it on, James. Its actually kind of sexy!"

She plucked the thong panties from my hand and held them to her nose.

"Mmm. I never knew how good I smelled until just now."

I was blushing terribly and, even worse, my panty covered cock was beginning to harden again.

"Jennifer, I'm really sorry." I felt like a total heel.

"Don't be silly, silly," she said, smiling warmly at me as she caressed my chest, her hand slipping lower, toward my belly, dangerously close to the top of my sweats that, if truth be told, were not fastened very tightly.

Her eyes met mine, and I felt like a deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming diesel truck. "You know, James," she said, pausing to bite her lip pensively, "seeing you like that, and knowing you were smelling me, well..." Again, she bit her lip, her eyes wandering off into some imagined scenario.

I couldn't stand it.

"Well what???"

Again, her eyes met mine. "Well, it was kind of hot."

There it was. She'd gone and said it. Without any help from me, my cock began to harden in earnest who, frankly, wasn't very happy about it. But seriously, my erection was hard to miss. There it was, tenting my sweats, my s****r literally just mere inches from it and her the object of my fevered imaginings. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead.

"Hot, you say? Well... I'm feeling rather warm myself!"

Oh my god what a fucking moron. I can't believe I just let those words escape from my lips. But she laughed. It was not a mocking laugh, nor was it a pitiful laugh. It was the one laugh that I never thought to hear. It was the "Oh yeah, I know that feeling" laugh.

Her eyes locked with mine, she lifted her hand from my belly, extended a single slender finger and, ever so gently, traced the outline of my hard cock from its base to its tip. It throbbed involuntarily at her touch, making her gasp in surprise.

"I wish I could see it."

My throat was parched. It felt like I'd walked a desert mile in the noonday sun.

"See it?"

Oh “SHIT”! I thought to myself… she’s going to find her panties wrapped around my dick, if she didn’t think I was a pervert before she sure as hell would now!

A big grin crossed her face. "Show me yours and I'll show you mine," she breathed, her cheeks flushing pink, either with embarrassment or desire.

My mind spinning, and not realizing I raised my hips, as she pulled my sweats down, and there it was. My cock. Wrapped with her most sexy little panties she owns. Her reaction was immediate. The color in her cheeks deepened, she licked her lips and, without a moment's thought, reached out and wrapped her hand around the shaft and started to slowly slide her hand up and down my panty covered cock.

"Damn, b*o! That’s fucking kinky!

She surprised me by releasing my dick and stood up. At first I thought she'd chickened out and was going to make a hasty retreat to her room but, to the contrary, she began unbuttoning her silky white top, which slid easily off of her pale shoulders. I'd never seen a more beautiful bra. It was lacy, frilly, and sexy all at the same time. Mostly white, with a bit of lavender trim. She then reached behind her, sliding the zipper down on her skirt, which dropped to the floor, revealing matching panties.

From my point of view, she stood above me like a goddess. My eyes drank her in, and I couldn't help but notice the wet spot on her panties. She stepped out of her heels and sat on the edge of the couch, her hip touching my thigh.

"All my college girlfriends think you're a hunk, James." Her eyes swept quickly over my naked body. "All of them want to fuck you." She leaned forward, her soft hair caressing my belly as she planted a kiss on my twitching panty covered dickhead. I swear I could feel the warmth of her mouth from her soft moist lips. Jennifer reached down and began rubbing her black panties all over my dick with her hand, as my body arched involuntarily.

"Oh fuck," I cried, trying desperately not to cum as she tossed those panties to the floor. No quicker then a blink she slipped my cock into her mouth. Her soft lips encircled my shaft, her tongue sweeping maddeningly around my cock. Before I knew what was happening, I began to cum. My whole body began to twitch and tremble and, somewhere off in the distance I could hear someone screaming. It felt like a long, thick, slippery rope was tied to my spinal cord and she was sucking it out through my dick. As the spasms began to fade my s****r gently released me with a soft popping sound. She's swallowed every drop but one that clung to the corner of her wickedly smiling lips.

As I lay there gasping like a fish out of water, she moved up and kissed me. I didn't even freak, as I tasted the salty funk of my own cum on her tongue. I just kissed her back, pulling her to me, holding her close, not wanting the moment to end. Our lips melded together into one long soul kiss and, honestly, I never felt more happy or at peace. Despite using her (and her panties) for the occasional jerk-off fantasy, I'd always adored my s****r and held her in the highest regard. She wasn't like some girls who treat their b*****rs like shit. In fact, Katie's b*****r Matt was always complaining about how mean she was to him. Jennifer was always there for me, and I loved her for it.

After kissing for what felt like hours, she pulled back, still smiling. "So, little b*****r, do you want to help your big s****r out of her panties?" She stood, moving close to me, and my hands shook as they reached out to tug her panties down over her curvy hips. I couldn't help but gasp as I saw her mound, clean-shaven except for a landing strip of fuzz just above her wet, pink lips. She stepped out of them as they hit the floor and reached down to pull me up.

"I want you to eat me," she said, kneeling on the couch, her head resting on the back of it. I knelt behind her, her ass and pussy spread open before me, and I pressed my face into her steamy cunt. Now, I'm no rookie when it comes to eating pussy. In fact, my first girlfriend made it her mission to train me in its finer points.

So, there I was, my nose pressed to her sweet smelling rosebud, my tongue dipping into her weeping pussy, and sweeping lower to circle around her swollen clit. I gripped her hips, pulling her back against my face, occasionally reaching up beneath her to gently knead the soft flesh of this or that hanging breast. Frustrated by her bra, I pushed it up, releasing her tits and hard nipples.

Her pussy was gushing. I could hear her breathing become labored, her gasps of pleasure becoming louder, and faster. She began to moan and sob.

"Oh God, b*o! Oh shit, James! Don't you fucking stop! Eat my pussy! I'm going to cum!"

I was tempted to increase the tempo of my licks but my teacher always told me, "if it’s working, don't get creative. Just keep at it." Well, she was right, of course, so I kept at it and, before I knew it, Jennifer was screaming my name, gripping the sofa, and having a major organism.

Before she could regain her senses, I stood and gripped her hips again, aiming my still hard cock toward her pulsating cunt. I just pushed right in deep into her body, and was gripped by the velvety glove of her soft, warm, tight, pussy. Having cum once, I knew that I could last for a while and so began a slow, deep fuck. I made sure that each stroke went in deep, touching the hidden recesses of her womb.

For a split second I feared she might balk at the idea of her own b*****r fucking her. After all, a little head is one thing. Even amongst siblings, oral sex could be forgiven. Fucking, on the other hand, was crossing a clearly drawn line into the world of i****t. There was no way around it. I was fucking my s****r.

"Oh shit, James! I love your cock! Fuck me harder, b*o!" Her body shook with each powerful thrust, our bodies slapping together noisily. I gazed down at the beautiful curve of her back, her auburn locks obscuring her face. Slowly, I pulled out.

Without saying a word, I flipped herself over, lying her back onto the couch. I moved forward, lifting her legs and resting her heels on my shoulder. Reaching down, I pressed my cockhead to the mouth of her pussy and pushed it in. Our eyes were locked as I sank into her, and watched with pleasure as her lips formed a perfect "O", and a low moan escaped her lips. Once again, our bodies began to slap together, my hips moving faster and faster, driving my shaft into her clenching depths.

"Oh, fuck, s*s," I moaned, "your tight little cunt is so hot." I could tell that my sex talk turned her on even more.

"Yes, yes, go ahead and fuck your s****r with that big hard cock of yours!" Her face was flushed, and damp with perspiration. "That's it, James! Slam your hard cock deep into my cunt!"

Despite the difference in our heights, our bodies seemed to fit together perfectly. My hips were moving faster now, and I could see Jennifer’s sweet face begin to contort into a mask of orgasmic pleasure. I knew that, as soon as she began to cum, I'd cum too. Suddenly, her whole body went rigid, and she gripped my shoulders, driving her fingernails into my flesh. A stream of incoherent words erupted from her lips. I could feel her pussy muscles gripping me and, in a few more strokes my own orgasm overtook me, sending wave after wave of hot sperm into my s****r's unprotected pussy.

We lay together, gasping and sweaty, holding each other and kissing softly. The afterglow was intense, and my feelings of love and admiration for Jennifer blossomed in a way I'd never imagined possible. We gazed into each other's eyes, smiling, almost giddy. We kissed and kissed and, at some point, the endorphins caught up with us and we both drifted off to sl**p, still entangled.

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3 months ago
Love the story. Little Sis would leave out her panties for me and would flash them one summer before she left for college. Towards the end she surprised herself as to how hot it made us both and let me fuck her.
1 year ago
A great story thanks for sharing it .My sister knew I was stealing her dirty panties only wish I had the same experience as you and your sister.
3 years ago
super hot !
3 years ago
ONG what a HOT story! Left me rock hard!
3 years ago
Thought I was reading about myself.
My sister would leave her panties here and there for me. Loved the ones that she had just taken off after a "date".
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Awesome, I enjoyed my sisters panties as well
3 years ago
Very hot story, very true to life
3 years ago
that was one hellofa great story had me hard and leacking
3 years ago
excellent would do my sisters now
3 years ago
Great story tcg, loved it,I had some of the same things happen to me tears ago.