I shared my wife with my peeping neighbor

It started one July night when Karyn and I decided to
go for a dip in the hot tub. She said she would finish
the dishes and that I was to go ahead. I went into the
bedroom and put my suit on and wandered out to the tub
which at the right rear of the house on the patio.
There was a path up the side of the house past our
bedroom window which was quite protected by bushes
which I had trimmed back from the house so they
wouldn't damage the paint.

Sitting in the tub in the dark you could see through
the fence lattice up the path past the window. I heard
Karyn finish in the kitchen and shortly the light in
the bedroom came back on. I didn't pay much attention
until I saw some movement in the light from the window.

I realized that someone was outside the window looking
in and could probably see Karyn as we never pulled the
curtains all the way. I was about the shout but
suddenly I realized that it was very exciting knowing
that a stranger was watching my wife change into her
bathing suit. I had read stories on this sight and
wondered what I would do. It didn't last long as the
light went out quickly and she came out to the tub.
With the light out in the bedroom I couldn't see if he
was still there.

We were both tired when we got out of the tub and
decided to go straight to bed. The whole time we were
getting ready I wondered if he was out there watching
still. Karyn stripped off her bathing suit in the
bathroom and wandered around the bedroom naked looking
for a night gown she wanted.

She is about 5' 7" and has a slender body, "B" cup tits
and nice dark nipples. In spite of my urging she
refuses to shave her pussy but she isn't that hairy
down there anyway. We were in bed shortly and turned
off the lights to go to sl**p.

The following day, I realized that I could rig up a
motion sensor outside the window and have it turn on a
tiny LED that I hid in my bedside table drawer. I put a
switch in the circuit so I could control when the light
would work. I had to do the installation when Karyn was
at work obviously so I took a day of vacation.


A few days passed with me checking the light whenever I
could when she was going to be in the bedroom. Finally,
on a Friday night just as we were going to bed the
light was on when I checked. My heart skipped a few
beats and I wondered how I was going to handle the
show. The curtain was open a few inches, as it always
was, when Karyn came into the bedroom. She sat down at
her makeup table and started to take off her makeup.

I lay on the bed and tried check the window without
being obvious. I figured he would be watching her not
me. Finally I caught a glimpse of movement. I moved
over to Karyn and stood behind her. I put my hands on
her shoulders and started to rub them. Slowly I moved
my hands down to her breasts and cupped them. She was
sitting at a 90 degree angle to the window so he could
obviously see what I was doing.

She stopped cleansing her makeup and reached down and
pulled her sweater over her head. She was now sitting
there in a white bra, not too fancy but not too shabby
either. I continued to feel her tits hoping that he
liked what he was seeing. I was about to reach into her
bra when she got up and grabbed her nightie and went
into the bathroom. I knew she was going to combine
peeing with changing and that she would come back
dressed for bed. I went over and got into bed.

Sure enough Karyn came out already dressed in her
nightgown. As she climbed into bed I reached out and
guided her so that she was leaning up against me
sitting between my legs as I sat with my back against
the headboard. She was facing the window. Her nightgown
was almost transparent and looking over her shoulder I
could see her nipples through the material so I knew
our friend outside could as well.

I slid my hands under her arms around to her front and
cupped both of her breasts. I alternately massage them
and stretched the material over her nipples so that
they were easy to see through the nightgown. My efforts
seem to be rewarded as she laid her head back on my
shoulder and closed her eyes. Out of the corner of my
eye I could see some slight movement again through the

I slowly slipped the shoulder straps off and, not
believing what I was doing, eased her nightgown down
off her breasts. They were now in plain site and as I
stroked and squeezed them her nipples became hard and
stuck out about half an inch. Sliding my hands down to
the hem of her nightie, I slid it up over her legs
finally reaching her waist. Her sparse pubic hair was
now visible to whoever it was in the window. I reached
under her knees and lifted her legs up until her knees
were fully bent.

I then eased her knees apart, he now had a clear view
of her cunt and with her eyes closed and me pretending
to look down at her I guess he felt it was safe to come
right up to the window. For a brief moment his face was
lit from the light in the bedroom. It was my new
neighbor, Jim, who seemed like a nice guy but I had
only met him twice as he hadn't been there long.

The first time I had spotted him looking in the window
when I was in the hot tub must have been about the
second day he had been in the house next door. He was
about 60-65 and a widower. He had mentioned his wife
had died about a year ago. I was surprised but I was
glad I knew who it was.

I decided to let him see as much as I could. I lifted
Karyn off me, slid out from behind her and got off the
bed. I walked around to the foot of the bed and
grasping Karyn by the hips, I slid her down until her
hips were at the foot of the bed and her feet were on
the floor. She sat up then and pulled her nightgown off
over her head. She was completely naked then and only
about 5 feet from the window. She lay back on the bed
and lifted her feet onto the edge spreading her legs

I knelt on the floor making sure I was a little off to
one side so Jim would have an uninterrupted view. I
started sliding me fingers up and down between the lips
of her cunt and slowly pushed one into her. I started
finger fucking her and lifted my thumb up so it would
hit her clit. I spread the top part of her lips with my
other hand so that her clit was right out in the open
for Jim to see. She asked me to hurry up and fuck her.

She was never one for too much foreplay and was also
capable of multiple orgasms. The lack of foreplay
sometimes caused a problem as she quite often was
telling me to fuck her before I was ready or able. This
time, however, I was certainly ready and able. I took
my finger out of her cunt and she rolled over and got
up on her elbows and knees, her favorite position.

I knew from experience that a gentle approach was not
required at this time so I dropped my boxers, lined up
my cock and shoved it into her. So much for "making
love". You might note a twinge of bitterness in my
writing at this point and I guess there is – more about
that later.

From that point on all Karyn said was "Harder, Harder,
Deeper, Deeper" as the orgasms hit her one after
another. After about 15 minutes I came and she said
that was enough and we stopped.

You are probably saying "what is this guy bitching
about, I wish I could get that much action out of my
partner". But think about it, this supposedly was an
act of love between two married people. But there was
never any tenderness, never any reciprocation – I was
just supposed to fuck her and she just laid there and
enjoyed it. If I suggested I would like a little oral
after eating her out to six orgasms she would say she
would never do that – it was disgusting. Hell, she
didn't even want to get on top and do the work.


The next day was Saturday and Karyn went off to see her
mother. She wouldn't be back until the next
day. That afternoon I saw Jim outside on his driveway
and asked him over for a beer. He seemed nervous but
came anyway. We sat out by the hot tub and had a few.
Finally I got up enough nerve to ask him if he enjoyed
the show the night before. Before he could answer I
told him I didn't mind and in fact I had found it quite

Almost stuttering in embarrassment, he said he wondered
if I had seen him when he got to close to the window.
After much verbal stumbling by both of us, he couldn't
believe I wasn't mad, we agreed that it was one of the
most exciting things we had ever done.

The conversation got around to what he thought of
Karyn. After singing her praises for a few moments he
said that he would certainly love to fuck her. This
made me stop for a minute. Did I want him fucking her?
If so how would we set it up? I realized that as soon
as I got to the second question the first had been
answered. I knew she would never agree to it and down
deep I really didn't want her to know. I guess I
thought that it would be great for her to be fucked
when she wasn't in complete control of the situation.

I told Jim that, on occasion, she would drink to much
and get quite d***k but didn't think she would get
d***k enough for us to do the deed. He suggested that
we d**g her with something like roofies. Yeah sure! You
read all about them but what are the odds of two guys
like us ever being to get any in Canada. In Toronto
maybe, but in staid old Victoria? Forget it.

Jim then said that he was going down to Mazatlan for a
week with his daughter and son in law on Wednesday and
he would see what he could find. He left on Wednesday
and I didn't think anything more about it. Oh bullshit,
I couldn't think of anything else – I thought the week
would never end.

When he returned home I raced over to his place to ask
him how he had done. Holy shit! He was successful. He
brought back 12 of the little suckers. He told me that
he had looked them up on the internet and they seemed
to be the right thing. I asked him if he was sure and
he was going to have to take double the dosage we were
going to give Karyn to test them.

He readily agreed. We had a few drinks and he downed
two of the pills. I went home and he went off to bed.
The next morning I was over knocking on his door at
7:00 am. No answer. I phoned him from work at 9:00.
Still no answer. Finally at 10:30 he answered the
phoned and told me he felt like shit but he had just
woke up and didn't remember anything that had gone that

He said he generally woke up a few times in the night
and was wide awake by 5:00am. Now we had to plan a
party with a few people at Jim's house. He set it up
for the following Saturday and I told Karyn we were


Saturday night we were over at Jim's along with a few
of the other neighbors for what was billed as a
"getting to know the neighborhood" party. Jim was
pouring Karyn's drinks strong and putting no alcohol in
mine. By the time 11:00 o'clock rolled around she was
quite pissed. I signaled Jim to put the pills in her
next drink which he brought out right away spiriting
the one she had off to the kitchen.

People started leaving and soon there was just Karyn,
Jim and I left. Karyn, her voice quite slurred said it
was time for us to go home as well and she downed the
rest of her drink. She was certainly wobbly as she got
up and I caught her just time to stop her from falling.
I asked Jim if he would mind helping me get her home as
I was quite "d***k" as well.

We steadied her on each side and walked out of the
house heading for our place. It may have been the
booze, the pills or the fresh air or a combination of
all of them, but as soon as we got outside she started
to go down like a rock. I grabbed her from behind and
Jim grabbed her legs and we picked her up to carry her
back to the house.

After a couple of steps her dress had ridden up to her
hips and Jim, who was holding one leg on each side had
a close-up view of her panty clad crotch. I asked him
if he was enjoying the view and he said he certainly
was. We carried her into our house and down the hall
into the bedroom putting her on the bed. She was out
like a light. I shook her few times and called her name
but there was no response.

She was wearing a light summer dress that buttoned all
the way up the front and I told Jim to go ahead and do
what he wanted. He went over and stood over her and
slowly reached out and cupped one of her breasts. I
think he was afraid she was going to wake up so I went
over and shook her roughly and called her name loudly.
There was no response. He then started to unbutton her
dress from the top to the bottom. When he had
accomplished that he spread the two sides out away from
her body. She was now exposed in a light blue bra and
matching thong panties.

I helped him lift her upper body and slid her arms out
of her dress. I also unhooked her bra. Jim laid her
back down. He reached out and lifted her bra from her
breasts and pulled it off her arms. He stood there for
a few seconds just staring at her breasts and then
reached out and took one in each hand. He massaged them
for about two minutes and then I suggested we should
get her panties off.

We slid her down closer to the foot of the bed and I
lifted her legs and Jim slid her panties off over her
ass and down her legs and into his pocket. He moved
down to the foot of the bed and taking an ankle in each
hand her spread her legs as wide as they would go. He
bent over and looked at her cunt up close spreading the
lips so he could see her hole and her clit.

Reaching out he started to rub her cunt up and down and
then slid his middle finger into her. I guess we both
were afraid she would wake up soon so Jim stopped what
he was doing and stripped off his clothes. His cock was
hard and about the same size as mine and I reached into
the drawer and handed him the KY jelly which he smeared
all over.

I helped him slid her down until her ass was half of
the bed and he lifted her legs up and put one over each
shoulder. I thought "here it comes ready or not" and
Jim's cock slid into my wife's cunt. He buried himself
as far as he could go in one slow thrust, the lubricant
greasing the way. He started pumping back and forth
going slow but maybe it was the time he had been
without sex or the situation but I saw him cum after
about 10 strokes.

We cleaned her up and rolled her into bed. We went out
to the living room and he said he was worried about her
knowing something had happened. I said not to worry, if
she realized she had had sex I would just tell her I
had fucked her, which I intended to do as soon as he
left anyway.


The next day she didn't wake up until noon and said she
felt awful. I told her she had drank too much and that
Jim and I had carried her home. She asked who had
undressed her and I said that it took both of us as I
was d***k as well.

She looked at me and I could tell that she wasn't sure
if I was joking. She then asked if we had sex and I
told her I had woke up about 3:00 and tried to get her
interested to no avail and I had fucked her anyway. She
was mad as hell about that.

Jim often watched from the window after that but we
never had a repeat performance fucking her. About six
month later we moved about 90 miles north to go to new
jobs and that was the end of my fun.
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2 years ago
That is Hot! I would Love to see another man fuck my wife! 5 Stars, thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
reading again, i have to say mate; fantastic. it is what many of us have done or want to do. it is naughty but lovely snd no harm done
3 years ago
Nice one, he should have had her arse as well, the miserable bitch.
3 years ago
that was great!
3 years ago
Hot. Seeing someone else in your wife is a major turn on. Also, good for her refusing to shave. I love hairy pussy.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Nice one, wish that i were your wife i would not prevent you from sharing me with others..